Peter with the Chefs at the newly renovated Bedford Springs (Pennsylvania) resort.  Past celebrity guests never had it so good!

Chilean Poet & local celebrities at Dottore Presti's event, Leonforte, Sicily (Italy)

With the owners after a Plentious Pasta dinner at Ristorante Plistia, Pescacerolli, Abruzzo (Italy)

Ann discusses the GREAT menu at San Francisco's Restaurant Gary Danko with the Man Himself

Ann enjoys OTM's (secret) Wedding Anniversary at Boulevard, San Francisco

And Peter was there tool!

And here is the Picnic

Charcuterie on display at a Versailles, France - we bought the picnic lunch here

On the Japanese Bridge at Claude Monet's Giverny estate.  This was taken September 9, The person who took it was delayed in returning to the US by the aftermath of 9/11.

Peter would not spring for this gown at Christian Lacroux, Paris