Quarterly Chat with Ori Zohar; Estelle Sohne, Flour & Oil

Ori Zohar, Burlap and Barrel, the Spice Club, a true spice community. Estelle Sohne, Flour & Olive, Premium Olive Oil Cake Mixes, a 2024 Sofi Gold Winner.


Mooney Farms and Seedz Crackers

Emily Murdock, Mooney Farms, a Family Business, located in Chico CA, Bella Sun Luci products, Italian Sauce Starters, just-introduced Salad Dressings. 

Rebecca Brady, Buffalo NY, formerly of NZ, Top Seedz, Nuts and Seeds, all-vegan Crackers--Sunflower, Sesame, Flax, Sesame, Pumpkin. etc

OTM loves all of these products, anytime of day.  Sure you will too.  These may be the best crackers we ever tasted. And Bella will ensure success in your Kitchen 

Fine Indian Food and Italian Delicacies

Cafe Spice, Irvington, NY; Fine Quality Prepared Foods mostly Indian spiced, CEO Sameer Malhotra, Chef Hari Nayak, Virgilio Felix, COO.

Karina Fonseco Sousa, Principe, Brand Strategy, Greeley Colorado and San Danielle Italy, Salumi, Prosecco, and a wide range of other delicacies.

Irresistible Sweet Treats

Enjoy: The Barreled Bee; Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn; Tam's Sweets Soft Brittle

Two New Books, mostly about the Future of Food

Nina Guilbeault PHD, The Good Eater: A Vegan's search for the Future of Food, a well-researched exploration of Trends in Food Industry Politics - and the implications of not eating Meat. Yasmin Fahr, living on Spain's island of Menorca, Cook Simply, Live Fully, Tips Tricks and Tools to take the pressure off mealtimes. 

Kosher Wine and Flowery Beverages

Gabe Geller, Royal Wines, the largest global distributor of Kosher Wines. Drink Deep Love creates a broad niche of Floral-Flavored Beverages. 

A Sauce for All Occasions and a New French Cookbook

Nancy Wekselbaum, The Gracious Gourmet, talks about her exciting new product line: Hot Squeeze, a most versatile sweet, smokey , spicy, sauce. Rosa Jackson, Nicoise: Market-inspired Cooking from France's Sunniest City, discusses her new, vibrant book about the cuisine of her adopted city of Nice. Take advantage of her knowledge of Paris with one of her highly-praised tours.

Two Artisan Cheese Makers

Maria Victoria Finco, Monti Trentini, wonderful 4th generation cheeses from the Italian Alps. We especially loved Grana Padano, Asiago, Provolone and Aged Truffle-infused Caciotta. Dina DiCenso, Rind Cheeses, made in Brooklyn, and all Vegan.

Cocktails and Coffee:

With 12 books about Cocktails to his credit, Andre Darlington can certainly be recognized as a Best Seller. His latest volume, Cowboy Cocktails, is based on trail life after the Civil War. According to Darlington, many Old West libations are reminiscent of todays favorites, so check out how to load your Bar.

Evan Dohrmann invented another beverage option, Steeped Coffee, which uses a revolutionary single brew method, avoiding the need for wasteful pods and  PET plastics. This method won the 2024 Real Leaders Impact Award.

Frozen Meat That Delights and Sustainable Seafood

OTM has been enjoying fresh-frozen seafood from Boston-based Wulf Seafood for several years.  Judy Yao from Wulf just introduced us to to a whole new product line, based on American Wagyu Beef - we have been delighted with samples recently enjoyed, from Wulf partner Black Hawk Farm - bacon, burgers and steaks, all shipped frozen.

Sara Kelly tells us about Smash and Season Brand Sardines, Smash stands for small fish (Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovies, Salmon and Herring) considered stars of the Blue Zone for longevity. Caught and packed in small tins, Smash comes to the US from the coastal waters of Morocco - and you will love them!

How to Set your Dessert Table

Elise Thomas: Eat Dessert First

Michelle Mayfield, Beatrice Bakery, Beatrice, NE,  Best Known for sublime Fruit Cakes

Fancy Food Recap and A New Global Cookbook

OTM is already thinking ahead to the Summer Fancy Food Show at NYC Javits Center, June 23-25, coincident with Vin Expo.  So we thought to revisit our conversation with Leana Salamah about the Winter version recently held in Las Vegas.

To get in the right mood we suggest you explore a great new Cookbook, by Rowena Scherer that will take you around the world in 60 dishes from Asia to America and beyond, A Taste of the World: Celebrating Global Flavors

A Global Pantry

Ronda Brittian, Petulama CA-based, Ronda’s Fine Foods, offers Dips, Sauces and Spreads, including Romesco and the latest, Muhammara. Lisa Cheng Smith, Yun Hai, explores the Food Scene in Taiwan, bringing signature products—especially exceptional dried fruits--to her Brooklyn shop and on-line.


Mediterranian Products and Flavors that will enhance your Culinary Exploration

Diane Kochilas, host PBS-TV My Greek Table, The Ikaria Way: 100 Delicious Plant-based recipes and tips from her roots in Ikaria, Greecethe  Island of Longevity. Maria Victoria Finco, Monti Trentini, wonderful 4th genertaion Cheeses from the Italian Alps. We especially loved Grana Padano Asiago, Provolone and Aged Truffle-infused Caciotta.

Sweet Treats

In this episode, learn about sweet treats OTM enjoyed.  We think you will too!

  • Ryan Jarahian, The Sweetery, Anderson SC, Wine Sticks, Beer and Bourbon Buddies
  • Lee Hedgmon, The Barreled Bee, Spokane WA, BBQ Sauce & Ketchup, Cocktail Additions

Feeling Saucy?

Antonio Costello, Antonio Carlo Gourmet Sauces, the real thing aka his Italian family's Recipes. Jeff Kudrick. Five Star Foods, Montauk-inspired, created Glazing Butters, adding fabulous flavors to Seafood 

Irresistible Snacks

Michael Berro, Chipoys Savory Sticks. Linda Jodoin, Miss Hannahs Gourmet Popcorn.

2024 Produce Trends with Robert Schueller

Robert Schueller, Melissa's Produce, Vernon CA, sourcing fruits and Vegetables from around the country,and the world. Robert tells OTM about the latest products and trends in the business.

The Story Behind 1,000 Stories Wine

Sebastian Donoso, Winemaker at 1000 Stories Winery, explains how this Northern California got its name--it's a tribute to the history of wine making in the region. Also very special is the use of bourbon barrels for aging of the wines, a process introduced for Zinfandel in 2013. 

The Culinary Delights of Peru

Robert Bradley shares his in-depth khowledge of the fascinating country of Peru in his recently published book Eating PeruA Gastronomic Journey, based on 25 years exploring the country.  OTM enjoyed recalling our own Press Tour visit a few years ago.

Talking Fancy Food Show In Las Vegas, NV

Leana Salamah, Senior VP Marketing & Communcations, Speciality Food Association.  This year's Winter Fancy Food event takes place January 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The upcoming summer version to come NY City, Javits Center June 23-25, 2024.

Excellent Wines/Wineries from Lompoc, California

In today's episode, OTM speaks with two wine professionals and enthusiasts from Lompoc, CA.  In this joint interview, OTM hosts are joined by Laura Hughes (Loubd), Winemaker, Sanford Winery, Santa Rita Wine Alliance, Lompoc Wine Region - California, as well as Ken Ostini, Explore Lompoc.  Other wine enthusiasts may recognize the area of Lompoc which was featured in the movie, Sideways, starring Thomas Hayden Church and Paul Giamatti among others.

An Interview with Michael Harold and Quinn Peeper

Michael Harold and Quinn Peeper are sure to be partnering on this very day, for they know plenty about what they call Shindigs. They know all about how to throw a party.  And they decided to write a book, their very first, Classical Shindig: Amateur Artistry from the Simple to the SublimePacked with photos and 60 Recipes, these beloved hosts and concert pianists will show listeners how their sense of style enlivens and graces their New Orleans home.

2024 Hospitality Trends Report with Andrew Freeman

In today's episode, we discuss what is up ahead for the hospitality industry with show favorite, Andrew Freeman, Partner, 2024 Hospitality Trends Report, Carbonate Marketing Agency, San Francisco and Co-founder of AF&Co.

Spice and Roses

Lior Lev Sercarz, Chef/Owner of La Boite and spice guru, Midddle Eastern Pantry. Rose Wilde, a charismatic, self-appointed Grain Geek, Bread and Roses, with 200 Grain-Forward Recipes

Good Drinks and Eats

Malek Amrami, Wine Maker, The Vice Napa Valley Wines, Newly appointed to Napa Valley Vinters Board of Directors. Nicholas Wooler, Founder, Pranzo Mediterranean Flavors, owned by W&S Foods Co, launched at 2023 Fancy Food Show.

Polish Vegan, More Drinks, The Tea Disk, Every Cockall

Polish Vegan Food - Apteka

Su-Mari and Tim Hill, Inventors of The Tea Disk, Winners of Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Kitchen Gear-Coffee+Tea, Delta, BC, Canada

On the Menu Radio November 26, 2023 - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes

"Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes" is a popular old song, the lyrics of which are the poem "To Celia" by the English playwright Ben Jonson, first published in 1616. It came to mind as we produced this Episode.

Carey Jones and John McCarthy: Every Cocktail Has a Twist;

Nancy Wekselbaum, New Flavors from The Gracious Gourmet and her new venture Hot Squeeze

Sweet and Nutty

Sarah and Tyler Sample, Owners and Beekeepers, True Gold Honey, Lindsay CA; Georgeanne Brennan, Pistachios, a definitive book.

Two exciting new Books about Chinese Cuisine

Invitation to a Banquet by Fuchsia Dunlop

Chinese Menu: the History, Myths and Legends behind Your Favorite Foods by Grace Lin

New Holiday Drinks Book and Peeling Back the Layers of an Onion

Award winning Food and Drink Writer Andre Darlington just published A Booze and Vinyl Christmas, just in time for you to enliven your seasonal entertaining. This colorful volume features 40 curated Christmas albums,and there are 2 inspired cocktails to match each drink. Andre writes, from Nutcracker to Kelly Clarkson. You will surely sing along as you sip Andre suggestions.

Mark Kurlansky has added to his prolific output with a book all about, the facsinating story of the Rarest Common Food, The Core of an Onion-.Peeling the Rarest Common Food.  More than 300 recipes and numerous savory stories enliven the subject and so do many pen and ink drawings.

Two Exceptional Gluten-Free Lines of Products

Dedicated to gluten free,  the founders of Gluten Free Easy, Esther Anzaroot and Lily Mishaan, know when their products are truly free when their taste testers cannot tell the difference between their GF and non-GF doughs. Carolyn Haeler of Mightylicious, in NY, developed a whole family of allergen-free cookies.  She was driven to create cookies that were healthy and irresistibly delicious. OTM could not resist feasting on every one of the seven flavors. We bet you will not believe their gluten-free offerings.  Check out Mighty Monkey Bakery.

Not just your usual taste sensations.

Michal Korkoszcan based in Warsaw can certainly claim to be the voice of Modern Polish Food, much of it Vegetarian, and his new Book underlines, Polish HD: Modern Vegetarian Cooking from Global Poland.

Theresa Halliburton took home 3 Gold Sofis from the most recent SFA trade show, and she told OTM about her obsession with unique applications of sugars and salts as culinary sprinkles and garnishes.  Her Flowerco flavor portfolio also includes artisinal cracker and cocktail cubes.

Celebrating Gullah Geechee Culture plus and a New Vegetarian Cookbook Sure to Please

Natalie Daise is totally absorbed in Gulla Geechee, the present day representation of West African culture in the American South post Slavery.  Natalie just published Okra Stew: A Gullah Geechee Family Celebration, a picture Book that truly includes, history in every  bite and her very own recipe for the traditional stew. You'll be totally absorbed by how Natalie brings Gulla Geechee to life. 

Chef Ravinder Bhogal founded her Vegan/vegetarian Restaurant, Jikoni, in London, quickly winning awards.  Her third Book, just published, is sure to please; Comfort and Joy: Irresistible Pleasures from a Vegetarian Kitchen.

News of Pinot Noir

Ben Parsons, The Ordinary Fellow Fine Colorado Wines, grows grapes at heights of over 6000 feet, extraordinary growing conditions in both climate and soils. Simone Fiori and his wife Clara, using cooperative grown Pinot Noir grapes from the region of Piave in northern Italy, aim to market their La Genisia wines in the USA.

Award-Winning Down-home Cooking and Healthy Cookies That Actually Taste Good

Who is Linda Skeens who truly dominates the State Fair scene in the Virginia-Kentucky area that she has called home for a lifetime of home cooking. She regularly takes home the Blue Ribbons in numerous categories. How fortunate you will be able to enjoy her first ever published mouthwatering downhome dishes in her just published collection of recipes and family stories, in her new book, Blue Ribbon Kitchen.

Lauren Berger and Marla Felton had a great idea - create healthy cookies that also Taste Good, for those who struggle with food sensitivities - and also for that matter those who do not - a category that incudes OTM. So enjoy Real Cookies. 

A New Entertaining Cookbook and World History Explained via Food

Amy Thielen calls herself a veteran party thrower. Her new book, Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for others, includes a year of inventive recipes and twenty menus that will rethink the way you entertain. A History of the World in Ten Dinners, is the work of Victoria Flexner and Jay Reifel. The book provides the ability to recreate the past in your own home and truly includes 2000 years and 100 Recipes.

Spices and Stories

Segment 1 - Ori Zohar of Burlap and Barrel makes his quarterly visit to OTM. Single Origin Spices from around the world, available most conveniently by joining the quarterly Spice Club, recently featuring Desert Hibiscus from central Egypt.

Segment 2 - Grace Lin, Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends, Behind Your Favorite Foods


Two Amazing Bakers and Their Cookies

First up, Coleen Worthington, co-founder, with husband Gary, of Kneader's Bakery and Cafe..While Kneader's began as a bread-making company, they took on the challenge of baking the most delicous cookies powered by their own proprietary flour blend and it's indeed a family affair. Next Carolyn Haeler, founder of Mightylicious cookies.
According to their website,  in 2012 Carolyn was diagnosed with celiac disease. As a cookie-lover, she spent years seeking out gluten-free cookie brands. Then, while waiting in line holiday shopping, she bought a gluten-free cookie that crumbled entirely after one bite. That’s when she realized there had to be another way. Mightlylicious incorporates 2 vegan options as well as 7 gluten-free Varieties, all equally delicious.

A Honey-based Energy Drink and an Amazing Cocktail Recipe Book

Denise Willi captured our attention with a new entry in the market for functional beverages.  Created from honey and royal jelly. the delicacy worker bees give to their queens among other things,  Beebad has a wonderful combination that is a little bit sparkling and a little bit sweet, with some great flavors too.

John deBary draws on a lifetime of cocktail bars for his latest Book "Saved by the Bellini".  Add this to your liquor library, and you will have a resource for a lifetime of enjoyment for yourself and your fellow cocktail lovers, For OTM it brought back the memory of a great lunch at Harry's Restaurant in Trieste, originaly owned by Bellini Inventor Harry from Venice and NY. 

Vegan Cheeses from Greece; Soul Food Starters from the South by Way of Cleveland

In the first segment, we interview Toronto-based Nafsika Antipas, creator of Nafsika's Garden, Vegan Cheeses produced in Greece. Nafsika is a writer, TV producer, actress, author and entrepreneur. Her motto has always been, "If You Plant It, It Will Grow." Learn more about her work on social media and the website, Nafsika's Garden.   

In the second segment, the topic moves to soul food, and catch up with Claude Booker, creator of Booker's Soul Food Starters and Seasoning Mixes, reminiscent of tthe American South. These mixes are now produced in Cleveland, OH. 



New and Good

Grainne Trainor, Owner and Sommelier, G's on Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA, is well known for her innovative wine and cocktail programs. Here she adds scratch seasonal food, comfortable décor and her welcoming vibe.  

Two Can't Miss Vegetarian Cookbooks

Two impressive books you should not miss. First up, the The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors: Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks by Niki Segnit which is the follow-up to the first cookbook The Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook originally released in 2012.  The second interview covers The Vegetarian Reset: 75 Low-Carb, Plant-Forward Recipes from Around the World by Vasudha Viswanath.

Linda Skeens, Blue Ribbon and Alison Elliott, Farmer Foodie

Linda Skeens wins so many blue ribbon prizes at county fairs and similar events she wrote s big book about it, The Blue Ribbon Kitchen. OTM would not be surprised if she is featured on the Today Show. Alison Elliott developed vegan sprinkles named Farmer Foodie. designed to add zest to a wide variety of dishes.  The critical ingredient is cashews  – just sprinkle on a favorite dish or add water to create a creamy sauce for a dairy-free parmesan cheese alternative.

From the OTM Archives - Three Brilliant Ladies of Food in America

This week's episode originally aired in April 10,2016....Three Brilliant Ladies of Food in America, Joyce Goldstein onetime – Chef-Owner of Square One in San Francisco; Karen McNeil, Wine critic, Oenophile and Broadcaster– Author of The Wine Bible; St Helana CA, Claudia Wu, Publicist, Cherry Bomb, NYC

Chris Fowler of Moresh Olive Oil and Condiments and Joan Smith, Founder of Rancho Meladuco

Every summer Food and Drink Purveyors from around the World, gather in NYC at the Javits Convention Center for the Fancy Food Show organized by the Specialty Food Association. OTM is always among the Media trying to keep track of what is new and interesting.  This week we're bringing you two of most interesting winners of awards called SOFI. Chris Fowler introduced us to Moresh, a product line consisting of Olive Oils and Olive based Condiments, grown in the foothills of the mighty Morocco Atlas Mountains, celebrating the great flavors yielded by the fertile soils and benevolent weather.  Joan Smith told of how the Date Farm, Rancho Meladuco, was created on land that wasn't being used for anything else. And Walmart became a major cutomer for Grinders, a visionary use for imperfect dates which won a new product SOFI.

Condiments and Chips

Linda Scaltzo Eades retiring after a career as a school teacher in Miami, decided that a new venture was in order.  And that’s how Calizo Condiments got started with potions such as Taste of Tuscany Herbs, two different mayos Italian and eggless, and Artichokes Marinated with Oranges (Ann loved these, so Peter asked for more!).  Liz King invented a new and exciting snack, tempeh chips,  Called Mamame, these tempeh treats are fermented and cultured, with six veggie ingredients for the discriminating vegan, and two non-vegan.  OTM could not resist until the small bags were empty. Get more info at MaMame Whole Foods.

For Ice Cream Season: Amazing Ice Cream Purveyors

OTM loves these marvelous Ice Creams, we think you will too.  Guests include Creaters-inventors Claudio LoCascio, Mochidoki, and Snehee Chaplot, Gallivant Ice Cream and The Food Shop.

Mac-and-Cheese and Culinary Fats

In the first segment of this week's show, representatives of two iconic food-beverage brands get together with OTM this week, Cabot Creamery and Guinness Stout.  The combination comes in handsome boxes containing various different flavors and textures of America beloved Mac and Cheese. Adam Farmer, Brian Littlefield , and Amber Sheridan joined OTM in conversation about how this collaboration came to be.  OTM Grandchildren Cate and Philip gave the ultimate Taste Test at lunchtime.  Peter recalled that Dermott Guinness of the founding family was one of his classmates at Cambridge on the 1960s, actually next to graduate in alphabetical order.  Enjoy!

Greg Hozinsky of Coast Packing, based in Vernon, California, told OTM a double story, his company specializes in the supply of animal fats like lard and tallow for discriminating chefs throughout the country. He conducts surveys which explore the proposition that in the world of cooking, fat means flavour.  You will be surprised, even amazed at the results of his surveys, and may even change your fat preference to that of the poetic Mrs Sprat.

Traditional Eastern European Dishes and Heavenly Ice Cream

Unable to find somewhere in the Chicago area to satisfy their passion for the Traditional Foods of Eastern Europe, Rich Berry and his partners, they decided to make their own Pierogis– and Alexandra Foods was born.  The flavors they now offer include Potato and Fried Onion, Meat, Cabbage, Cheese and Dill, and they have expanded to offer Blintzes too. OTM often partakes of great lunchtime snacks, and we think you will quickly become a fan.  

A few hundred miles away in St Louis, Tamara Keefe abandoned her business career to launch Clementines Naughty & Nice Ice Cream, now offered in numerous fascinating flavors.  OTM issues herewith a warning that once you try this delicious treat you will not stop – no wonder they just won a Gold SOFI award.

OTM Talks Food Crops and More Amazing Cheese

In the first segment, OTM talks with Sarah Masoni, one of the Leaders of the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University.  The Center is focused on the creation of a meaningful marketplaces for American Farmers.  OTM is constantly reminded of the importance Food Crops provide to the national economy.  The new USDA program will create Regional Food business centers, and Sarah is one of the leaders of this effort.

For the second segment, Ann and Peter talk with Jessica and Jeremy Little who have pioneered Rotational Grazing, pasture to pasture every 12 hours for the last 10 years of their Sweet-Grass Dairy located in southern Georgia. Their numerous awards testify to the quality of what they produce, fine quality hand-crafted cheeses. Their herd lives barn-free, grazing year-round thanks to the mild winter, combining to create high quality milk of amazing flavor.

Asian-Inspired Southern Cooking and Amazing Chocolate

Natalie Keng earned her designation as The Sauce Maven through her leadership as Chief Eating Officer (CEO) at Global Hearth, a business dedicated to Cooking Up a Better world.  OTM found her book Egg Rolls and Sweet Tea, a fascinating medley of dishes from her upbringing in the American South and her Asian heritage.

Founded in 2021 in Philomath, OR by Maureen Nikaido and dedicated to spotlighting cacao farmers from around the world, Moku Choculate handcrafts high-quality, bean-to-bar, single-origin chocolate from raw, direct trade cacao beans. You’ll be enchanted by the elegant packaging, great taste and the stories of the farmers

Sauces and Soups Sure to Please

Jonathan Leal, Milo Whole World, deliciously savory products, made in Ohio. Their products include Barbecue Sauces (Their Cherry flavour is out of this world, and most loved by Peter on Chicken Thighs. Ketchup enhanced with Dill Pickle and Bourbon, and Famous Kream Mustard, are sold under the Brownwood Farms label, a business Milos acquired last year from Michigan and relocated to Ohio.  Milos is a frequent winner of SOFIS and other Awards – when you sample you’ll know why. 

Eric Ersher and his partner have spent the last 10 years perfecting a most humble product line, Soups and Broths. Their Trade Name, Zoup! Their objective, which they have certainly achieved , was to create Soups and Broths of such high quality that were good enough to occupy space on the Menus of their Customers, most of which are Restaurants.  Their Beef and Chicken Broth can be heated just for drinking.  Chicken Pot Pie and Portobello Bisque are examples of truly luxurious soups.


Food Tradition and Inspiration

Ed Mitchell and his extended family involvement  with Southern BBQ goes all the way back to the Slavery Era in the small town of Wilson NC.  Read their fascinating story told by Ryan Mitchell and his father Ed in their just published Ed Mitchell's Barbecue: Celebrating the Eastern North Carolina Whole Hog Barbecue of my African American Ancestors. The family will begin a new era when they open their first real restaurant, planned for next year.  In the meantime you’ll be enchanted by the story of the family and their cast of characters.  You can also get their sauces to use at home.  Amy Witzigreuter  has a very different story.  Seeking a way to deal with the dietary needs of her son she created a unique Granola product line at her home in Youngstown OH.  Peter does not have the need for Witzi Raw Granola in his own diet.  He just loves the flavor and the crunch at Breakfast time.  Be sure to try Lemon Raspberry. They make Trail-mixes too!

Krill for Humans; A Fine Fish Purveyor For Home Delivery

OTM just loves Seafood, so we could not resist when we heard about the availability  of Krill as a consumer product – we thought Krill was the favorite food of Whales.  So we couldn’t wait to find out the story of Krill as People Food.  We connected with Alfred Nasti, Vice Chairman of Krill Arctic Foods, a business founded to exploit this fascinating and highly nutritious taste treat.  The sample Alfred sent to us was in the small tins reminiscent of the packaging of Seafoods from Spain, Portugal etc.  Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Krill!  During COVID We had trouble satisfying our Seafood Lust, and we were thrilled to connect with a Boston-based Seafood supplier who was willing to provide OTM with a periodic shipment of top quality and wide variety.  We continue to enjoy Deep Frozen and Superbly Packaged shipments every  few weeks. Such as Octopus, Calamari, Farmed Salmon from Scotland and New Zealand, beautiful Cod, Hake, Halibut from Norway – eat your heart out!!

Allergy-Free Cooking, No-Brainer Spicing

Kayla Cappiello, Easy Allergy-Free Cooking, navigates lactose intolerance, celiac disease, a nut allergy and more, with Simple and Safe Everyday Recipes for Everyone. Dr. Mike Hernandez, award-winning Casa M Spice, offers an amazing array of powdered spices to go with any given protein--Beef, Hog, Fish (Hooked), Lamb (Good Shepherd), Poultry (Pecking Order).

Delicious Convenience

Lisa Shkolnik and Ann Daw, Brooklyn-Based Crepini; Kat Kavner, Heyday Canning Company, elevated, globally-inspired sauced canned beans.

The Best Portuguese Market in the USA and Another Exceptional Cocktail Book by Andre Darlington

Michael Benevides, Portugalia Marketplace, Fall River, MA; Andre Darlington, The Unofficial Big Lebowski Cocktail Book, dedicated to the Dude and celebrating the Cult Classic Film’s Silver anniversary. 

Greek EVOO, Italy-Inspired Pottery:

Diamantis Pierrakos and his brother expand the production of Greek Native Olives from their family-owned farm in the South Peloponnese region, producing fruit with high phenolic properties, harvested early to yield unique characteristics. Their US Manassas VA-based operations provide storage for the EVOO produced at the Greek groves. Production also includes infused oils and vinegars. Laconiko, the company, has received more international Awards that any other Greek EVOO. 

Susan Gravely discovered the elegant pottery produced in the Amalfi Coast region of Southern Italy more than 40 years ago and decided to start a business. Vietri is an extremely successful USA importer of Italy-created and executed- designs. Susan describes her venture in a beautifully illustrated book, Italy On A Plate, accompanying the narrative with memories, recipes and menus that showcase Italian style, artistic legacy and authentic traditions.

Two Engaging New Cookbooks

Lizzie Stark,  Egg: A Dozen Ovatures; Heather Mubarak, Stuffed: The Sandwich Cookie Book 

OTM Quarterly Conversation with Ori Zohar

Every calendar quarter OTM Speaks with Ori Zohar, Founder and Partner of Burlap and Barrel, about the latest in single origin Spices. And this weeks episode continues this tradition. Each seasonal shipment includes 4 full-sized jars of spices, including pre-releases of brand-new spices and new harvests of our favorite spices, as well as a delicious collaboration food product, plus recipes and spice stories (and a free-shipping code for your next order)

For this episode, we focus our conversation with Ori about Heirloom Sugars such as Panela Cane Sugar from the Mountains of Colombia and Wood Fired Maple Sugar from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Ori told us that  the sugar adventure took more than two years, and the results are available through the Spice Club , and they will be sure to  enliven your morning Tea or Coffee.  We can’t wait for what B&B will have next time.

Thngs You May Not Know About Chocolate

Monica Rogan, Goodnow Farms, much-awarded Goodnow Chocolates and Fine Chocolate Industry Association Board Member, introduces the new FCIA Fine Chocolate Glossary—a work in progress; Alak Vasha, Co-Founder, with husband Kushal Choksi, of Elements Truffles--makers of herb- and spice- infused Chocolates, aligned with the Ancient Science of Ayurveda, as well as Drinking Chocolate--all free of dairy and refined Sugar.

How Sweet They Are: Chukar Cherries And African Bronze

Pam Montgomery, Chukar Cherries, a company named for birds native to the Yakima Valley and other parts of the inland Valleys of Washington State, where this delicious fruit flourishes. An innovative Team specializes in glorious combinations of Cherries, Nuts and Chocolate; Paul Whitney, African Bronze, a business using the local wild honey culture to create profits supporting local communities. The product line includes raw honey with unique therapeutic value as well as honey infused with herbs and spices of exceptional flavor.

OTM Explores New, Unique Snacks and Deep-Flavored Drinks

Looking for something new in the world of nibblies?  Ann has become an instant Fan of Popadelics, Snacks that are a True Surprise, a Genuine Taste Sensation.  Who would have thought to make them out of Mushrooms?  “Fungal Snacks” made from Mushroom Chips are just the ticket, ask Ann who loves this powerhouse  line of Crunchy Shiitake Chips – try these flavors; Truffle Parm, Twisted Thai and Rad Rosemary.

And the Deep Drinks are Colorful Beverages reminiscent of lemonade styles enjoyed in many of the countries of the Middle East.  You can count on both Startling Colors, as well as Fabulous Thirst Quenching Flavor.  These Drinks definitely live up to their Brand Name Deep Love/Deep Water.  The Founder, DJ Rassech, actively supports many Charitable Causes.  OTM enjoyed his story of how Deep has grown from humble beginnings.  


Cheese, Historic and Modern, European and American

Jesse Cover discusses Le Gruyere AOP, from Switzerland, often considered “World’s Best Cheese,” prizewinner of numerous international competitions, reflecting more than 10 centuries of artisanal production. Pat Ford presents BeehHive Cheeses, products of a Pioneering Family Team, among the first to rub unique ingredients on the rinds of Creamy Base Cheddars made in the mountains of the State of Utah. Pat Ford presents BeeHive Cheeses, products of a Pioneering Family Team, among the first to rub unique ingredients on the rinds of Creamy Base Cheddars made in the mountains of the State of Utah. Try Barely Buzzed, Queen Bee Porcini, Hatch Chile and Pour Me a Slice infused with Bourbon.  What next?

Two Brilliant New Cookbooks

Skye McAlpine, London and Venice, A Table Full of Love; Recipes to Comfort, Seduce, Celebrate & Everything Else in Between; Christine Flynn, Good Earth Winery and Farm, Niagara Canada, A Generous Meal; Modern Recipes for Dinner.

OTM Discusses Amazing Fruit Purees and Chocolates for Diabetics

Perfect Purees are both the Name and Flavors of Outstanding Fruit and other concoctions for Restaurants and Bars from this like-named California enterprise.  Try them in your favorite Cocktail, maybe your very own formula. Perfect purees from California (Napa Valley) enable show-stopping fruit flavors.  The newest in their Zest Collection is Lime. 

All the way for Vancouver Canada come Very special Chocolates for diabetics, without sugar (they use stevia, instead) beautifully designed and hard to resist.  Ross Chocolates available widely in the USA and other countries.  Spokesman Phil Hemmings tells the Diabetic story of how The Founder Owner made his dream a reality.  OTM’s favorites are those draped in Dark, and named for Impressionist painters.


2023 Produce Trends

Robert Schueller of Melissas, US largest (and most innovative) Produce Supplier, based in Southern California, makes his Annual Visit with OTM, talking Specialty Produce trends and newest Products for 2023.

Among the items discussed are baby potatoes, always a favorite, from Dutch Yellow to Baby Red and Gemstone, these tiny Jewels are actually grown in Idaho, and can go straight to the plate after gentle cooking. Chayote Squash and Chinese Eggplant bake beautifully.  In the berry department, Pine Berries once only grown in Britain are now being grown Stateside.  Japanese Strawberries are great Hostess gifts in their native land, but at $5 apiece, must be considered a special treat.  Dragon Fruit now comes in more colors, both the Skin and Flesh.  Pink Pineapples are delicious as well as  dramatic in appearance, and for the pocket book.  Melissas takes advantage of opposite hemispheres with Cherries from Tasmania, way down under.  And Cotton Candy grapes  make for a sweet addition to the fresh fruit bowl which Ann often makes for Peter’s Breakfast.  Be sure to check  Melissa’s for frequent additions to what they offer – Melissas.com.

Jay Buchsbaum, Royal Wine Corporation, discusses Kosher Wine

The World’s largest Kosher Wine business, the Royal Wine Corp, took root in Eastern Europe, grew and eventually settled in Bayonne NJ. It now manages a vast portfolio of vineyards and also sources wines from grapes grown by others. According to spokesperson, Jay Buchsbaum, all Royal products follow Kosher principals, but many wine lovers favor Royal’s fine wines for their quality and variety, not because of the Kosher certification. Stars  from Royal’s portfolio include Chardonnays, Cabs, Moscato and Reserve bottlings from Lake County CA, one of the most recent AVAs. Look for Royal wines on the lists of Top Restaurants and at your local wine merchant.

Remarkably Delicious Specialty Foods

Lisa King, Brownie Points—Brownies of every sort, from the Original Basic Chocolate & Blondies to Fudge, Truffles, Pavlova, Bourbon-infused & more, all gorgeously packaged and ribbon-wrapped; Tom Bannister, Tom’s Perfect 10 Granola, a top take on cereal or snack.

Say Cheese Please!

Jeanine Egan, The Cheese School of San Francisco, uniquely the only school in the US devoted exclusively to all things cheese, announces: a new collaboration with Daily Driver; a relocation to a greatly expanded space in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood; and hugely expanding programs. The only institution of its kind in the USA, The School promises to be a one stop for Cheese enthusiasts and Professionals alike. Dennis Kaser, Le Gruyere DOP, explains what makes Gruyere so very special and why it has won recognition as World’s Best Cheese at numerous international Competitions.  

Drink to Me Only:.Meet two Notable Beverage Companies

Kate Kissell, Steeped Coffee; Kevin Sherman, Tractor Beverage: Steeped Coffee uses a proprietary process to create the Coffee Equivalent of a Tea Bag, combining that process with special roasts, to make a very fine cup indeed; Tractor Beverage’s mission is to displace ‘Big Soda,’ with a broad range of flavors—all Certified Organic, Pesticide- Free, Non-GMO--and Delicious! 


Edible Economics

Professor Ha-Joon Chang, a prolific author of books well known for their humor as well as their insights into the history of Economics, Food and related topics, discusses Edible Economics (EE), his latest contribution to the field. His distinguished Teaching and Research career began in his native South Korea, followed by teaching positions at Cambridge University and, most recently, at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).


Focus on Korean Heritage: Brilliant Cookbook, Classy Rice

Sisters Leah Su Quirpga and Cammie Kim Lin, (Serious) New Cook: Recipes, Tips, Techniques; Ryan Kim, Kim’C’s Market, upscale Korean ingredients, including freshly-milled rice.

Two Craft Distilleries Redefining How they Produce America’s Traditional Bourbon and Rye

Pursuit Spirits took a big risk to Develop  a Bourbon, that the World hadn’t seen yet, Winning  Double and Single Gold Awards in the 2022 John Barleycorn Competition.   Their Pursuit United is a blend of 3 different Mashbills from Bardstown KY, Finger Lakes NY and undisclosed TN.  Even more differently Pursuit has raised capital ($2.5m worth) specifically for the purpose of  providing input to their own Blended production.   King’s County Distilleries marches to the proverbial Different Drummer. The first Distiller 0f the modern era in Brooklyn, Kings produces a Plethora of Bourbon and Rye blends including unusual ones containing Peat and Chocolate, and several sold at Cask strength. OTM has been enjoying this great variety of America’s  favorite tipple, and we’re sure you will too.

Two Fascinating New Books packed with Ideas sure to enhance your Dining Pleasure

Andy Murray grew up in a large and busy family, which cooked and ate together for decades.  His just published Eat, Drink and Be Murray chronicles these Culinary Adventures, which are captured in his  newly published biography  Eat, Drink and be Murray. No relation to Tennis Andy and Movie Star Bill, this Andy enchants with stories of his life in the Kitchen in cities around the USA.  His Culinary adventures will have you thirsty for more of the same, and will send you rushing to your favorite food emporium to emulate Chef Andy in your own kitchen.  And you’ll  feast on long forgotten treats. Heloise Brion’s Franco American Roots combine to foster a convivial atmosphere with recipes to match, and memorable ideas to enhance table settings for every occasion.  Find the excitement in Miss Maggie’s Kitchen.

From The OTM Archives: A Dedication to Charlie Trotter

This week’s program is dedicated to On the Menu’s interview with Charlie back in
the early years of our Podcast. and a recently released Documentary, now
available,’The Rise and Fall of Charlie Trotter’. Here’s where to find the film.
The pandemic may have delayed plans for the theatrical release of a
documentary about legendary Chicago chef Charlie Trotter, but soon the general
public will finally get to see the film. Critics have already screened Love,
Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter with the Sun-Times critic Richard
Roeper gushing, giving the movie 3  1 ⁄ 2  stars. The movie, written and directed by
Rebecca Halpern, was lauded as it made its way through the festival circuit last
year. The film shows Trotter’s ascension to an internationally known chef and as a
kitchen leader whose anger vexed his staff. Trotter’s Lincoln Park restaurant was a
culinary destination from 1987 to 2012. The chef died in 2013. Anthony Bourdain
and Julia Child make appearances in the film. Several high-profile Chicago chefs
including Grant Achatz (Alinea), the late Homaro Cantu (Moto), Giuseppe Tentori
(GT Fish & Oyster), and Graham Elliot worked in Trotter’s kitchen.
Our Interview makes up today’s OTM Episode. Sadly we did not have the
opportunity to record the promised sequel.

On the Menu for December 11, 2022

Andrew Freeman, AF&Co and The Carbonate Group, the 2023 Hospitality Trends Report (and a look back at the companies' 2022 predictions). Check out their website: https://www.afandco.com. Coverage includes: Restaurant Marketing | Hotel Marketing | Hotel Public Relations | Food Marketing | Food Public Relations.  

On The Menu for December 4, 2022

Mary Ann Esposito, Host of Ciao Italia, adds to her Award-winning output of over 14 Cookbooks and Numerous TV programs with just published Ciao Italia: Plant, Harvest, Cook, which is sure to help you succeed in both your Garden and your Kitchen with Crops and Recipes in the Italian Tradition.

Ori Zohar of Burlap and Barrel makes his regular visit to On the Menu, introducing you to exciting new Spices from small Growers around the World.  And you’ll want to augment your Culinary Toolkit with a Spice Grinder made to their specifications.

On The Menu for November 27, 2022

Sweet Suite: Rose Levy Beranbaum , The Cookie Bible; Amy Hepler, Scamps Toffees.

On the Menu for November 20, 2022

Kurt Oriol, Founder and CEO, Campo Grande, Iberico Pork, “the Wagyu of Pork,” From Heirloom Iberian Pigs, the combination of Genetics, Lifestyle and Diet, delivered to your door. Rose Levy Beranbaum adds to her Library of definitive publications about Sweet Treats with her latest Tome, The Cookie Bible. Thrill to every one of these tips and delicious Recipes.


Prolific Author Andre Darlington, Bar Menu, provides more than 100 food and drink recipes for Cocktail Hours at home; Annette Joseph, At the Table of La Fortezza, tells how she and her husband transformed a 12th Century Tuscan Castle into a Fine Culinary Destination. You can share the enchantment in her new book and visit in person.

Ideas in Food/Wine/Hospitality

  • Chef Julian Clauss-Ehlers, Co-Author, Eating Together-Being Together; Lewis Chester, Founder and Head, Gerard Basset Foundation, Golden Vines Awards

Two Very Modern Cookbooks

Alexssandra Crapanzano, Gateau,The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes, earns a spot on your go-to cookbook shelf; Lauren Thomas, The Modern Hippie Table, Recipes and Menus for Eating Simply and Living Beautifully.

OTM Excerpts from The Archives

For this week's episode, we take a look back at an interview with chef and cookbook author Ollie Dabbous from late in 2021.  Ollie is the chef at Hide, located in London, England.  Find out more about Hide and Ollie: https://hide.co.uk/ollie-dabbous

All's Good

Molly Gilbert, Sheet Pan Sweets: Simple, Streamlined Dessert Recipes; Stephanie Kriebel, OMG Pretzels.


Specialty Foods & Packed Meal Inspiration.

George Duran, Folio Cheese, Mighty Sesame Co., Wonder Melon & Beetology; Aviva Wittenberg, Lunchbox.

From the OTM Archives - More on Beverages Galore; Natural Wines, Scotland’s Best Gin, NC Moonshine

Description:Alice Feiring, Journalist, Wine Author and Podcaster, The Feiring Line, NYC, https://www.alicefeiring.com/Natural Wine for the People; Martin Murray, Founder and Distiller, Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay Scotland, https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/rock-rose-gin/; Daniel Pierce, Professor, Historian and Moonshine Lover, UNC-Ashville/ Tar Heel Lightnin'

From the OTM Archives: A Taste of Italy

Join us this week as we revisit our trip to Italy in 2012.  Buon Appetito!

From the OTM Archives: Lidia Bastianich

Join us for this week's retrospective as we revisit a selection from our interviews through the years with the iconic Lidia Bastianich.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

OTM for Aug 28 Featuring Modern Table and More

Tune in for this week's episode featuring interviews with Kim Kushner, author of the Modern Table: Kosher Recipes for Everyday Gatherings, Olivia's Croutons, and Q9 Superfoods.  Please listen and enjoy!

Ingredients for Indulgences

John Chantarasak, Kin Thai; Estella Schweizer, Let's Go Nuts; Chef Michael Antinorsi,  Chuao Chocolates. 

Assorted Gustatory Pleasures

Oliviero (Olli) Colmignoli, Olli Salumeria; Jessica Formicola, Beef It Up!, Pierre Guerin, Henri Hutin Fromagerie.

Exotic Food & Drink Plus An Elusive Crisis

Hershit Gupta & Elliott Curelop, Madhu Chocolate; Pratik Rijal & Nish Banskota, Nepal Tea Collective; Oliver Milman, The Insect Crisis.


A Gem of a BakeBook, Snacktime, and Sweets On

Paul Hollywood, of The Great British Baking Show fame, Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics; Adam Cohen, SNAX-Sensational--Cookie Pop & Candy Pop + Vintage Italia Pasta Straws; Laura Sorkin, Runamok Maple Syrup & Infused Honeys. 

How Sweet It Is, Two Outstanding Chocolatiers & Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Bars

Lawren Askinosie, Askinosie Chocolates; Emanuel Schmerling, Milkboy Chocolate; Todd Goldstein, Whoa Dough. 

Temperance Cocktails are Catching On

Finn Walter, The Nicolett, Lubbock TX; Sean Enright, Spork, Pittsburgh PA. But also innovating the hard stuff:  Todd Manley, Mutiny Island Vodka 


Global Cuisine Anew --Africa Today, Historic SEAsia

Pierre Thiam, Yolele; David Schmunk African Dream Foods; Eleanor Ford, The Nutmeg Trail. 

Correction to June 26 Episode

More Exciting Finds at the Fancy Food Show:


Marie Krane, Tomato Bliss, https://tomatobliss.com; Minnie Luong, Chi Kitchen, https://www.chaikitchen.com/;; Ronda Brittian, Ronda's Fine Foods, https://rondasfinefoods.





Stoking the English high-life fever

  Countess of Carnarvon, Seasons at Highclere Castle (Filming site for Downton Abbey); Jane Churchill and Emily Astor, Entertaining in Style, Cliveden.

A Vegan Cookbook To Thrill your Palate, Spice Collections to Stir Excitement Every Day

Kathy Katin-Grazzini, Kathy's kitchen. Editor, Vegworld , https://www.cathyskitchenprescription.com/, Love the Foods that Love You Back; Brett Cramer, Founder, The Spice Lab,& Recent Buyer of Nom Nom Paleo Seasoning Collections, Rubs and Dips, https://cms.thespicelab.com/.


Specialty Foods + A Happy Book

Specialty Foods + A Happy Book: Nazie & Billal Sidiq, Bolani Flatbreads, Spreads & Sauces, SF CA; Ann Riffice and Lisa Maute. Frescobene Artisan Sauces, Fairfield CT; Leah Hyslop, The Brownie Diaries,Reading UK

Great New Cookbooks – Rule Britannia and Vive La France

Great New Cookbooks – Rule Britannia and Vive La France: Jane Churchill and Emily Astor, Cliveden, Entertaining in Style; George Benard, Ferrandi. Paris, Fruits and Nuts


Where to Find Outstanding Indulgences; Caviar and Chocolate

Jeff Sedacca, CEO and Myra Tallerico GM, Sterling Caviar, Elverta CA, Farm raised Sturgeon Fish and Caviar; https://sterlingcaviar.com/; Amy Rosenfield, Owner, Mon Aimee Chocolat, Pittsburgh, https://www.monaimeechocolat.com/.

Practically a Lifetime in Pickles, What’s Happening in Food, Robert from Melissas Knows

Scott Kaylin, Kaylin & Kaylin Pickles, Keeps On Inventing, https://www.kaylinandkaylin.com/; Robert Schueller, Melissas Produce, Knows What's Hot in On-Line Groceries, https://www.melissas.com/.


Ideas in Food

Corey Mintz, The Next Supper: The End of Restaurants as We Knew Them, and What Comes After, Winnipeg Canada; Dr. Jonathan Carp, The Miracle Noodle, https://miraclenoodle.com/


Travel to SE Asia through two new cookbooks

Anne-Solenne Hatte, Tasting Vietnam: Flavors and Memories From My Grandmother’s Kitchen; Vina Patel, From Gujarat with Love: 100 Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Outstanding Guests joining us once again

Lidia Bastianich, Chef, Author, Restaurateur, PBS TV star, https://lidiasitaly.com/, Lidia’s: a Pot, a Pan and a Bowl; Andrew Freeman, afandco & The Carbonate Group. and Candace MacDonald, The Carbonate Group, Top Ten Hospitality Trends for 2022 - Through The Looking Glass, https://www.afandco.com/,


International Food Connections, Spain and Italy

Francisco Rivera and Translator Adolfo, Guainos, Gourmet Products, including EVOO & Membrillo (Quince), Almeria, Spain, https://guainos.com/; Enza Cianciotta, Solenzi (aka Flavor Revolution), Toronto, Free-From Foods, https://solenzi.com/.


French Connections- Restaurants in Paris and Brooklyn + A French Cheesemaker in Vermont

Rebecca Asthaler, Partner, Fulgurances Restaurants, Paris and Brooklyn, https://fulgurances.com,; Adeline Druart, President, Vermont Creamery, Websterville VT, https://www.vermontcreamery.com/. 

How to improve the navigation of your Kitchen; Create Great Leftovers; Fix Kitchen Mistakes

Cassy Joy Garcia. Nutrition Consultant, San Antonio, https://fedandfit.com/, Cook Once Dinner Fix; Cal Peternell, Bay Area CA, http://www.calpeternell.com/. 22 year Chef at Chez Panisse, Burnt Toast and other Disasters.


Everything you ever need to know about Pizza, and Cooking with the Wisdom of Friends

Francisco Migoya, Head Chef, The Modernist Cuisine Project, Modernist Pizza, 3 Volumes,  https://modernistcuisine.com/ Seattle; Dorothy Kalins, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Saveur Magazine, much-awarded magazine editor & cookbook collaborator, James Beard Foundation Whos who in Food and Beverage. https://lithub.com/author/dorothykalins/, The Kitchen Whisperers


A Spicy Show--The Middle East in NYC; Exciting New Flavors from Burlap & Barrel

Christine Sahadi Whelan – Her Family Heritage in Spices and a Definitive Cookbook on How To Use Them, Sahadi Flavors of the Suhttps://sahadis.com/

Ori Zohar, Co-Founder, Burlap and Barrel, Status notes on Afganistan Spice Farmers + 2 new Flavor Sensations, https://www.burlapandbarrel.com


Great Ladies of Food. 1st Woman to Head Canlis' Kitchen; An Expert in Gluten-Free Baking

Aisha,Ibrahim, Executive Chef, Canlis Restaurant, Seattle, https://canlis.com/; Katarina Cermelj, https://honestcooking.com/author/katwhisk/, Baked to Perfection-Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes with a Pinch of Science.


Exciting new California Wine Venture; Regenerative Agriculture Grows Great Meat

Randall Grahm joins Gallo to design and develop California Wines themed The Language of Yes, https://www.languageofyeswine.com;


A System to connect Food Producers and Buyers; A Recipe Collection for Plant-Based-Meat Eaters

David Stone, Executive Chair and Founder, Go Forager, https://www.goforager.com/, Portland ME; Kristin Bryan, Better Than Beef, https://thechefsisters.com/


A Memoir about a Life in Food; How to Feed Your Kids like Top Chefs Do

Vegetable-Forward Deborah Madison, http://deborahmadison.com/An Onion in my Pocket; Joshua David Stein, Author of 17 Cookbooks, turns his attention to  how Master Chefs cater for their Offspring, Cooking for Your Kids


Meat AND Veg,Some of Americas Finest Meat, grown in Kentucky, and Elegant Vegetarian from Bristol UK

Chris Carter Founder, Porter Road, https://porterroad.com/, Nashville TN,  and online; Rob Howell, Head Chef, Root, https://www.rootbristol.co.uk , Bristol UK, Small Vegetable Plates./ Author/ Root 


From Around the World, Artisan Spices; Arresting Fruits

Ori Zohar, Partner, Burlap and Barrel, NYC, https://www.burlapandbarrel.com/--Grains of Paradis, Iru (fermented Locust Beans), Salinas Crystal Salt; Kate Lebo, Owner, Pie School, Seattle, https://katelebo.com/pieschool/: The Book of Difficult Fruits

Happy Day to all Mothers-an Innovative Whiskey Maker, Worldwide Cocktails

Nora Ganley-Roper and Adan Polonski, Founders, Lost Lantern, https://www.lostlanternwhiskey.com/, NYC; Andre Darlington Liquor Expert/writer, Philadelphia, http://www.andredarlington.com/ Booze Cruise: A Tour of the Worlds Essential Mixed Drinks.


Curative Cooking; Gullah Geechee Traditions

Ryan Riley, Cookbooks & Cookery Schools to Restore the Palates of Cancer and Covid Patients, Brighton, UK, Life Kitchen + Taste and Flavour; Matthew Raiford, Chef & 7th Generation Family Farmer, Northern GA,  Bress-N-Nyam

Expressive Sonoma Coast Winemaker; Sagamore reinvents All-American Rye Whiskey

Pete Soergel, Winemaker, Lynmar Estate, Sonoma, Russian River CA https://lynmarestate.com/; Brian Treacy, President, Sagamore Spirit Distillery, Rye Whiskeys, including Distiller's Tequila Finish; https://sagamorespirit.com/, Baltimore MD


Leap Ahead, File Your Taxes. Jesus for Farmers-Fishers, Mental Support in the Kitchen

Gary Paul Nabhan, Agriculterist. University of AZ. Jesus for Farmers and Fishers: Justice for all those Marginalized by Our Food System; Erin Reifsnyder, Restaurant After Hours, a Support System for Food Workers, https://restaurantafterhoursorg/>

Get Ready for St.Patrick's Day; Texas Citrus Tragedy; Saffron from Afghanistan

Alisa Fasnacht, Farmer, Lifestyle Boxes, Special Green Collection for March 17, The Marketplace at Emerald Valley Farm Store in Washington PA, https://themarketplacevfs.square.site/; Dale Murden, Texas Citrus Mutual, President and Grower, https://texascitrusindustry.com/. Mission, Texas; Mohammad Salehi, Founder, Heray Spices, Chicago, www.herayspice.com.  



Talking the Future of Jamison Farm; A Comic Book Teaches How To Grow Food.

Sukey and John Jamison, Sheep Farmers, Latrobe PA , Authors of Coyotes in the Pastures, A Wolf At The Door, https://www.jamisonfarm.com/; Joseph Tychonievich, Joseph Gardens, Wiliamsburg VA , https://www.josephgardens.com/ and Liz Kozik, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food.>

Exceptional, Foods, Foreign and Domestic, on your Doorstep

Alisha Lumea, Marketing & Communications, Wulf's Fish, Boston MA, https://wulfsfish.com/, Fine Seafood, from around the World; Robert Schueller, Melissa's Produce, https://www.melissasfarmfreshproduce.com, Los Angeles, Specialty Fruit & Vegetables.


Spices, where to get Unique ones from around the World; Unique Flavors of Indonesia via London.

Ori Zohar Co-Founder, Burlap and Barrel, Spice Club,. NYC, www.burlapandbarrel.com; Lara Lee (Agung).Kiwi and Roo, London, https://kiwiandroo.com/ Coconut and Sambal: Recipes from my Indonesian Kitchen


New Expressions in Wine, a New Label from California. and Grapes from New Mexico and Spain

Olivia Wright,. Winemaker. Knotty Vines from Rodney Strong. Healdsburg CA, https://knottywines.com/; Doug Diefenthaler. Co-Founder, Vara Winery and Distillery. Albuquerque NM, https://varawines.com/

Exotic Chefs and their Exotic Recipes: South India and Afghanistan to Atlanta and Adelaide

Asha Gomez, The Third Space, Atlanta, https://www.ashagomez.com/I Cook in Color: Bright Flavors from My Kitchen and Around the World; Durkhanaj Ayubi; Adelaide Australia, Parwana: Recipes and Stories From an Afghan Kitchen>

Superb American Seafood -many other Delicacies -Delivered Overnight ; and All About Potatoes

Adrian Hoffman, CEO/Co-Founder, Four Star Seafood & Provisions, San Francisco;; Rebecca Earle, Professor, University of Warwick UK, Professor Rebecca Earle (warwick.ac.uk)/ Feeding the People: The Politics of the Potato.


Exotic Pandemic Pantry Strategy: Fruit, Veggies, Seaweed

Robert Schueller, Director of Marketing, Melissa's Produce, Los Angeles, nation's largest range of Produce, https://www.melissas.com/, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Pantry Boxes, Community Contributions, Nationwide Delivery; Lisa Scali, Director of Sales and Marketing, Oceans Balance, South Portland Maine, http://www.oceansbalance.com/who-we-are-1, Seaweeds and Seaweed-based Products.

Mostly - not all Chocolate: Artisan Bean- Bar, in Family for 40 years, NYC Awesome Cookies

For Sweets Mavens--especially chocoholics: Tom Rogan, Owner, Goodnow Farms, Sudbury MA, https://goodnowfarms.com, Ultimate Bean to Bar Chocolate and Cocoa Powder; Michael Pollock, Owner, Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers. Atlanta GA, https://www.maggielyon.com/, for 40 years; Susan Palmer, Little Red Kitchen Bakeshop; NYC, https://littleredkitchenbakeshop.com/; Cookies, Especially Cookie Pies.

Outstanding Liquid Specialties, from Wines, to Cocktails and Sauces

Laurent Drouhin, Domaine Drouhin, https://domainedrouhin.com/,  Dundee Hills OR, and domaine drouhin burgundy france; 2018 Chablis, Chorey les Beaune; Natalie Magliarini, Cocktail Designer, https://www.beautifulbooze.com/about-natalie-migliarini/ Beautiful Booze: Stylish Cocktails to make At Home; Nick Spencer, Spirit Sauces and Jolly Posh Foods, Hot Sauces and Marinades infused with Premium Liquor, https://spiritsauces.com/. Western Springs IL

Two Cookbooks about Italia Heritage a Tuscan Cooking School,a NYC Ristorante – RIP Cecelia Chiang

Teresa Lust. Author, Cooking School Owner in Piemonte Italy. http://teresalust.com/, A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures in Italy's Piedmont, Maremma and Le Marche; Donna Lennard, Partner, Il Buco and other Restaurants, NYC and Ibiza Spain, https://www.thecut.com/2019/12/in-her-shoes-il-bucos-donna-lennard.htmlIl Buco: Stories and Recipes; Also, Cecelia Chiang, Pioneer of authentic Chinese Cooking in USA, passed away at age 100, We replay our OTM interview with her from 2007, RIP wonderful Cecelia, https://www.aol.com/cecilia-chiang-chef-brought-real-034338962.html

Spice is Nice: Unique Specialty Peppercorns, Serious Rubs and Marinades, Worldwide Hot Sauces

Ori Zohar, Partner, Burlap and Barrel, Queens NY https://www.burlapandbarrel.com/collections/all, Ethically grown Spices from Around the World – this episode 4 Different Peppercorns; Jim Pachence CEO, The Serious Foodie, Bradenton FL, World-inspired Spice Rubs & Marinades, https://serious-foodie.com/; Brandon Clark, Clark and Hopkins, Artisan Pepper Sauces and Bloody Mary Mixes, https://clark-and-hopkins.myshopify.com/, Middleton VA,

Award-winning Wines from the Americas. North and South. With Distinctly Italian Roots

Trini Amador, Gracianna Wines, Healdsburg CA, https://www.gracianna.com/; Augusto Pestana, Business Director. Apex-Brazil, Sparkling Wines from Brazil, https://www.gobrazilwines.com/, Amaze. Miolo, Casa Perini, Garibaldi, Moet Chandon.

An Episode Dedicated to your Sweet-Tooth; Fruit Jams, Crispy Snacks, Chef made Chocolates

Laura O’Brien, Josephine’s Feast - Jams and Preserves, NYC and Long Island, https://josephinesfeast.com/; Roberta Intrater. Bert's Bites - Sweet Crunchy Snacks, Chevy Chase MD and SF,  https://www.bertsbites.com/.; Daniel Herskovic, Mayana Chocolate, Artisan Chef-Created Chocolates, Spooner WI, https://www.mayanachocolate.com/

Diverse Drinking: Sodas raising funds for Gorillas; Up to date Shrubs, Gold Medal winning Rums

Sara Stender Delaney, 3 Mountains Beverage – Silverback Carbonated Teas, Silverback Beverage, Ashville NC, https://silverbackbeverage.com//; Charlie Berkinshaw, Founder, Elements Shrubs and Shrub Sodas; Arlington VA, https://www.elementshrub.com/; Ian Burrell, International Spirits Ambassador,  Equiano Rum, Mauritius and Barbados, https://rumfest.co.uk/

Pie Camp in Washington State and Online, A Brit Cocktail Expert and Broadcaster

Kate McDermott, Pie Camp, Port Angeles WA, https://artofthepie.com/ Pie Camp; Olly Smith, Broadcaster and Author, https://www.ollysmith.com/, Fizz: 80 Joyful Cocktails and Mocktails for Every Occasion.

Very Special Delivery; Lobster from Maine, Smoked Salmon from WA, AI grown Veggies in Pittsburgh

Marianne Lacroix, Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, Portland ME, info@lobsterfrommaine.com; Mike Mondello, Seabear, Anacortes WA, https://www.seabear.com/; Chris Cerveny, Head of Grow Research and Development, Fifth Season Fresh, Artificial Intelligence-controlled Greens and Veggies, Braddock PA, https://www.fifthseasonfresh.com/

Spicy several ways; Mexican-Chicano; Special Sauce for a Good Cause; Reviving Native Bison+Berries

Esteban Castillo, Chicano Eats, https://www.chicanoeats.com/, Fresno CA; Traci, Ayden, Luke and George, Diablo Verde Creamy Cilantro Sauce-- a Tasty Fundraiser for Saving Rhinos, Cade TX; 3SonsFoods LLC, https://3sonsfoods.com/pages/our-story, Dawn Sherman, Lakota People, North American Natural Foods, Tanka Bars, Bites and Sticks, http://www.tankabar.com/cgi-bin/nanf/public/main.cvw, Kyle SD.

Magic Ingredients; Creating with Koji; Best Olive Oils available in US: Sun Dried and Jerk Tomatoes

Jeremy Umansky, Koji expert, Larder Restaurant, Cleveland OH, https://www.starchefs.com/cook/chefs/bio/jeremy-umansky, Koji Alchemy; Joanne Lacina, Founder, Olive Oil Lovers, https://oliveoillovers.com/, Best Collection of Quality Artisan EVOO available in the US; Mary Mooney, Owner, Mooney Farm, Bella  Sun Luci Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Tomato Jerky, Chico CA, https://bellasunluci.com/

A Journey in Jewish Food, an online course; Lamb like Wagyu; Wagyu from Vermont

Ben Kaplan, Director of Education, Yivo- Institute for Jewish Research, A Seat at the Table: A Journey in Jewish Food, an Online Course, https://yivo.org/food, Daniel Fagerman, Owner, the Fagerman Farm, Hartselle AL, Margra Lamb https://www.fagermanfarm.com/; Dr. Sheila Patinkin, Vermont Wagyu, Spring Rock Farm, Springfield VT, https://vermontwagyu.com/

Grains and Snacks from around the World to Your Table – Fonio, Fava, Sorghum

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Different Viewpoints From Celebrities in the world of Bourbon, Vodka and More, Happy Birthday Ann

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Rescuing American Farmstead from Pandemic; Soup=Gastrophilanthropy; Almond-based Yogurt

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News and Views about the Food Business – A Report and a Newsletter; Gourmet Beef on Doorstep

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Delicious, Innovative, Taste Sensations; Instant Savory; Uniquely Sweet; Spicy Tastes in Tubes

Damien Lee, Founder, Mr Lee Pure Foods-Instant Noodles, Bournemouth UK, www.mrleesnoodles.com; Matt Kollmorgen, Partner, Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey. Denver CO, https://bkshoney.com/; Richard Lassale, Founder, Entube and HLTHpunk Spice Paste Tubes, Los Angeles, https://www.entube.la/>

Coping with the Pandemic at Canlis Seattle; Changing the Mission at 50 Best; Veggie-based Pasta

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Today’s Global Food Culture, Grillmaster Secrets; Agrihood – Beyond Farm-to-Table , CSAs, etc

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Changing Business Models; Giant Ohio Veggie Farm; Exotic Frozen Seafood; Livestream Wine Tasting

Farmer Lee Jones. Chef's Garden, Huron OH, https://www.chefs-garden.com/, now adding retail Home Delivery; Frank Gullo,https://www.gullospecialtyfoods.com/, Westbury NY. Octopus and other Specialty Seafoods; Deb Mortillaro, Partner, Palate Partners. Pittsburgh PA, https://www.palatepartners.com/, On-line Wine & Culinary Classes and Tastings, Specialty Wines in PA. 


Responding to the Food Shortage, Innovative Food Storage, Mercury-free Fish.

Elaine Bellin, Owner, Paragon Foods, Pittsburgh, http://www.paragonfresh.com/ , Food Distribution, including Fresh & Specialty; Adrienne McNicholas, Partner, Food Huggers, Madrid Spain, https://foodhuggers.com/ Reusable Silicon Containers and Lids; Sean Wittenberg, Founder, Safe Catch, Sausalito CA https://safecatch.com,  Low Mercury Packed Tuna. 

Latest 0n the Virus; Ethical Meat Updated; A Chuckwagon for 21st Century; Harvie- a Hi-Tech CSA

Meredith Leigh, Butcher, Writer, Farmer, Chef, Ashville NC, http://www.mereleighfood.com/, Ethical Meat Handbook – 2nd Edition; Kent and Shannon Rollins, Chuckwagon Chefs and Podcasters, Hollis OK, https://kentrollins.com/Faith Family and the Feast; Simon Huntley, Creator, Harvie Farm Program, Pittsburgh, https://clarity.fm/simonhuntley.

Ladies with Great Stories; Rage Baking, Good Meals Found, Cheese Forever

Kathy Gunst and Katherine Alford, https://www.wbur.org/inside/staff/kathy-gunst/2, https://www.facebook.com/people/Katherine-Alford/1531065, Rage Baking: The Transformative Power of Flour, Fury and Women's Voices; Martha Hall Foose, http://marthafoose.com/, Mississippi Delta, and Amy C. Evans, : https://www.amycevans.com/, Houston TX, A Good Meal is Hard to Find https://www.agoodmealishardtofind.com/; Michele Buster, Forever Cheese/Mitica, https://forevercheese.com/about/, Long Island City, NY

Unusual Spices and Flavors; Power Spicing, Bacon Jam; Purple Tea from the Mountains of Kenya

Spices, Bacon, Purple Tea: Rachel Beller, Nutritionist, Los Angeles, https://www.bellernutrition.comPower Spicing: 60 Simple Recipes for Antioxidant-fueled Meals; Michael Oraschewsky, Chief Executive Boar, TBJ Gourmet, Downingtown PA, https://www.bellernutrition.com, Bacon Jam and Tomato Jam; Martin Kabaki, Founder, Kenyan Purple Tea, NYC, https://www.bellernutrition.com, Kenyan Tea based Beverages.

Shuks and Israeli Home Cooking; Reimagined Kosher recipes; THE Culinary Sharpeners

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Menus that made History, Charleston SC’s Ultimate Foodie, Revival of a Phila Dinner Club

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Joanne Chang’s New Book; How to prepare and cook with Tea; An Electric Kettle for Perfect T

Joanne Chang. Flour Bakeries, Boston MA, https://flourbakery.com/Pastry Love; Emilie Holmes, Founder, Good and Proper Tea, London UK, https://labs.com/12-questions-emilie-holmes-founder-good-proper-tea/, Good and Proper Tea--from Leaf to Cup; April Strogen, VP Marketing, Capreeo/Jura USA, Electric Capresso Kettle, https://www.shopjura.com/about-us, Montvale NJ, made in Switzerland, Tea Trends.

More on Beverages Galore; Natural Wines, Scotland’s Best Gin, NC Moonshine History

Alice Feiring, Journalist, Wine Author and Podcaster, The Feiring Line, NYC, https://www.alicefeiring.com/, Natural Wine for the People; Martin Murray, Founder and Distiller, Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay Scotland, https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/rock-rose-gin/; Daniel Pierce, Professor, Historian and Moonshine Lover, UNC-Ashville/ Tar Heel Lightnin'.

Farewell FOTE 2019, Galway, 3rd Episode; Italian in Galway; Southern Italian Cooking

Thanksgiving To Go at Spork Pit Pittsburgh--whole smoked turkey, foie gras gravey, stuffing, pie et. al. http://sporkpittsburgh.com/. FOTE 2019 III: Romy Gill, Romy’s Kitchen, Bristol England, http://romyskitchen.co.uk/; Arlene Stein, Terrior Symposium, http://www.terroirsymposium.com/; Eva Milka and Eion Jenkinson, Gaelic Escargot, Garryhill Ireland; www.garlicescargot.com; Denis Lovatel, Pizzeria da Ezio, Alano di Piave Italy, https://www.pizzeriadaezio.it/; Megan Nolan, Head Chef, Il Vicolo, Galway, https://www.ilvicolo.ie/; Katie Parla, Rome Italy, https://katieparla.com/, Food of the Italian South


Food on the Edge 2019, Galway, Ireland, 2nd of 3 Episodes Covering this Food Symposium

Josh Niland, Chef and Partner, Saint Peter and Fish Butchery, Sydney Australia, https://www.saintpeter.com.au/ The Whole Fish Cookbook;  Salassie Atadika, Chef and Founder, Midunu, Accra Ghana, http://midunu.com/; Liam Tomlin, Chefs Warehouse, Capetown, Republic of South Africa, https://www.chefswarehouse.co.za; Ryan King, Milan Italy, Fine Dining Lovers https://www.finedininglovers.com/.


Food on the Edge 2019, Galway, Ireland, 1st of 3 Episodes Covering this Food Symposium

Alex Atala, DOM Restaurant, Sao Paulo, Brazil, http://domrestaurante.com.br/en/about.html; Ben Shewry, Attica, Melbourne Australia, https://www.attica.com.au/; Mark Best, Veteran Restaurateur, Sydney Australia; Allan Jenkins, Editor, Observer Food Monthly, London UK, https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/foodmonthly; Darina Allen, Founder and Director, Ballymaloe Cookery School near Cork Ireland, http://www.ballymaloe.com/.

International; FOTE 2019; Slow Fermentation Vinegars; Sicilian Capers; Brazilian Exotics

JP McMahon, Symposium Director, FOTE 2019, Galway Ireland, October 21-22, https://foodontheedge.ie/; Harry Rosenbloom, Brooklyn Kitchen, O-Med, Slow Fermentation Vinegars, https://www.omedoil.com/en/13-vinegar; Beatrice Ughi, Gustiamo, Bronx, Capers from Pantellaria Italy, https://www.gustiamo.com/; Fernando Sophr, Apex-Brasil, Brasilia, http://www.apexbrasil.com.br/en/home, Agricultural Products.


Three Very Different Cookbooks Describe New Ways to Work with Spices to create Exciting New Tastes

Yaniv Cohen, The Spice Detective, Restaurant Jaffa, Miami FL, http://www.thespicedetective.com, My Spiced Kitchen: A Middle Eastern Cookbook; Raquel Pelzel, Cookbook Author and TV Personality, http://www.raquelpelzel.com, Brooklyn, Umami Bomb: 75 Vegetarian Recipes that Explode with Flavor; Gemma Stafford, Los Angeles, https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com, TV Chef, Bigger Bolder Baking: a Fearless Approach to Baking Anytime, Anywhere

Cheese and More Cheese, from West and Mid-West; The Queen of Mid-West Cuisine-her story

David Gremmels , Rogue Creamery, Central Point OR, www.roguecreamery.com ; Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese, La Valle WI, www.carrvalleycheese.com; Iliana Regan, Restaurants – Elizabeth and Kitsume, Chicago, Milkweed Inn MI, https://www.milkweedinn.com/, Burn the Place: A Memoir.    



Cheese and More Cheese, from West and Mid-West; The Queen of Mid-West Cuisine-her story


Nibbles and Snacks; Effie’s Homemade; Argentine Alfajores; Frozen Flatbreads; Broccoli Crust Pizza

Irene Costello and Joan MacIsaac, Inventors, Effie’s Homemade Crackers, Hyde Park MA, https://effieshomemade.com/; Andreas Ozzuna, Wooden Table Baking – Alfajores – Argentine Style Cookies, Oakland CA, https://woodentablebaking.com/; Warren Stoll, Kontos Artisan Bakery, Hand-Stretched Flatbreads, http://www.kontos.com/, Paterson NJ; Anthony Spinato, Spinatos Fine Foods, Frozen Pizzas and Pasta Sauces, including Primavera Broccoli Crust, Phoenix AZ, https://spinatospizzeria.com/


German Cookware now in USA, Classic Kitchen Design 1940-70, A Fine Restaurant Garden in Pgh

Chris Robason, Managing Director, Fissler USA – Souspreme Multi-Pot, Adamant Fry Pan, https://www.fissler.com/us/products/, Idar-Oberstein, Germany; Sarah Archer, https://www.sarah-archer.com/, Philadelphia, The Midcentury Kitchen: America's Favorite Room, from Workspace to Dreamscape, 1940s-1970s; Chris Frangiadis, Chef-Patron, Spork, Pittsburgh, http://sporkpittsburgh.com/, Spork Garden & Vegetarian Tasting Menu.

Savory a Bit Sweet; Spice Blends from 1860s; Inspired by Gran; Delhi not Deli; Maple Amok in VT

Eudell Watts IV, Old Arthur’s BBQ Sauces and Rubs, first made in 1860s, Chicago, https://www.oldarthurs.com/; Charlie McKenna, Lillie's Q, Southern Rubs, Marinades & Sauces, Restaurants in Chicago. https://www.lilliesq.com/where-we-come-from/ ; Chitra Agrawal, Brooklyn Delhi, Indian Inspired Sauces and Pickles, https://brooklyndelhi.com/; Laura Sorkin, Runamok Maple Syrups, Fairfax VT,  https://runamokmaple.com/<

Italian-inspired Plates+Platters, Sicilian Products from Bonolio, Neapolitan Pizzas in USA

Focus on Italy: Stacy Adimando, Executive Editor Saveur, Brooklyn, http://stacyadimando.com/, Piatti: Plates and Platters for sharing inspired by Italy; Salvatore Russo-Tiesi, GM, Bono USA – Bono Sicilian Products including EVOO, https://www.bonousainc.com/, Fairfield NJ; Edouard Freda, Talia di Napoli, Genuine Neapolitan Pizza available to USA-nationwide, https://taliadinapoli.com/, Naples Italy and NYC.


Love Chickpeas & Hummus? Here’s a whole episode dedicated to this Versatile Bean. Then and now

Dan Alexander, https://daitd.com/ ; Creative Graphic Designer/Philosopher, Paris, Dordogne & Tel Aviv, Hummus; Jesse Wolfe, Founder/CEO, O’Dang Hummus Dips. Marinades & Salad Dressings, Orlando FL https://www.odanghummus.com/

Top Chocolate from a 6 SOFI Winner, from Switzerland via KC-MO. Fine Ice-Cream Recipes from UK

How Sweet It Is: Tom Rogan, Founder & Head Chocolate Maker, Goodnow Farms, Sudbury MA, https://goodnowfarms.com/contact/; Rene Bollier. Andre's Chocolates, Kansas City MO, https://andreschocolates.com/; Chow Mezger, Jude’s Ice Cream. https://www.judes.co.uk/, Jude’s Ice Cream & Desserts: Scoops, Bakes, Shakes and Sauces.


Veggies!:Abra Berens, Chef-Farmer; Hetty McKinnon, Peddler Journal; Andy Reichgut, Vegs Made Great

An Episode dedicated to Veggies!:Abra Berens, Chef-Farmer; Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables https://www.abraberens.com/; Hetty McKinnon, PeddlerJournal, Family: New Vegetarian Comfort Food To Nourish Everyday https://www.peddlerjournal.com//; Andy Reichgut, Veggies Made Great, (Garden Lite's) Frozen Frittata Line https://www.veggiesmadegreat.com/.

RIP Leah Chase; US Entry to SA Wine Cup; 412 Food Rescue Kitchen; Cookbook Tribute to Immigrants

Leah Chase. NOLA, Queen of Creole Cuisine, passes at age 98; Adam Knoerzer, USA National Winner, South African Wine Cup, Sommelier at Palate Partners, Pittsburgh https://www.palatepartners.com/, https://www.wosa.co.za/Sommelier/,  ; Leah Lizarondo, 412 Food Rescue’s Pittsburgh Community Kitchen,  https://412foodrescue.org/; Anna Francese Gass, http://www.annasheirloomkitchen.com/, Heirloom Kitchen.

Patrick Bennett- Port+Madeira; Cameron Hughes-Negociant; Janet Fletcher-CA Wine Country.

Wines with a Difference: Patrick Bennett, Vineyard Brands, Fortified Wines: Port and Madeira, Birmingham AL, http://www.vineyardbrands.com/;  Cameron Hughes, Negociant-Founder. C H Wine, San Francisco, https://chwine.com/; Janet Fletcher, Food Writer, Napa CA, http://www.janetfletcher.com/, Wine Country Table

Christian Frangiadis, Jean-Paul Kissel, Spork; Richard Bertinet, Bakery, Bath, Susie Norris Food-Mkt

Christian Frangiadis. Spork Pittsburgh, and Jean-Paul Kissel, Seattle Concierge; Richard Bertinet, Bakery Kitchen and School, Bath, England, Crumb; Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, A Bakers Passport

Martina McBride in the Kitchen; Mark Bittman - Dinner 100 ways; Elizabeth Heiskell revives the South

Country Music Icon Martina McBride mixes in the Kitchen, My Recipe Playlist for Real Life; Mark Bittman. Dinner for Everyone: 100 Iconic Recipes made 3 Ways; Elizabeth Heiskell, The Southern LIving Party Cookbook: A Modern Guide to Gatheriing

Craig Davis, BA to LHR starts April 3; South in Italy with Katie Parla,& South USA by Bruce Moffett

Craig Davis, VisitPitsburgh, https://www.visitpittsburgh.com, announces British Airways non-stop flights Pittsburgh to London Heathrow start April 3; Katies Parla talks about the history, food & culture of South Italy https://katieparla.com, Food of the Italian South; Bruce Moffet, writes of the USA Southern kitchen, Bruce Moffett Cooks http://moffettrestaurantgroup.com/

Alice Feiring on how Bedrock influences Wine, Young, Exciting Distilleries in Columbus & Pittsburgh

Alice Feiring, The Feiring Line, NYC,  https://www.alicefeiring.com/, The Dirty Guide to Wine, Ryan Valentine, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Watershed Distillery, Columbus OH, https://cameronmitchell.com/, Blake Ragghianti and Mark Willson, Kingfly Spirits, Pittsburgh, www.kingflyspirits.com.

All Irish Food & Drink, Darina Allen, Ballymaloe; Ross Lewis Chapter 1, Phil Duff, Knappogue

Celebrating Irish Food and Drink on St. Patrick’s Day. Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cooking School near Corkl: Simply Delicious; Ross Lewis, Chef-Proprietor, Chapter One, Dublin; Phil Duff, Whiskey Ambassador and :  Historian, Castle Knappogue,18 year old Irish Whiskey

Heritage Baking, Specially for Mrs. Jack Sprat (who ate Fat), (Let them Eat) Cake

Three Great New Books Take us through the Meal. Ellen KIng, Hewn Bakery Evanston, Heritage Baking, Sarah Arnour, Tripton VT, The Fat Kitchen; Odette Williams, Brooklyn, Simply Cake

What-When to Eat; Southern Soul with Chef Todd Richards. Kosher Food & Drink from Italy

Michael Crupain. What to Eat When; Chef Todd Richards, Soul: A Chef;s Culinary Evolution, http://richardssouthernfried.com/. Kim Cassar, Kayco, Tuscannini - All Kosher Food & Drink Imported from Italy, http://www.tuscaninifoods.com

Bubbles & Sweets for Valentine's: Rose especially: Italian Desserts: Persian Sweets

Bubbles and Sweets - Looking Forward to Valentine’s Day:  Greg Doody, Vineyard Brands, Birmingham AL, http://vineyardbrands.com/main.aspx, Sparkling Vines, from Cava to Champagne (especially Rose/Pink); Daryush Parsi, Founder, Pajama Sweets, Persian Pistachio Brittle, Dallas TX, https://www.pajamasweets.com/; Rosemary Molloy, Rome, Italy, https://parade.com/member/rosemarymolloyAuthentic Italian Desserts.

Unusual Life Stories: Joe Beef Montreal; Perfect Kosher Flavors from OZ: Cuban Paladares' Secrets

Unusual Cookbooks Reflecting Unusual Life Stories: Meredith Erickson, Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse, Montreal; Australia-born Naomi Nachman, Woodmere NY (www.kosher.com), Perfect Flavors; Guillermo Pernot, Cuba Libre Restaurants, Philadelphia, Atlantic City & DC, Cuba Cooks: Recipes & Secrets from Cuban Paladares & Their Chefs

Simple, Straightforward, Top Chefs & Authors Share Secrets

Simple, Straight-forward Cooking – Top Chefs and Cookbook Authors Share their Recipes & Secrets for no-fuss meals: Christopher Kimball, Chef-Owner, Milk Street, Boston MA, www.177milkstreet.com, Milk Street Tuesday Nights; Anita Lo, Award-wining Chef, NYC, www.chefanitalo.com, Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One; Claire Tansey, Toronto, Canada, www.clairetansey.com,Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress Out of Home Cooking

An episode toasting the arrival of 2019

An “all-beverage” episode to start the New Year: Jim Laughren, Certified Wine Educator, 50 Ways to Love Wine More; Jason Gorski, Winemaker, Delille Cellars D2, Woodinville WA; Ben Robinson, Editor-in-Chief – NY Observer, Beer Hacks: 100 Tips, Tricks & Projects.

Every Day Cooking with Dorie Greenspan; How to Use Leftovers & Scraps

Real-Life Cooking: Dorie Greenspan, NYC & Paris, Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook; Julia Turshen, Hudson Valley NY & www.equityatthetable.com, Now & Again: Go to Recipes, Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas for Reinventing Leftovers; Lindsay-Jean Hard, Ann Arbor MI, Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, Stems, and other Odds & Ends into Delicious Meals.

Healing Spices, Big Flavors and the Instant Pot - For Indian Food Enthusiasts

Kanchan Koya, Brooklyn; https://www.spicespicebaby.com/. Spice Spice Baby: 100 Recipes with Healing Spices for your Family Table; Nik Sharma, Oakland CA, http://www.abrowntable.com/about/Season: 100 Recipes for Big Flavors; Rinku Bhattacharya, Hudson Valley NY, Instant Indian: Classic Foods from every region of India made easy in the Instant Pot.

Stories from the Jamisons. More from Ann Hood & 412 Food Rescue, Distribution of Surplus Food

Stories from the Farm & Kitchen and an outstanding program to eliminate food waste & hunger: Sukey & John Jamison, Jamison Lamb Farm, Latrobe PA, https://www.jamisonfarm.com/, Coyotes in the Pasture and Wolves at the Door; Ann Hood, Providence RI, https://www.annhood.us/home, Kitchen Yarns: Notes on Life, Love & Food; Leah Lizerando, Co-Founder/CEO, 412 Food Rescue, Pittsburgh, https://412foodrescue.org/.

Tasting Italy with Mary Ann Esposito & Julia Della Croce. 2018's Dissarono by Trussard

Viva Italia, how to Eat & Drink like a native Italian: Mary Ann Esposito, Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures in Italy, https://www.ciaoitalia.com/; Julia della Croce, America’s Test Kitchen in collaboration with National Geographic, Tasting Italy, http://www.juliadellacroce.com/; Matt Hirschenbein, Disaronno Wears Trussardi, 2018’s Limited Edition Bottle, http://www.disaronno.com/en/limited-edition#trussardi.

At FOTE 2018, 1st Instalment - Chefs from Far & Wide

Food on The Edge 2018 Galway III: Sasu Laukkonen, Chef-Owner, Ora, Helsinki Finland, http://orarestaurant.fi/en/home/; Duncan Welgemoed, Chef-Owner, Africola, Adelaide Australia, https://www.africola.com.au/; Julie Dupouy, Sommelier Consultant - Chapter One Restaurant, Dublin, The Irish Guild of Sommeliers, http://down2wine.ie/; Didier Fertilati, Fuego-Amigo, Denia Spain, http://www.fuego-amigo.com/en/, also Restaurant Manager, Quique Dacosta Restaurant, https://en.quiquedacosta.es/.

Two 2-star British Chefs & a New 1-Star Highlight the 1st Day of FOTE 2018

British Michelin-Starred Chefs at Food on the Edge in Galway: Clare Smyth, Chef-Owner, Core by Clare Smith, 2 Stars within one year of opening, London; Nathan Outlaw, Chef-Owner, Port Isaac Cornwall, https://nathan-outlaw.com/restaurants/restaurant-nathan-outlaw/, 2 Stars since 2011; Jeremy Chan and Ire Hassan-Odukale, Partners, Ikoyi, London, 1st African-inspired restaurant to win Michelin Star, in 2019 Guide.

Special Holiday Menus at Pittsburgh's Spork; Across the Sea to Ireland for local delicacies

Happening now: Christian Frangiadis, Chef/Owner, & Sean Enright, GM, Spork, Spork Pit, Pittsburgh, www.sporkpittsburgh.com , https://sporkpit.flywheelsites.com/, discuss special offerings for fall & Thanksgiving. Then coverage begins of Food On The Edge 2018 https://foodontheedge.ie/what-is-fote & other goings-on in Galway & Western Ireland: Graham Roberts, Partner, Connemara Smokehouse, Ballyconneely, www.smokehouse.ie; PJ Ryan, Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers, J&L Grubb Ltd, Beechmount Farm, Fethard, http://www.cashelblue.com/; John Shine, Shines Seafood, Killybegs, Co. Donegal, http://shinesseafood.ie/, Wild Irish Tuna; Phillip Duff, Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey, Knappogue Castle, County Clare, https://www.knappoguewhiskey.com/.

Ingredients & Recipes for the Mediteranean Diet

The Mediteranean Diet, and its Secrets--where to find outstanding essential Ingredients: Susie Theodorou, Food Stylist, London (Greek Cypriot Ethnicity), http://www.susietheodorou.com/, Mediterranean: Naturally Nutritious Recipes from the World’s Healthiest Diet; Luci Sheehan, US Brand Ambassador, Oleificio Zucchi, Umbria Italy, https://www.zucchi.com/us/brand-and-values/, Award-winning Fine Olive Oils Produced Sustainably; David Yourd, Partner, Philosophy Foods and Regalis Foods, Long Island City NY, http://www.philosophyfoods.com/, http://www.regalisfoods.com/, Importor/Distributor Artisanal Food Products--these from Spain, particularly Galicia.

Bars & Beverages for the Drinking Man/Woman

A Drinking Man’s (and Drinking Woman’s) Program, Landmark Bars and  the Story of Wine:  Jurgen Lijcops, Bar BurBure, Antwerp Belgium,  www.barburbure.be,150 Bars you need to Visit before You Die; Charles Schumann, Founder, The American Bar, Munich Germany. http://schumanns.de/en/index.html, The American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks; Kevin Begos, Chapel Hill NC, https://www.kevinbegos.com/index.html,  Tasting the Past: The Science of Flavor and the Search for the Origins of Wine.

Recipes & Stories from The Rockies, Norway & Yunnan China

Up, Up and Away. Three Chefs tell their stories and recipes about Places that are High or Far Away: Marla Meredith, Telluride CO, https://marlameridith.com/, High Alpine Cuisine; Nevada Berg, Numedal Norway, http://www.northwildkitchen.com/,  North Wild Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Heart of Norway; Georgia Freedman, Richmond CA, http://georgiafreedman.com/, Cooking South of the Clouds (Yunnan Province , China).

Stylish Devices for use with Food & Drink

Today we talk about two iconic & mindful product lines for stylishly processing food & drink: Marie Vavassori-Fundis, Peugeot, Mills & Spices, Wine Opener, Paris, France, http://www.peugeot-saveurs.com/, April Strogen, Capresso, Electric Kettles and Coffee Makers, including the Pour-over Kettle & the Coffee Team Pro Plus https://www.capresso.com/about-capresso.


Perspectives on Food & Drink in he American South

Three Southern (USA) perspectives: Kathleen Purvis, Journalist & Blogger, Charlottte Observer & http://kathleenpurvis.com/blog/, Distilling the South: A Guide to Southern Craft Liquors; Perre Coleman Magness, Memphis TN, https://www.cookstr.com/users/perre-coleman-magness, Southern Snacks; 77 Recipes for Small Bites with Big Flavors: Sara Foster, Owner, Foster’s Market, Durham NC, https://www.fostersmarket.com/, Pie: a Savor the South Cookbook.

London's Gunpowder. Vermont's Dosas, Paste in Tubes. Guide use of Spices

“Spice is Nice” – OTM gets great Insight on how to use Spices in Your Kitchen: Harneet Bawega, Devina Smith & Nirmal Save, Spice Flavor Combinations from the Famous Gunpowder Restaurant, London UK, http://www.gunpowderlondon.com/, Gunpowder: Explosive Flavors from Modern India; Nash Patel & Leda Scheintaub, Owners, Dosa Kitchen Food Truck & Leda’s Kitchen, Brattleboro VT, http://ledaskitchen.com/dosa-kitchen/, Dosa Kitchen: Recipes for India’s Favorite Street Food; Richard Lassale, Founder, Entube, Los Angeles, https://www.entube.la, Creatively Packaged Spice Pastes, in Tubes & Tins.

Rum Makes a Big Comeback, from Barbados, Puerto Rico, even Washington DC

Rum, the Original Distilled Beverage, is making a Big Comeback. OTM interviews the Author of a Definitive Book, plus three producers of today’s new Style Rums: Wayne Curtis, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic, http://wayne-curtis.squarespace.com/about/, And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in 10 Cocktails (revised & updated); Matt Strickland, Head Distiller, District Distilling, Buzzard Point Barrel-Aged Rum, Washington DC, http://www.district-distilling.com/; Roberto Serralis, Business Development VP, Don Q, Double-Aged Vermouth Cask Finish Rum, Ponce Puerto Rico, https://donq.com/; Kayla Mata, Brand Ambassador, Mount Gay Rum, Barbados, https://www.mountgayrum.com/.

A Pittsburgh Chef's Gathering for Charity; How to Cook Fish & Seaweed

Pittsburgh Area Chefs “Gather” at a Farm Dinner benefiting The Bradley Center, plus insights into cooking fish & perspectives re Seaweed: Tony Verdream, Executive Chef, Pines Tavern, Gibsonia PA, http://www.thepinestavern.com/,  & participating Chef in “Gathering of Chefs”, a Farm to Fork Event http://www.thebradleycenter.org/gatheringofchefs/; Joe Gurrera, Owner, Citarella Seafood Shops, NY area, https://www.citarella.com/, Joe Knows Fish: Taking the Intimidation out of Cooking Seafood; Susan Hand Shetterly, Seaweed Expert, Coast of Maine, http://www.susanhandshetterly.com/, Seaweed Chronicles: a World at the Water’s Edge.



Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough's Kitchen Short Cuts, Food Fast, Instant French

What’s going on in the Kitchen?  Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough, Owners, MediaEats, https://www.mediaeats.com/, The Kitchen Short Cut Bible: More than 200 Recipes to make Real Food Real Fast; Ann Mah, Food & Travel Writer, Washington DC & Paris, http://www.annmah.net/, Instantly French; Mardi Michels, French Teacher & Blogger, Toronto, https://www.eatlivetravelwrite.com, In the French Kitchen with Kids.

From Traditional to Modern, Spanish, Nordic, the Levant

Translating Traditional International Cuisine into Exciting Modern Dishes & Flavors: Jonah Miller & Nate Adler, Partners, Huertas Kitchen & Bar, NYC, www.huertasnyc.com; The New Spanish: Bites Feasts & Drinks; Katrin Bjork, Blogger, Hudson Valley NY. https://modernwifestyle.com/, From The North: A Simple & Modern Approach to Authentic Nordic Cooking; Rawia Bishara, Chef-Owner, Tanoreen, Brooklyn,  www.tanoreen.com, Levant: New Middle Eastern Cooking from Tanoreen.

OTM Samples Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese as the American Cheese Society come to Pittsburgh

Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese. OTM covers the American Cheese Society Conference & Awards event, recently held in our home city of Pittsburgh. Cheesemakers at the Event, and some of the USA’s Best we met by phone ahead of the Show: David Jablons, Tomales Farmstead Creamery, Tomales CA, http://www.tolumafarms.com/; Kendall Russell, Lark’s Meadow Farms, Rexberg ID, https://www.larksmeadowfarms.com/;  Kathryn Spann, Prodigal Farm, Rougemont NC, http://prodigalfarm.com/;  Peggy Smith, Co-Founder, Cowgirl Creamery, Pt Reyes & San Francisco CA, https://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/about-us; Katie Fuhrmann, La Clare Family Creamery, Malone WI, https://www.laclarefamilycreamery.com/info;  Veronica Baetje, Baetje Farms, Bloomsdale MO, http://baetjefarms.com/

Fine Dining in Bilbao Spain. Andra Mari, Aretxondo, Eneko, Zortziko

Restaurants in Bilbao and vicinity:  Roberto& Maria Asua, Co-owners, Andra Mari & Aretxondo, Galdakao, http://www.andra-mari.com/en/ & http://www.aretxondo.com/, also Chef Eskerriik Asko, Margarita Atutxa & Zurine Garcia; Iker Barrenetxea Arando. Chef, Eneko Bilbao, Bilbao www.enekobilbao.restaurant; Daniel Garcia, Chef-Owner, Zortziko, El Viejo Zortzi, Atea, Bilbao, www.zortziko.es, www.viejozortzi.es, www.atearestaurante.com.

Still covering World's 50 Best; Elena Arzak, Andre Chiang, JPMcMahon; Mark Bright, Paolo Casagrande

On the Menu continues several weeks coverage of Spain’s Culinary scene and World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards--A Week in Bilbao/San Sebastian and another in Barcelona.  Listen to: Elena Arzak, Chef-Partner, Arzak, San Sebastian, https://www.arzak.es/; Joana Vasconcelos (Lisbon, Portugal Artist), Food and Art Panelist at Bilbao Guggenheim conference, http://joanavasconcelos.com/index.aspx; Andre Chiang, Chef-Owner, Taipei, Taiwan, http://restaurantandre.com/; J P McMahon, Chef-Partner, Aniar Restaurant, Galway Ireland. http://aniarrestaurant.ie/; Mark Bright, Partner & Sommelier, Saison, San Francisco, www.saisonsf.com; Paolo Casagrande, Chef, Lasarte, Barcelona Spain, https://www.restaurantlasarte.com/,  https://www.monumenthotel.com/en/hotel-1/.


At World's 50 Best - Bilbao & San Sebastian; Eneko Atxa, Carme Ruscalleda, San Pau 30th Anniversary

On the Menu starts several weeks coverage of Spain’s Culinary Delights and the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, “Basque Style”--a week in Bilbao-San Sebastian and another in Barcelona.  Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy,  https://www.osteriafrancescana.it/, returns to the Top Spot, and everybody is thrilled, even Spain’s Can Roca, Girona, https://cellercanroca.com/index.htm, which dropped the short distance to #2.  For more about 50 Best - https://www.theworlds50best.com/. Eneko Atxa, Chef-owner, Azurmendi, Bilbao, et al, https://azurmendi.restaurant/en, organized a Sustainabilty conference. Listen to his ideas re the world's food supply. Then, Carme Ruscalleda, Chef-Partner, Restaurant San Pau, https://www.ruscalleda.cat/en/, San Pol de Mar, Celebrating 30 Years (& us celebrating our 45th Wedding anniversary), shares her always-forward-thinking concepts.  

Bison, What's New at NJ's Canal House; Culinary Science Makes Cooking Better

Kathy Lund, CEO High Plains Bison, Denver CO, www.highplainsbison.com, and National Bison Association, www.bisoncentral.com; Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton, Owners, The Canal House, Milford NJ, www.thecanalhouse.com, What’s new at The Canal House, & working with John & Sukey Jamison on their soon-to-come new Book about their Latrobe PA organic Lamb Farm, https://www.jamisonfarm.com/; Jessica Gavin, Culinary Scientist, Orange County CA, www.jessicagavin.com & www.nutrilite.com, Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking.

OTM will be at upcoming World's 50 Best, Cheese coming to Pittsburgh, Wine Talk, NYs Favorite Bars

World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards is only 48 hours away. Tune in at https://www.finedininglovers.com/tag/50-best-restaurants. Then today's OTM program--Cheese, Wine & a Guide to NYC “watering holes:”. Nora Weiser, Executive Director, American Cheese Society, Denver CO, www.cheesesociety.org – the Upcoming 2018 Conference in Pittsburgh, July 25-28, 2018; Kathleen Bershad, Wine Educator, Armonk NY, http://finewineconcierge.com/, The Wine Lovers’s Apprentice; John Tebeau, Artist, Bar & Liquor Maven, NYC, https://tebeau.com/,  Bars Taverns & Dives New Yorkers Love.

Joan Nathan's Big Flavors. Indian Prepared Foods, Umami in Burgers & Pizza

Big Flavors, Ancient & Modern, Cuisines of Different Countries & Cultures.  Joan Nathan, Author & Journalist, Washington DC, www.joannathan.com, King Solomon’s Table; Chef Hari Nayak, Café Spice, Indian, Prepared Meals, 2018 winner of Gold Sofi Awards, Hudson Valley NY, www.cafespice.com; Adam Fleischman, Owner, Umami Burger & 800 Degrees Pizza (40 locations), www.umamiburger.com, Flavor Bombs: The Umami Ingredients That Make Taste Explode.

Life Experiences & Kitchen Secrets from Anissa Helou & LIdia Bastianich

Two Great Ladies of the culinary world share life experiences, history and kitchen secrets: Chef & Food Writer Anissa Helou, London, UK & Trapani, Sicily,  http://www.anissas.com/, Feast: Food of the Islamic World; Chef-Restaurateur, TV Personality & Author Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Long Island NY, https://www.biography.com/people/lidia-bastianich, http://lidiasitaly.com/, My American Dream: A Life of Love Family & Food.


Will Drew, Organizer, World's 50 Best, Isabel's Cantina San Diego, Goodnow, Chocolate to die for

The Scoop on the 2018 World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards: William Drew of William Reed Business Media, Founders & Organizers. Now in its 16th Year, the 50Best will run in Spain’s Basque Country, June 17-19 https://www.theworlds50best.com/blog/News/save-the-date-worlds-50-best-bilbao.html. Then, Isabel Cruz, Chef-Owner, Isabel’s Cantina, San Diego,  http://isabelscantinasd.com/, The Latin Table; and Tom Rogan, Co-Owner, Goodnow Farms, Sudbury MA, www.goodnowfarms.com, Makers of exqusite Single Origin Bean-to-Bar Chocolate. 


Southern US, South of the Border, White Oak Pastures, Table Secrets, Mexican Maguey Cactus Sap

Looking South—first, delicious traditions of The South USA, then reinvigorating vital Agrarian Roots in Georgia; and, finally, a Dietary Marvel to know about from “South of the Border:”  Virginia Willis, Author & Journalist, Atlanta GA, http://virginiawillis.com/; Secrets of the Southern Table; Will & Jenni Harris, Owners, White Oak Pastures, Bluffton GA, www.whiteoakpastures.com, Organic & All-Natural Meats and Vegetables, including Iberico Hogs finished on Pecans & Peanuts; Adriana Gomez, Founder, Salviana, Importer & Distributor, Raw Maguey Sap from Mexico - Sweetener, Prebiotic & Probiotic, Los Angeles, www.salviana.com.


Happy Mom's Day; Forever Cheese; Pressure Cooking in Italy

The 2018 James Beard Awards – some new themes &, as always, exciting winners. Then, listen to a woman who founded a successful career in Cheese, and one with the ultimate expertise in Pressure Cooking: Michele Buster, Founder, Forever Cheese, Long Island City NY, www.forevercheese.com; Laura Pazzaglia, Rome, Italy, www.hipcooking.com, HIP Pressure Cooking. Finally, to all you Mothers out there, have a Happy, Happy, Happy Day.

A 100 % Liquid Program - Cocktails, Michters Very Special Spirits, Garagistes Wines from Sonoma

This week we’re in an Imbibing State of Mind. First, Michter’s, founded in 18th Century Pennsylvania, is back in a big way with a 10-Year-aged Bourbon. Next, an American ”Italophile” explains that country’s Cocktail Culture. Finally, who knew about Wine made in Garages: Pamela Heilmann, Master Distiller, & Andrea Wilson, Master of Maturation, Michter’s, Louisville KY, https://michters.com/; Annette Jospeph, Lover of All Things Italian, Rome Italy, www.annettejosephstyle.com, Cocktail Italiano; Doug Minnick, Founder & Partner, Garagiste Wine Festival, May 12, 2018, Sonoma CA, https://www.sonomacounty.com/sonoma-events/garagiste-wine-festival-sonoma.



Advance Information on the James Beard Awards, King NYC, Bien Cuit, New Edition - Where Chefs Eat

Gearing up for the 2018 James Beard Awards, including conversations with two finalists, pplus an Indispensable Resource cataloging Chef’s' “little black books."  This year’s James Beard Awards return to Chicago, May 7. We chat about what these awards are all about, and how you can join in the fun.  Details at https://www.jamesbeard.org/awards/tickets.  Note that the Media Awards were in NYC April 29 were sold out. Today's OTM: Clare De Boer, Chef Partner, King, NYC, Finalist for Rising Star Chef, www.kingrestaurantnyc.com; Zachary Golper, Founder & Owner, Bien Cuit, NYC, Finalist for Best Baker, http://www.biencuit.com/; Joshua David Stein, Editor for The Americas, Where Chefs Eat – 3rd Edition & App, http://www.phaidon.com/store/food-cook/where-chefs-eat-9780714875651/.

Mad Genius Tips & Siriously Delicious, Fish from NC Streams & Shores

Books to really cook from: Justin Chapple of Mad Genius Tips, http://www.justinchapple.com/, Just Cook It; Siri Daly, http://siriouslydelicious.blogspot.com/, Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and not so Nutritious) Simple Recipes for Real Home Cooks; Debbie Moose, Raleigh NC, www.debbiemoose.com, Carolina Catch: Cooking North Carolina Fish & Shellfish from Mountains to Coast.

Best Food in LA, Window on Provence, Coconut+Avocado from NZ

Don’t forget to File your Tax Return by Monday. Alison Clare Steingold, Los Angeles, https://alisonsteingold.contently.com/, The LA Cookbook: Recipes from the Best Restaurants Bakeries & Bars in Los Angeles; Georgeanne Brennan, http://georgeannebrennan.com/., Windows on Provence: Musings on the Food, Wine and Culture of the South of France; Chris Nathan, Founder & CEO, Cocavo, Whangarei, NZ, www.cocavo,com, Combining Coconut & Avocado for Cooking Oils.

Great Books on How to Add Variety to your Kitchen; Mexico in the US South

Great Books on how to Cook with greater variety, plus a Mexican-American Success Story you can emulate in Your Kitchen: Alison Roman, Brooklyn NY, https://www.alisoneroman.com/about/, Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes; Jenn Segal, Blogger, Potomac MD, https://www.onceuponachef.com/, Once Upon a Chef; Eddie Hernandez, Chef-Partner, Taqueria Del Sol, several locations in GA & TN, www.taqueriadelsol.com/, Turnip Greens & Tortillas: A Mexican Chef Spices up the Southern Kitchen.

Happy Easter & Passover; Tribute to Culinary Icon Edna Lewis, Jelly Beans & Cider

We wish Happy Easter & Passover to all ON the Menu listeners around the world.  A tribute to an Iconic Chef, who celebrated the Cooking of the American South; Who knew about Jelly Bean’s most popular flavors; plus Craft Cider and an Unusual Urban experiment:  Sara Franklin, https://www.sarabfranklin.com/, Kingston NY, Edna Lewis: At the Table with an American Legend; Tom Carter, Media Director, The Candystore, LA, www.candystore.com, Statistical Analysis Reveals the most Popular Flavor of Jelly Beans; Alejandro del Peral, Fonder & Cider Maker, Nine Pin Cider, www.ninepincider.com, Albany NY, Craft Cider & the Urban Orchard Project.

Exotic Award-Winning Chocolate Bars, Oat Milk, Little Fluffy Head Teas

Exotic, Award-winning Chocolate Bars, Milk made from Oats & a New Tea Taste Sensation: Brian Wallace, Founder & Partner, Endorfin Foods, Craft Chocolate Bars with Cardamone, Absinthe, Coconut Mylk & Sugar, Berkeley CA, www.endorfinfoods.com; Mike Messersmith, US General Mgr, Oatly-the original Oat Milk, NYC, www.oatly.com; Jenny Zheng, Founder, Little Fluffy Head Café, Bubble Teas & Cheese Teas, LA, www.littlefluffyhead.com.

Definitive Information on Liquors, Cocktails including Kosher items

A Definitive Tome on Spiritous Liquors, and Cocktail Mixers to rave about. Also Kosher Foods- not just for Passover: Richard Carleton Hacker, a True Expert on Spirits from around the world, Sherman Oaks CA, The Connoisseur's Guide to Worldwide Spirits, http://www.richardcarletonhacker.com/; Meredith Orfanos, Director of Communications, Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixes, Salem MA, https://www.powellandmahoney.com/; Vicki Jakubovic, Spokesperson for Kayco, Bayonne NJ, www.kayco.com & www.kosher.com.

New Ideas on Preparing Both Meats & Veggies

Fresh Ways with both Meat & Vegetables: Lee Clayton Roper, The Seasoned Kitchen, Denver CO, www.seasonedkitchen.com/,  Fresh Tastes: From a Well-Seasoned Kitchen; Camas Davis, Founder, The Good Meat Project, Portland OR, www.thegoodmeatproject.com; Shelley Westerhausen, Vegetarian Ventures, Bloomington IN, www.vegetarianventures.com, Platters & Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion.

Home-grown in Pittsburgh James Beard Semi-Finalist , TV-host Lorilyn Bauer, Vegan in 7 Ingrediients

Meet a Pittsburgh-based James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist for Outstanding Restauranteur, Take a New Look at Essential Sauces and Find a Fresh Approach to Cooking Vegan: Rick Deshantz, Founder & Partner, Deshantz Restaurant Group, Pittsburgh, http://richarddeshantz.com/restaurants/, Semi Finalist, JBF Outstanding Restaurateur; Lorilynn Bauer, TV Personality – Iron Chef America, Redwood City CA, https://twitter.com/redlulucooks, The Art of the Perfect Sauce (with Ramin Ganeshram); Rita Serano, Food Blogger, Amsterdam Netherlands, http://www.ritaserano.com/, Vegan in 7: Delicious Plant-based Recipes in 7 Ingredients or Fewer.

It's Chinese New Year, How to Cook Chinese & Indian with an American Twist

Honoring Chinese New Year, a fresh approach to Potluck Dinners, and Indian cooking tweaked American: Hsiao-Ching Chou. Food Journalist & Cooking Instructor, Seattle WA, www.mychinesesoulfood.com, Chinese Soul Food: A Friendly Guide for Homemade Dumplings, Stir Fries. Soups & More; Ali Rosen, TV Chef, Charleston SC, www.potluckvideo.com, Bring It: Tried & True Recipes for Potlucks & Casual Entertaining; Asha Shivakumar, Blogger, San Francisco, www.foodfashionparty.com, Masala & Meatballs: Incredible Indian Dishes with an American Twist.

2-Star British Chef MIchael Wignall; Carr Valley Cheese; a Bakery Incubator in Pittsburgh

This week – a Miscellany--a serial 2-Star British Chef, 5 Generations of Cheesemaking & a new bakery incubator in in Pittsburgh: Michael Wignall, embarking on a new Restaurant Venture after winning 2 Michelin Stars in Yorkshire, in Surrey and most recently at Gidleigh Park in Devon UK; Sid Cook Master Cheesemaker, Carr Valley Cheese, La Valle WI, http://www.carrvalleycheese.com/aboutus.asp; Phil Enck, Manager, The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh-First Bakery Incubator in the USA, www.tbspgh.com

Healthy Eating & Drinking, Spices, Tonics & Teas; Healthy Jewish Recipes

Healthy Eating & Drinking: Mark Stevens, Author & Film Director, New Orleans LA, Cooking with Spices: 100 Recipes for Blends, Marinades & Sauces from around the World; Lee White, Mendocino Teas, Tuber Tonic, Chai & Fine Teas, https://mendocinotea.com/; Paula Shoyer, Chevy Chase MD, www.thekosherbaker.com, The Healthy Jewish Kitchen: Fresh, Contemporary Recipes for Every Occasion.

Nonino - 120 years of Grappa; Snails & Charcuterie, Wines from Mornington OZ

120 Years of Artisanal Grappa Distillation, Farmed Snails, a Great Book about Charcuterie, and Wines from Australia’s Mornington Peninsula (in honor of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament ending today):  Antonella & Elisabetta Nonino, Family Partners, Nonino Distillatori, Percoto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, www.grappanonino.it; Taylor Knapp, Founder, Peconic Snails, Fresh Snails & Snail Caviar, Cutchogue NY www.peconicescargot.com;  Meredith Leigh, Mereleigh Food, Ashville NC, www.mereleighfood.com, Pure Charcuterie: the Craft & Poetry of Curing Meats at Home; then Ocean 8 & Polpero wines from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia.

Metal Sheet for Baking, The Lotus Wok & Healthy Stir Fry, Belgian Chocodiem, Mira Merlot

Baking with Metal Sheets, cooking with Woks & Special Treats – Belgian Chocolate & Napa Wines with a Southern Connection: Andris Lagsdin, Inventor of the Baking Steel, Boston MA, www.bakingsteel.com; Baking with Steel: The Revolutionary New Approach to Perfect Pizza Bread & More; Ching-He Huang, TV Chef & Inventor of The Lotus Wok, LA-London & Asia, https://www.chinghehuang.com/; Stir Crazy: 100 Deliciously Healthy Stir-Fry Recipes; Jean-Paul Hepp, Chocodiem Belgian Artisan Chocolate, Clinton NJ & Easton PA, www.chocodiem.com; Gustavo Gonzalez, Winemaker, Mira Family Estates, Napa CA & Charleston SC, Mira’s inaugural Merlot vintage, www.miranapa.com.

Super Sauces - Simple Meals - Some Secret, some for Sunday Supper

Super Sauces and/or Simple Meals:James Patterson, Brooklyn, www.jimcooks.com, Sauces: Classical & Contemporary Sauce Making 4th Edition; Vanessa Seder, Stonewall Kitchen, York Maine, http://www.vanessaseder.com/, Secret Sauces: Fresh & Modern Recipes with Hundreds of Ideas for Elevating Everyday Dishes; Amanda Cushman, Chapel Hill NC, www.amandacooks.com, Simple Real Food: Delicious Clean Food Prepared Simply; Cynthia Graubart, Atlanta GA, www.cynthiagraubart.com, Sunday Suppers: Simple Delicious Menus for Family Gatherings.

Christmas Greetings. Celebrating the Holiday Italian Style in the USA; Fine Wine+Oil from Umbria

Very Merry Christmas Greetings to all OTM Listeners around the World.  And for this Week’s program  - Who celebrates the Festive Season Better than Italians – we bring you three of our Best.  Lidia Bastianich, Chef-Restaurateur & Cooking TV Celebrity, Queens NYC, www.lidiasitaly.com, Celebrate like an Italian: 220 Foolproof Recipes that make every Meal a Party; Gabrielle Corcors, Chef-Partner, The Tuscan Gun, Brooklyn, http://thetuscangun.com/, Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes & Simple Pleasures from our Kitchen to Your Table; Lorenzo DeMonaco, Owner, Winemaker, La Segreta, Collazzonia, Umbria Italy, www.lasegreta.com, Fine Wines and Olive Oils;

Karen Page on Kitchen Creativity; LA Mexicana; Recipes-People-Places-getting involved

Three outstanding contributions to the Cookbook genre: Karen Page, with Photographer Andrew Dornenburg, NYC, https://www.karenandandrew.com/, Kitchen Creativity: Unlocking Culinary Genius; Bill Esparza, Journalist & TV personality, Los Angeles, www.streetgourmetla.com, L A Mexicano: Recipes, People, Places; Julia Turshen, Upstate NY, http://www.juliaturshen.com/, Feed the Resistance: Recipes & Ideas for Getting Involved.

US Chefs atop the World - The Bocuse D'Or; Our Friend Chris Fennimore' Book. 2018 Freeman Report

How the USA won the celebrated Bocuse D’Or.  It took a big page-turner book by a winning chef to explain how, a captivating account.  OTM’s long time friend and popular PBS chef, Chris Fennimore, finally pens his first Cookbook; and Food Industry  Guru Andrew Freeman “crystal balls” what to expect in 2018:  Philip Tessier, formerly Executive Sous Chef, The French Laundry, http://www.philiptessier.com, co-founder and culinary director of Hestan Smart Cooking; http://www.hestan.com/newsroom/; Chasing Bocuse: Americas Journey to the Culinary World Stage; Chris Fennimore, many years Host of QED Cooks, http://www.pbs.org/food/ (with Chef Daniel Agurera), Simple Pleasures: Recipes & Memories of Real Food); Andrew Freeman, Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Specialist, the af&co 2018 Trends Report https://www.afandco.com/.

"Drink to me Only"' Rum & Cordials, Niven Winery Paso Robles, Tonics & Teas, Marshmallows+Cocoa

A Mostly Liquid Program--Wine, Rum, Tonics and ……. Marshmallows (with cocoa); Christian Roguenant, Winemaker, Niven Family Wine Estates, Eden Valley – Paso Robles, California, www.nivenfamilywines.com, specializing in exotic grapes (Gruner Veltliner, Albarino) and True Myth, a glorious Cab with Butterflies all over the label; Tunch & Aylin Doker, Partners, Turquoiselife, Importers & Distributors of unique international Cordials – such as Parce Rum from Colombia, Chicago IL, www.turquoiselife.com; Rachel de Thample, River Cottage, Axminster UK, www.racheldethamples.com, Vital Tonics & Soothing Teas: Traditional & Modern Remedies; Lindzi Shanks & Kat Connor, Partners, XO Marshmallows, Chicago IL, https://www.xomarshmallow.com.  


Culinary Giants Publish Once Again; Darina Allen, Joanne Chang. Myron Mixon

Culinary Giants dish food: Darina Allen, Founder, Ballymaloe Cookery School, Shanagarry, E. Cork, Ireland, www.cookingisfun.ieGrow Cook Nourish: A Kitchen Garden Companion in 400 Recipes; Joanne Chang, Owner, Flour Bakeries, & Myer+ Chang Cafe, Boston MA, https://flourbakery.com/,Myers & Chang At Home; Myron Mixon, BBQ Master, Unadilla GA, http://www.jacksoldsouth.com/, https://myronmixonsmokers.com/, https://www.mapleguild.com, Tailgating with Maple.

Thanksgiving Greetings; This Episode Mostly Bread; Sullivan St, Zingerman's Ecovessel Pots

We wish Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Based on recent information, even European Restaurants are beginning to catch on to demand for the USA-traditional Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce that will be on our Menu too!  But today’s program is mostly about Baking, plus a new source of cleverly designed, sustainable food & drink containers: Jim Lahey, Founder, Sullivan Street Bakery NYC, Miami FL, www.sullivanstreetbakery.com; The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook; Amy Emberling & Frank Carollo, Zingermans Bakehouse, Ann Arbor MI, www.zingermansbakehouse.com, Zingerman's Bakehouse; Jon Fox, CEO, Ecovessel, innovatively designed food & drink containers, Boulder CO, www.ecovessel.com

"Dairy" Stories; Bufffalo Mozzarella from Colombia, Nut Milk from OZ, All About Chickens

Dairy Stories!!  Alejandro Gomez, Founder, & Alexa Bell, Director Business Development, Buf  Creamery, Colombia & Charlottesville VA, Producers of Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, etc, from the Milk of Grass-Fed Water Bufffalo, www.bufcreamery.com; Elaine Khosrova, Food Historian, Hudson Valley NY, Butter: A Rich History; Jim Richards, CEO, Milkadamia, Nut Milk made from Australian Macadamia Nuts, Byron Bay NSW & Burr Ridge IL, http://www.milkadamia.com/; Lisa Steele, Chicken Farmer, Maine; http://www.fresheggsdaily.com/, Fresh Eggs Daily.

OTM Reports from Star Chefs Congress. Lots of Chefs, Lots of Exciting New Ingredients

Remember to turn back your timepieces. This program is our report from the StarChefs 12th Annual International Chefs Congress held recently in Brooklyn--3 FULL days meeting Chefs and Exhibitors, and despite how busy it was we captured some interesting sound bites: Eduardo Jordan, Chef-Owner, June Baby & Salare, Seattle, https://www.junebabyseattle.com/, http://salarerestaurant.com/; Hari Cameron, Chef Owner, a(muse) & Grandpa Mac, Rehoboth DE, http://www.amuse-rehoboth.com/, http://www.grandpamac.com/; Luis Arce Mota, Chef-Partner, La Contenta NYC, http://lacontentanyc.com/; Max McCalman, Maitre Fromager, NYC, http://www.max-mccalman.com/; David Sasuga, Fresh Origins, Exotic Edible Flowers & Plants, including Wasabi Leaves & Stems, San Marcos CA, www.freshorigins.com; Michael Fabro, VP North America, ORA KING, King Salmon from NZ, www.orakingsalmon.com, NYC; Gabriele de Foresta & Elliott Pierron, CNI Brands, Importers of Pisco from Chile, NYC, www.cnibrands.com; Emma Charron, www.mbws.com, Ft, Lauderdale FL, Templeton Rye, http://www.templetonrye.com/, Templeton IA

Its all about Temperature; Thermometers & Timers; Must Have & Adventurous Recipes for Slow Cooker

Cooking, it’s all about the temperature--how to measure it and how to control it: Tim Robinson, Founder, ThermoWorks, Cooking  Thermometers and Timers to make sure your Thanksgiving Dinner turns out just right, American Fork UT, www.thermoworks.com.  Then there's the Slow Cooker--how to use it successfully & creatively: Phyllis Good, Lancaster PA,  http://fix-itandforget-it.com/blog/about-phyllis/Stock the Crock:100 Must-Have Slow-Cooker Recipes, 200 Variations for Every Appetite; Sarah DiGregorio, Brooklyn NY, http://sarahdigregorio.com/, Adventures in Slow Cooking.

London Calling - World Kosher Recipes, The World of Fine Wine, Neal's Yard Dairy

A Modern Jewish Cookbook, a Book devoted to “Real Cheese,”and, finally, a Serious Slice of Culinary History: Tracey Fine & Georgie Tarn, Creators of the Brand “Jewish Princesses”, London, https://www.thejewishprincesses.com/, The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipe from around the Globe; Bronwen & Francis Percival, Bronwen – Cheese Buyer, Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, Francis  Percival, The World of Fine Wine, London, https://www.nealsyarddairy.co.uk/, http://www.londongastronomyseminars.com/, Reinventing the Wheel; Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese; Culinary Historian Laura Shapiro, NYC, https://laurashapirowriter.com/, What She Ate; Six Remarkable Women and the Food that tells their Stories.

Jacques Pepin, Andrew Garbarino, Spice Stores in NYC, Recipe Shorts from Canada

Cooking French, a well-loved veteran chef “passes the torch” to his grand-daughter, a young Chef-Owner launches 2 Restaurants right in our neighborhood, a Cookbook Author inspired by the Food Scene in NYC, & recipes packed into instructions that are “Twitter length.  Listen to: Jacques Pepin, legendary French Master Chef & TV Personality, Madison CT, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques Pepin, a Grandfather’s Lessons: in the Kitchen with Shorey; Andrew Garbarino, Chef-Partner, Bar Frenchman & The Twisted Frenchman, Pittsburgh, http://thetwistedfrenchman.com/; Tracey Ceurvels, Creator, The NYC Kitchen Blog, NYC http://newyorkcity.kitchen/, The NYC Kitchen Cookbook: 150 Recipes Inspired by the Specialty Food Shops, Spice Stores & Markets of New York City; & Andrea Stewart, Fouder, Ingredients Matter, Toronto, http://recipeshorts.com/, Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters.

Beet+Fruit Juices, Boubrands Broth Cubes, Mother Mynick Cakes , 25 Lusk SF. Simply Fish

A “mixed bag”, some “Fun” Products and another fine book about Fish:  Kim Cassar, VP Marketing, Kayco, Organic Beet+Fruit Juices, Bayonne NY, www.kayco.com; Robert Jakobi, BOU – the Bouillon Cube reinvented, Boubrands, NYC, www.bouforyou.com; Ron Mancini & Jacki Baker, Owners, Mother Myrick’s Confectionary, Manchester VT, www.mothermyricks.com; Matthew Dolan, Chef-Owner, Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco, www.25lusk.com, Simply Fish: 75 Modern & Delicious Recipes for Sustainable Seafood.

Chef Chris Frangiadis back in Pgh at Spork, A Taste of Paris, Indian Food for Diabetics

Chef Christian Frangiadis, back in Pittsburgh, talks BBQ at Spork Pit, plus his flagship Garfield restaurant, Spork, and his future Pittsburgh ventures. Also, importantly, he discusses local chef-planned Fund Raisers for hurricane victims in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, www.sporkpgh.com. Then: David Downie, A Taste of Paris: A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food, www.davidddownie.com; and Deepa Thomas, Deepa’s Secrets, http://www.deepassecrets.com/, updated traditional Indian dishes with at eye to keeping diabetes at bay. (Who knew India is the diabetes capital of the world?!)

Music City Food & Wine Festival - who didn't we talk to in Nashville?

OTM on-site at the Music City Food & Wine Festival in Nashville TN, conversations with 3 of the city’s top Chefs, an exciting new Hotel Concept, and a half-dozen of the Top Toques who participated in the Festival--And, to wrap up, a NC Farmer/Che/Restaurateur. First, from Nashville: Christopher Anderson, Chef designate, at a yet-to-be- named Restaurant, opening in November, in the Hutton Hotel, http://www.huttonhotel.com/; Brandon Chavannes, Executive Chef, Moto, https://www.mstreetnashville.com/moto/; Tandy Wilson, Chef, City House, http://cityhousenashville.com/; Sarah Robbins, Chief Hospitality Officer, 21 C Museum Hotels, https://www.21cmuseumhotels.com/nashville.  Then: Hugh Acheson, Athens & Atlanta GA, https://hughacheson.com/; Jimmy Bannos, Chicago, http://www.heavenonseven.com/jimmy.html; Andrew Curren, Austin, http://www.elmrg.com/; Cassidee Dabney, Walland TN, http://www.blackberryfarm.com/about/; Marcus Samuelsson, NYC, London, etc, http://marcussamuelsson.com/; Alon Shaya, New Orleans, http://www.shayarestaurant.com/alon-shaya/, (note as per recent news, Alon is leaving this position). Finally: Jamie Dement, Partner, Piedmont restaurant, Durham NC & Coon Rock Farm, Hillsborough NC, http://piedmontrestaurant.com/, The Farmhouse Chef.

Backstories of New Products - Loving Earth Chocs, Tapas Essentials from Spain, Humdinger Honey

New Products of note & their backstories: Scott Fry, Loving Earth Chocolates, Melbourn,e Australia, made with Cacao from Amazonian Peru, www.lovingearth.net & www.lovingearth.com (in USA); Ignacio Saez de Ibara, CEO, Espuna, Tapas Essentials from Spain (some made in the USA). Toronto Canada, www.espuna.es; Henry Miller, Founder/CEO, Henry Humdinger’s Spiced Honey, Burlington WA, ww.henryshumdingers.com.

Wild Salmon Foraging, Fishing Stories with Top Chefs, Honeygrow opens in Pittsburgh

It’s a “Fishy” business this week – and – news of a new dining option right in our neighborhood:  Langdon Cook, Forager extraordinaire, Seattle, http://langdoncook.com/, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table; Susan Schadt, Memphis TN, http://www.susanschadtpress.com/, Reel Masters – Chefs Besh, Link, Currence Share Recipes & Fishing Stories….. And welcome to our Pittsburgh Neighborhood to Justin Rosenberg, Founder & CEO, Honeygrow, https://www.honeygrow.com/east-liberty.

A Top Nashville Chef on Music City F+W; DRinks - Dry Soda, Cider, Rum with Fred Minnick

Top Nashville Chef Levon Wallace, of Gray & Dudley restaurant in the 21c Museum Hotel, www.grayanddudley.com, reviews some of the highlights of the 5th Annual Music City Food & Wine Festival (happening September 15-17, www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com). Join OTM at this great event! More Beverages, both non-alcoholic & intoxicating: Sharelle Klaus, Founder & CEO, Dry Soda, Seattle WA, www.drysoda.com; Ely Key, Co-Founder, Up Mountain Switchel, Bushwick, Brooklyn, www.drinkswitchel.com; Yvonne Niami, Founder, Viva XXX11 Tequila, Joven & Reposado, Miami FL, www.viva32.com; Fred Minnick, Spirits Critic, Prospect KY, www.fredminnick.com, Rum Curious: The Indispensible Tasting Guide for the World’s Spirit.

Food Educator Stephen Ritz, Eating Right, Adventures in Food Futures

Food Now & in the Future: Stephen Ritz, Food Educator & Advocate, Bronx NY, www.greenbronxmachine.org, The Power of a Plant: A Teacher’s Odyssey to Grow Healthy Minds & Schools; Nick Barnard, Rude Health, London UK, www.rudehealth.com, Eat Right: The Complete Guide to Traditional Foods with 130 Nourishing Recipes & Techniques; James McWilliams, Austin TX, @the_pitchfork, Eating Promiscuously: Adventures in the Future of Food.

Wine+Spirit Stories; Bruce Tyrell OZ First Wine Families, Terra Gin, Catoctin Creek Rye Laboit Spice

Interviews for imbibers, special stories about Wine & Spirits: Bruce Tyrrell. Chairman, Australia’s First Families of Wine & Managing Director, Tyrrell’s Wines, Pokolbin NSW Australia, www.australiasfirstfamiliesofwine.com.au, www.tyrrells.com.au; Lior Lev Sercarz, Owner, La Boite spice emporium, NYC, & Adam Quirk, Founder, Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington IN, www.cardinalspirits.com, Distillers of Terra Botanical Gin, available nationwide from www.mashandgrape.com; Scott Harris, Co-Founder, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company, Distillers of “Double Gold” winning Rye Whiskey, Loudon Valley VA, www.catoctincreek.com.

New Cookbooks; Melissa Clark, Brooklyn ; Kimiko Barber, London; Shelly Westerhausen, Bloomington IN,

New Cookbooks, you should consider adding to your collection: Melissa Clark, Brooklyn NY, https://www.melissaclark.net/, Dinner: Changing the Game; Kimiko Barber, London, http://www.kimikobarber.co.uk/, Cook Japanese at Home: from Soba & Ramen to Teriyaki & Hot Pots, 200 Everyday Recipes Using Simple Techniques (plus some recommendations for dining Japanese in London); Shelly Westerhausen, Bloomington IN, https://www.vegetarianventures.com/, Vegetarian Heartland: Recipes for Life’s Adventures.

Camellia Panjabi, MW Eat; Pete Gordon. Providores both London; Gale Gand, Chicago. Pastry

How London became the world-leading city for Indian cuisine, the latest news from a Star Kiwi Chef, and a Pastry Chef star in Chicago: Camellia Panjabi, MBE, Group Director, MW Eat,  www.realindianfood.com, Chutney Mary, Amaya, Veeraswamy, & Masala Zone (8 locations); Peter Gordon. Providores & Tapa Room in London, http://www.theprovidores.co.uk/, The Sugar Club & Bellota, Aukland, https://www.skycityauckland.co.nz/restaurants/the-sugar-club/peter-gordon/; Gale Gand, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Chicago, http://www.galegand.com/.

Star British Chef Simon Rogan - His Story in Two Parts. Cafe Caldesi - another fine London Italian

How did Britain’s Simon Rogan become a Culinary Superstar transforming sleepy Cartmel, Cumbria, UK into a must-go destination? 15 years after OTM first met Simon & Partner Penny, we capture a 2-part interview which tells the story and points to an even more exciting future for Simon and his team. http://www.simonrogan.co.uk/, http://cartmelvillage.com/.  Then, exploring why London loves Italian, OTM visits Café Caldesi in Marylebone and learn more about pairing Italian Wines from GM-Sommelier Fabio Aguzzi, www.caldesi.com.

Health & Zen for your Kitchen - Sam Talbot, Jean Christian Jury, Meg BarnHart, Jane McKay

Bring health & Zen to your kitchen: Sam Talbot, Chef-Owner, Pretty Southern, Brooklyn, http://prettysouthernbk.com/, 100% Real: 100 Insanely Good Recipes for Clean Food Made Fresh; Jean-Christian Jury, Vegan Chef, Teacher & Author, NY, http://jeanchristianjury.com/, Vegan: The Cookbook; Meg Barnhart & Jane McKay, Partners, The Zen of Slow Cooking – Spice Blends, Chicago,  https://www.thezenofslowcooking.com/.

Mad Scientist Peanuts, Reviving IsalyIce Cream, Beano Sauces; Crown Maple, Brekenridge Brewery

New Products, a notable “revival” and a brew:  Bo Perry, Pizoots Flavor-infused Mad Scientist Peanuts, Portsmouth VA, https://www.pizootz.com/Articles.asp?ID=1; Jim Conroy, Owner, Conroy Foods, Reviving the legendary Isaly’s Ice Cream, also producing Beano Sauces, Pittsburgh PA, www.conroyfoods.com; Mike Cobb, CEO, Crown Maple, Dover Plains NY, www.crownmaple.com; Todd Thibault “Tebo”, Cultural Czar, Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton CO, www.breckbrew.com.

Emmer, Heritage Chicken, Pereg Natural Foods, Peter;s Yard Crispbread, SOS to clean your pans

From organic, really free, pasture-raised Chickens to spice-infused Peanuts and Save Our Saucepans, some notable products: Jesse Solomon, Founder, Emmer and Co Heritage Chicken, San Francisco, www.emmerandco.com; Vicki Jakubovic, Spokesperson, Pereg Natural Foods, Clifton NJ, http://www.pereg-gourmet.com; Wendy Wilson-Bett, Founder, Peter’s Yard Crispbread, Shrewsbury Shropshire UK, www.petersyard.com; Christine McFadden, SOS Brand Manager, Clorox, Oakland CA, www.clorox.com.

John Edgee, Southern Foodways, John Tesar, Texas Steakhouse Meals at Home, Steve Raichlen BBQ

A VERY Southern program: John T Edge, Director, Southern Foodways Alliance, Oxford MS. http://www.southernfoodways.org/; The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South; John Tesar, Chef-Owner, Knife, Dallas TX, http://www.johntesar.com/restaurants/, Knife: Texas Steak House Meals at Home; Steven Raichlen, America’s Authority on all things BBQ,, Founder BBQ University, http://www.stevenraichlen.com/home/, Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades: BJohn T Edge, Southern Fodwaysastes, Butters, Glazes too.

Fancy Food Show, 2017 SOFI Awardees - Listen to some of the Winners

It’s that time of the year again: The Specialty Food Association’s  Summer Fancy Food Show packs New York City's Javits Convention Center. Over time OTM will bring you many standout products/companies--including many 2017 SOFI (specialty outstanding food innovation) awards. Today: Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate,  Eureka CA, http://www.dicktaylorchocolate.com/; Christy Goldsby, Founder, Honey Mama’s, Chocolate-Honey Cocoa Treats, Portland OR, http://www.honeymamas.com/; Naomi Mobed, Creator, Le Bon Magot Chutneys, Conserves etc.. (no less than 5 SOFIs), Lawrenceville NJ, https://www.lebonmagot.com/; Austin Clar, Sales Mgr, Seawater Food & Beverage, Tiburon CA,Fancy Food https://mediterraneaseawater.com.

Brilliant Books by Katie & Giancarlo Cardesi, John Whaite. Samin Nosral

Three TOTALLY BRILLIANT COOKBOOKS: Samin Nosrat, San Francisco, www.ciaosamin.com, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; Katie & Giancarlo, Chef-Partners, Café Caldesi & La Cucina Caldesi London-Marylebone, Caldesi Campagna, Bray Berkshire, www.caldesi.com, Around the World in 120 Salads – Fresh, Healthy & Delicious;  John Whaite. Owner, John Whaite's Kitchen, TV Chef & Host, Wrightington, Lancashire, www.johnwhaiteskitchen.com, Perfect Plates in Five Ingredients: 100 Stunning Recipes from the Winner of the Great British Baking Show.

Cocktails: Sean Enright. Spork Pittsburgh; Tim Russell Wigle Whiskey; Scott Wooldley, Tequila

First of all OTM wishes a Happy 69th Birthday to our brother Paul!!  Then today's program focuses on some of Pittsburgh’s contributions to the Cocktail Scene: Sean Enright, GM, Spork, Pittsburgh, www.sporkpittsburgh.com, Founder, US Bartender’s Guild-Pittsburgh Chapter, https://www.facebook.com/groups/usbgpghcommunity/, Author Pittsburgh Drinks (with Cody McDevitt); Tim Russell, Founder, Maggies Farm Rum, http://maggiesfarmrum.com/, Pittsburgh. Also Scott Woolley, Co-Founder/Owner, Rock N Roll Tequila, Stockton CA, http://rocknrolltequila.com/

Sydney Favorites, On our way home from Melbourne, The Bridge Room (moving) & Saint Peter

Back in the 1960s when true JET-engined Aicraft were being introduced in Australia the flight time between Sydney & Melbourne was reduced from 2 hours to 1.  A local comedian observed that if the Good Lord had intended the country’s two major cities to be only an hour apart, he would have made them closer together!  The rivalry between Australia’s two largest metros continues to this day, but we love them both, so OTM made a brief visit to Sydney on our return journey from Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and World’s 50 Best--a great decision since it brought us superb dining experiences. Ross Lusted and his wife Sunny helm The Bridge Room, a stone’s throw from Circular Quay and the Harbor Bridge (known to locals as the “Coathanger”).  Sublime is the best word we can use for the Lunch that Ross’ kitchen prepared for us.  Go there!  www.thebridgeroom.com.au.  Another couple, Josh & Julie Niland , operate Saint Peter (named for the Biblical Fisherman, not OTM’s Co-Host).  Located on the main street of the trendy Paddington neighborhood, SP is a Seafood Lover’s delight. Josh entertained us with his fascinating life story, while shareing methods he's perfected to ensure every morsel represents the wonderful Australian “catch” at its very best, www.saintpeter.com.au.


OTM at the James Beard Awards - we caught up with many of the Winners & other Celebs

OTM brings you some of the EXCITEMENT at the 2017 James Beard Awards held in Chicago. May 1: Three new Members of Who’s Who of Food & Drink in America, Michel Nischan, Founder & President, Wholesome Wave, Bridgeport CT, http://www.wholesomewave.org/; Suzanne Goin, Chef-Owner, AOC, Luques, Tavern – all in LA, http://thelucquesgroup.com/; Evan Kleiman, Culinary Multitasker, Los Angeles, https://www.evankleiman.com/; Daniel Boulud talks about a new venture in NYC, http://www.danielboulud.com/restaurants/new-york-city; Kristina O’Neal, William Harris, Adam Farmerie, Greg Bardshaw, Principals, AvroKO, NYC, http://www.avroko.com/, Winner, Best Restaurant Design under 75 Seats, Single Thread, Healdsberg CA; Art Smith, private Chef (Clients have included Oprah Winfrey), Presenter & Previous Winner, Humanitarian of the Year Award, http://www.chefartsmith.net/chef_art_homepage/index.htm; Rebecca Wilcomb, Chef, Herbsaint NOLA, https://www.herbsaint.com/, Winner, Best Chef South; Hugo Ortega, Hugo’s Houston TX, http://www.hugosrestaurant.net/, Winner, Best Chef Southwest; Gabrielle Quinonez Denton & Greg Denton, Ox, Portland OR, http://oxpdx.com/, Winner, Best Chef Northwest; Finally OTM takes a Sweet Break at Sixteen, Chicago, Evan Sheridan, Executive Pastry Chef, http://sixteenchicago.com/.

Mod Oz Melbourne Style; Scott Picket, Peter Gunn, Ashley Palmer-Watts

Three of Melbourne’s top exponents of “Mod Oz” (Modern Australian) Cuisine (although one of them is really British):  Scott Pickett, Owner & Executive Chef, ESP (Estelle by Scott Pickett) & several other restaurants, https://www.estellebysp.com;  Peter Gunn, Chef-Owner, Ides, www.idesmelbourne.com; Ashley Palmer-Watts, Founding & Executive Chef, Dinner by Heston, http://www.dinnerbyheston.com.au/. .

Elena Arzak, Dan Barber,Virgilio Martinez, Yannick Alleno

More Celebrity Chefs while “Down-under:”  Elena Arzak, Chef-Partner, Arzak, San Sebastian Spain, www.arzak.es; Dan Barber, Chef-Owner, Blue Hill, NYC, http://www.bluehillfarm.com/dine/new-york & Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills, NY, https://www.bluehillfarm.com/dine/stone-barns; Virgilio Martinez, Chef-Partner, Central, Lima Peru & Lima, London; http://centralrestaurante.com.pe/, http://www.limalondongroup.com/fitzrovia; Yannick Alleno, Chef-Owner, Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris, www.yannick-alleno.com.

David Thomps0n, Gagan Anand, Davit & Gagan in Bangkok Vitctor Liong, Melbourne

Conversations with Chefs while “Down-unde:r” David Thompson, Chef-Partner, Nahm, Bangkok, & Long Chim, Melbourne (and several other cities), https://www.longchimsydney.com/; Victor Liong, Chef-Owner, Lee Ho Fook, Melbourne, Australia, www.leehofook.com.au; Gaggan Anand, Chef-Owner, Gaggan, Bangkok, http://www.eatatgaggan.com/.

"Award Heaven" World;s 50 Best Restaurant in Melbourne & James Beard Awards

Looking forward to next Monday’s James Beard Foundation Awards, and looking back at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival + World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards. Two top Finalists for JBF Awards:  Michael Tusk, Quince, SF, www.quincerestaurant.com; Nina Compton, Compere Lapin, NOLA www.comperelapin.com.  From World’s 50 Best: # 1, Daniel Humm & Will Guidara, Eleven Madison Park,  www.elevenmadisonpark.com; One to Watch, Eduard Zatruc, Chef-Partner, Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain, www.disfrutarbarcelona.com; Best Female Chef, Ana Ros, Chef-Partner, Hisa Franko, Slovenia, www.hisafranko.com; Gaston Acurio, Chef-Partner, Astrid, Lima Peru, www.astridygaston.com;  Lars Peder Hedberg, Owner, White Guide, Stockholm Sweden, www.whiteguide.com.

Where to Find the Best Vinegars, Olive & Nut Oils, Guide to using Salt in Cooking

Condiments- Oils & Salt – how & where to source some of the Best: Clay Oliver, Oliver Farm, Artisan Cold-pressed, Unrefined Nut Oils, Pitts GA, www.oliverfarm.com; Natalia Cabrera, Founder, Khayyam LLC, NYC, www.khayyan.com; unmatched quality Vinegars, Olive Oils & Spices from Spain; Leslie Bilderback, The Culinary Masterclass, Pastry Chef, N/naka Culver City CA, Pastry Chef at N/naka in Culver City, http://culinarymasterclass.com/, Salt: The Essential Guide to Cooking with the Most Important ingredient in Your Kitchen. >

Unusual Wine Stories, from Spain. from Oregon, and in China

Unusual Wine Stories from Spain, Oregon & China!  Miguel Oliveros, Owner & Winemaker, Bodega Oliveros, Huelva, Spain,http://www.bodegasoliveros.com/en,/Producer of Crianza Sweet Vermouth; Christopher Czarnecki, Owner, Joel Palmer House, Dayton OR, www.joelpalmerhouse.com, a Restaurant deep in the Heart of Oregon’s Vineyard Country; Noel Shu, Sommelier & Managing Partner, Prodiguer Brands, www.prodiguerbrands.com; China Through a Glass of Wine.

Texas is a Big Part of the American South, also NC, Nashville. Vivian Howard, Matt Moore

The American South, and Texas is a big part of it: Vivian Howard, Chef-Owner, Chef & the Farmer, Kinston NC, http://www.vivianhoward.com/,   Co-Creator & Star, “A Chef’s Life” on PBS, Deep Run Roots: Stories & Recipes from My Corner of the South; Terry Thompson-Anderson, Rockport TX, Breakfast in Texas: Recipes for Elegant Brunches, Down-Home Classics & Local Favorites; Matt Moore, Matt Moore Music, Nashville TN, https://www.mattmooremusic.com/, The South’s Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern BBQ Perfection

How Sweet; Dana Cree, Ice Cream from CHI, Todd Masons, Choc from SF, Susan Jane White Dublin

How sweet it is!  Variations on this theme.  Dana Cree, Executive Pastry Chef, The Publican Restaurants, Chicago, www.helloicecreamchicago.com, Hello, my name is Ice Cream; Todd Masonis, Founder, Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, www.dandelionchocolate.com; Susan Jane White, Food Writer & Blogger, Dublin Ireland, http://susanjanewhite.com/, The Virtuous Tart: Sinful but Saintly Recipes for Sweets, Treats & Snacks

Iran Turkey & Israel; Cuisines in Common, in these neighboring Countries

The cuisine of neighboring countries Iran (Persia) & Turkey, plus a Special Treat from Israel: Naomi Duguid, Taste of Persia; Amy Zitelman, Soom Foods Tahini, Philadelphia (the Tahini is made in Israel), www.soomfoods.com; John Gregory-Smith, London, www.eattravellive.com, Iran, Turkey and Israel, Turkish Delights: Stunnung Regional Recipes from the Bosphorus to the Black Sea 

Using Spices in Healthy Diet. Cookbooks about Foods in South Africa

Note the USA time change, which is different from most countries. Today’s program starts with an analysis of how to use spices in a healthy diet, then covers Cooking of the Union of South Africa: .Natasha “Tash” MacAller, Dancing Chef (not to be confused with The Dancing Chef), NZ, LA & London, www.dancingchef.net, Spice Health Heroes; Cariema Isaacs, Dubai, formerly of Capetown, South Africa, My Cape Malay Kitchen; Melinda Roodt, Senior Pastor, Delta Community Church, Vereeniging South Africa & Owner, Mel’s Kitchen – Rusks & Biscuits, The Classic South African Cookbook.

Special Food & Drink; Republic of Tea, Delicious Spanish Pastes & Sauces, New Cottage Cheese

A VERY TASTY program, special things to eat & drink.  Kristina Richens, Minister of Communications,  Celebrating 25 years, The Republic of Tea, Novato CA, www.republicoftea.com; Ricky Mandle & Monica Navarro, Owners, Delicious & Sons, Mediterranean style Pastes & Sauces, Barcelona Spain, www.deliciousandsons.com; Gail Balderson, Director of Marketing, Muuna, new-style Cottage Cheese - with & without Fruit in the bottom, NYC, www.muuna.com

Fne Ladies of Food; Barbara Lynch, Kathy Bruton, Leslie Conron Carola

All Ladies, All Irish. An American Chef with Irish Roots, a Native Irishwoman, and a Tribute to Irish Chefs:  Barbara Lynch, Chef-Owner, BLGruppo, (7 Restaurants including No. 9 Park, Sportello & Menton), Boston MA, www.blgruppo.com, Out of Line: A Life of Playing with Fire; Kathryn Bruton, London, www.kathrynbruton.com, Skinny Soups: 80 Flavor-packed Recipes of less than 100 Calories; Leslie Conron Carola, Owner & Director, Arena Books, Westport CT, The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland’s Top Chefs.

The World;s 50 Best Restaurants explained; Justin Chapple Cooking Tips; Raghavan Iyer

William Drew, Group Editor of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, talks about 50 Best in Melbourne, and the entire 50Best Program; Justin Chapple, Food & Wine Test Kitchen, www.foodandwine.com/video/mad-genius-cooking-tips, Mad Genius Tips: Over 90 Expert Hacks & 100 Delicious Recipes; Raghavan Iyer, Minneapolis, www.raghavaniyer.com, Smashed, Mashed, Boiled, And Baked—And Fried Too.

Focus on Asia: Monisha Bharadwaj, London School; Thai Restaurateur, Ko Samui & Chiang Mail; Coconut

Focus on Asia: Monisha Bharadwaj, Owner, Cooking with Monisha Cooking School, London, www.cookingwithmonisha.com, The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques, Masterclasses, Ingredients & Traditional Recipes; Vacharian Blumichitr, Thai Restaurateur, Ko Samui & Chiang Mail Resorts, Thailand, http://www.vatchthailand.com/, 50 Great Curries of Thailand – we apologize for the poor sound quality of this interview, which is due to sub-standard cellular phone connection is rural Thailand; Emily Jonzen, London UK, www.emilyjonzen.com, The Goodness of Coconut.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival & World;s 50 Best Restaurants Happen Together, OTM will be There

What’s all the excitement in Melbourne, Australia, this Spring (Autumn there), plus two books of new/old recipes: Natalie O’Brien, CEO, 25th Annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, and World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, March 31-April 9, http://www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au/; Georgeanne Brennan, Founder, La Vie Rustic, www.lavierustic.com, My Culinary Journey: Food & Fetes of Provence; Rachel Hollis, Founder, The Chic Site, Los Angeles, www.thechicsite.com, Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes, All Gussied Up.

Primanti Brothers is Growing, Erin Coopey, on Infusing; Laurie Wolf, Cooking with Cannabis

A Pittsburgh “Classic” keeps on growing. Founded 80 years ago, named an “American Classic” by the James Beard Foundation, Primanti Brothers adds restaurant # 30 to its "family."  Then some Seasoning Tips – Infusions  & How to Cook with Cannabis: David Head, CEO, Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh, www.primantibros,com; Erin Coopey, Seattle, http://chefshop.com/Chef-Erin-Coopey-The-GlorifiedHomeChef-C647.aspx, Infusing Flavors; Laurie Wolf, Portland OR, http://www.laurieandmaryjane.com,  Cooking with Cannabis.

Maybe the Sweetest Spot in London; Pittsburgh's Richard DeShantz Group is GROWING

A really sweet spot in London, and a newly emerging Pittsburgh Restaurant “Family:”  Rachel Wicking, Deputy GM & Ryan Thompson, Executive Chef, Dominique Ansel Bakery, Belgravia London, http://dominiqueansellondon.com; Rick DeShantz, Chef/Owner, Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group, Cecil Usher, Beverage Director & Head Bartender, Butcher & the Rye, http://butcherandtherye.com/, Keith Fuller, Executive Chef, Pork & Beans, http://www.porkandbeanspgh.com/, also part of the Group, http://meatandpotatoespgh.com/, http://takopgh.com/. Plus more new restaurants opening soon.

Old Friends in London, Claudio Cardoso,Sushisamba, Dan Doherty, a new one, Greg Taylor, Yosma

OTM meets Old & New friends in London during our recent Visit – 2nd of 2 programs:  Claudio Cardoso, Executive Chef, Sushisamba; Dan Doherty, Chef-Director, Duck & Waffle, both in Heron Tower, Bishopsgate;  www.sushisamba.com, www.duckandwaffle.com; Dan's latest book, Toast Hash Roast Mash: Real Food for Every Time of Day; Greg Taylor, Sous Chef, Yosma, Fitzrovia, www.yosma.london.

More Fiends in London; Anthony Demetre,,Chris Cavaile, iWild Honey; James Lowe, Head Chef, Lyle's

OTM meets Old & New friends in London during our recent Visit – 1st of 2 programs: Anthony Demetre, Chef-Owner, Wild Honey. Mayfair, www.wildhoneyrestaurant.co,uk, Chris Cavaille, GM-Sommelier, Wild Honey; James Lowe, Head Chef, Lyle's, Shoreditch, www.lyleslondon.com.  More next week.

London's great Museums--Tate, Tate Modern,.National Portrait Gallery, National; Gallery, British.

An Introduction to some of London's great Art Museums--Tate Modern, http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern/ , Barbican, http://www.barbican.org.uk/,  National Portrait Gallery, http://www.npg.org.uk/,  National Gallery, http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/ --and their current special Exhibitions. Then, to stimulate your interest in Modern British Food:  Aleksandra Crapanzano, Brooklyn NY, The London Cookbook; Coleman Andrews, CT, www.thedailymeal.com, The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England Scotland & Wales.  Note: OTM's recent coverage of London Restaurants begins next week.  AND,especially, WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2017!!

Curate, Ashvllle; Legendary LA Restaurants; Contemporary Bread in Bath UK

A Very Merry Christmas to OTM Listeners throughout the World!!! Katie Button, Chef-Owner, Curate, Ashville NC, ; https://heirloomhg.com/about-hhg/; Curate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen; George Geary, Broadcaster & Journalist, Los Angeles CA, http://georgegeary.com/, L. A.’s Legendary Restaurants; Richard Bertinet, Baker, Bath UK, www.bertinet.com, Bread: Simple Contemporary Bread.

Making & Serving Cheese;,Creating your own Bitters & Cocktails, a Vermont-based Herbalist

Mostly Cheese and a Very Special Review of “Bitter:s” Tia Keenan,  NYC, The Art of the, Cheese Plate: Pairings Recipes Style Attitude; Matthew Brichford, Owner & Cheese-Maker, Jacobs & Brichford Farmstead Cheese, Connersville IN, www.jandbcheese.com; Guido Mase, Chief Herbalist, Urban Moonshine, Burlington VT, www.urbanmoonshine.com, DIY Bitters: Reviving the Forgotten Flavior - a Guide to Making your own Bitters for Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts, Herbalists and More.

Drinks and another special treat for the Holidays: Jeff Hansen, Winemaker, Lula Cellars, Mendocino County CA, www.lulacellars.com, Pinot Noir & Zinfandel wines, direct from the Vineyard; Fred Minnick, World’s Leading American Whiskey Critic, www.fredminnick.com, Bourbon: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of an American Whiskey; Craig Tabandera, Account Manager, Asahi Shuzo Co Ltd, Producers of Dassai Premium Kosher Sake, www.asahishuzo.ne.jp; Mima Sinclair, London UK, http://mimasinclair.com/, Gingerbread Wonderland: 30 Magical Houses Cookies & Cakes. 

Hope you all had a delicious Thanksgiving Celebration! Now:  three smart cookbooks & their authors: Julia Turshen, Ulster County, NY, http://www.juliaturshen.com/, Small Victories: Recipes, Advice + Hundreds of Ideas for Home Cooking; Katie Sullivan Morford, Bay Area, CA, http://www.momskitchenhandbook.com/; Rise & Shine: Better Breakfast for Busy Mornings; Erin Byers Murray, Nashville TN, http://www.erinbyersmurray.com/, A Colander, Cakestand & My Grandfather’s Iron Skillet.

Wishing all of you and your families a Grand Thanksgiving!!  First, some Local News: Chef Christian Frangiadis has a New Toy (& late night dining) at his restaurant, Spork, Pittsburgh PA, http://sporkpittsburgh.com/; Food Rescue comes to Pittsburgh--thanks to Leah Lizarondo, Founder, 412 Food Rescue, http://412foodrescue.org/; Lucy Jessop, London UK, https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-jessop-79760615, The Goodness of Avocado; Natasha Edwards, Sandown UK, http://www.thegarlicfarm.co.uk/, The Goodness of Garlic.

A Program dedicated to the Far East: Abraham Conlon, Chef-Partner, Fat Rice (Chicago Restaurant dedicated to the cuisine of Macau), http://www.eatfatrice.com/, The Adventures of Fat Rice; Fuchsia Dunlop, London, UK, http://www.fuchsiadunlop.com/, Land of Fish & Rice; Kei Lum Chan & Diora Fong Chan, Hong Kong, China: the Cookbook.

Brooklyn, NY, Star Chefs' International Chefs Congress, http://www.starchefs.com/cook/icc: Conference Keynotes, Chef Elena Arzak & Laboratory Chef Igor, Arzak, San Sebastian Spain, http://www.arzak.info/arz_web.php?idioma=En; Chris Cosentino, Chef-Partner, Cockscomb, San Francisco, http://cockscombsf.com/; A Peruvian Connection, Mitsumaru Tsumura, Chef-Owner, Maido, Lima Peru, http://www.maido.pe/en/; Eric Ramirez, Chef, Llama Inn, Brooklyn, http://www.llamainnnyc.com/; Kathleen Blake, Chef-Partner, The Rusty Spoon, Orlando, FL http://therustyspoon.com/; Damian Sansonetti, Chef-Partner,  Caiola's & Picolo, Portland, ME, http://piccolomaine.com/; Jamilka Borges, Executive Chef,  & John Wabeck, Wine Director, Spoon, Pittsburgh, http://www.spoonpgh.com/.

OTM wishes all of you and your families a Happy Halloween!!  This week we bring you “sure fire” recipes you can produce at home because the authors consciously developed them, so that you can be a Culinary Star.  Meike Peters, Berlin Germany, www.meikepeters.com, Eat in My Kitchen; Kaitlyn Goalen, Brooklyn & Raleigh NC, The Short Stack Cookbook; Betty Rosbottom, http://bettyrosbottom.com/, Soup Nights: Satisfying Soups & Sides for Delicious Meals All Year

How Sweet It Is.  Two Great Ladies of Dessert publish Guides to success, plus the Story of a Place dedicated to Chocolate: Dorie Greenspan, NYC & Paris, www.doriegreenspan.com; Dorie’s Cookies; Kate McDermott. Port Angeles WA, http://artofthepie.com/, The Art of the Pie; John Payson, Founder-Partner, The Chocolate Room, Brooklyn, http://thechocolateroombrooklyn.com/, There’s always room for Chocolate.

Heritage Grains, especially Rice, Sonoko Sakai, Los Angeles, www.commongrains.com, Rice Craft: Yummy! Healthy! Fun to Make! Then OTM goes SPICY: Susan Wheaton, SWG Consulting for Marin French Cheese & Laura Chenel Spicy Cheese, www.marinfrenchcheese.com/ & http://www.laurachenel.com/; Mando Ray & Jared Neece, The Tacos of Texas; Denver Nicks, Hot Sauce Nation: America’s Burning Obsession.

OTM says Ciao to Roma--until the next time: Checchino dal 1887, traditional “Fifth Quarter” & other traditional Roman specialties, Francesco Mariani, Partner, www.checchino-dal-1887.com; “Steeler Nation” is alive & well in Rome at La Botticella Birreria-Vineria, Facebook - La Botticello Rome, Giovanni Poggi, Proprietor. And for the High Holidays, Jeffrey Yoskowitz & Liz Alpern, Brooklyn NY, www.gefilteria.com, The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods.

Three Chefs we admire: Peter Gordon, Chef-Owner, Providores, London, & The Sugar Club, Auckland NZ, http://www.peter-gordon.net/about, Salads for All Seasons; Brian Keyser & Leigh Friend, Casallula Restaurant, NYC, & just-opened Casallula Pittsburgh, City of Asylum, Alphabet City http://www.casellula.com/, Composing the Cheese Plate. Also a discussion of our planned trip to Rome. Then, for the next 3 Weeks we'll be airing conversations with some of Rome's Most Innovative & Interesting Restaurants - so be sure to Tune In.  

MEAT and POTATOES.  An extremely Non-Vegan Program!!!  Ray Venezia, 2- year Master Butcher & Frequent Guest of Rachael Ray, The Everyday Meat Guide: A Neighborhood Butcher's Advice Book; Meredith Leigh, http://www.mereleighfood.com,.The Ethical Meat Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore; Teresa Blackburn & Zack Brown, www.foodonfifth.com, The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook.

A Sweet Program with a Sweet+Savory ending.  Hillary Davis, www.hillary-davis.com, French Desserts; Kathryn Gordon & Ann McBride, NYC, Les Petits Sweets: 2 Bite Desserts from the French Patisserie; Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat, Toronto Canada, www.bitememore.com,  Lick Your Plate.

Pulses, San Jose CA, www.rwgarcia.com; Sameer Shah, VP Marketing, Smart Flour Foods, Flour & Prepared Foods (e.g. Pizzas) made from gluten free Ancient Grains, www.smartflourfoods.com; Sharon Gregory, Founder, The Happy Vegan, maker of Natcho-Nocheez Dairy-free “Cheese” Spreads, Pittsburgh PA,  www.thehappyvegan.com; Nancy Kalish, Founder, Pure Genius Provisions, bean-based Brownies & Blondies, Brooklyn NY, www.puregeniusprovisions.com.

to Find Today’s Artisanal Spirits.  Alice Feiring, Wine Correspondent, New York Times, http://www.alicefeiring.com/, For the Love of Wine; Jeremy White, Sommelier, Triple Creek Ranch, Darby MT, http://www.triplecreekranch.com;  Advanced Sommelier-Court of Sommeliers; Eric Grossman, Boston MA, Craft Spirits

“California Dreamin” - Specialty Food Programs & Products from Creative California: Jim Etters, Head of Agriculture Programs, Seka Hills, the Yocha-Dehe-Wintum Nation, Capay Valley CA, , www.yochadehe.nsn.gov; Jesse Layman, Vinegar Chef, Sparrow Lane, Ceres CA, www.sparrowlane.com/; Kaitlin Barton, Califia Farms Beverages including Nitro Cold-Brewed Flavored Coffees, Bakersfield CA, www.califiafarms.ccom.

Two Great Ice-creams with Attitude and an Antioxidant-loaded  Beverage that may be a Super Coffee Alternative: Jake Goodby & Sean Vahey, Founders & Owners, Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco, http://www.humphryslocombe.com; .Ron Koss, Co-Founder, Brio Oxidant-enriched Icecream, http://www.briolovesyouback.com; Carrie Christensen, VP Sales & John Kilmer, Head of Communications, Crio Bru, www.criobru.com

Ruminations on Foods, plus the story of an American Fast Food Icon: Sophie Egan, San Francisco CA,  Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies – How What We Eat Defines Who we are; Patric Kun, Restaurant Critic, Los Angeles Magazine, Finding the Flavors We Lost: From Bread to Bourbon, How Artisans Reclaimed American Food; Lloyd Handwerker, Famous Nathan: A Family Saga--The American Dream & the Search for the Perfect Hot Dog.

An interesting line-up of New Cook Books – Something for Everyone!  Nick Sandler, The Magic of Broth: 60 Great Recipes for Healing Broths & Stocks & How to Make Them; Brendan Collins, Chef-Owner, Birch, Los Angeles, http://birchlosangeles.com/, Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes: A Modern Man’s Kitchen Handbook;  Rosie Reynolds, London UK, The Kitchen Shelf: Take  Few Pantry Essentials, add 2 Fresh Ingredients & Make Everyday Eating Extraordinary; Jessica Emich, Co-Owner, Shine Restaurant, Boulder CO, www.shineboulder.com, Eat, Drink, Shine: Inspiration from our Kitchen, Gluten-Free & Paleo-Inspired Recipes.

Block 292, www.block292.com, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh PA.. reflects a national trend of combining a sustainable restaurant with a sustainable retail butcher shop: Owner Brooks Broadhurst, Executive Chef Eliza Jamison, star organic lamb producers Sukey & John Jamison, www.jamisonfarm.com, Latrobe PA, sustainable sourcing of meat & other product. Next: A University Campus & Curriculum dedicated to Sustainable Agriculture: Peter Walker, Dean, Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University – Eden Hall Campus; Cristopher Galarza, Campus Chef; Sukey & John Jamison, Adjunct Faculty, Meat Studies, Chatham University – Eden Hall Campus, Gibsonia PA, www.chatham.edu/edenhall.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, for the 1st time in NYC - a few Star Chefs we met:  Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, www.osteriafrancescana.it, Modena Italy, won Top Spot for the 1st time; Virgilio Martinez, Central, http://centralrestaurante.com.pe/en/, Lima Peru & Lima, London UK, steady at #4; Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur, http://www.mirazur.fr/, Menton France, top French entry at #6; Elena Arzak, a permanent placeholder this year at #21, Arzak, https://www.arzak.info/index.php, San Sebastian Spain; Mitsuharu Tsumura, Maido, www.maido.pe, Lima Peru, highest climber reaching #13; Jonnie Boer, Librije, nr. Amsterdam, www.librije.com, entering 50 Best at #38, Abram Bissell, new Exec Chef at The Modern, http://www.themodernnyc.com/, NYC.  Across the East River to Brooklyn with Barbara Scott Goodman, Brooklyn Bar Bites: Great Dishes & Cocktails from NY’s Food Mecca; and finally a Cookbook by Francine Bryson, www.francinebryson.com, Country Cooking from a Redneck Kitchen.

Thinking Summer?  Fruits & Ice Creams?  Listen to: Annie Rigg. London UK, www.annierigg.com, Summer Berries & Autumn Fruits: 120 Sensational Sweet & Savory Recipes; Nancy Hytone-Leb, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Choctal Single Origin Ice Cream, Pasadena CA, www.choctal.com; Christine Chitnis, Providence RI, www.christine.chitnis.com, Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet: Healthier Tastier Frozen Desserts Using Whole Foods & Natural Sweeteners; Dina Cheney, www.thenewmilks.com, The New Milks: 100+ Dairy-free Recipes for Making & Cooking with Soy Nut Seed Grain & Coconut Milks.

OTM loves Italy, just as many of you do. This week we bring you three insights on Italian life, food & drink: Marisa Huff, Padua, www.marisahuff.com, Aperitivo: The Cocktail Culture of Italy, Recipes for Drinks & Small Dishes; Katie Parla, Rome, Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors & Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City; Rosario Safina, Founder, Da Rosario Organics, Bronx NY, www.darosario.com, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria.

The James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour repeats in Pittsburgh, thanks to Justin Severino, Chef-Partner, Cure & Morcilla, www.curepittsburgh.com & www.morcillapittsburgh.com – how it happened & what’s involved. Then, just in time for “Grilling Season,” two experts on Barbecue: Meathead Goldwyn, Chicago IL, www.amazingribs.com, Meathead, The Science of Great Barbecue & Grilling; & Robb Walsh, Galveston TX, www.zenbbq.com, Legends of Texas Barbecue.

Two Great Young Chefs, and how to cook Modern Mexican: Daniel Burns, Chef-Partner, Torst & Luksus (1st Restaurant ever to gain a Michelin Star serving only Beer), Brooklyn, www.torstnyc.com, www.luksusnyc.com, Food & Beer; Jessica Largey, Chef-Partner, Simone, LA, opening late 2016, previously Visiting Chef, Intro, Chicago http://introchicago.com/, & Sous Chef, Manresa, Los Gatos CA, http://www.manresarestaurant.com/; Pati Jinich, Host of PBS’ Pati’s Mexican Table, Resident Chef, Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington DC, http://patijinich.com/, Mexican Today: New & Rediscovered Recipes for Contemporary Kitchens.

OTM at the 2016 James Beard Foundation Awards Ceremony & Gala Reception, Chicago’s Lyric Opera, May 2:  Aaron Silversmith, Best Chef Mid-Atlantic, Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC, http://www.rosesluxury.com/; Paul Berglund, Best Chef Midwest, Bachelor Farmer, Minneapolis, http://thebachelorfarmer.com/; Renee Erickson, Best Chef NW, Seattle, http://reneeerickson.com/; Jonathon Waxman, Best Chef NYC, Barbuto, NYC, http://barbutonyc.com/index.php; Dahlia Narvaez, Best Pastry Chef, Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles, http://osteriamozza.com/; Joanne Chang, Best Baker, Flour Bakeries, Boston MA, http://flourbakery.com/; Who’s Who in Food & Beverage in America, Gina Gallo, E&J Gallo Winery, Sonoma CA, http://gallo.com/; Ed Levine, Serious Eats, NYC, http://www.seriouseats.com/; Ann recognizes Leah Chase, Lifetime Achievement Award, Dooky Chase, New Orleans, http://www.dookychaserestaurant.com/; Jonathon Sawyer, 2015 Best Chef Great Lakes & 2016 Gala Chef, Cleveland OH, http://jonathonsawyer.com/; Curtis Stone, Presenter for Best Chef SW & West, Maude, Los Angeles, http://www.mauderestaurant.com/; Mindy Segal, 2012 Best Pastry Chef, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, http://hotchocolatechicago.com/; talks with OTM about “Edibles” – Cannabis in Foods; Brian Hill, Francine Bistro, Camden ME, http://www.francinebistro.com/, reveals the honor of just being nominated – his 7th time; At “Chef’s Night Out, at The Montgomery Club, Peter talks to the winner of a recent Woodford Reserve sponsored Cocktail Contest.

A wonderful new classic of Culinary Literature/Kitchen Science, another Ace & an honored chef:  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Managing Culinary Director, Serious Eats, San Matteo CA, www.seriouseats.com, The Food Lab; Brent Young, Founder, The Meathook, Brooklyn, www.the-meathook.com; Culinary Partner, Ace Hotel Pittsburgh& Whitfield restaurant; www.acehotel.com/pittsburgh; Shawn Culp, Director, Department Chair, Culinary Arts, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, www.artinstitutes.edu/pittsburghAwardee, American Culinary Federation – Cutting Edge Chef Award.

Sweets from some very different sources: Marisa McClellan. Philadelphia PA, www.foodinjars.com, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars: 100 Preserves to Make with Coconut, Maple, Honey & More; Anissa Helou, London UK, www.anissas.com; Sweet Middle East: Classic Recipes from Baklava to Fig Ice Cream; David Noll, Pacific Resources International, Carpinteria CA, www.shoppri.com, Manuka Honey & Artisanal Sea Salt from New Zealand.

Three Books we’d never have expected to be written – and their Authors’ stories: Sam Calagione, Founder, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery & The Main & Chesapeake Restaurant, Rehoboth DE, www.dogfish.com, The Off-Centered Approach to Business & Collaboration; Myra Kornfeld & Stephen Massimilla, NYC, www.cookingwiththemuse.com, Cooking with the Muse: A Sumptuous Gathering of Seasonal Recipes, Culinary Poetry & Literary Fare; David Geisser, chef & former Vatican Swiss Guard, www.vaticancookbook.com, The Vatican Cookbook (1st English edition).

Tradition brought up to Today-3 Brilliant Ladies Joyce Goldstein, Karen MacNeil, Claudia Wu

Karen McNeilTradition brought up to the Present Day – in Food, Wine & the Culinary Profession – from Three Brilliant Ladies:  Joyce Goldstein, Retired Chef-Restaurateur, Culinary Consultant, Insightful Author, San Francisco CA, www.joycegoldstein.com, The New Mediterranean Jewish Kitchen; Karen MacNeil, Wine Correspondent & Educator, Napa CA, www.karenmacneil.com, The Wine Bible (new edition); Claudia Wu, Co-Founder & Editor, Cherry Bombe, Convener of Cherry Jubilee, NYC. www.cherrybombe.com.

Unusual, more Unusual. Kitty Keller Foodways, Susan Ebert Field to Table, Thomas Head on Greens

Produce and More!!  Fruits & Veggies, Oils & Spices – from the unusual to the even more unusual; how to cook what you grow/find/catch/shoot; & a dedicated tome about the Southern staple veggies.  Kitty Keller, Founder K L Keller Foodways. Oakland CA, www.klkeller.com; Susan Ebert, Austin TX, www.field2table.com; The Field to Table Cookbook: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing & Hunting; Thomas Head, Washington DC, www.thomashead.com, Greens: A Savor the South Cookbook.

Food at Issue - health & culture:  Amanda Haas, Director of Culinary, Williams-Sonoma, San Francisco, http://www.williams-sonoma.com/, The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation& Stay Healthy; Barry Novick, Founder, Kitchen Table Bakers, inventors of Parmcrisps, Syosset NY, www.kitchentablebakers.com; Professor Dwight Furrow, San Diego Mesa College, American Foodie: Taste, Art & the Cultural Revolution.  AND WE WISH ALL WHO CELEBRATE IT A VERY HAPPY EASTER!!

BBQ in 3 Different Countries & Cultures:  Dueki Hong, Chef-Owner – Koreatown Restaurant, NYC, & Matt Rodbard, Author, Koreatown: A Cookbook; Evandro Caregnato, Culinary Director, Texas de Brazil, Dallas TX and many other cities, www.texasdebrazil.com, Churrasco: Grilling the Brazilian Way; John Shelton Reed, Chapel Hill NC, www.truecue.org, Barbecue: A Savor the South Cookbook.

Food and Fine Arts, in Pittsburgh and in New Orleans:  Mike Gulotta, Chef-Owner, Mopho, NOLA, www.mophonola.com, Guest Celebrity Chef, the inaugural FEAST dinner series at the Carnegie Museum of Art; Laura McDermott, Manager of Social Experiences, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, www.cmoa.org; Sojna Finn, Chef-owner, Dinette, Pittsburgh, www.dinette-pgh.com, Consulting Chef – CMOA; Joanne Clevenger, Owner, Upperline Restaurant, NOLA,  www.upperline.com/. – Semi-Finalist – 2016 James Beard Awards – Outstanding Restaurateur.

Two new cookbooks created by couples/duos:  Allison  Hopelain and Russell Moore, Chef-Partners, Camino, Oakland CA, www.caminorestaurant.com, This is Camino; Naoko Takei Moore, Cooking Instructor, Toiro Kitchen, Los Angeles, www.toirokitchen.com; Kyle Connaughton, Chef-Owner, Singlethread Farms, Healdsburg CA, www.singlethreadfarms.com, Donabe: Classic & Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking.

From NOLA to Cuba, to Washington DC, to Meatopia at South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF), a wide ranging conversation; plus two very special ingredients--one old & traditional, one recently discovered:  Chef David Guas, Bayou Bakery, Arlington VA & Washington DC, www.bayoubakeryva.com & www.bayoubakerydc.com, reflects on his diverse experiences, especially his Cuban & Creole heritage, and his love of honey; March is when the Sap starts to rise, says Winton Pitcoff, Editor, Maple Syrup Digest, International Maple Syrup Institute, www.maplesyrupdigest.org, www.maplemonth.com, as heFexplains that the ancient art of Maple Sugaring is still vibrant; Finally, Dr. Daniel Perlman, Senior Research Scientist and Inventor, Brandeis University, Waltham MA, www.brandeis.edu, adds another to his over 100 patents: Coffee Bean Flour.

Today and Yesterday with Arzak, one of Spain’s & the World’s Best Restaurants for DECADES, plus sourcing unusual ingredients – especially our New Favorite, fresh Turmeric root. (For a bonus, Peter invented a New Cocktail. See the recipe on our website).  First up, Elena Arzak, Co-Chef, Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain, www.arzak.es, with Anne Dolamore, Publisher, Grub Street, London UK, www.grubstreet.co.uk, Arzak Secrets, the first Arzak cookbook available in English; then an interview with Elena & her chef/founder father Juan Mari Arzak, recorded in 2008. Finally, Robert Schueller, PR Director, Melissa’s, Los Angeles, www.melissas.com, Fresh Turmeric & other exciting produce.

OTM sends best wishes to all Valentines!!!  We hope you have a GREAT lover-ly day. In today’s program two wonderful Italian women who’re atop the world of Food & Drink – and we were surprised to find out they are connected:  Lidia Bastianich, Chef, Restaurateur, Partner in Orsone, a luxury B & B and Vineyards in Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Partner in EATaly Food Markets, TV Personality & Author,  Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Great Italian Cook, Long Island NY, www.lidiasitaly.com; Stefania Pepe, Vineyard Owner & Winemaker, focused on Biodynamic Principles & Methods, producing truly distinctive organic wines in the northern part of Abruzzo, our interview today and a replay of our 2009 interview, www.montepulcianodabruzzo.it

Heirloom Beans, Low-Mercury Tuna, and ways to make sure none Get’s Wasted:  Steve Sando, Founder, Rancho Gordo, Source for literally Hundreds of Varieties of Heirloom Beans, Napa CA, www.ranchogordo.com; Sean Wittenberg, Co-Founder, Safe Catch, Canned Tuna, Tested 100% for Mercury Content – also Delicious, Sausalito CA, www.safecatch.com; Dana Gunders, Scientist, Natural Resource Defense Council, Berkeley CA, www.wastefreekitchen.com, Waste Free Kitchen Handbook: A Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money by Wasting Less Food.

Everything Tacos, Beer and Hot Chicken: Alex Stupak, Chef-Owner, Empellon restaurants in NYC, www.empellon.com, Tacos: Recipes & Provocations; Andrea Slonecker, Beer Bites, Beer Bites: Tasty Recipes and Perfect Pairings for Brew Lovers; Timothy C. Davis, Nashville TN, The Hot Chicken Cookbook.

A Program about Unusual Beverages & their Sources: Mark Bitterman, Owner, The Meadow shops, Portland OR & NYC, www.themeadow.com, Bitters & Amari, Field Guide to Bitters & Amari; Cathryn Fritz-Jung, Importer, Singani Los Parrales, Distilled in Bolivia, Silver Spring MD, www.singaniusa.com; Andy Barker, Sales Director, & Bill Batchelor, Winemaker, Martin Ray Winery, creating incredible wines in Green Valley CA, www.martinraywinery.com.

Diana Kennedy, a newly revised edition of her classic Nothing Fancy: Recipes & Recollections of Soul Satisfying Food, to be released in April; Dobra Bielinski, Chef-Owner, Delightful Pastries, 3 locations in Chicago IL, www.delightfulpastries.com, Traditional Polish Pastries & their association with Mardi Gras & Lent; Hussein Dekmak, London UK, The Lebanese Cookbook: Delicious & Authentic Recipes from a Top Lebanese Chef.

An Event for Truffle Afficianados, The Napa Truffle Festival, January 15-18 in and around Napa CA, www.napatrufflefestival.com; plus Two Very Special Chefs now in Print: Michael Solomonov, Chef-Owner, Zahav, Philadelphia PA, http://www.zahavrestaurant.comZahav: a World of Israeli Cooking; and Joe Ray, Co-Author, with Chef Blaine Wetzel, The Willows Inn, Lummi Island WA, http://www.willows-inn.com Sea & Smoke: Flavors from the Untamed Pacific Northwest.

Happy New Year to all our Listeners around the world.  We wish you happiness and prosperity in 2016!!  Today’s program is wholly dedicated to British Gin, from its origins to the current revival in Artisinal Expressions--a period of over 400 years: Mark Dawkins, Charter Brands, Langley’s Number 8, http://www.langleysgin.com/; Sam Galsworthy, Sipsmith's, London, http://www.sipsmith.com/; Kate Harrison, Quintessential Brands, Opihr, Bloom & Greenalls, Warrington, http://www.quintessentialbrands.com/

Meat AND Veg!  Elias Cairo, Founder, Olympia Provisions, Artisan Charcuterie & two Restaurants, Portland OR, www.olympiaprovisions.com, Olympia Provisions: Cured Meats & Tales from an American Charcuterie; Nancie McDermott, Author, Chapel Hill NC, www.nanciemcdermott.com, Southern Soups & Stews: More than 75 Recipes from Burgoo and Gumbo to Etoufee and Fricasse; Charles Stahler, Director, Vegetarian Resource Group, Balto MD, www.vrg.org.

OTM finds interesting innovations in our home town, Pittsburgh PA--a great new bar, the Restaurant it grew out of, a Distillery named for an 18th Century Character who defied the Whiskey Tax, and a Boutique Hotel in the vibrant East End:  Spencer Warren, F&B Diretor, Chief Bartender, Rye Bar; Rick DeShantz & Tolga Sevdik, Partners, Butcher & the Rye,(rerun from 2014) http://butcherandtherye.com/; David Harries, Distiller, Wigle Whiskey, www.wiglewhiskey.com; Jordan Bartles, General Manager, Hotel Indigo  http://www.ihg.com/hotelindigo/hotels/us/en/pittsburgh/pithb/hoteldetail.

Thinking “Down-Under” – the 2016 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Voices from our 2008 visit to the Festival plus innovative new luggage to pack for the long journey: Natalie O’Brien, Executive Director, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au; Philippe Mouchel, Chef Extraordinaire, currently Dejavue, Melbourne, www.dejavue.com.au, and Neil Perry, Chef-Owner, Rockpool, Sydney & Melbourne, http://www.rockpool.com/rockpoolbarandgrillmelbourne; David Kao, Founder, Oregami Luggage, Portland OR, www.oregamiluggage.com.  

Three go-to books: Florence Fabricant, Food Writer, NY Times, City Harvest: 100 Recipes from Great NY Restaurants; Sara Foster, Foster’s Market, Durham NC, www.fostersmarket.com, Foster’s Market Favorites: 25th Anniversary Collection; Russell van Kraayenburg, Chasing Delicious, Houston TX, www.chasingdelicious.com; Making Dough: Recipes & Ratios for Perfect Pastries.

OTM explores unusual Beverage Stories:  Matthew Rowley, San Diego CA, www.whiskeyforge.com, Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Notes from a Bootlegger’s Manual; Kristina Richens, Minister of Commerce, Republic of Tea, Novato CA, www.republicoftea.com. Chamomile Honey Tea – a Charitable Partnership with the Xerces Society, www.xerces.org; Gary Eberle, from Pennsylvania College Football to California Winemaking, Paso Robles CA, www.eberlewinery.com, Deb Mortillaro, Partner, Dreadnought Wines, www.dreadnoughtwines.com, Pittsburgh.

OTM explores fermenting, cooking with Cannabis, and the elusive Paw Paw:  Charlotte Pike, Gillingham Dorset UK, www.charlotteskitchendiary.com, Fermented: a Beginners’s Guide to Making your own Sourdough, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kimchi & More; Melissa Parks, Boulder CO, http://www.thestonerscookbook.com/chef/melissa-parks, Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis; Andy Moore, Pittsburgh PA, Paw Paw: America’s Forgotten Fruit.

A REALLY SWEET PROGRAM!!  Edd Kimber, PastryChef, TV Personality, London UK, http://www.theboywhobakes.co.uk/,  Patisserie Made Simple: From Macarons to Millefeuille & More; Bernard Laurance, Paris France, www.lacuisinedebernard.com, Baklava to Tarte Tartin: A World Tour in 110 Dessert Recipes; Amy Guittard, San Francisco, www.guittard.com, Guittard Chocolate Cookbook: Decadent Recipes from San Francisco’s Premium Bean to Bar Chocolate Company.

Exploring Truffle Products, Food Writing as Linguistics and Literature: Vittorio Giordano, Urbani Truffles NYC, www.urbani.com; Dan Jurafsky, Linguist, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA, The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu; Sandra Gilbert, Berkeley CA, Eating Words, A Norton Anthology of Food Writing.

Hello Graham Elliot, Co-Host, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior and “Craziest Restaurants in America”, Chicago IL, http://www.grahamelliot.com, Cooking like a Master Chef: 100 Recipes to make the Everyday Extraordinary; Cappy Lawton, Restaurateur, La Fonda on Main, et al, San Antonio TX, www.lafondaonmain.com/, Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex; Craig Prebie, Corporate Chef, Chicago IL, http://www.craigpriebe.com/home The United States of Pizza: Americas Favorite Pizzas, from Thin Crust to Deep Dish, Sourdough to Gluten-Free.

Timely insights about how to create wonders in a homemade kitchen, make world-class pies, understand how to use Maple Syrup, and Prepare a Sunday Dinner to die for:  Alana Chernila, W. Mass, www.eatingfromthegroundup.com. The Homemade Kitchen: Recipes for Cooking with Pleasure; Holly Ricciardi, Philadelphia PA, www.iluvmagpie.com, Magpie: Sweets & Savories from Philadelphia’s Favorite Pie Boutique; Kate Webster, in a Vermont Maple Wood, www.healthyseasonalrecipes.com, Maple: 100 Sweet & Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup; Bridgette Lacy, Raleigh NC, Sunday Dinner, a Savor the South Cookbook.

A Program dedicated to Exotic Ingredients, Exotic Recipes and Exotic Destinations:  Adnan Durrani, Founder, American Halal/Saffron Road, Stamford CT, wwwsaffronroadfood.com/; Natasha MacAller, London UK, www.dancingchef.net, Vanilla Table: the Essence of exquisite cooking from the World’s Best Chefs; Jessica Cole, Lonely Planet, London UK, http://www.lonelyplanet.com/, From the Source Cookbook Series, Italy & Thailand (more to follow in 2016 and beyond).

More Highlights from Nashville and the Music City Food & Wine, interviews at Harvest Night and Grand Tasting.  And a Southern Beverage to End.  Jonathon Waxman, Adele’s - Nashville, Barbuto – NYC, www.barbutonyc.com, http://adelesnashville.com/; Mike Lata, The Ordinary, Charleston SC, http://eattheordinary.com/; Linton Hopkins, Restaurant Eugene, http://www.restauranteugene.com/; Marcus Samuelson, Red Rooster NYC, http://redroosterharlem.com/; Andrew Zimmern, http://andrewzimmern.com/; Chris Bianco, Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix AZ, http://www.pizzeriabianco.com; Aaron Sanchez & Chef Miles, Johnny Sanchez, NOLA, http://chefaaronsanchez.com/ & http://www.johnnysanchezrestaurant.com. Pit-Master Pat Martin, Martin’s BBQ Joint, Nashville & Morgantown WV, http://www.martinsbbqjoint.com/; Pano Karatassos, Kyma, Atlanta, https://www.buckheadrestaurants.com/kyma/chef/; Daniel Herget, Little Octopus, Nashvillle, http://www.popnashville.com/littleoctopus/; Cara Graham, Lockeland Table, Nashville, http://www.lockelandtable.com/; Jay Flatley, Tavern, Nashville, http://mstreetnashville.com/restaurants/tavern; And to End on a “High” Note, Fred Minnick, Bourbon Curious: a Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker.

Bread is the “Staff of Life”, Baking the Science of Making Bread – in today’s program three Exponents of Bread & Baking: Rick Easton, Owner-Baker-Chef, Bread & Salt, Pittsburgh PA; Alice Medrich, Berkeley CA, http://alicemedrich.com, Flavor Flours: a New Way to Bake with Teff, Buckwheat,  Sorghum, Other Whole & Ancient Grains; Jane Hornby, Oxford UK, www.janehornby.com, What to Bake & How to Bake it.

Terrific Meat & Cheese, made in America, especially the USA:  Herb Eckhouse, La Quercia, celebrating 10 years of making “American” Prosciutto in Des Moines IA, www.laquercia.us; Griff Foxley, COO, Lone Mountain Wagyu, "Japanese Cow," breed of the famous Kobe Beef, but born & raised in Golden NM, www.lonemountainwagyu.com; Tom Kooiman, Past President, American Cheese Society, www.cheesesociety.org, discussing world-class.American Cheeses and the ACS' annual cheese competition.

Revisiting Sharelle Kraus, Dry Soda, Happy 10th Anniversary, Seattle WA, www.drysoda.com; Jim Beagle, Grapery--Great Grapes Table Grapes: Moon Drops, Cotton Candy, Witch’s Fingers, Schafter CA, www.grapery.biz; Food & Literature with Cara Nicoletti, Voracious: A Hungry Reader Cooks her way  through Great Books

Just in time for the High Holidays, Amelia Saltsman www.ameliasaltsman.com, The Seasonal Jewish Cookbook: A Fresh Take on Tradition; Pierre Thiam A Fascinating Exploration of Senegalese Food Traditions & Recipes; Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes From the Source to the Bowl; Monica Van Cleve, Van Cleve Seafood,  highlighting an Historic Recipe for Crab Pies, a favorite of Robert E. Lee’s Plantation Kitchen, Spotsylvania VA, http://vancleveseafood.com.

Nashville knows how to party!  Upcoming September 19-20 Music City Food & Wine Festival  is the 3rd version, and organizers promise it will be better than ever.  We talk to Tim Love, one of those who invented and now arrange the event.  Go to www.cheftimlove.com. & www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com/ for more details – and look for OTM there. OTM Loves Octopus, especially from Gullo Specialty Foods, Hicksville NY, www.gulloseafood.com. Then Everything You Need to Know about Home Beer Brewing, Randy Mosher, Home Brewing Expert., Chicago, www.radicalbrewing.com, Mastering Homebrew: The Complete Guide to Brewing Delicious Beer.

Marvelous Products from Three Great Ladies of Food: Jill Giacomini Basch, Co-Owner, Point Reyes Cheese, Point Reyes CA, www.pointreyescheese.com, sofi Gold Outstanding Cheese for Bay Blue; Natasha Case, Founder, Coolhaus Ice Cream sandwiches, pints & bars with an Architectural Inspiration (cool house), plus Scoop Shops & Trucks, Los Angeles CA www.eatcoolhaus.com; Caron Prochain, Founder, Simply Gum, all-natural, American-made Chewing Gum, NYC, www.simplygum.com.

Meet three remarkable Food & Drink Personalities: Randall Grahm, Winemaker Extraordinaire, Bonny Doon Vineyards, Santa Cruz CA, discussing "Crowd Funding" for his Wine Project, Popelouchum, in San Juan Batista CA,  http://www.beendoonsolong.com/2015/07/popelouchum-decisions-summer-2015/; Laurie Pauker, Founder, Laurie & Sons, marvelous not-too-sweet candies, including Dangerously Delicious Black Licorice Chocolate Toffee, Brooklyn NY, www.laurieandsons.com; Thomas Gosney, Former Personal Chef for Shaquille O’Neal, www.thomasgosney.com & www.organicnutrionalchef.com; Method of Procedure: The Guide and Techniques for Excellent Cuisine

Delectable Foods & Meals from Delightful People: Jin Jun, CEO (Chief Eating Officer),  Co-owner, SeaSnax, products made from Seaweed, Los Angeles, www.seasnax.com; Nicole Chaszar, Founder & Soup Captain, The Splendid Spoon, Brooklyn, www.thesplendidspoon.com; Lesley Tellez, Blogger & Author, NYC, http://www.lesleytellez.com/, Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City’s Streets, Fonda & Markets; Sandra Guiterrez, http://sandraskitchenstudio.com/, Empanadas: The Handheld Pies of Latin America.

Three Cookbooks with more than just recipes--interesting insights, and culinary creativity as well:  Joe Carroll, Restaurateur, Fettte Sau & St, Anselm, Brooklyn NY, http://www.fettesaubbq.com, Feeding the Fire: Recipes & Strategies for Better Barbecue & Grilling; Kevin Gillespie, Chef-Owner, www.redbeardrestaurants.com, including Gun Show, Atlanta, www.gunshowatl.com, Pure Pork Awesomeness; Marcella Kreibel, Author & Illustrator, Washington DC, http://marcellakriebel.com, Mi Comida Latina

A Mediterranian Miscellany: Maureen Abood, Blogger, Rose Water & Orange Blossoms, Harbor Springs MI, www.maureenabood.com, Rosewater & Orange Blossoms: Fresh & Classic Recipes from My Lebanese Kitchen; Vivianna Karamanis, Founder, Hellenic Farms, Importer of Artisanal & Gourmet Greek Food Products, Roselle NJ, www.hellenicfarms.com; John Hooper, European Correspondent, The Economist et al, Rome Italy, www.john-hooper.com, The Italians.>

Two stories of Families & Farming in the USA, and a Very Special Cookbook Project:  Chris Fischer, Farmer & Chef,  Beetlebung Farm, Chilmark MA, www.beetlebungfarm.com, The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook; Natasha Bowen, Founder, The Color of Food, Palm Beach FL, www.thecolorofood, The Color of Food; Kristen Miglore, Executive Editor, Food52, NYC, www.food52.com, Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes that will Change the Way you Cook.

Great Products, Fascinating Stories……………  Justin Rashid, Co-Founder, American Spoon, Petoskey MI, Hand-made Preserves made from locally grown fruits & vegetables, www.spoon.com; Antonella Rana, Head of US Operations, NYC, Giovanni Rana Pasta & Prepared Pasta Dishes, www.rana.it; Casey Elsass, Partner, Brooklyn, MixedMade, Bees Knees Spicy Honey & Trees Knees Spicy Syrup, www.mixedmade.com; Morgan Morano, Founder, Morano Gelato, Chestnut Hill MA, The Art of Making Gelato: 50 Flavors to Make at Home, www.moranogelato.com.>

What's new in the world of "booze"; Tony Abu-Ganim, Cocktail ""Guru" & Chief Judge, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, http://www.themodernmixologist.com.  Adam Ford, Founder, Atsby NewYork Vermouth, Long Island NY, http://atsbyvermouth.com/, Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit that Created America’s Cocktail Culture. Jess Lebow, Beer Expert & Home Brewer, (also a successful author & game designer),  resides in China, http://www.jesslebow.com/, & gives us The United States of Beer; a Guide to the Best Craft Beers Across America.

OTM brings you the excitement surrounding the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, 14th anniversary version, at London’s Guildhall, June 1 – you’ll experience the thrills, and the sounds of an enthusiastic crowd of food & wine lovers from all parts of the globe.  Explaining the Concept of 50 Best, William Drew, Group Publisher, William Reed Business Media, Crawley UK, http://www.theworlds50best.com/; Two Top Honorees, from this year and last, Eneko Atxa, Chef Owner, Azurmendi jatetxea, nr. Bilbao Spain, 2014 Most Sustainable Restaurant, and rising to #19 in Top 50 2015, www.azurmendi.biz; Helene Darroze, Chef-Owner, Restaurant Helene Darroze, Paris, Helen Darozze at the Connaught, London, 2015 World’s Best Female Chef, http://www.helenedarroze.com/en/home.html; Then timely comments from: Thomas Keller, Per Se NYC, The French Laundry, Yountville CA, both Top 100, http://www.thomaskeller.com/; Eric Ripert, Le Bernadin NYC, www.le-bernadin.com; Grant Achatz, Alinea, Chicago, www.alinearestaurant.com; and a rising European Star, Tim Raue, Berlin, www.tim-raue.com; To complete the program, Chef Simon Rogan, Fera at Claridges London, etc, selected to cook the Chefs Feast, a dinner honoring the entire Top 100 – http://simonrogan.co.uk/.  OTM’s most outstanding meal this time in London was lunch with Simon at Fera – we name him an impact player for next year’s awards!!!

Two Grilling Experts give recipes, tips, to increase your mastery of BBQ, followed by an important book about flavor essentials & secrets: David Guas, Owner, Bayou Bakery, Washington DC & Arlington VA, http://www.bayoubakerydc.com/, Grill Nation: 200 Surefire Recipes, Tips & Techniques to Grill like a Pro; Cheryl Jamison, Santa Fe NM, www.cookingwiththejamisons.com, The Barbecue Lover’s Big Book of BBQ Sauces; Mark Schatzker, Radio & Print Journalist, Toronto, Canada, The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth about Food & Flavor.

Three versions of Bakery-Pastry "Asian Style".  Joanne Chang, Owner, Flour Bakeries, Boston MA. www.flourbakery.com, Baking with Less Sugar; Nicole Bermensolo, Partner, Hana Kitchens, Brooklyn & LA, www.hanakitchens.com, Kyotofu: Uniquely Delicious Japanese Desserts; Grace Park, Owner, Crazy Korean Cooking & Crazy Korean Shopping, NYC, www.crazykoreancooking.com, http://www.crazykoreanshopping.com

More on OTM’s visit to Chicago, and just some of the activities Chicagoans offered for JBF Awards visitors.  The Chicago Greenmarket, season opening on May 2nd, OTM chats , with Greenmarket Board Members who just happen to be celebrated Chef-Restaurateurs, Sarah Stegner, Prairie Grass Café, www.prairiegrasscafe.com, Bruce Sherman, North Pond, www.northpondrestaurant.com/, Carrie Nahabedian, Naha & Brindille, www.brindille-chicago.com, and Pat Sondgeroth, Heartland Meats, www.heartlandmeats.com/ . Next up: The story of “The World’s Best Rose” and Fine Food to match at the Park Hyatt, Paul Chevalier, National Fine Wine Director, Shaw Ross, www.shaw-ross.com & Satoru Takeuchi,Hyatt Executive Chef, www.parkchicago.hyatt.com. Then Hassan El Neklawy, GM, & Daniel Perez, Executive Chef, Renaissance Chicago Downtown, www.renhotels.com/chicagodowntown. Finally Lynette Velez, Director of Sales, Gibson Group, The Montgomery Club,  www.gibsonssteakhouse.com/private-dining-pages-326.php.

Amid the hubbub & excitement of the 25th Annual James Beard Foundation Awards at Chicago’s Lyric Opera (first time ever this event has been held outside of NYC),  OTM talked to awardees & attendees:  Michel Nischan, Humanitarian of the Year, Founder & President, Wholesome Wave. Fairfield CT, www.wholesomewave.org; R J Melman, representing his father Richard Melman, Lifetime Achievement, Lettuce Entertain You, Chicago IL, http://www.leye.com/; Barbara Lazaroff, Partner, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, www.barbaralazaroff.com; Gale Gand, Chef & Restaurateur, Chicago IL, www.galegand.com; Jessica Largey, Rising Star Chef, Manresa. Los Gatos CA, www.manresarestaurant.com; Marcus Glocker, Chef, Best New Restaurant, Batard, NYC, www.batardtribeca.com; Sam Bell, Outstanding Service, Owner, Blackberry Farm, Walland TN, www.blackberryfarm.com; Aaron Franklin, Best Chef SW, Franklin’s BBQ, Austin TX, https://franklinbarbecue.com; Jonathon Sawyer, Best Chef Great Lakes, Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland OH, http://www.thegreenhousetavern.com; Jason Stanhope, Best Chef SE with Owner Mike Lata, FIG, Charleston SC, http://www.eatatfig.com; Barry Maiden, Best Chef NE, Hungry Mother, Cambridge MA, http://www.hungrymothercambridge.com; Gerard Craft, Best Chef Mid-west, Niche, Clayton MO, http://nichestlouis.com; America’s Classics, Lopez Family, Guelaguetza, Los Angeles CA, http://ilovemole.com; Sally Bell’s Kitchen, Richmond VA, https://sallybellskitchen.com.

Great Cookbooks and an interesting new concept in Fine Dining.  James Briscione, Director of Culinary Development at the Institute of Culinary Education, NYC, http://jamesbriscione.com/ Great Cook; Marco Canora, Chef-Owner, Hearth, NYC, http://marcocanora.com/#, A Good Food Day; Tanya Bastianich Manuali, Lidia’s Italy, Queens NY, www.lidiasitaly.com, Healthy Pasta; Zach Kupperman, Founder, DinnerLab, www.dinnerlab.com

A not completely, but mostly Cheesy Program, with a Whiff of Black Gold at the Finish: Janet Fletcher, talks about Cheese & about her latest Cookbook, Napa Valley CA, http://www.janetfletcher.com/, Yogurt: Sweet & Savory Recipes for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner; Melissa Pasanen, Cabot Creamery, Cabot VT, https://www.cabotcheese.coop/, The Cabot Creamery Cookbook: Simple, Wholesome Dishes from America's Best Dairy Farms; Diane Sauvage, Importer – Fromager d'Affinois, Interval Export, Hoboken NJ, www.intervalexport.com, www.pavedaffinois.com; And on a different but equally delicious subject, Robert Chang, Managing Director, & Dr Paul Thomas, Chief Scientist, American Truffle Company, Napa CA & Scotland UK, www.americantruffle.com.

Modernizing Classics: Leah Koenig, Brooklyn NY, Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Today’s Kitchens; Ronnie Fein, Greenwich CT, www.ronniefein.com, The Modern Kosher Kitchen: More than 125 Inspired Recipes for a New Generation of Kosher Cooks; Max & Eli Sussman, NYC, New Restaurant in the Planning Stages, Classic Recipes for Modern People: A Collection of Culinary Favorites Reimagined.

Mostly Italian, with a drink to close: Lidia Bastianich, Chef, Restaurateur, PBS Star, Author, Long Island NY, www.lidiasitaly.com , Lidia’s Egg-Citing Farm Adventure; Elizabeth Minchilli, Author & Tour Guide, Rome Italy, www.elizabethminchilliinrome.comEating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City; Domenica Marchetti, www.domenicacooks.com, Ciao Biscotti: Sweet & Savory Recipes Celebrating Italy’s Favorite Cookie; Alex Finkelshteyn, Partner, DeLuxe Vodka, Minsk Belarus, www.deluxevodka.com.

OTM wishes you all the very best for Easter, Passover, or just Sunday. This week three strong voices, three so different stories: Bryan Voltaggio, Chef-Owner, Volt, Frederick MD, www.voltrestaurant.com, also Lunchbox, Family Meal, Lunchbox, Range & Aggio, various locations in MD & DC, soon to open in Richmond VA, HOME: Recipes to Cook with Family & Friends; Kent Rollins, Chuck Wagon Cook, Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking School, Hollis OK, www.kentrollins.com; A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail; Gene Baur, Co-founder & President, Farm Sanctuary, based in Washington DC, Sanctuaries in CA & NY States, www.farmsanctuary.org, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer and Feeling Better Every Day.

This week we’re going a whole lot Southern (USA that is): Alice Randall & Caroline Randall Williams, Nashville TN & Oxford MI, Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by 100 Years of Cooking in a Black Family; Jay Pierce, Executive Chef, ROCKSALT, Charlotte NC, http://www.rocksaltrestaurants.com, Shrimp, a Savor the South cookbook; Dale Curry, NOLA, Gumbo, a Savor the South cookbook.

Beer and Hearty Food to Go With It: Jane Peyton, UK Beer Sommelier for 2014, Organizer, Beer Day in Britain, http://www.beerdaybritain.co.uk/ London, Beer O’Clock: An Insider’s Guide to History, Craft, Culture; Clodagh McKenna, Food Broadcaster & Owner, Clodagh’s Restaurants, Dublin Ireland, http://www.clodaghmckenna.com/home/, Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen; Jeremy Nolen, Chef, Brauhaus Schmitz, Philadelphia PA, http://brauhausschmitz.com/, New German Cooking: Recipes for Classics Revisited.

Interesting Wine Stories and Recommendations, plus a Luxury Spirit to finish:  Eco-friendly Wines from Italy with a Surfing Connection, ZIOBAFFA  Puglia Pinot Grigio & Toscana Rosso, Kevin Swadish, Sage Beverages, Carlsbad CA, www.sagebeverages.com; Exciting New Red Wines from Toscany, Piemonte & Umbria,  Nipozzano Vecchie Viti 2011 from Frescobaldi, Tuscany, www.frescobaldi.it; Barolo 2007, Lecinquvigne, Damilano, Piemonte; www.cantinedamilano.it; Collepiano 2009, Umbria, www.arnaldocaprai.com; samples courtesy Colangelo, NYC, www.colangelopr.com; Kosher Wines for Passover etc., Jay Buchsbaum, Royal Wine Corp., Bayonne NJ, www.royalwine.com; Audrey Fort, G’Vine, Ultra-Premium Gin, produced by Eurowinegate, Cognac, France, www.g-vine.com.

Three fine examples of Culinary Instruction:  Anne Willan, Founder, Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne, Paris France, www.lavarenne.com, Secrets from the La Varenne Kitchen; Claudine Pepin, Providence RI, Kids Cook French – Les Enfants cuisinent a la Francaise; Jonathon Sawyer, Chef-Owner, The Greenhouse Tavern, Trentina & Noodlecat, Cleveland OH, www.jonathonsawyer.com, Noodle Kids, Around the World in 50 Fun, Healthy, Creative Recipes the Whole Family Can Cook Together.

What’s happening in Italy?  And a Great Guide for Diners around the World.  Dorothy Hamilton, President, International Culinary Center, and President, USA Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015, NYC,  www.culinarycenter.com & www.usapavilion2015.net, Emilia Terragni, Phaidon, London UK, www.phaidon.com, Puglia, from the Silver Spoon series; Joe Warwick, London UK, Where Chef’s Eat, 2nd Edition 2015, www.phaidon.com.

Initiatives to raise the profile and support of Women in the Food & Beverage industry:  Claudia Wu & Kerry Diamond, founders of Cherry Bombe, an acclaimed biennial, high-quality Magazine, NYC, www.cherrybombe.com; Kari Underly, Butcher, Meat Expert & Teacher, founder Muscolo Meat Academy, Chicago IL, www.rangepartners.com, The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional's Guide to Butchering & Merchandising; Susan Citron, Partner, A Woman’s Palate, Fox Chapel PA & Rutherford CA, www.awomanspalate.com.

Belated Valentine’s Day greetings to all.  THE Charleston (SC) Wine & Food Festival – 10th Anniversary – Cathryn Zommer, Director of Communications, www.charlestonwineandfood.com.  Then we stay close to home to celebrate a Fine New Restaurant: Chef Dennis Marron, The Commoner at Hotel Monaco, www.thecommonerpgh.com & www.monaco-pittsburgh.com; and a Sweet New Venture, Chef Chad Townsend and his wife Lauren launch an Artisanal Ice Cream business, Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream, why and how they’re doing it, www.millieshomemade.com.

Mostly  about Grains, Flours & Baking, plus a surprise ending:  Alice Medrich, Berkeley CA, http://alicemedrich.com, Flavor Flours: a New Way to Bake with Teff, Buckwheat,  Sorghum, Other Whole & Ancient Grains, Nuts & Non-Wheat Flours; Shanna & Tim Mallon, Nashville TN, http://foodloveswriting.com, The Einkorn Cookbook; Erin Patinkin & Agatha Kulaga, Brooklyn NY, www.oven.ly, Ovenly: Sweet and Salty Recipes from New York’s Most Creative Bakery; and to finish charming stories for Young Travelers, Liz Manzine, Bella and Harry, www.BellaandHarry.com.  Lots of activities on the website.

Sweet things to Eat & Drink:  Dorie Greenspan, "culinary guru" (by New York Times), Creator "Tuesdays with Dorie" an online baking club, her latest of 10 Cookbooks, Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere, NYC & Paris, http://doriegreenspan.com/; Mario Molinari, Chief Operating Officer, Molinari Italia, Producers of Molinari Sambuca Extra (Declared Extra by Italian Law since 1970), Molinari Caffe Liquore & Limoncello di Capri, Citavecchia & Roma Italy, www.molinari.it; John Wabeck, Beverage Manager, Spoon & Willow Restaurants, Pittsburgh, Inventor Common Decency Gin, www.spoonpgh.com; Joy Richardson, Brand Representative, Haagen Dazs - how an Ice cream maker moves into Limited Edition flavors & Gelato, www.haagendazs.us/Products/Gelato/.

AS OTM BEGINS ITS 12TH YEAR, WE WISH ALL OF OUR LISTENERS AND FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2015. Three good conversations--Three different stories that became Cookbooks:  Norman Van Aken, Illustrious Chef, Norman's Orlando FL, www.normanvanaken.com; No Experience Necessary; Eric Skokan, Creator, Black Cat Farm, Chef-Owner, Black Cat Bistro and Bramble & Hare, Boulder CO, http://blackcatboulder.com/; Eric Skokan's Farm, Fork, Food; Dana Cowin, Editor in Chief, Food and Wine Magazine, NYC, www.foodandwine.com, Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen.

We wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to our Listeners and Friends all around the World, as On the Menu begins its 12th Year. All Southern and Mostly Texan.  Jack Gilmore, Chef-Owner Jack Allen's Kitchen, Austin TX, www.jackallenskitchen.com. Jack Allen's Kitchen: Celebrating the Tastes of Texas; Terry Thompson-Anderson, Fredericksburg TX, Texas on the Table: People, Places and Recipes Celebrating the Flavors of the Lone Star State; Chris Chamberlain, Nashville TN, https://www.facebook.com/TheSouthernFoodie, Southern Foodie's Guide to the Pig.

Three Great Books from Three very special & talented Women.  And a Very Merry Christmas to Our Listeners Everywhere.  Cortney Burns, Co-Chef, Bar Tartine, San Francisco, www.bartartine.com, Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipes; Rene Erickson, Chef-Owner, Boat Street Cafe, The Walrus & the Carpenter, The Whale Wins, & Barnacle, Producer Boat Street Pickles, Seattle, www.boatstreetcafe.comA Boat A Whale & Walrus; Recipes and Stories; Karen Page, NYC, www.karenandandrew.com, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible.   

Assorted Voices: Jamie Bissonnette, Chef-Owner, Coppa & Toro, Boston MA, Toro NYC, www.coppaboston.com, www.toro-restaurant.com, The New Charcuterie Cookbook: Exceptional Cured Meats to Make & Serve at Home; Keith Schroeder, Founder & CEO, High Road Craft Ice Cream, Atlanta GA, www.highroadcraft.com, Cooking Light's Mad Delicious Cookbook: The Science of Making Healthy Food Taste Amazing; Philip Shen & Kim Pham, San Francisco CA, Terri Phillips, Portland OR, www.behindthefoodcarts.com, Food Truck Road Trip: a Cookbook; Malin Elmlid, Berlin Germany, www.thebreadexchange.com, The Bread Exchange:Tales & Recipes from a Journey of Baking & Bartering..

Mostly about Fermentation & other Preserving Techniques - plus a musical treat: Cathy Barrow,Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen food blog, Washington DC, www.mrswheelbarrow.com, Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry: Recipes & Techniques for Year-Round Preserving; Branden Byers, host of Fermup weekly Podcast & Blog, Madison WI, www.fermup.com, The Every Day Fermentation Handbook: a Real-life Guide to Fermenting Food - without Losing your Mind or your Microbes; Kirsten & Christopher Shockey, Applegate Valley OR, Fermented Vegetables; and Heather Scott, Teacarinas--teacups that double as ocarinast, St LO Ocarina, St Louis MO, www.stlocarina.com.

An interesting Ethnic Mix - how to cook like an Indian/Syrian/Mexican:  Anupy Singla, Indian for Everyone: the Home Cook's Guide to Traditional Favorites, www.indianasapplepie.com; Joumana Accad, Taste of Beirut, www.tasteofbeirut.com; Margarita Carrillo Arronte, Mexico: The Cookbook, Mexico City; Jim Peyton, Naturally Healthy Mexican Cooking, www.lomexicano.com.

Pastry, Cakes & Nuts!!  Nick Malgieri, Dir. Baking Program, Institute of Culinary Education NYC, Nick Malgieri's Pastry: Foolproof Recipes for the Home Cook; Jane Hornby, Oxford UK; www.janehornby.com, What to Bake & How to Bake it; Andrea Tutunjian & Cara Tannenbaum, Institute of Culinary Education NYC, In a Nutshell; Cooking and Baking with Nuts & Seeds..

BLOCKBUSTER first cookbooks from three renowned Chefs:  Sat Bains, Too Many Chiefs only one Indian, Sat Bains Restaurant with Rooms, Nottingham UK, info@restaurantsatbains.net; Dominique Ansel, The Secret Recipes, Dominique Ansel Bakery, NYC, www.dominiqueansel.com; Massimo Bottura, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, Osteria Francescana, Modena Italy, www.osteriafrancescana.it.  Delicious dialogues..

OTM at Gastronomika 2014, San Sebastian, Spain.  Note: To include all tha Star Chefs interviewed, this program runs longer than usual.  But we're sure you won't want to miss a thing.  First, Roser Torras, Festival Director. Then: representing Italy, the featured guest country, Massimo Bottura, Osterria Francescana, Modena, www.osteriafrancescana.it; & Carlo Cracco, Ristorante Cracco, Milan, www.ristorantecracco.it; representing  host Spain - Juan Roca & Jordi Roca, El Celler Can Roca, Girona, www.cellercanroca.com; Peruvian superstar Virgilio Martinez, Lima Peru & London UK, www.centralrestaurante.com.pe; additional 3-Stars from Spain, Carme Ruscalleda, St. Pau, St Pol de Mar & Tokyo Japan, Moments, Barcelona, www.ruscalleda.com; Quique DaCosta, Quique DaCosta Restaurant, Denia, http://www.quiquedacosta.es; And our coverage would not be complete without the divine Elena Arzak, Arzak Restaurant, San Sebastian, www.arzak.info.    :

OTM reports on dining in Nashville, and especially the 2nd annual Music City Food & Wine Festival.  Thank you to Infiniti for the use of their Pavilion, Joe Samfilippo, Franklin TN, www.infinitiusa.com. Visiting & Local Chefs collaborate, Mike Lata, FIG and The Ordinary, Charleston SC, www.eatatfig.com  & http://eattheordinary.com. , with Tandy Wilson, City House, Nashville, www.cityhousenashville.com; Beer & Liquor in Nashville, Baily Spaulding, Jackalope Brewing Company, www.jackalopebrew.com & Will Atkinson, Corsair Distillery, www.corsairartisan.com;  Two of Nashville’s most exciting new restaurants, Matt Farley, Executive Chef, Acme Feed & Seed, www.theacmenashville.com & Deb Paquette, Chef/Owner, Etch, www.etchrestaurant.com.

OTM heads west from Friuli to Veneto.  Two restaurants we loved 10 years ago, we found were still Great, and “In Search of Soave”, the Veneto’s misunderstood Vino Bianco.  Giuseppe and Lucia Zamboni, with translation by Simone Fortou, Trattoria Zamboni, near Vicenza, www.trattoriazamboni.it; Allan & Atttius Tarlao, Owners with translation by Laura Gereon, Tavernetta All’Androna, Grado; www.androna.it; Giovanni Ponchia, Director, Soave Consortium, Soave, www.ilsoave.com; Laura Rizzotto, Balestri Valda, Soave, www.balestrivaldi.com; Claudio Gini, Avienda Agricola Gini, Monteforte, www.ginivini.com; Marta Magnabosco, Avienda Agricola Monte Tondo, Soave, www.montetondo.it.

Friuli Part 2 – mostly Trieste.  Hedy & Susy Benvenuti, Owners, Duchi d’Aosta, Duchi Vis a Vis & Riviera Hotels & Harry’s Grill, Chef Federico Sestan, Trieste, www.duchi.eu; Bruno Vesnaver, Owner, Antica Ghiacceretta, Trieste, www.anticaghiacceretta; Gianluca & Massimiliano Sabinot, Owners, Vitello d’Oro, Udine, www.vitellodoro.com; Roberto Marussi, Owner. Al Bagatto, Trieste, www.albagatto.it.

Friuli & Veneto 10 years on.  OTM made a first visit to this area of NE Italy in 2004, the year we launched the program - so we thought it a revisit was overdue.  Old friends and New Friends extended warm welcome and generous hospitality at their restaurants, cantinas and lodgings.  At Orsone, Lidia & Joe Bastianich's Restaurant, B&B & Cantina - Andrea Sbrizzo, General Manager, Eduardo Valle, Executive Chef & Kelly Jeun, Sous-Chef, Wayne Young, Sales Communicatio & Marketing Mgr; Cividale del Friui, www.orsone.com ; Valter Scarbolo, Proprietor, Scarbolo Wines & La Frasca Restaurant, Lauzacco, Udine, www.scarbolo.com; Antonella Nonino, Family Nonino, Nonino Distillatori, Percoto, Udine, www.nonino.it.  More from Friuli next week.

A Program of New Stuff- new to OTM anyway.  Vanessa Lengies & Frankie Scanlon, Founders & Owners, Gustus Vitae, Salt & Spice Blends, Venice CA, www.gustusvitae.com; Chef John Doherty, Chicken Soup for the Soul BBQ Sauces, Broths, Meal Builders, etc., www.chickensoup.com/foods/; Tracy Panase, Director of Domestic Marketing, Microplane – new Kitchen Tools to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its founding; Russelsville AR, www.microplane.com; Christina Arokiasamy, Malaysian Food Ambassador, The Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation, www.malaysiankitchen.us.

Nashville’s Music City Food & Wine Festival, a Big Event You’ll  Love (no pun intended), Tim Love, Austin TX-based Restaurateur & Tennessee Farmer tells OTM all about it - upcoming September 20 & 21, www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com, and www.cheftimlove.com .  Then Experts give us fascinating insights about the liquids we love: Simon Brooking, US Global Ambassador, Laphraoig Scotch Whisky & Laphraoig Select, Islay Scotland, www.laphroaig.com; Jaime Joyce, Moonshine: The Cultural History of America's Infamous Liquor; Brooke & Luther Fedora, Chef-Owners, Horse & Hounds Gastropub, Charlottesville VA, The Foodie's Beer Book: The Art of Pairing & Cooking with Beer for Any Occasion; Steve Piatz, Minneapolis, The Complete Guide to Mead Making.

A Mostly Green program, plus a bit of comfort: Domenica Marchetti, The Glorious Vegetables of Italy, resides in Virginia, www.domenicacooks.com, Erin Riley Strong, The Green City Market Cookbook: Great Recipes from Chicago's Award-winning Farmers Market, Chicago IL, www.greencitymarket.org; Hillary Davis, French Comfort Food: the Flavors of a Cozy French Kitchen, resides in New Hampshire, www.hillary-davis.com.

North of the Border - Part 2.  Chefs at Taste of Toronto, Canoe Restaurant - High in the Sky over Toronto, Gastro-grilling from Canada.  David Neinstein, Barque Smokehouse, www.barque.ca; Damon Campbell, Bosk Restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel, http://www.shangri-la.com/toronto/shangrila/dining/restaurants/bosk/; Jeff Hopgood, Hopgoods Foodliner, www.hopgoodsfoodliner.com; Robbie Hojilla, Hudson Kitchen, www.hudsonkitchen.com; Monte Wan, Khaosanroad, www.khaosanroad.ca; Elia Herrara, Los Colibris, www.loscolibris.ca; Mark McEwan, North 44, One Restaurant, McEwan, Fabbrica, www.mcewangroup.ca; John Horne, Canoe Restaurant, http://oliverbonacini.com/Canoe.aspx; Ted Reader, Gastro Grilling: Fired-up Recipes to Grill Great Everyday Meals, www.tedreader.com.

A very special tribute to Chef Charlie Trotter, plus the Foods & Flavors of Texas & India.  Homaro Cantu, Moto Restaurant, Chicago, spokesperson for The Trotter Project, www.motorestaurant.com; Dean Fearing, Chef/Partner, Fearing's Restaurant, Dallas TX, www.fearingsrestaurant.com, The Texas Food Bible: From Legendary Dishes to New Classics; Rinku Bhattacharaya, Westchester NY, www.cookinginwestchester.com, Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors.

OTM headed North of the Border (no song intended) to cover Toronto's exciting dining scene and North America's inaugural "Taste of...." Event.  Here's the first batch of Chefs that we met. Susur Lee, Luckee Restaurant, www.luckeerestaurant.com;  Carl Heinrich, Richmand Station, www.richmondstation.ca; Cory Vitiello, The Harbord Room & THR, www.theharbordroom.com; Ben Heaton, The Grove, www.thegroveto.com; Stuart Cameron, Patria, Byblos, Weslodge, www.iconlegacy.ca; Lachlan Culjak, Yours Truly, www.yours-truly.ca; David Chrystian, Victor Restaurant, www.victorrestaurant.com; and to end a "Toast to Toronto, Sophia Pantazi, Owner, 66 Gilead Distillery, Bloomfield, Ontario, www.66gileaddistillery.com.  More of Toronto Top Chefs in 2 weeks...................

Beware, this is a very Meaty program!  Jennifer Johnson, Director of Marketing, Olli Salumeria, fine European style Organic Charcuterie (mostly Italian inspired), Mechanicsville VA (soon Oceaside CA also), www.olli.com; Tom Mylan, Exec Chef & Co-owner, Meat Hook, Brooklyn NY, www.the-meathook.com, The Meat Hook Meat Book; Brett Goodson, Founder, Bacon's Heir LLC, Atlanta GA, www.baconsheir.com, Inventors & Producers of Pork Clouds & Pork Dust - www.theporkdust.com; Mirella Amato, Founder, Beerology, Beer Tasting & Events, Toronto Canada, www.beerology.ca, Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More.

Taste of Toronto, next week July 24-27, 1st Taste of event in North America; then some unusual cookbook subjects & recipes.  Meghan O’Hanlon, Event Director, Taste Festivals Canada/IMG Group Canada, www.tasteoftoronto.com; Jeni Britton Bauer, Columbus OH, www.jenis.com, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts; Laura Russell, Portland OR, www.laurabrussell.com, Brassicas: Cooking the World’s Healthiest Vegetables; Michelle & Suzanne Rousseau, Kingston Jamaica, www.2sistersandameal.com, Caribbean Potluck.

A selection of Delicious Food Products & Recipes:  David Barber, Partner, Blue Hill Farm, Blue Hill Savory Yougurt, The Berkshires, MA, www.bluehillyogurt.com; Lori Cardenas, Owner, Aunty Liliko'i Fine Passionfruit Products, Waimea, Kauai, HI, www.auntylilikoi,com; Lee Brian Schrager, Special Events Director, Southern Wines & Spirits, Miami FL, Fried & True: 50 recipes for America's Best Fried Chicken and Sides; Erin Alderson, Blogger at www.naturallyella.com, Sacramento CA, The Homemade Flour Cookbook.

PA Jorgenson, Eating with the Chefs, Stockholm, Sweden, www.fool.se; Lynette Kucsma,CMO & Co-founder, Natural Machines, Creators of the Foodini, 3-D Printer for Foodstuffs, Barcelona Spain, www.naturalmachines.com. ; James Peterson, (Is it) Done (Yet): A Cook's Guide to Knowing when Food is Perfectly Cooked, Brooklyn NY (parentheses added by OTM).

Three exciting Asian Restaurants in England - London & Manchester.  And good news from Justin Severino, the Cure'ated Dinner series at Cure, Pittsburgh, www.curepittsburgh.com. Bobby Chinn, Owner, House of Ho, London, www.houseofho.co.uk/, unconventional Vietnamese; Mimi Tokumine, Sake Sommelier, Shoryu, London (3 locations), www.shoryuramen.com, Traditional Ramen, huge Sake selection; Helen Tse, MBE, Chef-Partner, Sweet Mandarin, Manchester, www.sweetmandarin.com/, 3rd Generation interpretation of classic & contemporary Chinese, Sweet Mandarin Cookbook: Classic & Contemporary Chinese Recipes with Gluten & Dairy Free Variation.

Announcing Brooklyn Brewery Mash in Pittsburgh June 21-28, then on around the world. NOLA Chefs, New & Old, plus a Prominent Irish Chef talks about Irish Food & his DC area Restaurants.  Beer, more Beer & Food to match, from a leader in the Craft Brewery movement - http://brooklynbrewerymash.com; Alon Shaya, Chef-Partner, Pizza Domenica, www.pizzadomenica.com; Mike Regua Sr., Executive Chef, Antoine's Restaurant, www.antoines.com; Cathal Armstrong, Chef-Owner, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria VA, www.restauranteve.com, My Irish Table: Recipes from the Homeland and Restaurant Eve.

OTM returns to NOLA, the "Crescent City" and one of our favorite places to dine:  Ryan Prewitt, Chef/Owner, Peche Seafood Grill, www.pecherestaurant.com; Brian Landry, Chef/Partner, Borgne, www.borgnerestaurant.com; Miles Prescott, Chef/Partner, RioMar (also Little Gem & soon-to-come La Boca, a new Nikkei (Japanese/Peruvian) concept); Raoul Vives, Bellman (for 50 years), Hotel Monteleone, www.hotelmonteleone.com, also home to Criollo Restaurant, www.criollonola.com.

OTM goes Exotic, Cuisines & Ingredients.  Jean-Paul Gabriel, Thailand: the Cookbook, based in Belgium, www.jpgl.be; David Sterling, Founder & Proprietor, Los Dos Cooking School, Merida Mexico, www.los-dos.com, Yucatan: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition; Esha Ray, Co-Founder & CEO, Enray (now owned by J M Smucker), TRuRoots "ancient" grains, Lentils, Quinoa, etc., Livermore CA, www.truroots.com; Samir Bayraktar, NAR Gourmet Mediterranean Products from Turkey--Oils, Vinegars, Preserves, Herbs & Spices, www.nargourmet.com

OTM Visits with Artisan Bread Bakers, a Spokesperson for "Meatless all day", and a Sophisticated look at America's Favorite, Hot Dogs Buns & all.  Keith Cohen, Owner, Orwashers, NYC, www.orwashers.com, Artisan Bread: 100 Years of Techniques & Recipes; Josey Baker, Owner, The Mill Bakery, San Francisco, www.joseybakerbread.wordpress.com, Josey Baker Bread; Dina Cheney, Meatless All Day: Recipes for Inspired Vegetarian Meals, Cos Cob CT, www.dinacheney.com; Russell Van Kraayenburg, Haute Dogs: Recipes forDelicious Hot Dogs, Buns and Condiments, www.chasingdelicious.com.

OTM heads for some of London’s GREAT Galleries & Museums;  The National Gallery, Veronese, www.nationalgallery.org.uk; The National Portrait Gallery, David Bailey Stardust, www.npg.org.uk;  Tate Modern, Matisse Cutouts, www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern; The Barbican, Jean Paul Gaultier, www.barbican.org.uk/visitor-information; The British Museum, The Vikings, www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/vikings.aspxAnd of course more fine dining – three up and coming British Chefs, and a surprise ending to the show; Phil Carmichael, Executive Chef, Berner’s Tavern at The London Edition Hotel, www.bernerstavern.com; Hus Vedat, Head Chef, Barbecoa by Jamie Oliver, www.barbecoa.com; Adam Handling, Caxton Head Chef, Caxton Grill at St. Ermin’s Hotel, www.caxtongrill.co.uk; Camilla Goddard, Director, Capital Bees, Beekeeper for St Ermin’s Hotel & others, www.capitalbee.co.uk.

It's Award Season - OTM shares Winner's Excitement in London, anticipates the same in NYC.  April 28 at London's Guildhall, the World's 50 Best Restaurants for 2014 were announced.  We caught up with a few of the Excited Chefs & Owners: Highest New Entry at #17, Gaggan Anand, Gaggan, Bangkok, www.eatatgaggan.com; Biggest Mover, from #50 to #15, Virgilio Martinez, Central, Lima, Peru, www.centralrestaurante.pe, also Lima London, www.limalondon.com.  Chef Jean Francois & GM Pierre Siue, Daniel, NYC, www.danielnyc.com; “One to Watch”, Mark Bright, Partner, Saison, SF, www.saisonsf.com; Thomas Keller, Per Se, NYC, www.perseny.com, French Laundry, Yountville CA, www.frenchlaundry.com/; First ever on Top 50 from Russia: Vladimir Mukhin, White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia, www.whiterabbitmoscow.ru.

Preview of the James Beard Awards taking place tomorrow in NYC, Izabela Wojcik, Director of House Programming, James Beard Foundation, NYC, www.jamesbeard.org

Not enough Sweets for your Sweet Tooth at Easter?  OTM has more Sweet Guests right here!  Brian Nicholson & Sarah Huck, Red Jacket Orchards, Fruitful: Four Seasons of Fresh Fruit Recipes, Geneva NY, www.redjacketorchards.com; Kamal Grant, Owner, Sublime Doughnuts, Home Made Doughnuts: Techniques and Recipesfor making Doughnuts in the Home Kitchen, Atlanta GA, www.sublimedoughnuts.com; Amber Rose, Baker & Food Stylist, Love Bake Nourish: Healthier Cakes & Desserts Full of Fruit & Flavour, London UK, www.amberrose.co.uk; LindsayClendaniel,  Icecream Maker/Blogger, Scoop Adventures: The Best Ice Cream of the 50 States, Annapolis MD, www.scoopadventures.com

HAPPY EASTER!!!  Three Experts Sharing their Secrets how to Cut & Cure Meats the Spanish Way; how to make Whiskey the American (Tennessee) Way; how to Preserve Food in Manageable Quantities. Jeffrey Weiss, Chef-Owner, Jeninni Restaurant, Pacific Grove CA, Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain, www.jeninni.com, www.charcuteriabook.com; Matt Blevins, Brand Manager, Jack Daniel's (Brown-Forman) Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, Lynchburg TN, www.jackdaniels,com; Marissa McClellan, Preserving by the Pint: Quick Seasonal Canning for Small Spaces, Philadelphia PA, www.foodinjars.com.

Truly Exotic: Politrone Wild Burgundiian Snails, Tanoreen Brooklyn; Culture Club Kombucha

A Very Exotic Program, Unusual Protein, Ancient AND Modern Spices & Recipes using them, and a Beverage Product Line that Tastes Great & is Good for You besides.  Doug Dussault, Owner, Potironne Company, Importer of Wild Burgundian Escargots (Snails),  Larkspur CO, www.snailman.com; Rawia Bishara, Chef & Co-owner, Tanoreen, Brooklyn NY, Olives, Lemons & Za'atar, The Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking, www.tanoreen.com; Chris Reed, Owner, Reed's Inc, Culture Club Kombucha "cultured" Beverages, Los Angeles CA, www.reedsinc.com.

American Ingenuity: Ryan Farr 4505 Meats; Alison Hooper,Vermont Creamery; John W Macy Cheese Sticks

Three great & delicious examples of American Ingenuity in the Food Business:  Ryan Farr, Partner, Butcher and Sausage Maker, 4505 Meats, San Francisco, www.4505meats.com; Alison Hooper, Partner, Vermont Creamery, Goat & Cow Cheeses, Cultured Butter, Websterville VT, www.vermontcreamery.com; John Macy, Founder & CEO, The John Wm Macy Co., Elmwood Pary NJ, www.cheesesticks.com.

Two fascinating Stories of Lives in the Food Business, and two ladies named Victoria:  Luigi Diotaiuti, Chef-Owner, Al Tiramisu, Washington DC, www.altiramisu.com, The Al Tiramasu Restaurant Cookbook: an Elevated Approach to Authentic Italian Cuisine; Leah Eskin, Food Columnist, Chicago Tribune, now resident in Baltimore MD, Slices of Life: a Food Writer Cooks through many a Conundrum; Victoria Amory, Owner, Victoria Amory Condiments, Connecticut & Madrid, www.victoriaamory.com; Victoria Ho, Creative Director & Partner, Popsalot Gourmet Popcorn, Beverley Hills CA, www.popsalot.com.

OTM pays tribute to Darina and Myrtle Allen, prime leaders of the Modern Irish Food Movement. Our broadcast/re-broadcast marks the 30th Anniversary of the Ballymaloe Cooking School, near Cork Ireland, the 50th Anniversary of Ballymaloe House, a Country Inn & Restaurant, and Darina's recently published sensational new memoir/cookbook, 30 Years at Ballymaloe: A Celebration of the World-renowned Cooking School with over 100 New Recipes. Herewith: a discussion with Darina about her book and current events at Ballymaloe; a replay of our 2011 interview with Myrtle Allen, founder of Ballymaloe House & matriarch of the three generations of Mrs. Allens; our 2011 discussion with Darina at Ballymaloe Cooking School; our first interview with Darina in 2010 about her Cookbook, Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time-Honored Ways are the Best - Over 700 Recipes Show You Why.  www.cookingisfun.ie.

Fascinating stories from 3 places you probably never heard of. We think you'll be interested, even delighted.  Minus 8 ice wine-based Vinegars from Canada's Niagara region, Brad & Rachel Thomson, St. Catherine's Ontario Canada, www.minus8vinegar.com; Chef Eli Wahl, Casbah Restaurant of the Big Burrito Group, Pittsburgh PA talks about Minus 8's use in cooking and a special menu he created as a showcase for these vinegars, www.bigburrito.com/casbah/;  Patricia & Astrea Morford, Goat Farmers & Cheesemakers, River's Edge Chevre from Three Ring Farm, Logsden OR, www.threeringfarm.com; Max Watman shares a lifetime of his experiences with "real food", Harvest: Field Notes from a Far-flung Pursuit of Real Food, Hudson Valley NY.

Did you set your clocks?  Around the World, note that the time change in the USA is earlier than in most countries, so you can hear us an hour earlier. A "Mixed Bag"; a New Food Magazine - published in Sweden; Two Superb Vodkas with Unusual stories & ingredients; and a "Bible" of a different kind.  Lotta & P-A Jorgenson, Fool Magazine, Malmo Sweden, www.fool.se; Jack Bays, Founder, Fair Quinoa Vodka - Quinoa from Bolivia, Distilled in the Cognac region of France, Brand owned by Fair Spirits, Paris, distributed in the US by Bay-Pac Beverages, www.fairspirits.com; Don Freytag, CMO, Ocean Vodka, Maui HI, www.oceanvodka.com; Annie Bell, Annie Bell's Baking Bible. London UK, www.anniebell.net.

It's All in the Family at three Food-Drink establishments.  Iron Horse Vineyards, Joy Sterling, President, Green Valley CA, www.ironhorsevineyards.com; Good Stock Farm, Sanford "Sandy D'Amato, formerly Chef-Owner, Sanford Restaurant, Milwaukee WI, Good Stock: Life at a Low Simmer, Hatfield MA, www.goodstockfarm.com; Valor Chocolates, Valeriano Lopez, President (5th generation), nr. Alicante Spain, www.valor.es.


A Very Liquid Program, from Coffee to Wine to Mezcal.  Bruce Burrows, Inventor of the ICoffee, Super Hi-Tech Brewer, Valencia CA,  www.icoffee.com; Paul Kelamkiarian, Proprietor, Wine-of-the-Month Club, Monrovia CA, www.wineofthemonthclub.com; Judah Kuper, Mezcal Vago, Oaxaca Mexico, www.mezcalvago.com.  Imbibe and Enjoy!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all Lovers everywhere!!  Today an interesting list of the Most Influential People in Food in the USA, Rio de Janiero Cuisine & an "Insider's" Guide to Paris:  Colman Andrews, The Daily Meal, America's 50 Most Powerful People in Food, www.thedailymeal.com/americas-50-most-powerful-people-food-2014/12114; Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, My Rio de Janiero: a Cookbook, www.chefleticia.com; Trish Deseines, The Paris Gourmet, Paris France, www.trishdeseine.com.  OTM's Valentine Feast of B-Valves & Bubbly courtesy of Taylor Shelfish Farms, www.taylorshellfish.com & Gloria Ferrer, www.gloriaferrer.com.  Thanks to both!!>

Mostly British: A Chef & Prolific Author; a Food TV Producer as Sleuth; on the Bristol Dining Scene again; & adventures with a favorite, Grilled Cheese.  Paul Gaylor, a 20-year veteran chef & Author of 22 books, Great Homemade Soups: a Cook's Collection; James Winter, Producer of the BBC's Saturday Kitchen, Who Put the Beef in Wellington: 50 Culinary Classics, Who Invented Them, When, and Why; Toru Yanada, Chef, Riverstation, Bristol, England,  http://www,riverstation.co.uk; Shane Kearns, Melt: 100 Amaking Adventures in Grilled Cheese, http://www.grilledshane,com

More "American-made:" Anne Quatrano, Chef-Partner, Star Provisions Food Markets & Restaurants, Atlanta GA, www.starprovisions.com, Summerland; Judith Choate, author-collaborator on 100 Cookbooks, An American Family Cooks, http://notesfromjudieskitchen.com; Kate Heddings, FOOD & WINE Best New Chefs All-Star Cookbook.

One of our MOST Fascinating Programs.  Two Iconic and Important Chefs reveal their Philosophy and (some) of their Secrets:  David Kinch, Chef-Owner, Manresa Restaurant, Los Gatos CA, www.manresarestaurant.com, Manresa: An Edible Relection; Daniel Patterson, Chef-Owner, Coi & 3 other Bay Area Restaurants, Oakland & San Francisco, www.danielpattersongroup,com, Coi: Stories and Recipes.

How can you Cook more interestingly and more conveniently?  Tools & techniques  from the “good old USA”.  Sam Weiner, President, Edgecraft/Chef’s Choice, Avondale PA, Knife Sharpeners, Electric Kettles etc, www.edgecraft.com; Mary Karlin, Mastering Fermentation: Recipes for Making & Cooking with Fermented Foods, www.masteringfermentation.com; Erin Coopey, The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook: Making Your Own Condiments & Essentials, Seattle WA, www.glorifiedhomechef.com.

OTM isn’t the only one who loves Italian cuisine, a Chef talks to us about his Italian “Viaggio” that ended with Cucina Italiana in Philadelphia, and definitive “How to Cook” Pasta & the Dolci of Southern Italy.  Jeff Michaud, Chef, Osteria, Philadelphia PA, Eating Italy: A Chef's Culinary Adventure, www.vetrifamily.com; Maureen Fant, Sauces & Shapes: Pasta the Italian Way, Rome, Italy, www.mbfant.com; Rosetta Costantino, Southern Italian Desserts: Rediscovering the Sweet Traditions of Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia & Sicily, www.cookingwithrosetta.com.

Meat, Potatoes (and other veggies) & Drinks to go with.  Chef/co-owner Rick DeShantz & partner Tolga Sevdick are packing them in - we talk to them about their new spot in Pittsburgh's Cultural District, Butcher and the Rye, www.butcherandtherye.com, meanwhile their Meat and Potatoes is still going strong, www.meatandpotatoespgh.com; OTM Loves Lamb and no Lamb better than from Jamison Farm near Latrobe PA, John & Sukey Jamison bring us up to date & we reminisce also, www.jamisonfarm.com; Joe Yonan, Food Editor of the Washington Post, brings a new approach to "Eating for one", Eat your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook.

OTM Wishes Each & Every One of our Listeners, and Guests since January 2004. a Happy & Prosperous 2014. And We Suggest Liquor to Toast its Beginning. Joe Magliocco, President, Michter's Distillery, Lousville KY, Makers of Michter's US*1 American Whiskeys, Unblended, Rye, Sourmash & Bourbon, based on Traditional 18th Century Mash-bills & Methods, www.michters.com; Don Crank, Winemaker, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Producers of top quality Pinot Noir wines from 3 Oregon Estates, Turner OR, www.willamettevalleyvineyards.com; Andy Nelson, Partner & Distiller, Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery, Nashville TN, www.greenbrierdistillery.com, Today producing Belle Meade Bourbon, the Revived Nelson Brand to follow.

Merry Christmas Best Wishes to All of our Listeners Around the World. Sweet Treats & Other Ideas for Holiday Entertaining. Roger Pizey, Pastry Chef, Marco Grill at Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, London, www.marcogrill.com, World Class Cakes, Kate McDermott, Art of the Pie - Pie Class & Pie Camp, www.artofthepie.com & Kate Lebo, Poet & Pie Enthusiast, A Commonplace Book of Pie - both Kates from Seattle; Eric LeVine, Chef-Partner, Morris Tap & Grill, Randolph NJ, www.morristapandgrill.com, Small Bites Big Flavor: Simple, Savory & Sophisticated Recipes for Entertaining; Peggy Smith, Co-Founder, Cowgirl Creamery, Marin CA, www.cowgirlcreamery.com, Cowgirl Creamery Cooks.

Still Italy, Borgo Seghetti Panichio, Ascoli Piceno; Le Logge ,San Guiseppe, Siena, Lidia's latest

OTM still in Italy - how great! 2 Traditional Restaurants in Siena, Tuscany, and a Palazzo where you can stay with the Princess-owner, near Architecturally Wonderful Ascoli Piceno, in southern Le Marche. And to wrap it up Lidia's latest cookbook: Mirco Vigni, Partner, & Chef Nico Atrigna, Osteria Le Logge, Siena, www.osterialelogge.it, Marco Neri, Owner, Matteo Neri, Sommelier, Massimiliano, Chef, La Taverna di San Giuseppe, Siena, www.tavernasangiuseppe.it; Princess Giulia, Owner, Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi, Historic Splendor + Modern Luxury, nr. Ascoli Piceno, www.seghettipanichi.it;Lidia Bastianich, Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking, www.lidiasitaly.com.

In Emilia Romagna, Massimo Spigarola, Culatello; Marta Pulini, Modena; Quartopiano, Modena

OTM in Italy, Modena, Emilia Romagna to be precise. We meet Three Chefs/Restaurateurs with Fascinating Stories. Massimo Spigaroli, Owner-Chef, Antica Corte Pallavicina, Polense Parmense, nr. Parma, "World's Best" Producer of Culatello, www.anticacortepallavicinarelais.com;Marta Pulini, Chef-Partner, Franceschetta58, Modena, www.franceschetta.it;Alessandro Bertoni, Partner, Mon Cafe Ristorante/Caffetteria & Quartopiano Bed & Breakfast, Modena, www.mon-cafe.it; www.bbquartopiano.it.

OTM Ventures Around the World & Back in History: Anya von Bremzen, Multi-Award-Winning Journalist & Cookbook Author Traces her Family'sExperiences in her Native Landby Recreating Different Decades of Russian Food, Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking; Sandra Gutierrez, Latin American Street Food: The Best Flavors of Markets, Beaches, and Roadside Stands from Mexico to Argentina, www.sandraskitchenstudio.com; Habeeb Saloum & his Twin Daughters Muna & Leila, Scheherazade's Feast: Foods of the Medieval Arab World, Toronto Canada & Allentown PA; Ken Marion, Green Virgin Products, Tells us about Moringa, a Tropical Superfood, "maybe the World's most nutritious Green, www.greenvirginproducts.com

Sweet and a Little Bit Savory, from 4 Ladies who know their way around both! Joanne Chang, Owner, Flour Bakery, Flour, too, Boston MA, www.flourbakery.com; Allison Robicelli,Co-Owner, Robicelli's Cupcakes, Robicelli's Cupcakes: A Love Story with Cupcakes, Brooklyn NY, www.robicellis.com; Dynise Balcavage, Pies & Tarts with Heart, Philadelphia PA, www.urbanvegan.net; Natalie Slater, Bake & Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans, Chicago IL, www.bakeanddestroy.com.

Three Views of Food in New Orleans and New Orleans transplanted to Oxford MI. John Besh, Restaurant August et al, Cooking from my Heart: My Favorite Lessons Learned Along the Way, www.chefjohnbesh.com; John Currance, City Grocery etc, Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey, Oxford MI, www.citygroceryonline.com; Poppy Tooker, Host of NOLA Radio's Louisiana Eats, Louisiana Eats: The People, the Food and Their Stories, www.poppytooker.com.

OTM pays tribute to Master Chef-Restaurateur Charlie Trotter - a re-broadcast of an interview with him first aired March 1, 2009.Then, Allen Salkin examines the past, present and future of the culinary star-making Food Network, From Scratch: Inside the Food Network.

On the Menu brings you More of Western Ireland.  The Far NW, Wild Scenery, Wonderful Ingredients & Food Preparations.  "You must go to Harry's on the Inishowen Peninsula.................."  several people told us.  Well we hadn't planned to but our Flexibility was Amply Rewarded; Donal Doherty, Owner, Harry's Restaurant, Bridgend, Donegal, www.Twitter.com/HarrysDonal; Along the Way a delightful Georgian Country House run by Susan & DJ Kellett, Enniscoe House, Ballina, Mayo, www.enniscoe.com.  And in Super-Scenic County Clare, Allen Flynn, Owner, The Old Ground Hotel, Ennis, www.flynnhotels.com/Old_Ground_Hotel_Ennis; Dermot Hayes, Bar Manager, Doonbeg Golf Club, Doonbeg, www.doonbeggolfclub.com.

On the Menu loves Ireland, Irish Ingredients, Irish Chefs & their Restaurants - and "The West is Best" so we returned less than 12 months since our last visit. This program - Galway, the heart of Western Ireland Food! JP McMahon, Co-Owner, Aniar Restaurant & Cava Bodega, Galway, www.aniar.ie; Jess & David Murphy, Co-Owners, Kai Caf & Restaurant, Galway, http://kaicaferestaurant.com; Enda McEvoy, Executive Chef & upcoming Restaurant Owner & Conor Cockram, Sous-Chef, Galway, www.cnocsuain.com; Hisashi Kumagai, Chef, RAW-Sushi in the Sky in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway & Tarron Lynch, Restaurant Manager, www.sushiinthesky.ie.

All about Birds, and Eggs too.John Ash, Culinary Birds: the Ultimate Poultry Cookbook, www.chefjohnash.com; Hank Shaw, Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks & Geese, both Wild & Domesticated; Lara Ferroni, Put an Egg on It; 70 Delicious Dishes that Deserve a Sunny Topping, www.laraferroni.com.


Three Iconic Women who have shaped Cooking & Dining in America and elsewhere; Ann Willan, One Souffle at a Time; Joyce Goldstein, Inside the California Food Revolution: 30 Years that Changed our Culinary Consciousness; Mollie Katzen, "The Heart of the Plate: Vegetarian Recipes for a New Generation".


OTM is Euphoric about Greenville SC's Euphoria Food, Drink & Music Festival.  Here are some of the Celebrities and Characters who made it So Great: Country Song Writer Josh Leo, and his Friend Euphoria Concert Headliner Kim Carnes - and Yes Kim & Josh gave us a Brief Phrase from "...Bette Davis Eyes"; David Guas, Celebrity Chef, Chef Cook-off MC,& owner Bayou Bakery, Arlington VA, www.bayoubakeryva.com; Food & Drink Producers Craig Rogers, Lamb Farmer, Border Springs Farm, Patrick Springs VA, www.borderspringsfarm.com; David Raad, Co-Founder & Distiller, Six & Twenty Distillery, Piedmont SC, www.sixandtwentydistillery.com; Teryi Youngblood, Chef, Passerelle Bistro, Greenville, www.passerelleinthepark.com; Chris Chamberlain, Food & Drink Writer, Nashville Scene, www.nashvillescene.com, Author,The Southern Foodie: 100 Places to Eat in the South Before You Die (and the Recipes That Made Them Famous); Trevor Higgins, Executive Chef, Roost Restaurant, Greenville, www.roostrestaurant.com

OTM covers Carmel-by-the-Sea, a "little gem" well worth a Visit. Jason Burnett, Mayor, http://ci.carmel.ca.us/carmel/; Two Young Kitchen Stars, Justin Cogley, Aubergine, www.auberginecarmel.com & James Anderson, La Bicyclette, www.labicycletterestaurant.com; Two Carmel "Institutions", Mark Simpson, Chef de Cuisine, Anton & Michel, www.antonandmichel.com & Fiona Ayres, GM, Cypress Inn, www.cypress-inn.com; Two Local Winemakers both with Tasting Rooms in Carmel village, Anna Russell, GM, De Tierra, www.detierra.com & Christopher Whaley, Wrath Wines, www.wrathwines.com. They all say "Come to Carmel!!"

Our Second program on Lima, Peru.  OTM talks to Top Chefs from around the world, Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana Modena Italy, www.osteriafrancescana.it, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Mugaritz, Errenteria Spain, www.mugaritz.com, Albert Adria, Tickets, Barcelona Spain, 40 degrees, Mexico City www.41grados.es;  Jose Andres, Jaleo, Washington DC, www.jaleo.com/jose; Daniel Humm & Will Guidara, 11 Madison Park NYC, www.elevenmadisonpark.com, Nuno Mendes, Viajante, London UK, www.viajante.co.uk; Davide Scabin, Combal.Zero, Rivoli Italy, www.combal.org, Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill etc., Chicago IL, www.fronteragrill.net .  Also Jaime Pesaque from Lima's Mayta,  www.maytarestaurante.com & Ines Espana, Restaurant Ines, Santa Cruz Bolivia, visiting from Bolivia.

OTM explores Peru's Fabulous & Fascinating Food Culture, First of all at the Latin American 50 Best Restaurant Awards, www.theworlds50best.com, then the Great Mistura Food Festival & Culinary Symposium, http://mistura.pe/mistura-2013/, lastly the Extravaganza called Gelinaz, http://gelinaz.com/project/lima. At the LATAM 50 Best, a Production of William Reed Business Media, OTM Congratulates Lima Chefs Gaston Acurio of #1 Astrid y Gaston & # 15 La Mar, http://astridygaston.com/en/; Virgilio Martinez, #4 Central, http://centralrestaurante.com.pe/en/; Pedro Miguel Schiaffino #7 Malabar, http://malabar.com.pe/; Mitsuhara Tsumura #11 Maido, http://www.maido.pe/. At Mistura we Talk Again with Gaston Acurio and Special Guest Alaine Ducasse, www.alain-ducasse.com. And Explaining Gelinaz "Road Manager" Andrea Petrini (Also French Chairman for World's 50 Best).

Ann talks about Upcoming Food Festivals and Other Resources you can find through http://eater.com/.

These Three Men Know Their Wines!! Victor Rallo Jr, Restaurateur, Wine Expert & TV Celebrity, 21 Wines, http://victorrallo.com; Ray Walker, Burgundy Winemaker, The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France; Max McCalman, Wine & Cheese Afficianado, Wine & Cheese Pairing Swatchbook, www.maxmccalman.com/ .

BIG Features in Latin American and Peruvian Gastronomy next week in LIMA; the Inaugural Latin American Top 50 Restaurant Awards Happen Sep 4, and Mistura, a HUGE Food Festival and associated Culinary Congress start the next day through Sep 14. Find more information at http://www.theworlds50best.com/latinamerica/en/and http://mistura.pe/. Treme is more than just an HBO series, now its the subject of Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans by Lolis Eric Elie. 10 years of Research by Jo Robinson are covered in Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health. And Who Knew Mineral Water Menus may be coming to a Restaurant near you? Martin Riese, Certified Water Sommelier & Developer of the Water Menu at Ray's & Stark Bar, LA, www.patinagroup.com/restaurant.php?restaurants_id=133, that's Who.

Pittsburgh Restaurants Make Big News, and 2 New Food Lines WE LOVE - We Think You will TOO!!  Bill Fuller, Executive Chef, Big Burrito Group, the Mad Mex Hatch Chile Festival - these Renowned New Mexico Chiles are available for their Short Season, get the Special Hatch Chile Menu at all Mad Mex Restaurants; www.madmex.com, www.bigburrito.com; Bar Marco makes Bon Appetit Top 50 New Restaurants, Alaina Webber, Communications Director, Jamilka Borges, Chef, Sean Enright, Cocktail Guru, www.barmarcopgh.com.  Check out their newly opened Livermore in East Liberty.

Steve Kneepkens, VP Sales & Marketing, Calbee, Harvest Snaps - 70% Pea & 65% Lentil Snacks, Fairfield CA, www.harvestsnaps.com; Enric Padro, Founding Partner & Managing Director, Jose Andres Foods, Imported Delicacies from Spain, www.joseandresfoods.com.


A Miscellany of Fascinating & Unusual Cookbooks and their Interesting Authors. Adrian Miller, Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time, Denver CO, www.adrianemiller.com; Chris Hart, Wicked Good Burgers: Fearless Recipes and Uncompromising Techniques for the Ultimate Patty; Boston MA, Co-Author Andy Husband's Boston Restaurant is Tremont647, www.tremont647.com; Kay Plunkett Hogge, Leon Family & Friends, London UK, www.kayplunketthogge.com, for Leon Restaurant's information, www.leonrestaurants.co.uk Aliza Green, The Soupmaker's Kitchen: How to Save your Scraps, Prepare a Stock & Craft the Perfect Pot of Soup Philadelphia PA www.materialculture.com 


OTM Previews Euphoria 2013, 8th Anniversary of this Unique & Fascinating Festival of Food, Drink & MUSIC, in the Delightful Southern City of Greenville SC, Gillian Trimboli, Event Director & Chef Teri Youngblood, Pasarelle Restaurant at the Reedy River Falls, BE THERE - get information and tickets at www.euphoriagreenville.com, and HURRY, Some individual Events are already Sold Out. Three Cookbook Authors on Very Special Subjects; Lindy Wildsmith, Ciccetti: Delicious Italian Food to Share, The Chef's Room Cookery School, Blaenavon Wales, http://thechefsroom.co.uk/; Hillary Davis, Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-Kissed Cooking from the French Riviera, www.hillary-davis.com; Lauri Pastrone, Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates Our Humanity, by Women for Women International, www.womenforwomen.org.

A Truly Marvelous Book, part History, part Food Anthology, Part Cookbook, part One Great Read, William Sitwell, A History of Food in 100 Recipes, Food TV Personality, Editor of Waitrose Kitchen, Northants UK, www.williamsitwell.com. Then 3 Unusual & Exciting New Food Innovators; Scott Witherow, Olive & Sinclair "Southern Artisanal" Chocolate Co., Nashville TN, www.oliveandsinclair.com; Deboleena Datta, HerbNZest Condiments, Princeton NJ, www.herbnzest.com;Tara Miko Grayless, Happy Hemp, Austin TX, www.happy-hemp.com.

Three Guys & 3 Innovate Food & Beverage Ideas. David Sipes, Cider Maker, Angry Orchard Cider Co, Boston MA, The Cider House Collection, Strawman & Iceman (750cc bottles), www.angryorchard.com; Rio Sabadicci, Inventor, The Vinturi Spirits Aerator, Carlsbad CA, www.vinturi.com; Mark Bitterman, Owner, The Meadow, Portland OR & NYC, Mark Bitterman's Salt Block Cooking, www.atthemeadow.com.

San Francisco Chefs 2013 - one of the World's Top City Food & Wine Festivals - coming soon, July 27-August 4 - OTM get's the Inside Story from Rob Black, Executive Director, Golden Gate Restaurant Association - for moreDetails& Tickets p http://sfchefsfoodwine.com/. Three Families Who Know & Care a whole lot about Foods that seem routine, and show they're anything but ordinary; "Bean Queen" Hannah Kullberg & "Professor Bean" Keith Kullberg, Better Bean Co., Portland OR, www.betterbean.com; Domonic Biggi, Beaverton Foods, Mustards, Sauces, Salsas etc, Beaverton OR, www.beavertonfoods.com; Koel Thomae, Noosa Yoghurt, Boulder CO, www.noosayoghurt.com.

Sweet & Savory in the Same Program.  Chef Michael Antonorsi, Founder, Chuao Chocolatier & his 2 Newest Bars, Pop Corn Pop & Orange-a-Go-Go, San Diego CA, www.chuaochocolatier.com; Tessa Arias, Chef-Blogger, Cookies & Cream: Hundreds of Ways to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich, Phoenix AZ, www.handletheheat.com; Mike Babcock, Owner, Oregon Seafoods, Sea Fare Pacific, pre-packaged, shelf-stable Chowders, Bisques & Curries, Coos Bay OR, www.oregonseafoods.com; Tenaya Darlington, Cheese Blogger, Di Bruno Brothers House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes & Pairings, Philadelphia PA, www.madamefromageblog.com.

A Very Vinous Program!! Tim Hanni MW, explains his Concept of Vinotyping, Why You Like the Wines You Like, Napa Valley CA, www.myvinotype.com; Old World Wines, Indigenous & Heirloom (with names you can't pronounce or spell - but they taste great), Miguel Nora, Senior Area Manager-Americas, Wines of Portugal, www.viniportugal.pt  New World Wines from a New Winery in California's Livermore Valley, a little-known Wine Region that Deserves more Attention, Collin Cranor, Winemaker & Partner, Nottingham Cellars, Livermore CA, www.nottinghamcellars.com.

Food & Cooking from Unusual Points of View. Lauren Mandel, Rooftop Ag. Specialist, Roofmeadow, EAT UP: The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture, Philadelphia, www.eatupag.com; Maneet Chauhan, Chef-Restaurateur (opening as yet un-named place in Nashville TN), Flavors of My World: a Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries, www.maneetchauhan.com; Lynne Gigliottii, Culinary Institute of America, Mediterranean Cooking by the CIA, www.culinary.edu; Jeff Leichleiter, Producer, Tim's Cascade Snacks - Hawaiian Chips & Erin's Popcorn, Algoma WA, www.pinnaclefoods.com.


We apologize for the delay in availability of today's program - human error now corrected. Cleveland's 5Star Sensation is ONE GREAT PARTY - OTM was there again!! Clevelanders Jerrod & Wendy Borkey give us a Guest Perspective; Dana Cree, Pastry Chef, Blackbird Restaurant, Chicago, www.blackbirdrestaurant,com; Ashley Bell, Domaine Drouhin, Dundee OR, www.domainedrouhin.com; Jon Dubois, Chef de Cuisine, Green Zebra, Chicago, www.greenzebrachicago.com, also tells us about Chef-Owner Shawn McClain's new Las Vegas restaurants; Mindy Segal, Chef-Owner, Mindy's Hot Chocolate, Chicago, www.hotchocolatechicago.com; Stephan Pyles, Chef-Owner, Stefan Pyles, Dallas TX, www.stefanpyles.com. And in the "Party Spirit", Lucinda Hutson, Tequila Afficianado, Viva Tequila! Cocktails, Cooking, and other Agave Adventures, Austin TX, www.lucindahutson.com; Tim Federle, Cocktail Enthusiast, Actor & "Word Nerd",Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, NYC, www.timfederle.com.

OTM completes 2013's coverage of London Dining with some SUPER, SPICY recommendations, then 2 unusual Interviews, a 150th Birthday Lunch for 110,000 people & Lyrical Recollections of Childhood Experiences in France. Sanjay Dwivedi, Coya Restaurant (Peruvian), Mayfair, www.coyarestaurant.com;Stevie Parle, Chef-Owner, Dock Kitchen, Notting Hill - Portobello Dock, www.dockkitchen.co.uk; Sriram Aylur, Chef & Director of Operations, Quilon, Victoria, www.quilonrestaurant.co.uk & Bombay Brasserie, South Kensington, www.bombaybrasserielondon.com. Jeff Sinciline, Chef, Parkhurst Dining at Bayer USA Headquarters, Robinson Township, Pittsburgh, how 110,000 people will celebrate Bayer's 150th Anniversary, www.parhurstdining.com. Sara Remington, Paris to Provence: Childhood Memories of Food & France.

Flavor & More Flavor! Spice Blender Lior Lev Sercarz, La Boite, NYC, The Art of Blending, www.laboiteny.com ; Maria Elia, Chef-Broadcaster, London UK, Full of Flavor, www.thisismariaelia.com; Bobby Deen, Savannah GA, From Mama's Table to Mine.

OTM in London, 2nd Program, OTM covers highlights of the Art Scene, and 3 New & Exciting Dining Adventures. Tate Britain & Tate Modern, Schwitters & Lichtenstein; Federico Barocci at The National Gallery; Being Picasso at The Courtauld Institute; Royal Treasures & David Bowie at Victoria & Albert; Man Ray at The National Portrait Gallery. Luke Thomas, 19-year old Prodigy at Luke's Dining Room, Sanctum on the Green nr. Marlow, Berkshire - soon to open a "pop-up" at The Embassy in Mayfair, www.lukethomasonline.co.uk; Peter Weeden, Chef-Partner, Newman Street Tavern, London W1, www.newmanstreettavern.co.uk; Johnny Smith, Founder & Partner, The Clove Club, London EC1, www.thecloveclub.com.

On the Menu in London, first of 4 (or 5) programs. 3 French Chefs with Great New Culinary Ventures; Bruno Loubet, Chef-Partner, Bistrot Bruno Loubet & Grain Store, opening June 1 near Kings X, http://www.bistrotbrunoloubet.com/; Eric Chavot, Chef-Partner, Brasserie Chavot, Mayfair, www.brasseriechavot.com; Sylvan Chevereau, Executive Chef, St. Ermin's Hotel & Caxton Grill, Westminster, www.sterminshotel.co.uk.

OTM in London. San Pellegrino World's Top 50 Restaurants award winners at April 29th's BIG BASH at London's Guildhall.........and the "Cook it Raw" initiative represented by World's No. 6 and the Developer of the Concept. American Chefs Grant Achatz, Winner of the Prestigious Chef's Choice Award for 2013, Alinea, Aviary & Next, www.alinea.com, www.theaviary.com, www.nextresturant.com, all in Chicago; Eric Ripert, Le-Bernadin, NYC, Steady at #19 in 2013, www.le-bernadin.com; Alex Atala, D.O.M, Sao Paulo, Brazil, http://www.domrestaurante.com.br, also Cook it Raw participant; Alessandro Porcelli, www.cookitraw.org.

Devoted to Spicy & Unusual, from Home & Away. Marvin Gapultos, The Adobo Road: a Filipino Food Journey - from Food Blog to Food Truck & Beyond, www.burntlumpiablog.com; Robb Walsh, Barbecue Crossroads; Notes & Recipes from a Southern Odyssey, www.robbwalsh.com; Rose Carrarini, How to Boil an Egg, from Paris, France; Caroline Grant & Lisa Catherine Harper, The Cassoulet Saved our Marriage.

Home Cooking - Jennifer Perolli, Suzanne Landry, Debra Ponzek, Caroline Wright

A Program Dedicated to Home Cooking- We hope you'll Head for the Kitchen! Jennifer Perillo, Homemade with Love: Simple Scratch Cooking from Jennie's Kitchen; Suzanne Landry, The Passionate Vegetable; Debra Ponzek, The Dinnertime Survival Cookbook, www.auxdelicesfoods.com; Caroline Wright, Twenty-Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals, www.carolinewrightfood.com.

2 Top Lady Winemakers from OR, Lynn Penner-Ash, Alison Sokol-Blosser, Author Jay McInerney

Exceptional Winemakers and an Exceptional Wine Writer.  You're sure to learn Something New!  Two Great Ladies from Oregon; Lynn-Penner Ash, Co-owner & Winemaker, Penner-Ash Wine Cellars, Newberg OR, www.pennerash.com; Alison Sokol Blosser, Sibling & Co-President, Sokol Blosser Winery, Dayton OR, www.sokolblosser.com.  Jay McInerney,  The Juice: Vinous Veritas, Wine Columnist, The Wall Street Journal, considered "...the best wine writer in America." (Salon.com), NYC.

Tastes & Flavors: D'Artagnan, Vegan Supper, Balsamico Rating; Charbay Wines & Spirits

Exciting Tastes and Flavors in Food & Drink.  Ariane Daguin, Founder & President, D'Artagnan, suppliers of Fine Gourmet Foods, about Rohan Ducks, a New Proprietary Hybrid exclusive to D'Artagnan, www.dartagnan.com, Newark NJ; Merida Anderson, Vegan Secret Supper: Bold & Elegant Menus from a Rogue Kitchen, www.vegansecretsupper.tumblr.com, Vancouver, Canada; Luca Bombarda, Mazzetti, Producers of Balsmico Tradizionale & Aceto Balsamico, explains the differences & the New 4-Leaf grading system for Aceto & Mazzetti's Acetum Brand, www.mazzettiusa.com, Modena Italy;  Marko Karakasevic, Distiller, Charbay(c) Distillery & Winery, R5 Whiskey & other Fine Spirits, www.charbay.com, St. Helena CA.

Boozs! Tony Abou Ganim; Boyd & Blair; Plume & Quill at Jefferson Hotel; For TJ's Birthday

A Truly "Boozy" Program!! Tony Abou-Ganim, ALL-STAR Bartender-Mixologist, Vodka Distilled & The Modern Mixologist, www.themodernmixologist.com; Prentiss Orr, Founder & Partner, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Pittsburgh PA, Producers of Boyd & Blair award-winning Potato Vodka, www.boydandblair.com; Toasting Thomas Jefferson on his (April 17) 270th Birthday, with Michael Scaffidi, Sommelier, Plume & Quill Restaurants, The Jefferson Hotel, Washington DC, www.jeffersondc.com.

OTM wishes you and yours a Happy Easter. Francine Segan, Food Historian, Cookbook Author & Chocolate Expert, helps us understand Easter Traditions, how & when they came about, www.francinesegan.com; Just in time for Spring, Miche Bacher, Cooking with Flowers, Partner, Mali B Sweets, Greenport NY, www.sacredsweets.com; Matt & Ted Lee, Celebrating the Iconic Cuisine of the City they made Home, The Lee Brother's Charleston Kitchen, Charleston SC & NYC, www.mattandtedlee.com; Peter Kaminsky, Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (and Really Well), Brooklyn NY..

Passover Greetings from OTM, Great Sparkling Wines for any Celebration, and Unique Gourmet Foods from Ireland & USA. Ruth Joseph, Traditional Jewish Cooking, Cardiff, Wales, www.ruthjoseph.co.uk; Randall Grahm, Sparkling Albarino, Sparkling Reisling & soon to come Sparkling Syrah, Bonnie Doon Vineyard, Santa Cruz CA; www.bonniedoonvineyard.com; Margaret Jeffares, Good Food Ireland, www.goodfoodireland.ie; Craig Kanarick, Founding Partner, New York Mouth, NYC, www.newyorkmouth.com.

OTM extends St. Patrick's Day Greetings to all involved in the Big Celebration.  Today's Program is Unique - Dedicated to a Magnificent, Creative Chef, Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.  We bring you a very current interview recorded during Massimo's recent vist to the USA, and one recorded at the Osteria in September 2008.  We're sure you will be fascinated by how he is constantly searching for new interpretations in the dining experience, and his restless embrace of change.  For more about the Osteria Francescana and his new restaurant, www.osteriafrancescana.it, www.francesche