Nonino Wins Again

Gran Riserva 27 Years Nonino
st Italian distillate to receive 
100 points at the Spirit Trophy by Falstaff

In the history of the competition only two other spirits have reached the highest score: Appleton Estate Rum Aged 30 Years and Cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII

Star British REstaurant on CBS this morning

L/Enclume, located in Britain;s Scenic Lake District was an OTM discovery more than a decade ago, 2 Michelin Stars later, we were thrilled to return there just a few years ago, to find that they now supply many ingredients from their very own Farm.  In a ciuole of words 0 GO HERE and teill Chef Simon Fogan that OTM sent you!!

Iron Horse vineyard Celebrates 45th Vintage

We hear from Joy Sterling that Iron Horse has been named one of Wine and Spirits Top 100 wines of the year/  A Great Way to Celebrate another Great Vintage of their Iconic Sparkling Californian. 

London's The Ledbury Reopens

OTM is thrilled to be able to announce that this great Michelin 2 Star spot is set to make its comaback.  Cheers to Chef Brett Graham.  OTM still remembers a fabulous Lunch he set for us .  Simple recommendation - Go Here.

Tasmanian Chef Stars with Gordon Ramsay, previously Starring at On the Menu, Analiese Gregory, Franklin Restaurant, Hobart Tasmania, Peter tuned i

 Analiese Gregory, Franklin Restaurant, Hobart Tasmania,  Peter tuned in last evening to Chef Ramsay’s latest Video Venture, it was a wonderful surprise to hear Analiese, telling Uber -Chef in her Oz Twang about the Abundant Larder to be enjoyed in Australia’s Island State..  Airing on US National Geographic Channel.  Our interview is in Episode date April 4, 2021,

Joy Sterling of Iron Horse has an invitation for you

How do you feel about Sonoma County wines benchmarking against France? We here at Iron Horse would never say the word champagne to describe our wines. So, I was taken aback when our friends at Three Sticks and Aperture said they regularly refer to Burgundy and Bordeaux. But, of all the controversies on earth, this one seems the most fun!

Please join us for a virtual Tasting Event with Three Sticks Winery, Iron Horse & Aperture, Sunday June 6 at 3:30pm Pacific, via Zoom, featuring:

  • Moi, presenting our 2017 Spring Rosé
  • Ryan Prichard, winemaker, presenting Three Sticks 2018 Gap’s Crown Pinot
  • Jesse Katz, winemaker, presenting Aperture 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Moderator: Jon McDaniels

Highly recommend you order the tasting kit by May 24th to receive the wines in time. Here is the link:  Joy, thanks for leting us know.

Elena Arzak Keeps on Going

Recognition for Chef Elena Arzak.  She has retained the three Michelin stars first awarded to family-owned Arzak in 1989 when her father was in charge of the restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. Arzak's cooking is rooted in Basque cuisine, but she is constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques in her flavor lab above the restaurant.  Check out OTM Pictures, for our photo with Experimental Chef Igor.a couple of years ago when we last dined with Elena.

Inn at Little Washington honored by Michelin

For chefs and restaurateurs, the only thing better than being awarded a Michelin Star may be earning multiple, retaining them and then becoming the first in the nation's capitol to earn a new distinction for sustainability.

Chef Patrick O’Connell has done just that with his prestigious and picturesque establishment, The Inn at Little Washington, which has officially retained its three Michelin Stars and received a Green Star, the Michelin Guide announced Thursday.

"I think it's a brilliant move and a great contribution on their part to do what they can to further interest and acknowledgment in world sustainability," he added. "Chefs can set a wonderful example, and these days it means a great deal to the public, to our guests and clientele. It pleases them enormously to know that the restaurant that they're patronizing is making an effort along those lines."

Michelin Guide France debuted the Green Star in January 2020 to recognize restaurants with a strong commitment to sustainable gastronomy and environmental protection.

"We didn’t anticipate it coming as quickly as it did to the U.S., but it demonstrates how seriously Michelin is taking the whole movement and playing a key role," O'Connell added.

Nonino Bar - it's a Secret

The 1st Nonino Secret Bar

A Tik Tok video by @Restorating.Ru which shows the experience that is lived inside the Nonino Secret Bar

In the heart of St Petersburg the 1st branded cocktail bar Nonino: the Nonino Secret Room, has been officially opened.
Taking pictures is not allowed, the cocktail bar wants to keep an aura of mystery, but @Restoring.Ru managed to "steal" the exclusive experience in a short video.
A secret room, dim light, pastel colors and Nonino Distillates everywhere.
The “Quintessence" the Italian spirit, to live the Nonino art of artisanal distillation.

The guests of the Nonino Secret Room will take a one hour tour, in the world, the history of the Grappa’s family by means of the tasting of 10 unique distillates and 8 “pyrotechnic” cocktails.

Farmer's Market Soon

Just in time for Easter dinner shopping, The Marketplace at Emerald Valley will host the region’s largest Farmers Market on Saturday, April 3.


The event is slated for 10 am – 2 pm at the Main Street Pavilion, 139 South Main Street, Washington, PA. Featuring 43 local food, alcohol and artisan vendors in one location, this Farmers Market offers a bounty of fresh Easter fare and takes the work out of shopping local.


Guests can enjoy visits with the Easter Bunny and a one-of-a-kind Easter egg hunt for children – and adults!


Shoppers can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the home-grown food and artisan products; explore a jaw-dropping selection of local merchandise; “Meet the Makers” of the region’s most delicious food items; and even enjoy a cocktail or beer while they shop.


Making its debut during the event will be spirits vendor Burgess & Burgess. The company’s rum and tequila will be featured in cocktails served by the Parched Pony, a portable bar that will be parked outside The Marketplace at Emerald Valley. Other featured local spirits will include products from Red Pump Spirits, Ridge Runner and The Washington Brewing Company.


The Spring Farmers Market is hosted by The Marketplace at Emerald Valley, the area’s premier source for quality farm-to-table products. Co-hosts include The Ivy Green and Main Street Farmer's Market.


Masks are required and social distancing guidelines will apply. For more information, go to


Pisstburgh Natve Gary Eberle Honored

OTMs god friend Deb Mortilaro brings us this exiting news.

We are thrilled to share that our dear friend Gary Eberle has been awarded Wine Enthusiast’s 2020 Wine Star Awards as an American Wine Legend! A Western Pennsylvania native, we knew Gary was destined for greatness long ago! In fact, Dreadnought was the first distributor to carry Eberle Wines. You can read the full article from Wine Enthusiast about his latest acknowledgement at celebrate this well deserved award, we are kicking off 2021 with an all-Eberle class! Class will take place on Wednesday, January 6th at 6:00 PM. To keep all our sippers safe, we will be offered this course online only. We have lowered the cost of all online classes in January to just $10! Get details & Reserve your space --

London's Sushi Samba announces Reopening

Keepimg up with Rules for Restaurant Openings is challenging  nowhere is it mores so than in London. Fortunately those with a good on;ine presence, do reach out to OTM..  So we are delighted to be able to report that Sushi Samba, in the 39th Floor of the Herron Office Tower is reopening today. Executive Chef Claudio Cardosi creates an exciting menu with inspiration from his native Brazil, Peru and Japan. SS used to be an impossible to get a resrvation. so we suggest that you book early. And like OTM when we visit, ask Claudio to create your menu. For more info, London Heron Tower Restaurant | Rooftop Restaurant | SUSHISAMBA 

Happy Birthday Stephanie Alexander, just turned 80

OTM is pleased to recognize the 80th Birthday of this great lady of OZ cuisine.  It;s hard to believe that we first met at her oconic Melbourne Restaurant in 1972.  You can track Stephaniie's many activities at

Rip Cecelia Chiang - Hear her OTM Interview

Sadly OTM notes News of the Death of Chef Cecelia, an ICON of Chinese Cuisine in the USA.  In her passing at the ripe old age of 100,, Cecelia'lesves behind a rich and Unique Legacy. We were fotunate to obtain an interview with Chef back in 2007.  In her honor we have included a replay of this interview in our next program, November 1. It wil be available starting tomorrow at 8AM US Eastern time.  Go to our website, or link directly to the episode at

Business Lunch goes on in London

Our good friends at Amaya, Chutney Mary and Veryswamy brroght this to our atention.

Based on Government guidance, we are pleased to continue to welcome guests having business lunches & dinners at our restaurants.

Where the primary purpose of the occasion is business, the single household rule does not apply.

It is possible that this guidance might change, but until that happens the above policy will apply..  


This Week's Episode got Lost

Lost is Found!  As soon as our Webmaster makes the required correction We'll announce it here.  In the meantime check the Episode  which is now there. which all aboit wines.anyway.  ............  

All's Well now with this Episode. Enjoy

We appreciate your patience while we fnd & fix the problem, which was Peter's typo.

An Inspiring Story OTM Feels Compelled to Share

Our Good Friend Simone Rathle brought this to our attention.  Something to Celebrate!! It brought a Smile to our face at OTM. We hope you will feel the same

The American Dream, says celebrated chef Fabio Trabocchi, is deeply engrained throughout the world: he, an immigrant honored by the Michelin Guide, the James Beard Foundation, a great public following, and the devotion of hundreds of employees, is living proof. Arriving to the United States at the age of 21, and now in his forties, Trabocchi returned that honor to the country that made it all possible, by becoming a United States citizen today, September 23, 2020.

Growing up in Italy, Trabocchi – the son and grandson of sharecroppers – aspired to own his restaurant. “I had the passion to make something of the produce my father cultivated tirelessly on the farm. And, the U.S. provided the platform for me to achieve it,” he states. The spirit of America welcomes those with a craft and a serious work ethic, and it was Trabocchi’s good fortune to be embraced by the people of the United States. “This is the land of opportunity,” he says. “I am now responsible for seven restaurants and many, many jobs, most of them in the Nation’s Capital. We are very much part of the fabric of the community. Here, I have built a business, and am also raising a family, so my devotion to this country is set in the freedom and possibilities it has provided to me.

Citizenship has always been part of Trabocchi’s plan, and it’s been a long time coming. Working his way up from a J-1 ‘training visa,’ to an O1 ‘talent visa,’ he’s been renewing his green card and recently passed the all-important personal interview, for which he studiously learned the answers to one hundred questions on American history, geography, and civics. “It’s quite a process,” he says, noting that the immigration officer conducting the interview would ask ten questions, stopping after six were answered correctly. “I was well prepared, but it still felt momentous.” He also had to attest under oath that he would be a model citizen – and no better time than now to follow through on such a task.  

The proprietor of Fiola, Fiola Mare, Del Mar, and Sfoglina Pasta House had the occasion to exhibit his exemplary role as an upstanding citizen when the COVID pandemic forced the shutdown of his restaurants in mid-March. In response, he established the Fabio Trabocchi Employee Disaster Relief Fund, which raised and distributed a quarter of a million dollars to his 550 furloughed employees.  “My team is working hard daily. I owe it to them, so when they have trouble making ends meet, that is my trouble, too,” he says. He has slowly re-hired about 50% of his staff, re-inventing and re-opening his establishments to meet the evolving requirements of food service.  

As a model of modern-day immigration success, Trabocchi both gives back to his adopted country and pays assistance forward to newer immigrants seeking American dreams of their own.  “Considering all the support I’ve received, it is very important to me to assist others,” he shares. Trabocchi is a proponent for bringing international culinary talent to train in his kitchens through a strong J1 program as that is how he started. His mission is to help others on the road to U.S citizenship because, at the end of the day, this country owes its greatness to immigrants – those who arrived yesterday, as well as those who built it in its early days.

To that end, the chef is a longtime supporter of Though refugees and immigrants differ in status and situation, he says, there are key similarities in the way they are treated, and in the opportunities, they are given. He has co-chaired the organization’s gala dinner for the past three years and has worked to raise awareness by donating proceeds to the charity. There are many roads to be taken in becoming an American citizen and Trabocchi honors the American way of assisting others towards that path of hope and opportunity.


Bourbon Auction Goes Virtual

LOUISVILLE, KY September 16, 2020 — The Speed Art Museum’s annual bourbon auction, which takes place Sept 24, will be completely online, live and virtual. This year’s “Art of Bourbon” is packed with another stunning lineup of rare or hard-to-find whiskies and VIP experiences. At the top of the auction block is the Black Bowmore 1964 50-Year-Old, which could fetch up to $80,000. Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, a Michter’s 25-Year, and even a Heaven’s Door Bootleg also make a cameo.

The auction is free to bid or participate but registration is required at  Don't miss the fun!

Boyd & Blalir Vodka Wins again at Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Up until last May, the US government defined vodka as a spirit distilled or treated in such a way “so as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color.” It helped inform an enduring stereotype that everything within the category is more or less the same. But not all vodka is created equal, of course. Anyone who’s had the misfortune of spending a night with a $10 handle of the liquid knows as much. And anyone who’s had the pleasure of sipping on Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, is fully aware of how much flavor and complexity this category can carry.

The $40 bottle just nabbed the highest rating for any vodka at this year’s Ultimate Spirits Challenge. In fact, its score of 98 out of a possible 100 was enough to position it as one of the highest rated amongst all categories of liquor at the annual tasting panel. F. Paul Pacult, founder of the event and chairman of judging had this to say about the exemplary liquid: “To convincingly prevail two years running against the world’s finest vodkas is nothing short of historic.”

It’s important to note that USC is a fiercely independent event. Its panel of judges has no brand affiliations and is subject to a double-blind tasting methodology, administered over multiple sessions spread out over two months. So for them to arrive at the same exact vodka two years in a row already goes a long way in dispelling that whole ‘flavorless’ myth.

But what exactly is that flavor that makes Boyd & Blair stand out in the crowd?  Barry Young.the Master Distiller for Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, who crafts the liquid just outside of Pittsburgh.puts it this way.

“We distill from locally grown Pennsylvania potatoes in a copper pot still using champagne yeast,” he explains. “These three facts all contribute to the unique flavor profile of Boyd & Blair. Potatoes provide starch and sweetness that is the base flavor of the distillate. Most vodkas are made from grain or corn. Champagne yeast draws more of that flavor out of the starch and contributes directly to the sweetness of the flavor rather than using a traditional distiller’s yeast.”

Lyle's London to Reopen

Exciting News!!  World's Top 50 entry just announced, Chef James Lowe's Iconic Cuisine is a British dining adventure you shoudn't miss,

London's Amaya & Chutney Mary Offer Unique Brunch Service

Unique offering this August till mid September- A private Weekend Brunch


You can have your get-together at Amaya restaurant or the bar at Chutney Mary for a private weekend Brunch for a maximum 30 guests.


Perfect for a convivial get-together of family (on a hosted, or individually contributory all inclusive basis) suitable also for wedding celebrations. 


With background jazz music.


We look forward to your interest.


By the way we are also participating in the Chancellor's "eat out to help out" scheme.


- 12 pm to 3 pm

- Natural light

- Drinks area in forefront

- Your own theatrical indoor BBQ

- Tastiest grills & salads

- Sit-down service of food

- Tables of 5 or 6

- Cocktails & drinks menu to suit you

- 8 items menu starts at £40

- Unlimited drinks package starts £35



- 12 pm to 3 pm

- Natural light

- The most beautiful bar in Mayfair

- Luxurious lounge seating

- Menu includes salad & chaat

- Bowl food served where seated

- Sofas, lounge chairs, long table

- Cocktails & drinks menu to suit you

- 8 bowl items menu starts at £40

- Unlimited drinks package starts £35


We can customise menus as well as drinks offering to your needs.

Minimum 24 people


If you wish to have a lunch party on a weekday, do let us know. 


Please enquire stating your preferences and dates required to reserve.





Halkin Arcade
(Entrance via Lowndes St)
Belgravia, London SW1X 8JT


020 7823 1166



73 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1PH



020 7629 6688



Barrry Sterling, a Life Well Lived

Sadly OTM must report the passing of Barry Sterling, founder of Californias's Iron Horse Vineyard.  Several years ago we had the opporttuity to enjoy lunch and Sparkling wine ttasting with Barry and his beloved spouse Audrey at a table set in their beautiful garden.  We agreed at the time that it was the most fascinating experience to share this time with hem.  It is a memory that will last forever!  So we we would like to share Barry's obit, issued by  loving daughter Joy.

Born on Black Tuesday October 25, 1929, Barry had a momentous and exciting life. He was a prominent attorney, though he was a vintner longer than he had practiced law, world traveler, politically active, collector of art and antiquities, philanthropist, handsome and charming raconteur, master gardener, loving husband, and great father. He cut a dashing figure living in Paris in the 1960s with his young family and was always very debonair.

A  Los Angeles native and Stanford alumnus ’50, JD’52, he graduated law school in the same class with William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O’Connor, passed the bar, was inducted into the army and married Audrey Shapiro Sterling all in one weekend. Chief Justice Rehnquist was first in the class, Justice O’Connor third and Barry, eleventh out of 114.

August 30 would have been Audrey and Barry’s 68th wedding anniversary.

He served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in Washington, D.C., and assisted the Department of Defense‘s legal staff during the McCarthy Senate hearings. Their daughter Joy was born in Washington.

The Sterlings returned to Los Angeles, where Barry opened a corporate law firm and soon their son Laurence was born. The couple became engaged in Democratic politics. Both were founding members of the Los Angeles Music Center and the Los Angeles Art Museum. In 1963, Audrey was appointed by Gov. “Pat” Brown to serve on  the  California  Fair Employment Practice Commission. She spent almost four years fighting discrimination in employment and housing.

For Barry’s 30th birthday, Audrey gave him his first trip to Europe. He fell in love with France and vowed to live there. It took him eight years.

The family moved to France in 1967, where they led a glamorous life, splitting time between a belle epoch apartment on Avenue Foch in Paris and a villa in the hills above Cannes. Their years in France, traveling to the various wine regions, sparked the idea of living on a vineyard, growing grapes, and making wine. The vision was always a “chateau model”, dedicated to producing estate bottled wine.

A decisive moment came when Barry was written up in the International Paris Tribune for besting his fellow Chevaliers du Tastevin in a blind tasting at the restaurant Taillevent. He was the only one to identify the mystery wine – an obscure Cahors that he distinctly remembered from tasting it with Alexander Calder in the artist’s studio in the Loire at 9 o’clock in the morning. He said the burning feeling of that wine as it went down the throat was unforgettable.  But winning the tasting, as an American, no less, made him feel, “Hey, we can do this.”

After years of hunting for the perfect site in France, the Sterlings returned home to California, where the quest continued.

Farming was in Barry’s DNA, going back to his grandparents, who were walnut growers in Capistrano. His parents had a grapefruit and date farm in the Coachella Valley.

The Sterlings first saw Iron Horse in a driving rainstorm in 1976 with the vineyard development only partially completed. There was no winery and the 19th century carpenter gothic house was dramatically listing to one side. Nevertheless, after a taste of wines made from Iron Horse grapes, they knew their search had ended and a dream begun.

The winery opened in 1979, on Barry’s 50th birthday; the first vintage of Sparkling Wines arrived the next year. Iron Horse vintage Blanc de Blancs was served at the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings, ending the cold war, a White House tradition that has continued for 35 years. The winery produces a special cuvée with National Geographic called Ocean Reserve, that supports ocean conservation as well as a limited production, vintage Brut called Gratitude that benefits the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

It is hard to remember how pioneering it was to put down roots in western Sonoma County in the mid-70s. Even the UC Davis Agricultural Extension Agents advised against investing in the area as too prone to frost. But the Sterlings knew the value of a cool climate for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their years in France and Audrey was familiar with the area from childhood summers on the Russian River.

They were the creators of the Green Valley appellation. In 1983, the name of the applicant for federal recognition of Green Valley as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) was Audrey M Sterling with her attorney of record, Barry H. Sterling, simultaneously with the Russian River gaining AVA status.

Barry served on the board of the San Francisco Symphony and was a Lifetime Trustee of the Leakey Foundation.

Profiled in the local Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Barry said: “We have no regrets,” he said. “Our life is great. We’ve had a very good run. Frankly, on our passing, no one is going to say, ‘Oh, they never got to enjoy life.’ Everyone who knows us knows we’ve had a hell of a good time.”

He is survived by his wife Audrey, children Joy, Laurence and Terry; grandchildren Justine, Mike, Barrie and Joseph; great grandson Calvin, born on June 4; nephews and nieces Rand, Pamela, Scott, Susan and Judy Sterling; brother- and sister-in-law Bert and Joan Shapiro.

There will be no funeral services. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you contribute to the charity of your choice, or Hospice of Santa Rosa.


Nonino wins Gold and Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competitionold for Nonino

OTM LOVES to visit with the Noninos at their Friuli-based Distillery to sample their Magical Beverages.  Judges at the recent San Francisco World Spirits Compertition obviously agree.  Amaro Nonino Quintessentia scored the only Double Gold in its Category.  Their L'Aperitivo Nonino Bontanical won Gold at it's first Podium appearance.


 50 Best announces an online cookbook FEATURING RECIPES FROM THE WORLD’S


The organisation behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has released its first ever

e-cookbook, entitled Home Comforts: simple lockdown recipes from the world’s best chefs

and bartenders, featuring the meals that the world’s most revered chefs are cooking for their

families at home. Available for a $10/£8 minimum donation through the 50 Best Bid for

Recovery donation site with immediate effect, the cookbook will raise funds to support the

global hospitality community as part of the 50 Best for Recovery programme announced

earlier this year in partnership with founding donor S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.

The cookbook contains 50 unique recipes from an equal balance of female and male chefs

who have featured on recent 50 Best lists, alongside 25 cocktail pairings from bartenders

behind The World’s 50 Best Bars. The result is a collection of simple and delicious comfort

food creations, from Tokyo to San Francisco, split into categories of vegetarian, fish and

seafood, meat and dessert. Whether it’s Alain Passard’s inspired veg-led cookery, Daniela

Soto-Innes’ versatile mole, Manu Buffara’s Sunday family favourite or Vicky Lau’s brilliant bao,

Home Comforts offers something to suit any amateur cook and every palate.

This initiative offers a means for every food-and-drink lover to help the cause of the

hospitality sector in return for a very special collection of recipes and insights. The release of

Home Comforts coincides with the impending ‘Bid for Recovery’ Auction of out-of-this-world

gastronomic experiences and rare items. Bidding on the auction opens on 3rd July and closes

on 12th July at

50 Best is also launching the #50BestRateMyPlate Instagram challenge for food lovers to

create, and post, dishes inspired by those in the Home Comforts recipe book. Every week for

five weeks from 20th July, 50 Best will choose its favourite three #50BestRateMyPlate dishes

and share these with its 1.1m followers, who will then vote on their preferred dish. The plate

with the most votes during that week will become a finalist and win the chance to be judged

by a panel of 50 Best chefs in late August. The winner will receive two VIP tickets to The

World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards event in Antwerp, Flanders in 2021.

Home Comforts has been created to give an insight into what 50 Best chefs have been cooking

during lockdown, giving readers special access to the simple suppers they make at home,

away from the polished plating in their restaurants. Anyone, anywhere in the world can

donate, download a copy, and start cooking like a 50 Best chef, with ingredients easily sourced

from supermarkets and local stores.

London's Michelin Star Indian is BACK

Get details at  Chutmey Mary, Amaya, Veeraswamy, Multilocation Masala Zone - WELCOME BACK.  Don'r miss these exotic Taste Treats,

Pandemic Compliance - British Version

Not wjhat may be required here in the USA, but may be worth studying

Spork Pitsburgh Reopening

Here;s more detail about Chef Chris' plan.  Lots of new developments. After beginning the year with a brief closure for redesign and a James Beard Best Regional Chef nomination in February, followed immediately by the forced closure in March, Chef/Owner Christian Frangiadis is thrilled to reopen Spork after spending the last few months working on creative development and refining the restaurant experience.

During the closure, the team finished construction on a secondary kitchen where the culinary team mill  their own flour and makes bread and pasta for the restaurant, including a new 80% hydrated sourdough rye bread that Frangiadis perfected during the shutdown. The restaurant will also be continuing the new $65 seven course tasting menus (available both for meat eaters and vegetarians) introduced just before the closure which promises a full taste of Spork’s menu, in about 90 minutes, offering great value without sacrificing a lot of time. One new menu item on  the tasting menus will be the “Spork Garden  Ramen,” available either vegetarian or non, with the restaurant’s own milled rye soba noodles, garden vegetables (both fresh and pickled) and house-made rye bread miso, with braised pork cheeks for meat eaters. An a la carte menu will still be available. The team is also excited to introduce a new sommelier and beverage manager, Carrie Clayton, who will oversee the restaurant’s wine list and cocktail program. Carrie, a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Certified Educator, will provide training to the Spork team as well as be available to help guide guests’ wine selection. Three year Spork veteran Mike Bickel has been promoted to Chef De Cuisine.

Make it Last: Spork at Home

Recognizing that many guests have upped their at-home dining game, the restaurant is now offering number of their signature items available for guests to take home for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. Selections may vary nightly and will be available until they run out. Items include:

● Individual loaves of Spork’s house-made rye sourdough bread with house cultured seaweed butter

● Fresh pasta with Chef Frangiadis’s Bolognese Sauce

● Spork’s signature cocktails, premade and ready to chill and serve


In the Garden

This will be the restaurant’s first summer season with the newly expanded garden and greenhouse, which will be providing about 80% of the vegetables used on the menu during peak season, as well as flowers for the tables and dining room. According to Jonathan Corey, Spork’s gardener, there are well over 2,000 plants, all cultivated following integrated pest management procedures and absent of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Currently the garden is producing over 15 varieties of beans, baby greens, edible flowers, and much more, which will find their way onto the restaurant’s menu.

Post-Covid Procedures

Upon opening, the restaurant will be operating at 50% capacity to ensure safe social distancing between

guests and the service team will be in masks, as according to government regulations. The team was brough back two weeks prior for special training on new operating procedures including following all health and sanitation protocols suggested by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and local public health   regulations. Reservations are suggested.  Spork is located at 5430 Penn Avenue, at the corner of Penn Avenue and South Graham Street. Hours of operation are 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday. For more information,


Coya Monte Carlo to reopen

Our good freinds from Coya just gave us this great news.  Guess they'll be reopening worldwide soon.  Here's how to reach them.

Ireland's Ballynahinch Castle reopens,July 1

OTM just received this great news. In the mood for Charming Accomodation, Fine Food and Drink,Impeccable Service, Magnificent Rugged Scenery?  This may be just the place for your long overdue resuption of Your Travels.  Check it out at, and tell them OTM snt you.

London's Ledbury to Close

OTM remembers the thrill of lunching at The Ledbury, soon after it opened in 2006.  As the years went by our only problem was being able to score a reservation.  We confidently forecast that in addition to being the top UK restaurant in World;s 50 Best. Chef Brett would carry off a 3rd MIchelin Star.  We are truly saddened to read from Eater that instead The Lebdury will becme a Pandemic Casualty.  Here's thecomplete  Eater story.   

The Ledbury, the era-defining, two-Michelin-starred Notting Hill restaurant owned by chef Brett Graham, has no current plan to reopen. Graham has not said that the restaurant would permanently close, but did confirm that all staff began the formal redundancy consultation process yesterday and that he could see “no route to reopening.” The news was first posted to Twitter by Bloomberg’s Richard Vines. The restaurant opened in 2005.

Graham told Eater that he and his business partners simply did not know what was going to happen with government policy, scientific advice, and the future of hospitality. He therefore had to act on the basis that the restaurant could not reopen and operate as it did before the novel coronavirus crisis forced non-essential businesses to close at the end of March. “We can’t keep customers and staff safe,” he said. “If there was an outbreak at the Ledbury, then it would be devastating. I just can’t think of any way to [reopen].”

He added that any form of social distancing wouldn’t work at his restaurant and that he had no confidence that The Ledbury’s customer base would be able to revisit in the near future. “We can’t operate the restaurant with any form of social distancing — even if it was a one-metre. The economy is smashed; there are no customers in hotels, no international flights,” he said. “The [existing] business model is not viable.”

He said the economic recovery would be long and hard and that he didn’t want to make compromises for anybody: customers, staff, and suppliers.

Graham was keen to emphasise that there were no underlying business reasons for the decision, and that all suppliers, including the landlord on the property, had been paid in full. He said that when the next quarterly rent payment was due, at the start of July, his current plan was to make that payment, because that money is owed. He confirmed that the business would maintain the lease on the property, because he couldn’t say for certain what would happen in the future. “I just don’t know what the plan is,” he said.

“I’m gutted. It’s been 15 years. There’s no winners in any scenario. I just don’t want to put anyone at risk,” he said. But added that fine-dining restaurants like the Ledbury “can’t reopen and then have three or four chances of reopening” pending any future lockdowns or changes to the social distancing guidance. “We think it’s better like this,” he said..  We can only hope that Brett will be back soon.

James Beard Foundation REsponds to Black Lives Matter

For the last few weeks OTM has been featuring stories about how some of our Guests have been responding to the pandemic crisis which has decimated the Food and Drink Business.  As is we needed more, now we face the enormity of massive demonstrations and crimes against Americas Black and Brown communities. For the last couple of days, the sky over the neighborhood we have called home for almost 50 years (and where Ann was born and raised) has buzzed with Helicopters monitoring demonstrations in support of Black Lives Mattter  We are horrified by this manifestation of Racism in the USA, which we thought was a thing of the past.  We ARE pleased to report that The James Beard foundation, an organization dedicated to the advancement of the business of Food and Drink, and the People who dedicate their careers to it, has just announced that it intends to put their support behind Black Lives Matter.  Here’s how JBF described their intentions

“It’s past time to acknowledge that the White privilege that keeps us safe is a weapon used against our Black colleagues and community. It is imperative for White people to face our privilege, to gather our White family members, friends, coworkers, and community members and fight for the rights, freedoms, and self-determination of Black people. In a time of economic uncertainty and political division, facing a global pandemic, brave people around the country have risen. We join them and we commit to make real, substantive change in our organization and in our industry so that their efforts will not have been in vain. We will be sharing updates over the coming weeks on the James Beard Foundation’s priorities, funding, and programs, as well as resources for our audience to join Black Lives Matter in an effort to dismantle systemic racism. Racial equity must be at the core of any and all of our efforts to build back a better industry, as humble, open partners.”

Latest from OZ Food Icon, go here.  

We Hear from Jamison Farm wins Book Award; Lamb growing too

Wow, it’s been an exciting few weeks here at the farm. Summer is almost here. On 212 acres with just Sukey, myself, three dogs, one cat and a few hundred ovines, we are naturally socially distanced. But it’s been anything but boring. Ewes have been lambing left and right on the green pastures, asparagus is now growing like crazy since the weather is warming up, and that’s just outside on our beautiful farm. On May 6, we found out that we won an IPPY award for our book, Coyotes in the Pasture and Wolves at the Door from The Independent Publisher Book Awards which is very exciting for us as First Time Authors and “Self-Publishers." Many of you have read our book, but it’s great news for us to receive recognition from such a wide audience.

Spork Pit to Reopen June 1

BBQ Fans can look forward to this date.

We wanted to let you know that Spork Pit, the popular Texas-style barbecue restaurant will be reopening for summer on June 1. The restaurant will initially be open for take-out, curbside pick-up, and delivery, offering new family meals in addition to their regular menu, including the ten hour smoked brisket, signature jerk chicken and local draft beer by the growler. (The restaurant’s popular frozen cocktails may also  be available pending legislation. For detaiils go to

Latest from Latrobe (PA) Jamison Farm


GOLD: Spy Sites of New York City: A Guide to the Region’s Secret History, by H. Keith Melton and Robert Wallace with Henry R. Schlesinger (Georgetown University Press)

SILVER: A Century of Honor: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, by Philip Bigler (Apple Ridge Publishers)

BRONZE: Coyotes in the Pasture & Wolves at the Door: Stories and Recipes from Our Farm to Your Table, by John & Sukey Jamison (Word Association Publishers)



 Then, on May 12, we started processing again. This past week we shipped a lot of products that you our loyal customers have been asking for. We were happily able to rescue a few Memorial Day Picnics even in these subdued times. Summer is on it’s way and better times are ahead; the summer grilling season calls for lots of outdoor dining, easily socially distant!


Take a look at the website. We are, “Up and Running.” Chops, Racks, Legs, Shoulders, Shanks, and shoulders are all available as well as sausages, lamb pies, soup and stews. We were somewhat overwhelmed at the response we had and the shipping we did last week. The great thing about our business is that it’s still Sukey and me, with Sukey packing each box and shipping Home Delivery, from our farm to you, the same way as we have for the past thirty five years. Thank you very much for your support of this family farm.



So that’s our latest Scoop. We’re back in business! Please feel free to peruse our website to order whatever you wish. If there are any delays, they will be minor and Sukey or I will let you know when any product may ship. We look forward to supplying you with any of our lamb cuts for fancy dinners as well as any of our prepared soups, stews, lamb pies and one of our sausages for an easy supper at home.


Cocktails are Back for Pennsylvanians

Governor Tom Wolf has signed a bill that will allow officially allow licensed restaurants and bars to serve alcoholic cocktails to go in Pennsylvania.

The HB327 bill, which was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania Senate last week, is a temporary measure that will be in effect until bars and restaurants are able to reach 60% of seating capacity.

The bill’s passing has been welcome news to Adam Henry, who co-owns popular Pittsburgh spots Hidden Harbor, Lorelei and the Independent..  Here are Adam's thoughts on the subject.

“This is something that we’ve been publicly calling for since really a couple days after the shutdown,” Henry says. “It was apparent that as a state we needed to be creative to find new revenue for bars and restaurants, especially when the state liquor stores were shut down. Even now that liquor stores are mostly reopen, it’s an important step to take.” Hidden Harbor can now offer to go cocktails in Pennsylvania.

Hidden Harbor can now offer cocktails to go in Pennsylvania.Photo: Hidden Harbor.Since the state’s initial restaurant shutdown order, Hidden Harbor pivoted hard to become a takeout operation, offering a variety of mocktails to go, including Night Rippers, with fresh-pressed lime, pineapple and orange juices, coffee, honey, passion fruit, vanilla and allspice, and just-add-rum Painkillers.hose to-go offerings have allowed Henry to keep a significant portion of his staff employed (“Basically, everybody who wants to work,” he says), prepping citrus juices and bottling mocktails. Depending on the demand for cocktails, additional team members may be added. Because the tiki bar had not done a lot of takeout business prior to the pandemic, the process of setting up the systems – online ordering, delivery operations – was difficult. But now, says Henry, all three of his restaurants are fully ready to begin offering to go alcoholic drinks. “This really opens up a whole new world of beverages for us,” he says. “You would think that a non-alcoholic tiki mocktail is just a tiki cocktail with the rum taken out, but it’s not that simple. Tinctures, liqueurs, all of those contain alcohol, and so now we’re able to open up a huge new number of classic and original recipes that we can now do to go.”

First on Hidden Harbor’s list of available to-go cocktails will be their Hidden Harbor Rum Barrel, a house variation on a classic mid-century tiki recipe.“That felt appropriate to us, to celebrate the return of rum, the return of spirits generally. We could have sold a non-alcoholic Rum Barrel, but it never felt right to serve something with rum in the name, and not have rum in it,” Henry says. The Independent and Lorelei will also be serving to-go cocktails, with the Independent focusing on whiskey-based cocktails, and Lorelei offering drinks with an Alpine-type spin.More at,

A Message from Pittsburgh's Fairmont Hotel


I hope you are doing well and staying safe! Less than two weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of the ALL Heartist Fund, a special purpose reserve set aside by Accor to provide critical financial support to those members of our Accor family hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud to share that grants have already helped to buy food and groceries, secure housing, cover utility bills, and assist with medical expenses for nearly 200 families in need across North & Central America. But as the travel industry remains at a standstill, the need continues. We have received more than 2,000 applications for support, a number which grows daily.

Many of our guests, partners, and friends and family have been asking how they can help, so we created a fun opportunity with up to 35 chances to win a luxury stay at Fairmont Pittsburgh, valued at $4,500, plus more! The Sweepstakes will run through 3:59pm on May 20, 2020. A winner will be chosen on May 25, 2020. Enter for a chance to win a (3) night stay in a Grand Luxury Suite with breakfast for (2) daily, a 6-course chef's Tasting Menu for two at fl.2, (2) 60-minute Spa treatments, a Love, Pittsburgh welcome amenity, and complimentary valet parking included.To enter, visit the RallyUp link, here: [$10 per (1) Entry; 15 Entries for $100; or 35 Entries for $200]Please join us in celebrating the first ALL Heartist Day this Saturday, May 16th in an effort to assist our Accor family during these trying times. We appreciate your support in any capacity and look forward to serving you again soon!

Yves Carreau s Death, a Sad Loss for Pittsburgh Diners

RIP France-born Chef-Restaurateur Yves Carreau, our long-time colleague and friend. Pittsburgh diners and the scores of hospitality professionals he trained and mentored will long remember his talent, engaging spirit and generosity. OTM observed his pioneering spirit as he popularized Downtown Dining, first on Penn Avenue, then in and around Market Square. Asked to contribute an obituary note describing Yves, Ann just said: describing this wonderful and complex man in a single sentence--impossible! Our sympathies to Jennifer and his family. What a deep loss for fall of us<

James Beard Awards Announcement set for May 4

It won't be quiite the same, but at least the suspense will be over.  Here's the Beard Foundation's Announcement.

The restaurant industry hasn’t begun to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, but the James Beard Foundation is moving ahead with its annual awards: On May 4 (the original date for the annual James Beard Awards ceremony in Chicago) the Foundation will announce the 2020 James Beard Awards finalists during a live-streamed, virtual event.

In mid-March, as the coronavirus shutdown began, the Foundation postponed the announcement originally scheduled for March 25 to focus on “[using] our voice and platform as a resource for our community to face the current challenges that exist as a result of this crisis.” Those efforts included launching a survey to track the effects of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry and establishing a relief fund for business owners. However, soon after the fund opened, the Foundation suspended applications due to overwhelming demand.

James Beard Foundation CEO Clare Reichenbach will cohost the new virtual nominee announcement with Visit Philadelphia president and CEO Jeff Guaracino (the announcement was originally planned for an event in Philadelphia). The livestream will also feature guests and presenters from the city, including Mayor Jim Kenney and Kalaya Thai Kitchen chef Chutatip Suntaranon, presumably all appearing from separate locations.

The announcement will cover nominees from all of the usual restaurant and chef categories, as well as nominees for the book and media awards. And plans for some kind of awards ceremony are also moving ahead. A spokesperson for the awards told Eater that “details regarding the date, format and location of the awards will be shared as soon as possible.” Whether or not the public will be able to see the restaurant design that wins this year or dine at the restaurants of 2020’s best regional chefs when that time comes is an open question.

Will the winnners be awarded asterisks?

What will Post-Corona be like for Restaurants?

This article from Eater London looks beyond just switching to take-out.

Chef;s Garden Veggies now available Direct to your Door

Farmer Lee Jones is devoutly committed to the chefs he works with in all corners of the world and takes great pride in the relationships he has with the people who have become his mentors, guiding light and inspiration. These are the bonds that have inspired the highest quality, most flavorful and extraordinary vegetables in the world and for Farmer Lee Jones, every day promises a new opportunity to connect with the chefs who have helped to make the farm the pioneering leader in sustainable agriculture that it is today.for more about this unique agricultural enterprise, go to

Now you can skip crowded lines and let The Chef's Garden be your personal shopper. You’ll receive the same high quality vegetables, bursting with flavor and nutrition as world class chefs use in their kitchen’s every day. Order one of our vegetable boxes and get fresh harvested, nutritious, antioxidant-rich vegetables and herbs delivered to your front door.  For a limited time they’re offering free shipping on all home delivery vegetable boxes. Order one for yourself, or send one as a gift to family, friends, or colleagues!
Read about the beautiful versatility, flavor and nutrition of their vegetables, ones regeneratively farmed with love, harvested fresh and shipped directly to you

Contact them by email or by phone 800-289-4644.. And tune in to an upcoming OTM episode when we’ll be interviewing the man in charge, Farmer Lee Jones, an amazing American,

50 Best Restaurant Awards postponed till 2021

Today 50 Best announces that it is postponing The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020. The event in Antwerp, Flanders will take place in 2021, circumstances permitting

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, will not take place on 2nd June in Antwerp, Flanders. Neither will 50 Best release its annual list in ranked format this year.

50 Best has taken the decision to postpone the event programme in Antwerp, Flanders until 2021, if the situation allows. Its destination hosts, Visit Flanders and the City of Antwerp, look forward to welcoming the gastronomic community next summer, when we sincerely hope that restaurants will be well underway in a process of rebuilding and recovery.

William Drew, Director of Content for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, says: “Given the circumstances globally, in 2020 we will put all our efforts into helping the restaurant sector to fight for its future, as well as assisting in the work that chefs and restaurateurs are themselves doing to help others.”

In place of the global gastronomic gathering, 50 Best will design and develop impactful initiatives that will help the world work together in this time of need. It will also use its network to support and amplify programmes that will bolster businesses, while continuing its editorial campaign to support restaurants, restaurant workers and chefs.

This decision has been made as a result not only of current international travel restrictions and severe health concerns, but also in light of the horrific toll that the pandemic is taking on the restaurant and hospitality sectors worldwide, not to mention the suffering of millions of individuals at the hands of the virus.

“We stand united with the restaurant sector at this unprecedented time,” says Drew. “Today we make a pledge that even though there will be no celebration of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants this year, we will act to support and defend restaurants today and in the future. We ask for the community to join us in the initiatives that will take the place of our planned event programme in Antwerp, Flanders this year.

“Our heartfelt thanks go to the restaurant sector and all those who have stepped up to support the community. From offering meals and delivery services, to those liaising with government officials to protect restaurants and their future, we stand with you all.”

Jamison Farm Lamb is ready for your table - at Easter or any day

OTM just spoke with our Good Friends Sukey and John Jamison, of Jamison Farm. about  the economic slowdown caused by the Pandemic.  Here's their first reaction, you can hear more in next Sunday's episode.

During this time of uncertainty, we get the overriding feeling that we are all in this together so we can weather this storm in a proactive/positive manner. Being farmers, we have faced our share of uphill battles over the years but have endured this ever challenging journey in our peaceful beautiful Western PA. There is always something to do on a farm, no matter the time, the weather, the conditions, in sickness and in health My best "go to" remedy in any situation is cooking. My kitchen is my safe harbor. It gives me great comfort to be able to provide meals for our family as well as our long time customers and friends. I have an endless supply of recipes as well as ultimate ingredients in my ever ready farmhouse kitchen! We love sharing our stories as well as our lamb.

Just rereading the chapter, “Mama’s Stew,” from our book, Coyotes in the Pasture & Wolves at the Door. It’s a rather amusing account of making one of our prepared products with two culinary luminaries guiding us with various do’s and don’ts. When we started selling fancy cuts of lamb like racks and saddles to restaurants in the late 1980’s, we found we needed to find a way to utilize the lower cuts we weren’t selling on a weekly basis. Because we were working with such great chefs, we were able to come up with some amazing products. As I recently wrote, we dealt with Jacques Pepin among other French Chefs when we made our Merguez. In the case of Mama’s Stew, we had Jean-Louis Palladin and Julia Child kibitzing on seasoning and product prep. Pretty Heady helpers in the kitchen!

We have made these prepared products ourselves for years in our own USDA Plant. These products are not co-packed. They are made directly by Sukey and our manager, Donny. We were finalists in a group of seven out of several thousand for “Best New Product” with our Lamb Pie at New York’s, “Fancy Food Show.” We have had journalists write about both of our prepared stews, Mama’s Lamb Stew and Sukey’s Lamb Stew, as well as our Lamb Stock & Sukey’s Lamb Barley Soup. So during these turbulent times, when you can’t go out for dinner, please remember you can get lamb from a farm that supplies Michelin Starred and James Beard Awarded Restaurants delivered directly to your door. And, if you don’t want to cook, we can include prepared products developed by Sukey, John and a host of famous chefs.

Please see our website for more information or to order our special lamb packages. Spring is coming.  We and UPS are ready to make your dinners easy and delicious! For recipes, party ideas and/or questions, please email Gift certificates are available.

For more stories please see our blog:

Shop "the house that Duck Built - Dartagnan"

Try something differeent!!  So easy to cook, so deicious to taste.  Go to to get yours,,,,,,  We got ours.

Sid Wainer Steps up with Food Rescue Pop Up

OTM is keenly aware of the issues challenging the Food & Drink sceneas a result of the Virus Pandemic.  We'll bring you some of the stories that we hear as folks try to adapt. - starting today................. 

Sid Wainer & Son®,, the leading food service distributor of New England’s finest specialty foods, has announced an immediate emergency Food Rescue Pop Up for the local New Bedford, Massachusetts community: in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Allie Wainer says: “During these challenging times, we must stick together and provide support to stay healthy, eat well, and be well. For over 100 years, the Sid Wainer & Son family has been here for our community, and while we navigate the changing food environment, it is our duty to provide fresh product to our community. We are working diligently to support our teams, our families, and our neighbors. Together, we will make it through this tough time.” The first Food Rescue Pop Up will take place at their historic Friendly Fruit retail location, located at 2301 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA. The Food Rescue Pop Up will be available to the community from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Saturday, March 21, 2020. The Pop Up will provide a wide variety of vegetables, juice, and dairy items: all for only $1.00 each. Some items include: a 5 LB bag of carrots, 3 LBS of cauliflower florets, 1 Gallon orange juice, 3 LBS of salad mix, and much more. Sid Wainer & Son urges the local community to Please take advantage of their Food Rescue Pop Up and stock up on vegetables, juice, and dairy. 


Closures and Postponements, OTM Still On the Air

Two Iconic Food Events, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and the James Beard Foundation Awards have annonced cancellation. but that they hope to reschedute.  Most restaurants have announced that their dining rooms are closed, some planning take-out menus and deliveries - but be sure to check before you head for your favorite watering hole.  And if you plan to go shopping expect shortages, stock-outs. and long check out lines.  Peter experienced this yesterday  Here at OTM we're social distancing, and hoping our larder will hold out.  We hope that all of you, our listeners, will manage these inconveniences. And you can be sure that our Weekly Episodes will broadcast every Sunday.. 


RIP Michele Roux of the Waterside Inn

We read with sadness of the passing of Michele Roux, Co-Founder of the Waterside Inn in Bray, England. Chef Michele's career is highlighted by the Michelin Guide rating of 3 Stars, uniterrupted since 1985.  Michele's son Alain has continued the family tradition, and we know from our conversations with each of them how proud they were of each other.  Our lunches in Bray remain highlights of OTM's dining adventures.  Michele, we will miss you!.

IACP Conference Postponed

WE have just received notice that this event has been postponed  It will still be in Pitsburgh and the dates are iin October 2020.

Pitsburgh Welcomes IACP Annual Conference March 27-29

 Pittsburgh will Host The International Association of Culinary Professionals—a global group of food leaders, communicators, marketers, educators, historians, corporate food titans, food artisans, and chefs—will celebrate its 42nd annual conference with an impressive convening of global food and thought leaders from around the country  We spoke with Executive Director Tanya Steel, so for more  about IACP and the Conference, tune in to in next Sunday,'s OTM Esipode.

Tanya says that attendees will have three tracks to choose from—Empower, Engage, and Eat—as well as attending keynotes and conversations with visionaries like Padma Lakshmi, Julia Turshen, Rocco DiSpirito, Dorie Greenspan, Barry Estabrook, Toni Tipton-Martin, Melissa Clark, Michel Nischan, Sam Sifton, Laurie Woolever, Kim Severson, Joe Yonan, nationally renowned journalists and Pittsburghians Beth Kracklauer, Hal B. Klein and Melissa McCart, and 15-year-old chef Rahanna Bisseret Martinez. Panels, cooking demos, presentations, workshops, signings, screenings and more will round out the weekend..

“We are thrilled that once again, we’ve assembled a powerful group of tastemakers and trendsetters to our annual conference,” said IACP’s Executive Director & CEO Tanya Steel. “This annual conference aims to enable collaboration between members, provide access, inspiration and influence, and help each of our members enrich their careers, lives and communities.”

IACP is pleased to provide day passes available to local Pittsburghers so they can attend the day parts of the conference—have breakfast, lunch, and snacks, sip and sample, attend cookbook signings, panels, keynotes and more. A limited amount of day passes are available only for locals. Go to

The Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA, will be the site of the conference, with walking tours, workshops, and classes kicking things off Friday, March 27th. The Welcome Cocktail Party, Taste of Pittsburgh Celebrity Chef Dinner, and an exclusive screening of Padma Lakshmi’s new Hulu series will cap off the first evening. Saturday and Sunday get started with a group meditation, followed by keynotes, panels, presentations and cooking demos. On Saturday night the prestigious IACP award winners will be announced.

IACP thanks sponsors, including Cuisinart, Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner, DaTerra Cucina, Kerrygold, La Tourangelle, Nueske’s, Niman Ranch, Melissa’s, Viking, ,the Pennsylvania Wine Association and Wigle Whiskey.

For a schedule and to purchase tickets, Questions? Contact Tanya Steel at Follow IACP on Twitter at @iacpculinary, on Instagram at @iacppix, and on Facebook at, for conference updates. Our conference hashtag is #IACP2020 and #IACPPittsburgh.