On The Menu for November 27, 2022

How sweet they are!  Rose Levy adds a new Book that's sure to please.  Treat yourself to the best and sweetest Toffees created in OTM's own backyard.

Rose Levy Barenbaum adds to her library of definitive Sweet Recipes with her latest Tome on the subject, just published The Cookie Bible.  Lovers of these these Treats will thrill to every one of her delicious Recipes.

]You'll enjoy the taste of Scamps Toffees created in Ligonier, just outside Pittsburgh, whether in Candies or Sauces.  Peter likes to spoon straight from the Jar.  Send gift packages to your favorite folks.

On the Menu for November 20, 2022

Kurt Oriol, Founder and CEO, Campo Grande, Iberico Pork, “the Wagyu of Pork,” From Heirloom Iberian Pigs, the combination of Genetics, Lifestyle and Diet, delivered to your door. Rose Levy Beranbaum adds to her Library of definitive publications about Sweet Treats with her latest Tome, The Cookie Bible. Thrill to every one of these tips and delicious Recipes.


Prolific Author Andre Darlington, Bar Menu, provides more than 100 food and drink recipes for Cocktail Hours at home; Annette Joseph, At the Table of La Fortezza, tells how she and her husband transformed a 12th Century Tuscan Castle into a Fine Culinary Destination. You can share the enchantment in her new book and visit in person.

Ideas in Food/Wine/Hospitality

  • Chef Julian Clauss-Ehlers, Co-Author, Eating Together-Being Together; Lewis Chester, Founder and Head, Gerard Basset Foundation, Golden Vines Awards

Two Very Modern Cookbooks

Alexssandra Crapanzano, Gateau,The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes, earns a spot on your go-to cookbook shelf; Lauren Thomas, The Modern Hippie Table, Recipes and Menus for Eating Simply and Living Beautifully.

OTM Excerpts from The Archives

For this week's episode, we take a look back at an interview with chef and cookbook author Ollie Dabbous from late in 2021.  Ollie is the chef at Hide, located in London, England.  Find out more about Hide and Ollie: https://hide.co.uk/ollie-dabbous

All's Good

Molly Gilbert, Sheet Pan Sweets: Simple, Streamlined Dessert Recipes; Stephanie Kriebel, OMG Pretzels.


Specialty Foods & Packed Meal Inspiration.

George Duran, Folio Cheese, Mighty Sesame Co., Wonder Melon & Beetology; Aviva Wittenberg, Lunchbox.

From the OTM Archives - More on Beverages Galore; Natural Wines, Scotland’s Best Gin, NC Moonshine

Description:Alice Feiring, Journalist, Wine Author and Podcaster, The Feiring Line, NYC, https://www.alicefeiring.com/Natural Wine for the People; Martin Murray, Founder and Distiller, Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay Scotland, https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/rock-rose-gin/; Daniel Pierce, Professor, Historian and Moonshine Lover, UNC-Ashville/ Tar Heel Lightnin'

From the OTM Archives: A Taste of Italy

Join us this week as we revisit our trip to Italy in 2012.  Buon Appetito!

From the OTM Archives: Lidia Bastianich

Join us for this week's retrospective as we revisit a selection from our interviews through the years with the iconic Lidia Bastianich.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

OTM for Aug 28 Featuring Modern Table and More

Tune in for this week's episode featuring interviews with Kim Kushner, author of the Modern Table: Kosher Recipes for Everyday Gatherings, Olivia's Croutons, and Q9 Superfoods.  Please listen and enjoy!

Ingredients for Indulgences

John Chantarasak, Kin Thai; Estella Schweizer, Let's Go Nuts; Chef Michael Antinorsi,  Chuao Chocolates. 

Assorted Gustatory Pleasures

Oliviero (Olli) Colmignoli, Olli Salumeria; Jessica Formicola, Beef It Up!, Pierre Guerin, Henri Hutin Fromagerie.

Exotic Food & Drink Plus An Elusive Crisis

Hershit Gupta & Elliott Curelop, Madhu Chocolate; Pratik Rijal & Nish Banskota, Nepal Tea Collective; Oliver Milman, The Insect Crisis.


A Gem of a BakeBook, Snacktime, and Sweets On

Paul Hollywood, of The Great British Baking Show fame, Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics; Adam Cohen, SNAX-Sensational--Cookie Pop & Candy Pop + Vintage Italia Pasta Straws; Laura Sorkin, Runamok Maple Syrup & Infused Honeys. 

How Sweet It Is, Two Outstanding Chocolatiers & Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Bars

Lawren Askinosie, Askinosie Chocolates; Emanuel Schmerling, Milkboy Chocolate; Todd Goldstein, Whoa Dough. 

Temperance Cocktails are Catching On

Finn Walter, The Nicolett, Lubbock TX; Sean Enright, Spork, Pittsburgh PA. But also innovating the hard stuff:  Todd Manley, Mutiny Island Vodka 


Global Cuisine Anew --Africa Today, Historic SEAsia

Pierre Thiam, Yolele; David Schmunk African Dream Foods; Eleanor Ford, The Nutmeg Trail. 

Correction to June 26 Episode

More Exciting Finds at the Fancy Food Show:


Marie Krane, Tomato Bliss, https://tomatobliss.com; Minnie Luong, Chi Kitchen, https://www.chaikitchen.com/;; Ronda Brittian, Ronda's Fine Foods, https://rondasfinefoods.