Cocktails and Coffee:

With 12 books about Cocktails to his credit, Andre Darlington can certainly be recognized as a Best Seller. His latest volume, Cowboy Cocktails, is based on trail life after the Civil War. According to Darlington, many Old West libations are reminiscent of todays favorites, so check out how to load your Bar.

Evan Dohrmann invented another beverage option, Steeped Coffee, which uses a revolutionary single brew method, avoiding the need for wasteful pods and  PET plastics. This method won the 2024 Real Leaders Impact Award.

Frozen Meat That Delights and Sustainable Seafood

OTM has been enjoying fresh-frozen seafood from Boston-based Wulf Seafood for several years.  Judy Yao from Wulf just introduced us to to a whole new product line, based on American Wagyu Beef - we have been delighted with samples recently enjoyed, from Wulf partner Black Hawk Farm - bacon, burgers and steaks, all shipped frozen.

Sara Kelly tells us about Smash and Season Brand Sardines, Smash stands for small fish (Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovies, Salmon and Herring) considered stars of the Blue Zone for longevity. Caught and packed in small tins, Smash comes to the US from the coastal waters of Morocco - and you will love them!

How to Set your Dessert Table

Elise Thomas: Eat Dessert First

Michelle Mayfield, Beatrice Bakery, Beatrice, NE,  Best Known for sublime Fruit Cakes

Fancy Food Recap and A New Global Cookbook

OTM is already thinking ahead to the Summer Fancy Food Show at NYC Javits Center, June 23-25, coincident with Vin Expo.  So we thought to revisit our conversation with Leana Salamah about the Winter version recently held in Las Vegas.

To get in the right mood we suggest you explore a great new Cookbook, by Rowena Scherer that will take you around the world in 60 dishes from Asia to America and beyond, A Taste of the World: Celebrating Global Flavors

A Global Pantry

Ronda Brittian, Petulama CA-based, Ronda’s Fine Foods, offers Dips, Sauces and Spreads, including Romesco and the latest, Muhammara. Lisa Cheng Smith, Yun Hai, explores the Food Scene in Taiwan, bringing signature products—especially exceptional dried fruits--to her Brooklyn shop and on-line.


Mediterranian Products and Flavors that will enhance your Culinary Exploration

Diane Kochilas, host PBS-TV My Greek Table, The Ikaria Way: 100 Delicious Plant-based recipes and tips from her roots in Ikaria, Greecethe  Island of Longevity. Maria Victoria Finco, Monti Trentini, wonderful 4th genertaion Cheeses from the Italian Alps. We especially loved Grana Padano Asiago, Provolone and Aged Truffle-infused Caciotta.

Sweet Treats

In this episode, learn about sweet treats OTM enjoyed.  We think you will too!

  • Ryan Jarahian, The Sweetery, Anderson SC, Wine Sticks, Beer and Bourbon Buddies
  • Lee Hedgmon, The Barreled Bee, Spokane WA, BBQ Sauce & Ketchup, Cocktail Additions

Feeling Saucy?

Antonio Costello, Antonio Carlo Gourmet Sauces, the real thing aka his Italian family's Recipes. Jeff Kudrick. Five Star Foods, Montauk-inspired, created Glazing Butters, adding fabulous flavors to Seafood 

Irresistible Snacks

Michael Berro, Chipoys Savory Sticks. Linda Jodoin, Miss Hannahs Gourmet Popcorn.

2024 Produce Trends with Robert Schueller

Robert Schueller, Melissa's Produce, Vernon CA, sourcing fruits and Vegetables from around the country,and the world. Robert tells OTM about the latest products and trends in the business.

The Story Behind 1,000 Stories Wine

Sebastian Donoso, Winemaker at 1000 Stories Winery, explains how this Northern California got its name--it's a tribute to the history of wine making in the region. Also very special is the use of bourbon barrels for aging of the wines, a process introduced for Zinfandel in 2013. 

The Culinary Delights of Peru

Robert Bradley shares his in-depth khowledge of the fascinating country of Peru in his recently published book Eating PeruA Gastronomic Journey, based on 25 years exploring the country.  OTM enjoyed recalling our own Press Tour visit a few years ago.

Talking Fancy Food Show In Las Vegas, NV

Leana Salamah, Senior VP Marketing & Communcations, Speciality Food Association.  This year's Winter Fancy Food event takes place January 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The upcoming summer version to come NY City, Javits Center June 23-25, 2024.

Excellent Wines/Wineries from Lompoc, California

In today's episode, OTM speaks with two wine professionals and enthusiasts from Lompoc, CA.  In this joint interview, OTM hosts are joined by Laura Hughes (Loubd), Winemaker, Sanford Winery, Santa Rita Wine Alliance, Lompoc Wine Region - California, as well as Ken Ostini, Explore Lompoc.  Other wine enthusiasts may recognize the area of Lompoc which was featured in the movie, Sideways, starring Thomas Hayden Church and Paul Giamatti among others.

An Interview with Michael Harold and Quinn Peeper

Michael Harold and Quinn Peeper are sure to be partnering on this very day, for they know plenty about what they call Shindigs. They know all about how to throw a party.  And they decided to write a book, their very first, Classical Shindig: Amateur Artistry from the Simple to the SublimePacked with photos and 60 Recipes, these beloved hosts and concert pianists will show listeners how their sense of style enlivens and graces their New Orleans home.

2024 Hospitality Trends Report with Andrew Freeman

In today's episode, we discuss what is up ahead for the hospitality industry with show favorite, Andrew Freeman, Partner, 2024 Hospitality Trends Report, Carbonate Marketing Agency, San Francisco and Co-founder of AF&Co.

Spice and Roses

Lior Lev Sercarz, Chef/Owner of La Boite and spice guru, Midddle Eastern Pantry. Rose Wilde, a charismatic, self-appointed Grain Geek, Bread and Roses, with 200 Grain-Forward Recipes

Good Drinks and Eats

Malek Amrami, Wine Maker, The Vice Napa Valley Wines, Newly appointed to Napa Valley Vinters Board of Directors. Nicholas Wooler, Founder, Pranzo Mediterranean Flavors, owned by W&S Foods Co, launched at 2023 Fancy Food Show.

Polish Vegan, More Drinks, The Tea Disk, Every Cockall

Polish Vegan Food - Apteka

Su-Mari and Tim Hill, Inventors of The Tea Disk, Winners of Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Kitchen Gear-Coffee+Tea, Delta, BC, Canada

On the Menu Radio November 26, 2023 - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes

"Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes" is a popular old song, the lyrics of which are the poem "To Celia" by the English playwright Ben Jonson, first published in 1616. It came to mind as we produced this Episode.

Carey Jones and John McCarthy: Every Cocktail Has a Twist;

Nancy Wekselbaum, New Flavors from The Gracious Gourmet and her new venture Hot Squeeze

Sweet and Nutty

Sarah and Tyler Sample, Owners and Beekeepers, True Gold Honey, Lindsay CA; Georgeanne Brennan, Pistachios, a definitive book.

Two exciting new Books about Chinese Cuisine

Invitation to a Banquet by Fuchsia Dunlop

Chinese Menu: the History, Myths and Legends behind Your Favorite Foods by Grace Lin

New Holiday Drinks Book and Peeling Back the Layers of an Onion

Award winning Food and Drink Writer Andre Darlington just published A Booze and Vinyl Christmas, just in time for you to enliven your seasonal entertaining. This colorful volume features 40 curated Christmas albums,and there are 2 inspired cocktails to match each drink. Andre writes, from Nutcracker to Kelly Clarkson. You will surely sing along as you sip Andre suggestions.

Mark Kurlansky has added to his prolific output with a book all about, the facsinating story of the Rarest Common Food, The Core of an Onion-.Peeling the Rarest Common Food.  More than 300 recipes and numerous savory stories enliven the subject and so do many pen and ink drawings.