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Polish Vegan Food - Apteka

Su-Mari and Tim Hill, Inventors of The Tea Disk, Winners of Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Kitchen Gear-Coffee+Tea, Delta, BC, Canada

On the Menu Radio November 26, 2023 - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes

"Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes" is a popular old song, the lyrics of which are the poem "To Celia" by the English playwright Ben Jonson, first published in 1616. It came to mind as we produced this Episode.

Carey Jones and John McCarthy: Every Cocktail Has a Twist;

Nancy Wekselbaum, New Flavors from The Gracious Gourmet and her new venture Hot Squeeze

Sweet and Nutty

Sarah and Tyler Sample, Owners and Beekeepers, True Gold Honey, Lindsay CA; Georgeanne Brennan, Pistachios, a definitive book.

Two exciting new Books about Chinese Cuisine

Invitation to a Banquet by Fuchsia Dunlop

Chinese Menu: the History, Myths and Legends behind Your Favorite Foods by Grace Lin

New Holiday Drinks Book and Peeling Back the Layers of an Onion

Award winning Food and Drink Writer Andre Darlington just published A Booze and Vinyl Christmas, just in time for you to enliven your seasonal entertaining. This colorful volume features 40 curated Christmas albums,and there are 2 inspired cocktails to match each drink. Andre writes, from Nutcracker to Kelly Clarkson. You will surely sing along as you sip Andre suggestions.

Mark Kurlansky has added to his prolific output with a book all about, the facsinating story of the Rarest Common Food, The Core of an Onion-.Peeling the Rarest Common Food.  More than 300 recipes and numerous savory stories enliven the subject and so do many pen and ink drawings.

Two Exceptional Gluten-Free Lines of Products

Dedicated to gluten free,  the founders of Gluten Free Easy, Esther Anzaroot and Lily Mishaan, know when their products are truly free when their taste testers cannot tell the difference between their GF and non-GF doughs. Carolyn Haeler of Mightylicious, in NY, developed a whole family of allergen-free cookies.  She was driven to create cookies that were healthy and irresistibly delicious. OTM could not resist feasting on every one of the seven flavors. We bet you will not believe their gluten-free offerings.  Check out Mighty Monkey Bakery.

Not just your usual taste sensations.

Michal Korkoszcan based in Warsaw can certainly claim to be the voice of Modern Polish Food, much of it Vegetarian, and his new Book underlines, Polish HD: Modern Vegetarian Cooking from Global Poland.

Theresa Halliburton took home 3 Gold Sofis from the most recent SFA trade show, and she told OTM about her obsession with unique applications of sugars and salts as culinary sprinkles and garnishes.  Her Flowerco flavor portfolio also includes artisinal cracker and cocktail cubes.

Celebrating Gullah Geechee Culture plus and a New Vegetarian Cookbook Sure to Please

Natalie Daise is totally absorbed in Gulla Geechee, the present day representation of West African culture in the American South post Slavery.  Natalie just published Okra Stew: A Gullah Geechee Family Celebration, a picture Book that truly includes, history in every  bite and her very own recipe for the traditional stew. You'll be totally absorbed by how Natalie brings Gulla Geechee to life. 

Chef Ravinder Bhogal founded her Vegan/vegetarian Restaurant, Jikoni, in London, quickly winning awards.  Her third Book, just published, is sure to please; Comfort and Joy: Irresistible Pleasures from a Vegetarian Kitchen.

News of Pinot Noir

Ben Parsons, The Ordinary Fellow Fine Colorado Wines, grows grapes at heights of over 6000 feet, extraordinary growing conditions in both climate and soils. Simone Fiori and his wife Clara, using cooperative grown Pinot Noir grapes from the region of Piave in northern Italy, aim to market their La Genisia wines in the USA.

Award-Winning Down-home Cooking and Healthy Cookies That Actually Taste Good

Who is Linda Skeens who truly dominates the State Fair scene in the Virginia-Kentucky area that she has called home for a lifetime of home cooking. She regularly takes home the Blue Ribbons in numerous categories. How fortunate you will be able to enjoy her first ever published mouthwatering downhome dishes in her just published collection of recipes and family stories, in her new book, Blue Ribbon Kitchen.

Lauren Berger and Marla Felton had a great idea - create healthy cookies that also Taste Good, for those who struggle with food sensitivities - and also for that matter those who do not - a category that incudes OTM. So enjoy Real Cookies. 

A New Entertaining Cookbook and World History Explained via Food

Amy Thielen calls herself a veteran party thrower. Her new book, Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for others, includes a year of inventive recipes and twenty menus that will rethink the way you entertain. A History of the World in Ten Dinners, is the work of Victoria Flexner and Jay Reifel. The book provides the ability to recreate the past in your own home and truly includes 2000 years and 100 Recipes.

Spices and Stories

Segment 1 - Ori Zohar of Burlap and Barrel makes his quarterly visit to OTM. Single Origin Spices from around the world, available most conveniently by joining the quarterly Spice Club, recently featuring Desert Hibiscus from central Egypt.

Segment 2 - Grace Lin, Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends, Behind Your Favorite Foods


Two Amazing Bakers and Their Cookies

First up, Coleen Worthington, co-founder, with husband Gary, of Kneader's Bakery and Cafe..While Kneader's began as a bread-making company, they took on the challenge of baking the most delicous cookies powered by their own proprietary flour blend and it's indeed a family affair. Next Carolyn Haeler, founder of Mightylicious cookies.
According to their website,  in 2012 Carolyn was diagnosed with celiac disease. As a cookie-lover, she spent years seeking out gluten-free cookie brands. Then, while waiting in line holiday shopping, she bought a gluten-free cookie that crumbled entirely after one bite. That’s when she realized there had to be another way. Mightlylicious incorporates 2 vegan options as well as 7 gluten-free Varieties, all equally delicious.

A Honey-based Energy Drink and an Amazing Cocktail Recipe Book

Denise Willi captured our attention with a new entry in the market for functional beverages.  Created from honey and royal jelly. the delicacy worker bees give to their queens among other things,  Beebad has a wonderful combination that is a little bit sparkling and a little bit sweet, with some great flavors too.

John deBary draws on a lifetime of cocktail bars for his latest Book "Saved by the Bellini".  Add this to your liquor library, and you will have a resource for a lifetime of enjoyment for yourself and your fellow cocktail lovers, For OTM it brought back the memory of a great lunch at Harry's Restaurant in Trieste, originaly owned by Bellini Inventor Harry from Venice and NY. 

Vegan Cheeses from Greece; Soul Food Starters from the South by Way of Cleveland

In the first segment, we interview Toronto-based Nafsika Antipas, creator of Nafsika's Garden, Vegan Cheeses produced in Greece. Nafsika is a writer, TV producer, actress, author and entrepreneur. Her motto has always been, "If You Plant It, It Will Grow." Learn more about her work on social media and the website, Nafsika's Garden.   

In the second segment, the topic moves to soul food, and catch up with Claude Booker, creator of Booker's Soul Food Starters and Seasoning Mixes, reminiscent of tthe American South. These mixes are now produced in Cleveland, OH. 



New and Good

Grainne Trainor, Owner and Sommelier, G's on Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA, is well known for her innovative wine and cocktail programs. Here she adds scratch seasonal food, comfortable décor and her welcoming vibe.  

Two Can't Miss Vegetarian Cookbooks

Two impressive books you should not miss. First up, the The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors: Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks by Niki Segnit which is the follow-up to the first cookbook The Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook originally released in 2012.  The second interview covers The Vegetarian Reset: 75 Low-Carb, Plant-Forward Recipes from Around the World by Vasudha Viswanath.

Linda Skeens, Blue Ribbon and Alison Elliott, Farmer Foodie

Linda Skeens wins so many blue ribbon prizes at county fairs and similar events she wrote s big book about it, The Blue Ribbon Kitchen. OTM would not be surprised if she is featured on the Today Show. Alison Elliott developed vegan sprinkles named Farmer Foodie. designed to add zest to a wide variety of dishes.  The critical ingredient is cashews  – just sprinkle on a favorite dish or add water to create a creamy sauce for a dairy-free parmesan cheese alternative.

From the OTM Archives - Three Brilliant Ladies of Food in America

This week's episode originally aired in April 10,2016....Three Brilliant Ladies of Food in America, Joyce Goldstein onetime – Chef-Owner of Square One in San Francisco; Karen McNeil, Wine critic, Oenophile and Broadcaster– Author of The Wine Bible; St Helana CA, Claudia Wu, Publicist, Cherry Bomb, NYC

Chris Fowler of Moresh Olive Oil and Condiments and Joan Smith, Founder of Rancho Meladuco

Every summer Food and Drink Purveyors from around the World, gather in NYC at the Javits Convention Center for the Fancy Food Show organized by the Specialty Food Association. OTM is always among the Media trying to keep track of what is new and interesting.  This week we're bringing you two of most interesting winners of awards called SOFI. Chris Fowler introduced us to Moresh, a product line consisting of Olive Oils and Olive based Condiments, grown in the foothills of the mighty Morocco Atlas Mountains, celebrating the great flavors yielded by the fertile soils and benevolent weather.  Joan Smith told of how the Date Farm, Rancho Meladuco, was created on land that wasn't being used for anything else. And Walmart became a major cutomer for Grinders, a visionary use for imperfect dates which won a new product SOFI.

Condiments and Chips

Linda Scaltzo Eades retiring after a career as a school teacher in Miami, decided that a new venture was in order.  And that’s how Calizo Condiments got started with potions such as Taste of Tuscany Herbs, two different mayos Italian and eggless, and Artichokes Marinated with Oranges (Ann loved these, so Peter asked for more!).  Liz King invented a new and exciting snack, tempeh chips,  Called Mamame, these tempeh treats are fermented and cultured, with six veggie ingredients for the discriminating vegan, and two non-vegan.  OTM could not resist until the small bags were empty. Get more info at MaMame Whole Foods.

For Ice Cream Season: Amazing Ice Cream Purveyors

OTM loves these marvelous Ice Creams, we think you will too.  Guests include Creaters-inventors Claudio LoCascio, Mochidoki, and Snehee Chaplot, Gallivant Ice Cream and The Food Shop.

Mac-and-Cheese and Culinary Fats

In the first segment of this week's show, representatives of two iconic food-beverage brands get together with OTM this week, Cabot Creamery and Guinness Stout.  The combination comes in handsome boxes containing various different flavors and textures of America beloved Mac and Cheese. Adam Farmer, Brian Littlefield , and Amber Sheridan joined OTM in conversation about how this collaboration came to be.  OTM Grandchildren Cate and Philip gave the ultimate Taste Test at lunchtime.  Peter recalled that Dermott Guinness of the founding family was one of his classmates at Cambridge on the 1960s, actually next to graduate in alphabetical order.  Enjoy!

Greg Hozinsky of Coast Packing, based in Vernon, California, told OTM a double story, his company specializes in the supply of animal fats like lard and tallow for discriminating chefs throughout the country. He conducts surveys which explore the proposition that in the world of cooking, fat means flavour.  You will be surprised, even amazed at the results of his surveys, and may even change your fat preference to that of the poetic Mrs Sprat.

Traditional Eastern European Dishes and Heavenly Ice Cream

Unable to find somewhere in the Chicago area to satisfy their passion for the Traditional Foods of Eastern Europe, Rich Berry and his partners, they decided to make their own Pierogis– and Alexandra Foods was born.  The flavors they now offer include Potato and Fried Onion, Meat, Cabbage, Cheese and Dill, and they have expanded to offer Blintzes too. OTM often partakes of great lunchtime snacks, and we think you will quickly become a fan.  

A few hundred miles away in St Louis, Tamara Keefe abandoned her business career to launch Clementines Naughty & Nice Ice Cream, now offered in numerous fascinating flavors.  OTM issues herewith a warning that once you try this delicious treat you will not stop – no wonder they just won a Gold SOFI award.

OTM Talks Food Crops and More Amazing Cheese

In the first segment, OTM talks with Sarah Masoni, one of the Leaders of the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University.  The Center is focused on the creation of a meaningful marketplaces for American Farmers.  OTM is constantly reminded of the importance Food Crops provide to the national economy.  The new USDA program will create Regional Food business centers, and Sarah is one of the leaders of this effort.

For the second segment, Ann and Peter talk with Jessica and Jeremy Little who have pioneered Rotational Grazing, pasture to pasture every 12 hours for the last 10 years of their Sweet-Grass Dairy located in southern Georgia. Their numerous awards testify to the quality of what they produce, fine quality hand-crafted cheeses. Their herd lives barn-free, grazing year-round thanks to the mild winter, combining to create high quality milk of amazing flavor.