Cheese, Historic and Modern, European and American

Jesse Cover discusses Le Gruyere AOP, from Switzerland, often considered “World’s Best Cheese,” prizewinner of numerous international competitions, reflecting more than 10 centuries of artisanal production. Pat Ford presents BeehHive Cheeses, products of a Pioneering Family Team, among the first to rub unique ingredients on the rinds of Creamy Base Cheddars made in the mountains of the State of Utah. Pat Ford presents BeeHive Cheeses, products of a Pioneering Family Team, among the first to rub unique ingredients on the rinds of Creamy Base Cheddars made in the mountains of the State of Utah. Try Barely Buzzed, Queen Bee Porcini, Hatch Chile and Pour Me a Slice infused with Bourbon.  What next?

Two Brilliant New Cookbooks

Skye McAlpine, London and Venice, A Table Full of Love; Recipes to Comfort, Seduce, Celebrate & Everything Else in Between; Christine Flynn, Good Earth Winery and Farm, Niagara Canada, A Generous Meal; Modern Recipes for Dinner.

OTM Discusses Amazing Fruit Purees and Chocolates for Diabetics

Perfect Purees are both the Name and Flavors of Outstanding Fruit and other concoctions for Restaurants and Bars from this like-named California enterprise.  Try them in your favorite Cocktail, maybe your very own formula. Perfect purees from California (Napa Valley) enable show-stopping fruit flavors.  The newest in their Zest Collection is Lime. 

All the way for Vancouver Canada come Very special Chocolates for diabetics, without sugar (they use stevia, instead) beautifully designed and hard to resist.  Ross Chocolates available widely in the USA and other countries.  Spokesman Phil Hemmings tells the Diabetic story of how The Founder Owner made his dream a reality.  OTM’s favorites are those draped in Dark, and named for Impressionist painters.


2023 Produce Trends

Robert Schueller of Melissas, US largest (and most innovative) Produce Supplier, based in Southern California, makes his Annual Visit with OTM, talking Specialty Produce trends and newest Products for 2023.

Among the items discussed are baby potatoes, always a favorite, from Dutch Yellow to Baby Red and Gemstone, these tiny Jewels are actually grown in Idaho, and can go straight to the plate after gentle cooking. Chayote Squash and Chinese Eggplant bake beautifully.  In the berry department, Pine Berries once only grown in Britain are now being grown Stateside.  Japanese Strawberries are great Hostess gifts in their native land, but at $5 apiece, must be considered a special treat.  Dragon Fruit now comes in more colors, both the Skin and Flesh.  Pink Pineapples are delicious as well as  dramatic in appearance, and for the pocket book.  Melissas takes advantage of opposite hemispheres with Cherries from Tasmania, way down under.  And Cotton Candy grapes  make for a sweet addition to the fresh fruit bowl which Ann often makes for Peter’s Breakfast.  Be sure to check  Melissa’s for frequent additions to what they offer –

Jay Buchsbaum, Royal Wine Corporation, discusses Kosher Wine

The World’s largest Kosher Wine business, the Royal Wine Corp, took root in Eastern Europe, grew and eventually settled in Bayonne NJ. It now manages a vast portfolio of vineyards and also sources wines from grapes grown by others. According to spokesperson, Jay Buchsbaum, all Royal products follow Kosher principals, but many wine lovers favor Royal’s fine wines for their quality and variety, not because of the Kosher certification. Stars  from Royal’s portfolio include Chardonnays, Cabs, Moscato and Reserve bottlings from Lake County CA, one of the most recent AVAs. Look for Royal wines on the lists of Top Restaurants and at your local wine merchant.

Remarkably Delicious Specialty Foods

Lisa King, Brownie Points—Brownies of every sort, from the Original Basic Chocolate & Blondies to Fudge, Truffles, Pavlova, Bourbon-infused & more, all gorgeously packaged and ribbon-wrapped; Tom Bannister, Tom’s Perfect 10 Granola, a top take on cereal or snack.

Say Cheese Please!

Jeanine Egan, The Cheese School of San Francisco, uniquely the only school in the US devoted exclusively to all things cheese, announces: a new collaboration with Daily Driver; a relocation to a greatly expanded space in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood; and hugely expanding programs. The only institution of its kind in the USA, The School promises to be a one stop for Cheese enthusiasts and Professionals alike. Dennis Kaser, Le Gruyere DOP, explains what makes Gruyere so very special and why it has won recognition as World’s Best Cheese at numerous international Competitions.  

Drink to Me Only:.Meet two Notable Beverage Companies

Kate Kissell, Steeped Coffee; Kevin Sherman, Tractor Beverage: Steeped Coffee uses a proprietary process to create the Coffee Equivalent of a Tea Bag, combining that process with special roasts, to make a very fine cup indeed; Tractor Beverage’s mission is to displace ‘Big Soda,’ with a broad range of flavors—all Certified Organic, Pesticide- Free, Non-GMO--and Delicious! 


Edible Economics

Professor Ha-Joon Chang, a prolific author of books well known for their humor as well as their insights into the history of Economics, Food and related topics, discusses Edible Economics (EE), his latest contribution to the field. His distinguished Teaching and Research career began in his native South Korea, followed by teaching positions at Cambridge University and, most recently, at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).


Focus on Korean Heritage: Brilliant Cookbook, Classy Rice

Sisters Leah Su Quirpga and Cammie Kim Lin, (Serious) New Cook: Recipes, Tips, Techniques; Ryan Kim, Kim’C’s Market, upscale Korean ingredients, including freshly-milled rice.

Two Craft Distilleries Redefining How they Produce America’s Traditional Bourbon and Rye

Pursuit Spirits took a big risk to Develop  a Bourbon, that the World hadn’t seen yet, Winning  Double and Single Gold Awards in the 2022 John Barleycorn Competition.   Their Pursuit United is a blend of 3 different Mashbills from Bardstown KY, Finger Lakes NY and undisclosed TN.  Even more differently Pursuit has raised capital ($2.5m worth) specifically for the purpose of  providing input to their own Blended production.   King’s County Distilleries marches to the proverbial Different Drummer. The first Distiller 0f the modern era in Brooklyn, Kings produces a Plethora of Bourbon and Rye blends including unusual ones containing Peat and Chocolate, and several sold at Cask strength. OTM has been enjoying this great variety of America’s  favorite tipple, and we’re sure you will too.

Two Fascinating New Books packed with Ideas sure to enhance your Dining Pleasure

Andy Murray grew up in a large and busy family, which cooked and ate together for decades.  His just published Eat, Drink and Be Murray chronicles these Culinary Adventures, which are captured in his  newly published biography  Eat, Drink and be Murray. No relation to Tennis Andy and Movie Star Bill, this Andy enchants with stories of his life in the Kitchen in cities around the USA.  His Culinary adventures will have you thirsty for more of the same, and will send you rushing to your favorite food emporium to emulate Chef Andy in your own kitchen.  And you’ll  feast on long forgotten treats. Heloise Brion’s Franco American Roots combine to foster a convivial atmosphere with recipes to match, and memorable ideas to enhance table settings for every occasion.  Find the excitement in Miss Maggie’s Kitchen.

From The OTM Archives: A Dedication to Charlie Trotter

This week’s program is dedicated to On the Menu’s interview with Charlie back in
the early years of our Podcast. and a recently released Documentary, now
available,’The Rise and Fall of Charlie Trotter’. Here’s where to find the film.,
The pandemic may have delayed plans for the theatrical release of a
documentary about legendary Chicago chef Charlie Trotter, but soon the general
public will finally get to see the film. Critics have already screened Love,
Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter with the Sun-Times critic Richard
Roeper gushing, giving the movie 3  1 ⁄ 2  stars. The movie, written and directed by
Rebecca Halpern, was lauded as it made its way through the festival circuit last
year. The film shows Trotter’s ascension to an internationally known chef and as a
kitchen leader whose anger vexed his staff. Trotter’s Lincoln Park restaurant was a
culinary destination from 1987 to 2012. The chef died in 2013. Anthony Bourdain
and Julia Child make appearances in the film. Several high-profile Chicago chefs
including Grant Achatz (Alinea), the late Homaro Cantu (Moto), Giuseppe Tentori
(GT Fish & Oyster), and Graham Elliot worked in Trotter’s kitchen.
Our Interview makes up today’s OTM Episode. Sadly we did not have the
opportunity to record the promised sequel.

On the Menu for December 11, 2022

Andrew Freeman, AF&Co and The Carbonate Group, the 2023 Hospitality Trends Report (and a look back at the companies' 2022 predictions). Check out their website: Coverage includes: Restaurant Marketing | Hotel Marketing | Hotel Public Relations | Food Marketing | Food Public Relations.  

On The Menu for December 4, 2022

Mary Ann Esposito, Host of Ciao Italia, adds to her Award-winning output of over 14 Cookbooks and Numerous TV programs with just published Ciao Italia: Plant, Harvest, Cook, which is sure to help you succeed in both your Garden and your Kitchen with Crops and Recipes in the Italian Tradition.

Ori Zohar of Burlap and Barrel makes his regular visit to On the Menu, introducing you to exciting new Spices from small Growers around the World.  And you’ll want to augment your Culinary Toolkit with a Spice Grinder made to their specifications.

On The Menu for November 27, 2022

Sweet Suite: Rose Levy Beranbaum , The Cookie Bible; Amy Hepler, Scamps Toffees.

On the Menu for November 20, 2022

Kurt Oriol, Founder and CEO, Campo Grande, Iberico Pork, “the Wagyu of Pork,” From Heirloom Iberian Pigs, the combination of Genetics, Lifestyle and Diet, delivered to your door. Rose Levy Beranbaum adds to her Library of definitive publications about Sweet Treats with her latest Tome, The Cookie Bible. Thrill to every one of these tips and delicious Recipes.


Prolific Author Andre Darlington, Bar Menu, provides more than 100 food and drink recipes for Cocktail Hours at home; Annette Joseph, At the Table of La Fortezza, tells how she and her husband transformed a 12th Century Tuscan Castle into a Fine Culinary Destination. You can share the enchantment in her new book and visit in person.

Ideas in Food/Wine/Hospitality

  • Chef Julian Clauss-Ehlers, Co-Author, Eating Together-Being Together; Lewis Chester, Founder and Head, Gerard Basset Foundation, Golden Vines Awards

Two Very Modern Cookbooks

Alexssandra Crapanzano, Gateau,The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes, earns a spot on your go-to cookbook shelf; Lauren Thomas, The Modern Hippie Table, Recipes and Menus for Eating Simply and Living Beautifully.

OTM Excerpts from The Archives

For this week's episode, we take a look back at an interview with chef and cookbook author Ollie Dabbous from late in 2021.  Ollie is the chef at Hide, located in London, England.  Find out more about Hide and Ollie:

All's Good

Molly Gilbert, Sheet Pan Sweets: Simple, Streamlined Dessert Recipes; Stephanie Kriebel, OMG Pretzels.


Specialty Foods & Packed Meal Inspiration.

George Duran, Folio Cheese, Mighty Sesame Co., Wonder Melon & Beetology; Aviva Wittenberg, Lunchbox.

From the OTM Archives - More on Beverages Galore; Natural Wines, Scotland’s Best Gin, NC Moonshine

Description:Alice Feiring, Journalist, Wine Author and Podcaster, The Feiring Line, NYC, Wine for the People; Martin Murray, Founder and Distiller, Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay Scotland,; Daniel Pierce, Professor, Historian and Moonshine Lover, UNC-Ashville/ Tar Heel Lightnin'

From the OTM Archives: A Taste of Italy

Join us this week as we revisit our trip to Italy in 2012.  Buon Appetito!