SuperChef Massimo Bottura Feeds Rio's homeless with Olympic Village Leftovers

It’s hard to get a table at Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, especially since Chef Massimo Bottura won the World’s Best Restaurant Award.  But his Refettorio  in Milan created at last year’s Expo Milan s still serving free meals to the poor as well as to paying customers – all based on surplus food.  Our good friend Massimo has now expanded to create Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio, linked to surplus food from the Olympic Village.  Yesterday Chef Alex Atala of DOM, himself a World Top 10 awardee was helping prepare dinner.    The Rio project is still looking for donations (like everything Olympic it ran over budget), but we’re sure Massimo & his collaborators will fill the gap.  And look for Gastromotiva to expand beyond the 4 cooking schools it operates in Brazil with branch in Mexico City graduating its first class last month & S. Africa opening next month.  We salute Massimo for his leadership in reducing food waste on a major scale, doing much good for society in the process.  For more

Outdoor Dining & Happy Hour at Lidia's Pittburgh

One of the delights of Dining in Italy is having Food & Wine Al Fresco, whether on a table, waterside at a beach or lake front, in a charming piazza...............   Now you can try this here in Pittsburgh;  Lidia's Pittsburgh has just announced the opening of a new outdoor lounge, with a special Taverna menu, signature cocktails and Italian wines.  This new menu will also be available in the main restaurant - and there'll be Happy Hour from 4.30-6.30PM Monday through Friday, with small lpates at half price, $3 off signature cocktails and selected wines for $5 a glass.  More at

Magnifico Massimo Bottura wins World's Best Restaurant Award

OTM is ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana finally claimed the Top Spot.  We were able to congratulate our Good Friend & Chef Hero in person, despite the "packed to the walls" crowd at Cipriani Wall Street on June 13.  Hear our interview with Massimo and other 50 Best winners in tommorrow's program at

London's South Bank- New Menus at Roast Restaurant & a Guide from an Unexpected Source.

Roast's latest Newsletter brings some great new dining options at this spectacular Restaurant above the Borough Market - a special menu inspired by Shakespeare400, the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death on 1606; AND an all new Bar Menu, great if you're in a hurry - or (as quite often happens) no tables are open.  Head Chef Stuart Cauldwell & Owner Iqbal Wahhab will give a Warm Welcome, especially if you tell them OTM sent you.


OTM has always thought London's South Bank was a well-kept secret, so Peter decided to write a special guide fo Unancjhor,,  What a great surprise to see this Guide now available at  We think you'll enjoy knowing more about South Bank.  And you'll want to spend more than just a day there, to get your copy for a Kindle app; or for a PDF download.

What's a Refettorio? Ask Chef Massimo Bottura

OTM's great friend, Chef-Patron of Modena Italy's Osteria Francescana created Refettoria Ambrosiano as part of the Milan Expo project where 60 invited Chefs turned Salvaged Food into meals for the city's homeless.  Now Massimo's Food forSoul non-profit will expand yhe concept to other cities - there may be a Referttorio at the Brazil Olympics, one's happening in conjunction with an espablished Soup Kitchen in Bologna, Italy.  On the Menu congratulates Massimo not just for launching the cocept, but working himself to get it off the ground.  Here's how he summarises his beliefs for Food forSoul; We NEED MORE places to Unite people at the table; We NEED MORE places that REVIVE neighborhoods; We NEED MORE places that RESTORE the body & soul. OTM would say;  We need MORE PEOPLE as KIND & THOUGHTFUL as Massimo Bottura!!!!

Butcher & the Rye Pittsburgh's Bartender vies for Bartender of the Year Honors

Michael Anderson is usually found behind the Magnificent Bar ot Pittsburgh's Butcher in the Rye.  But next Monday he'll be off to NYC fo the Regional Semi-Finals of the prestigious awards, sponsored by Heaven Hill &  Turns out Michael is no stranger when it comes to awards, having placed 2nd at a 2013 competition in Portland OR, also winning "Best Cocktail" honor at the Bourbon Classic.  Mike, we wish you well.  Having access to the fabulous bar program at Butcher & the Rye, must be a geat help. Owners Richard DeShantz and Tolga Sevdik must be really PROUD.  For more about the competition.; for Butcher & the Rye,

Millie's Homemade Ice Cream opens TODAY

Many local residents, including lots of children, preveiwed the Flavors and Acccoutrements (Handmade Waffle Cones, Brioche packed with twin scoops of Gelato....................,at Millie's on Sunday.  Today they open to everyone.  And it's all DELICIOUS.  We expect the news will travel fast, but OTM wanted to extend a special welcome to owners Chad and Lauren Townsend.  It's a dream come true for them, and it will be for you too!!

Austin Food+Wine Festival just 6 weeks away

This is the 5th Annual, actual event dates April 22-24 in the Lone Star State's Vibrant Capital.  The Official List of Chefs participating in the Showcase events (Apil 23 AND April 24) has just been announced.  Check these out and get other details at

Cherry Bombe Jubilee marks 3rd year in NYC April 10

Cherry Bombe founders Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu recentky announced that their annual Jubilee event will return to the High Line Hotel for a 3rd year,  As usual the line up of Speakers in packed with Celebrities from Food Journalism, Businesswomen from Producers & Retailers, and Top Femal Chefs from across the USA.  Tickets are on sale at  More information at

Wigle Whiskey & Allegheny Distilling are Restoring Pittsburgh's Reputation for American Whiskey

The Whiskey Rebellion is a rather obscure event in American History, and Prohibition dealt a near fatal blow to the Liquor Tradition in our home region.  But while Kentucky and Tennessee are much better known for their Intoxicating Innovations a couple of Distilleries in OTM's home town are making news.  At the recent American Craft Spirits Association Trade Show in Chicago, Allegheny Distilling,, took home the tasting contest’s Best in Show Award for its Single Barrel Rum and 6 more Medals.  Not to be outdone Wigle Whiskey,, Pittsburgh’s 1st Distillery of the modern era, took home12 medals, more than any other participating distilleries.  Alexander Hamilton, proponent of the Liquor Tax which caused the 1791-94 Rebellion, is celebrating on Broadway, did not have anything to say about the resurgence of Pennsylvania-brewed booze. OTM says Cheers & Bottoms Up.