Pittsburgh's Meat & Potatoes named to Open Table's Top 100 Hottest Restaurant Bars

Congrats to Chef-Owner Rick DeShantz and his Cocktail Colleagues on this recognition.  Rick's "small plate" style dishes match well with an extensive list of cocktails * other libations, including "barrel-aged" Negronis & Manhattans.  Go for a Drink, stay for the Food!http://meatandpotatoespgh.com/.


London Dining In the News - Major Update of OTM's London Favorites

The Daily Telegraph singled out Bruno Loubet's new Vegetable-focused Grain Store and Picnic Hampers from Corrigan's Mayfair, a great OTM Favorite.  Conde Nast's latest listing of "Best New" includes Brasserie Eric Chavot, Newman Street Tavern and The Clove Club, all 3 sampled by OTM on our recent trip.  All these places HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  So we decided that a Major Update was needed to the OTM Favorite pages for Dining-UK London.  Just completed, we hope you'll find this helpful.  And of course we're always interested in your suggestions.  Rule Britannia!

Bruno Loubet's Grain Store in Now Open - GO THERE!!

OTM talked with Chef Bruno about this new venture just a few weeks ago, OTM Audio Archives, program date May 19, 2013.  With an exciting Bar Scene, Vegetable-focused Menu and 80 seat Terrace, The Grain Store is sure to be a popular addition to London's dining scene.  And knowing Chef Bruno, we're sure the Kitchen will be on top of its game. Next time we're in London it's going to be hard to choose between The Grain Store & Bistrot Bruno Loubet - expect we'll go to both!  And you should too.............  The Grain Store is in Granary Square near Kings Cross-St. Pancras, www.grainstore.com.

Lidia Bastianich - In the News

Fresh from winning a Daytime Emmy, OTM's great friend Lidia is set to host a PBS special "Lidia Celebrates America: Freedom & Independence" which will premiere June 28 at 10PM EDT (check local listing for your area). This is the 3rd in a series.  "At the heart of the ...... series is my own immigrant experience" says Lidia.  As an immigrant himself, Peter can relate.  Be sure to tune in for some very special scenes at a Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello, a Bastille Day celebration with Jacques Pepin, Juneteenth in Galveston TX & Phillippines Independence Day in NY.  Oh say can you see.....................! 

Blackberry Farms, Walland TN - Simply the Best!!

OTM interviewed BF's Proprietor Sam Beall, OTM Audio Archives, program date January 3, 2010.  So we weren't surprised when Bon Appetit named the property No. 1 Resort in the May Issue story "Ten Best Food Lover's Hotels in America".  All that remains is we have to find time to go there, and be able to get a reservation!  www.blackberryfarm.com.

Vanberg & DeWulf lands British Beers from Green Jack

Specialists in Belgian Beers, our friends from Cooperstown NY are always searching for the world's Best Beers to offer the Discriminating Drinker.  With a whispered "Rule Brittania" Peter is thrilled but not surprised.  Green Jack Beers from Lowestoft in East Anglia are Green Jack RIPPA, Red Herring Smoked Ale & Lurcher Stout.  Get yours or more information at www.belgianexperts.com, and listen to their story in OTM Audio Archives, program date February 3, 2013.

Leah Chase recognized with Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Award during NOWFE

OTM didn't make it to the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience this year, but we did want you to know about this Recognition for Very Fine Lady. Ms. Chase was a leading spokesperson for New Orleans Restaurants as they strove to recover from Hurricane Katrina - and OTM's interview with her about this can be heard in OTM Audio Archives, Program Date June 10, 2006. The Award Event was presented by the John Besh Foundation - thanks John!! For more about Leah's Restaurant go to www.dookychaserestaurant.com ; for John's great restaurant group www.chefjohnbesh.com.


5Star Sensation makes Cleveland OH "Party Central" once again - June 15

It only happens every 2 years.  Clevelanders and their friends know how to party, but it takes 24 months to recover and repeat!!  For details see www.fivestarsensation.org.  But to give you just a taste of the fun, Wolfgang Puck asks dozens of his Chef Friends to head for Cleveland and Cook some of their Masterpieces, dozens of wineries from California, Oregon, France & Italy will provide libations.  And the end result is expected to raise $2.5million for Cancer Research.  So what are you waiting for - OTM will see you there!!

Dick Shaw's Tasmanian grown Avocados make Gourmet International's Hot 100 List

OTM is bragging just a little bit because Dick Shaw is Peter's cousin, and THE Pioneers in growing Avocados in Australia's cool island state. And because we've tasted them many times, we know the GI judges are correct that Dick's Spreyton Avos are some of the world's best tasting, organic and tree-matured also. To read the GI citation go to http://bit.ly/11onvS4 and No. 54.

Bruno Loubet's The Grain Store opening in June near Kings X

Vegetable lovers in particular will be thrilled to know that the enormously talented Bruno Loubet is opening his new venture at Granary Square Kings Cross in June. This long-awaited opening is sure to excite. Diners can be sure that Bruno's vegetable-focused menu will excite their palates as much as the dishes they love at have London's Best Bistrot. As an added bonus, note that Chef Bruno has lost 10 kilos of body weight in the past few months by eating more vegetables. Website is on the way but in the meantime go to www.bistrotbrunoloubet.com for breaking news.

World will be tuned in to Top 50 Restaurant s Announcement April 29 in London

"The Glitterati of the Gastronomic World" will be on hand at London's Guildhall next Monday as the 2013 Top 50 are announced.  Attendees (including 49 of the Top 50) will be on the edge of their seats for this Exciting Event, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Aqua Panna, and organized by Restaurant magazine.  It should be a Great Party too!! It will be streamed live on www.finedininglovers.com and published online at www.theworlds50best.com right after the live announcement.  Winners in other Award categories will be recognized, Nadia Santini of Italy's Dal Pescatore as Veuve Cliquot World's Best Female Chef, and Alain Ducasse for Lifetime Achievement, sponsored by Diners Club, have already been revealed.  Chefs' Choice & Sustainable Restaurant Awards, sponsored by Silestone & Zacapa respectively will also be featured.

Berlin's Tim Raue featured in Food Arts

OTM is thrilled to see recognition for Tim Raue's iconic Asian cuisine.  Unusual, Exciting, Fascinating, pick your favorite adjective to describe Tim's Elegant Plates and Fabulous Flavors.  All of this in Courtyard Corner just a Stone's Throw from Checkpoint Charlie. AND before you go you can listen to his OTM interview, OTM Audio Archives, program date September 30, 2012.  More at http://tim-raue.com/.

Peter's Alma Mater Helps Celebrate the 350th Anniversary of British Recognition of Chateau Haut Brion

350 Years have passed since Famous Diarist Samuel Pepys makes a Mention of the Wine he called Ho Bryan (spelling was not his forte).  According to Decanter Magazine Pepys opined "..a wine with a good & most particular taste".  Magdalen College, Cambridge will commemorate with an Exhibition.  We should note that the Chateau's owners since the 1930s are American.  We had a chance to interview the Estate Manager at HB several years ago, and can still remember the great taste, and found ourselves totally in agreement Pepys.

Renee Restivo about Sicily published by National Geographic

At http://on.natgeo.com/YNFhLy.  Renee is a good friend of On the Menu, resides in Sicily and is very knowledgable and helpful - with tours, and a Cooking School in the Glorious Baroque-architected city of Noto.

OTM Friends Making the News

These Folks have been very busy recently; Cocktail Guru Scott Beattie, is involved in ventures on both coasts, at The Living Room Bar in the W Miami Beach and with Scott Youkills & Partners in SanFran; Asian Restaurateur Extraordinary Charles Phan opens a Jazz-themed Cafe also in SF; Mike Lata goes Seafood at The Ordinary in Charleston SC and "across the Big Pond" Elena & Juan Mari Arzak bring Nuevo Vasco to London - more details below. We wish them all well for success in their new ventures, and we'll be reporting on them in person in due course..............

Scott Beattie on Both Coasts

Cocktail Genius Scott Beattie helped heighten the Miami Cocktail Scene at The Living Room at the W South Beach, we hear that Scott is also involved with David Esler & Scott Youkilis at Hi-Lo BBQ right across the street from their great Hog & Rocks on Mission in SF; www.hilobbqsf.com; See more about Scott at www.societeperrier.com/los-angeles/articles/meet-your-mixologist-scott-beattie-of-goose-gander/#.UTOgrjDkvRo.

Charles Phan expands his SF Dining Empire

South at SF Jazz is Charles' latest venture, with a NOLA inspired Cafe www.sfjazz.org/visit/dining.  Knowing that we love NOLA cuisine and Charles had succeeded with both Vietnamese & Chinese, we're sure South will be a great addition to SF's casual dining scene.

Mike Lata's new Seafood place is anything but Ordinary

Joining with business partner Adam Nemirow, Mike opened The Ordinary, specializing in Seafood. Food Arts tells us it's named after an Old English reference to "an eating-house serving regular meals to all guests at a fixed price. Knowing Mike we're sure this is the only thing about it that's Ordinary.  And just to prove it Esquire just included The Ordinary in "The Perfect Night Out: 12 Restaurants that wll Make your Year - see March 2013 issue.  For more go to www.eattheordinary.com.

The Arazks bring more Dining Excitement to London

OTM already had a High Opinion of London's Fabulous Fine Dining scene. We're thrilled to hear that Ametsa, the long-planned London outpost of Arzak, San Sebastian's Iconic Nuevo Vasco Dining Temple, has opened its doors in Belgravia's The Halkin hotel. Chef Serge Sanz Blanco moved from Arzak to be Head Chef. We can't wait to try Ametsa for ourselves, hopefully next month when we make our regular annual visit to check out London's latest, www.comohotels.com/thehalkin/dining/ametsa.


Oceana uncovers a Scandal in Seafood

Do you know what you are serving your family tonight? If it’s fish there’s a good chance that you don’t. Today Oceana unveiled its landmark national seafood fraud report, one of the largest of its kind and one that should make consumers sit up and demand change. This confirms that fully one-third of this seafood was mislabeled—that is, what we ordered wasn’t what we got. Nationwide, sushi restaurants mislabeled their fish 74 percent of the time. These findings are disturbing—and they’re disturbing for a few reasons. Not only can seafood fraud rip you off by making you pay more for less expensive fish but it can actually be bad for your health. Oceana scientists found that some fish that had landed a spot on the FDA’s “DO NOT EAT” list for sensitive groups such as pregnant women and children because of its high mercury content was nonetheless being substituted for safer fish. In New York this meant tilefish disguised as red snapper, only 7 of 120 samples tested nationwide were actually red snapper. Elsewhere escolar, an oily fish that is known for its purgative effects in some consumers, was substituted 84% of the time for white tuna. Seafood is one of the healthiest sources of protein on the planet and should be a part of any healthy diet, but we need to know that what we’re buying is what the label says it is—for the good of our health, our wallets and our oceans. OTM thanks Oceana for this timely information. Full report & further information www.oceana.org/fraudnationwide.

More on Seafood- Sustainability & a Special

Michael Leviton of Area Four in Cambridge MA writes on the Chef's Collaborative blog-

The issue of sustainability in the seafood industry continues to make headlines -- despite whatever progress we seem to be making. It can be incredibly nuanced, and mean different things to different people. As a chef in New England, promoting sustainable seafood means supporting local fishermen who are catching fish in a sensible manner. Thankfully, I am not alone; many chefs are doing their part to support sustainable seafood choices that enrich local communities.

New England seafood has also reached a critical tipping point. Just two weeks ago, the New England Fisheries Management Council announced sharp decreases in allowable fish catch limits for almost every species, especially cod. These fish -- species like redfish, sea robin and Atlantic pollock -- have been dubbed "trash fish," and rejected by fishermen and chefs alike, who choose instead to keep only what consumers demand. Yet there is actually no such thing as "trash fish."

It's our responsibility to utilize all fish species, and not waste precious choices just because they are, for lack of a better word, unpopular. In fact many fish that we embrace today were widely considered trash fish in the not-too distant past. Skate and monkfish, for example, were once frowned upon by chefs and fishermen alike. Here in New England, skate was cast aside for decades and only splashed into the spotlight in the late 1980s when it became valued for its meaty, mild and nutty taste. Monkfish was passed over because it was viewed as too ugly to taste good. Yet today, the monkfish finds itself a regular on high-end menus, regarded for its versatility. Skate and monkfish ultimately made such strong entrances onto the culinary main stage that they were ironically over-fished.

And here is where it gets complicated. As we turn to underutilized species to diversify our seafood choices, we need to be sure that we are not creating new problems. In an effort to open up a dialog about the role of underutilized species in our sustainable seafood future, I have temporarily embraced the phrase "trash fish," and I am hosting a Chefs Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner.

On March 10th, at my restaurant Area Four in Cambridge, I will be hosting chefs Rich Garcia, Larry Leibowitz, Evan Mallett, Mary Reilly, Jake Rojas, Michael Scelfo, Derek Wagner, and Drew Hedlund. We look forward to serving a delicious multi-course dinner featuring underutilized species, and to a discussion on the future of sustainable seafood. Barton Seaver, Sustainability Fellow in Residence at the New England Aquarium will also say a few words. http://chefscollaborative.org/events/trash-fish-dinner/


OTM's Valentine's Day Special Program is now Up & Running

Due to "Human Error" the Link to this Program was Incorrect. It is now available at OTM Audio Archives & via Podcast. We apologize for any inconvenience. And Love to All our Listeners from Ann & Peter.

Kudos for Lisa Ekus & Ann Willan - to be Honored by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Lisa Ekus, Founder & President of The Lisa Ekus Group, www.lisaekus.com, will receive the Outstanding Career Award, recognizing her contributions over 30 years in the Food Business.  Ann Willan will receive the "Best in the World Award" for her The Cookbook Library: Four Centuries of the Cooks. Writers, and Recipes That Made the Modern Cookbook.  You can hear Ann's interview with OTM about this wonderful book in OTM Audion Archives, program date June 3, 2012.  The Goirmand World Cookbook Awards will be held February 23, 2013 in Paris - www.cookbookfair.com for more details.

Congratulations Emeril, 2013 James Beard Foundation "Humanitarian of the Year"

OTM is pleased to join in recognizing this Tribute, perhaps the most sought after of all the "Beards".  The press release from the JBF notes that Emeril's Emeril Lagasse Foundation has granted over $5.3million to Children's Education & Culinary Arts Programs since 2002.  OTM says "well done!!" 

Pittsburgh CLO Ambassadors Wine Tasting March 1 at the Duquesne Club

Get your tickets now for this Great Event hosted by the Dynamic Ambassadors of the Civic Light Opera.  OTM was at a Preview Party this week, so we know that Capital Wines & Spirits (a Generous Sponsor) will be pouring some Excellent Wines from California and aroung trhe World.  In addition to a Silent Auction, the event will feature a Raffle, first prize an all expenses trip for 2 to Paris.  Get tickets and more details at www.pittsburghclo.com, or call 412 281 3973 ext 234.  And we'll see you there!!

Interesting Stories About OTM Guests O Olive Oils & Boat Street Pickles

Kudos to Greg & Marta Hinson from San Rafael CA, Producers of Fruit-infused O Olive Oils and Renee Erikson of Boat Street Pickles, Seattle WA. Specialty Food Magazine's Latest Issue includes Articles based on Interviews with these True Food Innovators. To Hear their Interviews go to OTM Audio Archives, program dates May 17, 2009 & August 12, 2012 respectively.  And by the way OTM can assure you the Products are Great! We still have some in the Our Larder, but they're going fast! Find out how to get some for Yourselves - www.ooliveoil.com, www.boatstreetpickles.com.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is Just Next Week-Jan 14-20

More than 50 Local Restaurants from Downtown to locations as far away as Beaver County will be Participating. Don't Miss Out on Special Menus and Special Prices!  Get More Details at www.pittsburghrestaurantweek.com.

Whole Foods Wexford Chili Cook-off January 12 - Free & Starts at Noon

Peter loves Whole Foods Shadyside, and shops there almost very day.  Now we hear that Whole Foods Wexford is hosting their FIRST EVER Chili Cook-Off!

Their representative tell us "From slow-roasted crock pot chili to one-pot chili casseroles, Wexford Team Members have begun preparing their best rendition of momma’s homemade chili. Whether you are accustomed to lamb, lentils, or seafood chili or beef, veggies and tofu, there will be bowls of goodness filled with savory flavors for all palettes at this FREE event. For those who prefer the staple made from all organic ingredients to those who swear on canned made chili, the community is invited to vote on which Wexford Team Member’s recipe should hold the bragging rights for “the best chili ever.” Along with sampling, all taste-testers will receive copies of recipes to try at home as they listen to live music performing in the café from local group Broke, Stranded & Ugly".  Sounds like Fun!!


Wiley Dufresne, Mike Lata & (maybe) Bill Telepan - 2 Places are better then One

Three of OTM's Favorite Chefs are working on this Principle.  Wiley's Alder is described as a "50-Seat Pub", located at 157 2nd Ave - not sure it's open yet.  Mike Lata famed for FIG in Charleston has gone all in for Seafood at The Ordinary, www.eattheordinary.com, on Trendy Upper King St #544.  Bill Telepan's potential new venture is still in the lease negotiation process, but watch for News - the location 327 Greenwich Street in Tribeca.  We wish Wylie, Mike & Bill great success with their new ventures.


OTM's Favorite Oyster Guru Jon Rowley announces "Walrus & Carpenter Picnics Jan 8 & Feb 7

Taylor Shelfish Farms of Shelton WA is holding these 2 Special & Unusual Fundraisers at their Totten Inlet Oyster Beds.  Winter Low Tides provide extended access to the Beds and the Bivalves are narurally chilled to just the right temperature.  Participants can gather & shuck for themselves or get them from Ace Shuckers, and Winning Wines from the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition will be served.  The Event's name comes from Lewis Carroll's Tale of how the Walrus & Carpenter lure Oysters to a "Lovely Walk....upon the Briny Beach............" which ends well for W & C, badly for the Oysters.  Last time Jon & OTM knocked back a healthy 6 dozen between us.  Try it, you'll like it!  For more information call Jon at 206-963-5959 or email rowley@nwlink.com.

OTM's 2012 Picks - Everyone Else is Doing Their's - Here are Ours

When Marco Caprai of Cantina Arnaldo-Caprai told us Casa Vissani was the best restaurant in Italy, OTM just had to go.  Did we agree with Marco?  Let’s just say that Vissani is absolutely one of Italy’s top tables.  The elegantly designed interior and great service combine with the delicious food to “blow you away” – in the country outside of Orvieto – go here!!  Florence was SO crowded, but we lunched magnificently at Trattoria Armando, on a quiet street near Ognisanti, traditional and flawless!


 London loves Italian too.  Aurelia, a relatively new opening in Mayfair, offers a combination of traditional and modern Italian, all the more remarkable because the Chef is young, British and female, the General Manager (an old friend from Zafferano) hails from Albania, Jacob Kenedy’s Boca di Lupo truly transports you into an Italian Trattoria, and don’t forget to cross the street to his Gelateria, Gelupo, where you can sample or get some to go.  Two French Star Chefs are back; Bruno Loubet returns from a sojourn in Brisbane, Australia, with a fabulous Bistrot; also new Kitchen Joel Antunes, where A-listers from Entertainment and Politics rub shoulders and thrill over Joel’s edgy re-interpretations of French Classics.  Jose Pizarro is not content with just one eponymous establishment; he opened two, Jose and Pizarro, just a few doors apart near Tower Bridge – authentic ingredients make for great Spanish food, it feels like the best of Spain.  We were delighted to finally meet the legendary Phil Howard at The Square, and found the food better than ever.  And less than 50 yards away Alyn Williams’ namesake restaurant in the Westbury Hotel serves his own excellent version of Modern British cuisine.


In Seattle we thrilled at the Mediterranean flavors at Maria Hines’ new casual spot, The Golden Beetle, and with a little help from just one friend we wolfed down 6 dozen great Oysters at Taylor Shellfish Melrose Market, a new city outlet for these great Oystermen.


Berlin beckoned and OTM responded, enjoying Perfect Asian Flavors at Restaurant Tim Raue, “Modern” German at Stefan Hartmann’s spot – too much Schnitzel elsewhere.


And not forgetting NYC, Peter was thrilled to find out that a fellow Yorkshireman, Aaron Chambers, is Executive Chef at Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud.  We were both even more impressed at the Great Menu and Wonderful Taste Sensations Aaron is turning out.  We enjoyed Nomad, more magic from 11 Madison’s Daniel Humm, and Alex Stupak’s Empellon Cocina.


Finally Alon Shaya at NOLA’s Domenica impressed again with his great Italian savory delicacies, great Pasta dishes Secundi & Dolci if you’re still hungry – one of the best Italian tables in the USA.  AND (this just in) Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall proved a Sublime Selection for Lunch on Xmas Eve.

Casamia Restaurant Bristol, England - Who Knew about this Great Restaurant - Michelin got it Right

Guide Michelin is often criticized for failing to recognize up and coming Restaurants.  For Casamia in Westbury, Bristol they hit the nail on the head when they awarded the first ever Star to a restaurant in this HistoricRegional City.  OTM had an Exciting and Enjoyable Evening at Casamia, seated at the Kitchen-facing Chef's Table where Co-Chefs Peter & JonRay and their Energetic Team served one great small plate after another and Sommelier Andy matched each one to perfection.  Founder Paco Sanchez-Igelsias admitted to OTM that when his sons wanted to transform Casamia from Italian Pizzeria-Trattoria to Innovative Seasonal Modern British he was uncertain, now he couldn't be prouder!  OTM heartily endorses.  Great Food & Wine, and Great Fun as well!!  www.casamiarestaurant.com.

Chef Michael Tusk reminds OTM that Bocuse d'Or is coming up

Next month the 2013 Competition gets under way.  The USA Team is Chef Martin Rosendale and Assistant Corey Siegel (from West Virginia's Famous Greenbrier) won the Bocuse d'Or USA's competition almost a year ago.  Their being prepared by a truly "Blue Ribbon" panel of leading American Chefs including Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud, Grant Achatz, Jose Andres.......... and of course Chef Tusk!   You can find out more at www.bocusedorusa.org.  OTM wishes Martin & Corey all the best - and we hope that they'll bring home the first ever medal for a USA team.

Arnaldo-Caprai Wins Wine Enthusiast

OTM congratulates Marco Caprai and his Father Arnaldo who founded this Iconic Cantina at Montefalco, Umbria.  Winemaker Marco launched a partnership with the University of Milan in 1989 to explore the production of wines from the neglected native Sagrantino - ignored because of its reputation of being difficult to vinify.  For the last decade or more Marco's been traveling the world talking up Sagarntino-based wines and backing it up with excellent wines.  The 25th Anniversary 100% Sagrantino is one of OTM absolute favorite wines!!  The entire family of white and red wines are real eye-openers for wine lovers who think Italian wines begin and end with Brunello & Barolo.  Get more information at english.arnaldocaprai.it.  

100 Euro Gift Certificate for Aniar Restaurant, Galway Ireland

Do you have "The Luck of the Irish"?  Enter OTM's Contest for this Valuable Prize, and Dine at the only Michelin-Starred Restaurant in the West of Ireland.  We're able to bring you this thanks to the Generosity of Owners JP McMahon and his Wife Drigin.  All you have to do to enter is Tweet or Email us and Explain Why You Think you Deserve to Win - OTM will Judge the Creativity of all Submissions.  We Hope you'll have Fun trying to be the one to capture our attention.  You can send your Message via the Comments Tab on our Home Page - and we wish you luck!!

Win a Free Trip To Belgium!!

OTM's go to Belgian Beer Experts, Vanberg & DeWulf brought this opportunity to our attention, Thanks Wendy. http://www.weeklypint.com/ultimate-brew-tour/affiliate-152.  And if Beer's your thing be sure to sign up for The Weekly Pint Newsletter.

New Executive Chef at Fairmont Pittsburgh

The Fairmont just announced the appointment of a new Executive Chef, taking over from Andrew Morrison on November 5.  Jason Dalling is coming from the Fairmont Washington DC, and has spent his career with Fairmont since 1992.  Chef Andrew returned to the DC area where he worked before coming to Pittsburgh, and he's at The Mayflower.  OTM looks forward to meeting Jason in the near future.

Chef Jeff Tunks makes News in the Nation's Capital

OTM's good friend Jeff Tunks has expanded his DC-area Restaurant Empire Passion Food Hospitality group with the opening of Fuego Cocina y Teqileria in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington VA - www.fuegova.com.  Mexico City native Alfredo Solis takes Top Toque at Fuego, after a decade with other Passion Food Kitchens.  The menu draws on his heritage using traditional methods and ingredients.  120 Tequila Labels will be shelved at the Bar.  And DC Coast keeps marching on - just named by Travel+Leisure on its list of the 32 Best Seafood Restaurants in the US - www.dccoast.com.

Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival - October 26 - New day of the week, New Location

This Great Event for Spirit's Lovers has 2 Changes from previous year's.  It happens on a Friday, next Friday to be exact; and what better place for the ": Las Vegas" theme than Pittsburgh's Rivers Casino? The Official Name has also changed - The Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival to be precise.  OTM will be there, and we hope you will be........... IT's THE event for Spirits Lovers. For more information and tickets www.pittsburghwhiskeyfestival.com.

Pittsburgh's Church Brew Works Bring Home the Gold

The Great American Beer Festival hands out lot's of Awards, but a Michael Phelps/Mark Spitz type "Handful Plus" is still quite an achievement.  Lawrenceville's The Church Brew Works made off with a Haul of Six Awards at this revent event.  Topping the list, they won Best Large Brewpub, and Steve Sloan won Best Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year.  Heini's Hooch claimed Gold in the Old/Strong Ale category and 3 other Brews won Silver or Bronze.  Congratulations to Owner Sean Casey and Brewer Steve Sloan for putting Pittsburgh on the nation's Brew Pub Map!!  www.churchbrew.com.

Michael Wignall at The Latymer, Pennyhill Park Wins 2 Michelin Stars to go with AA 5 Diamonds

OTM first met Chef Wignall at The Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire; then we were suprisingly reacquainted at The Latymer (we didn't know he'd moved).  On both occasions our Meals were extraordinarily excellent, so this recognition is surprising only because Michelin is known to be quite "Stingy" with Stars for British restaurants.  Michael, Congratulations to you and your team!!  You can hear OTM's interview with Chef Wignall shortly after he recaptured the Michelin Star for The Devonshire Arms - OTM Audio Archive, progam date May 14, 2006 - when you hear him you'll understand how he's been so successful at The Latymer.

Arthur Avenue, Bronx - Italy is Closer than you Think - September 22

Join OTM's Good Friend Renee Restivo of Soul of Sicily at a Special Italian Event a bit closer to home.  Find out more at https://sites.google.com/site/arthuravenuewalks/home.

Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy - Perfecting Perfection?

Chef-Patron Massimo Bottura wasn't satisfied, here's how he puts it.  "In my furure there is always more future".... "We have intrepreted our third Michelin Star(awarded in 2011) as a point of departure, not arrival".  So in January he decided to completely restructure the restaurant with a spacious new kitchen in an adjacent building, completely new dining areas and lots more great contemporary artwork.  We hear that Francescana reopened 2 days ago, but the new menu isn't due till next month.  For more information the website is www.osteriafrancescana.it.  To listen to Massimo's extensive interview with OTM, go to OTM Audio Archives, program date September 14, 2008 - you'll be fascinated.

Cast Iron Cookoff in Chattanooga TN September 23

OTM's good friends from Lodge Manufacturing in nearby South Pittsburg TN sponsor the Annual Event.  Seven Chefs competed last year, Alton Brown served as Master of Ceremonies and there was an  "Iron Chef-style" secret ingredient.  Shrimp last year, what this year we wonder.  Get more information about the event at www.chattanoogamarket.com.  Naturally the Chefs used Lodge's great Cast Iron Cookware.  You can get yours directly like we did at www.lodgemfg.com, and or at fine Cookware stores.

Lonely Planet Wins Favorite Travel Guide Award

Billed as "the world's largest travel site" TripAdvisor just announced their 2012 Traveler's Choice Awards, among them Favorite Travel Guide.  No surprise to OTM, and probably you too, the Award went to Lonely Planet.  You can find out more at websites from both companies - www.lonelyplanet.com & www.tripadvisor.com

Problem with Today's Program

We are aware of the problem that the link to today's program, which plays last Sunday's broadcast instead of the program weproduced for today.  We don't know if it's a techical problem or human error (which is more usual as Peter has been known to make typos), but we're working to correct the problem as soon as possible and we apologize for your inconvenience.  Another Update will announce when the situation is corrected and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Today's Program is Now in Place

Our Webmaster is human! The correct program is now in place.  Again we apologize for any incovenience and hope you will ejoy the very interesting program.  And we'll talk to you all again next week.  Happy Labor Day!

Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival October 26, 2012 goes Las Vegas!

And what better place for a Vegas theme than Pittsburgh's Rivers Casino?  OTM will be there, and we hope you will be...........  IT's THE event for Spirits Lovers.  For more information and tickets www.pittsburghwhiskeyfestival.com.

Jamison's Host 3rd Annual

OTM good friends John & Sukey Jamison will host this very special event at their Farm in Latrobe, after a welcoming reception at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning & Children's Media at St. Vincnet College.  Ann Quantrano, famed Chef-Owner of Bachinalia, Atlanta, will head a team of Chefs from SW Pa & Washington DC - and you can guess thsat Lamb will feature on the menu.  Get more information at http://bit.ly/PxLcEl.   

RIP Dean Giacomini of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

OTM joins the Family, the Dairy and California communities in mourning the passing of Dean Giacomini, Matron of the Great Cheese Making Family.  As Karen, Diana, Lynn & Jill say "Despite our enormous loss, we together with our dad, Bob, and our amazing team of managers and staff - will forge ahead as a company with focus & cimmitment, honoring our mother in the best way we know how."  We wish them all well!!