OTM's good friend Michael Rutenberg shows how much the French like Obama as President

Dr. Herve This, Directeur Scientifique de la Fondation Science & Culture Alimentaire, in Paris talks Molecular Gastronomy - Nov. 16, 2008 program

Adam, Cate & Jen tuck into lunch, the day after Thanksgving 2008

Wine with lunch at London's Wild Honey

At Kai Mayfair with Owner Bernard Yeoh (R), Sommelier & Chef after a Magnificent Repast!

With Tony Booth, Wild Mushroom Co., one of the Founding Vendors at the renovated Borough Market

Iqbal Wahhab, Owner of Roast at Borough Market, prepares to share 2 doz. Oysters with OTM, February 2008

Ann meets Jamie Oliver at London's Borough Market

Big Ben of course.  Can you see the Snowflakes?  February 2009

Ann & Mike Lata, Chef-partner, Fig, Charleston SC celebrating Mike's James Beard Best Chef SE award, May 4, 2009