Ann sneaked this Shot of Peter, pondering the Menu at Brasserie Phillip Mouchele at Melbourne's South Bank Complex - another Great Restaurant

Ann with Kevin Donovan at Donavan's St Kilda, Melbourne, our Favorite of all this City's Restaurants.  Interior Courtesy of Kevin's Spouse-Partner Gail

Banjo the Koala

OTM's Cousin Murry Shaw with his Pet Jersey, Lucy, in Tasmania.  Isn't she the most Beautiul Cow you've ever seen?

Peter interviews Frederick Booker Noe, Bourbon Ambassador, Jim Beam at The Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival, Nov. 2008.

With Shiho Tonoshima at Ito En's gorgeous Tea Shop on NYC's Upper Madison Ave.  Lunch upstaira at Kai preceded

OTM's 1st Grandson, Phillip John "PJ" all dressed up for his Baptism, May 2009.

In Paris with Brigitte & Michael Rutenburg after a delicious dinner with friends

Peter at the Paris Obama Victory Brunch - he was behind the Camera earlier

With OTM's good friends Brigitte & Michael Rutenburg at their Paris apartment, celebrating the new Presidency with an Obama Victory Brunch