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May 02, 2016
Dominique Crenn named 2016 Best Female Chef
Organizers of the World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards just announced that Chef Dominque will be honored with the Best Female Chef Award at the Big Event, this year in NYC on June 13, 2016.  OTM first met Dominique in late 2010 when she was in the planning process for Atelier Crenn - hear her interview in Audio Archives, program date January 2, 2011.  We were so impressed with Dominique's passion and dynamism, and of course wonderful  food.  So we were not surprised when her restaurant vaulted to 2 Michelin Star rating within a year.  Dominique, we salute you for your energy and creativity, and look forward to expressing our congratulations in person in NYC, and "Vive la France!". is probably appropriate. For more information about Chef Crenn and the entire Awards program go to http://www.theworlds50best.com/.

April 26, 2016
It's Beard Time again - BBJ Awards
When the James Beard Foundation Best Chef & Restaurant Awards moved to Chicago in 2015, the BBJ=Book, Broadcast & Journalism stayed behind in NYC.  The 2016 Awards took place earlier this week, and we're delighted to congraulate several recent OTM Guests who were winners.  Coming up in our next program, May 1,  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt won in the General Cooking category for his Big & Brilliant The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking through Science - be sure to tune in to this insightful and informative conversation.  Chris Fischer (OTM program date July 12, 2015) was honored in the American Cooking category for The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook; Virginia Willis (On OTM June 22, 2014 about her book on Okra) for Focus on Health, Lighten Up Y'all.  And the Big Winner, for Best International AND Book of the Year, Michael Solomonov for Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking (program date Januray 10, 2016.  Once again, congratulatons to all - and we recommend that if you missed their OTM interviews take advantage of OTM Audio Archive to catch up with what they had to say.  Now off to Chicago for the BIG AWARDS.

April 19, 2016
London's South Bank- New Menus at Roast Restaurant & a Guide from an Unexpected Source.
Roast's latest Newsletter brings some great new dining options at this spectacular Restaurant above the Borough Market - a special menu inspired by Shakespeare400, the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death on 1606; AND an all new Bar Menu, great if you're in a hurry - or (as quite often happens) no tables are open.  Head Chef Stuart Cauldwell & Owner Iqbal Wahhab will give a Warm Welcome, especially if you tell them OTM sent you.

OTM has always thought London's South Bank was a well-kept secret, so Peter decided to write a special guide fo Unancjhor, www.unanchor.com,  What a great surprise to see this Guide now available at www.amazon.com.  We think you'll enjoy knowing more about South Bank.  And you'll want to spend more than just a day there, http://www.amazon.com/London-Unanchor-Travel-Guide-Londons-ebook/dp/B014ODDUQE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461075141&sr=8-1&keywords=london+unanchor+travel+guide to get your copy for a Kindle app; or http://www.unanchor.com/itinerary/london-s-south-bank-off-the-beaten-track.html for a PDF download.

April 18, 2016
Legume Owners planning Expansion
Sarah and Trevett Hooper have proved to be such a great addition to Pittsburgh's dining scene in the nine years they've spent here.  Starting out in a tiny space in Regent Square, they expanded to a much larger space, with a separate Bar section (Butterjoint), on Oakland's Craig Street.  Now they've announced further expansion into the building next door, with an interesting new concept, with a name that's at least partly self explanatory - Pie for Breakfast.  This quickly caught Ann's attention, since her all-time favorite breakfast treat is left-over fruit pie!!  But the new spot, scehdued to open later in the year, will be more than just an all-day diner.  The plan calls for traditional Breakfast Foods, but emphasizing organic ingredients at Breakfast Time, daily except Sunday, and until 3PM - the announcement we got doesn't give the opening time,  A Light Lunch menu will start at 11am.  More substantial dishes will be on the menu at Dinner-time, with a "Meat & 3" focus, familiar to OTM from our visits to Nashville), but Trevor has seen it all across The South.  Trevett sums it up like this -  simple regional cooking, made from scratch, with unprocessed ingredients. Pie For Breakfast is how I imagine an American country restaurant might have been before WWII, before our food system was on the fast track to hyper-industrialization, when short-order cooking was highly skilled, and a simple restaurant could afford to make a great deal of their food from scratch.  To keep track of progress on the the new "Cafe", www.pieforbreakfastpittsburgh.com

April 10, 2016
World's 50 Best Restaurants adds to 2016 Program in NYC
Ferrari Trento, leading producer of Italian Sparkling Wines, joins the Award Sponsors with an Art of Hospitality Award, debuting in 2016 in NYC where the 50 Best will be held (outside London for the first time).  OTM anticipates that this Award will become one of the most competitive & sought after, like the James Beard Foundation's Best Service Award - because it recognizes the contributions of every member of a Restaurant's Team.  Since hospitality styles vary widely by nationality, it's going to be interesting which country & restaurant comes out on top.  Also being added to the 2016 program will be a series of collaborative dinners, from teams of NYC & Korean Chefs.  This is being organized in partnership with Korean Gourmet Food magazine Le Main.  The KoreanNYC dinners series will happen in the days before the June 13 50 Best Awards Presentation.  For more information, www.theworlds50best, http://www.ferraritrento.it/EN, https://www.behance.net/lamain.

April 09, 2016
What's a Refettorio? Ask Chef Massimo Bottura
OTM's great friend, Chef-Patron of Modena Italy's Osteria Francescana created Refettoria Ambrosiano as part of the Milan Expo project where 60 invited Chefs turned Salvaged Food into meals for the city's homeless.  Now Massimo's Food forSoul non-profit will expand yhe concept to other cities - there may be a Referttorio at the Brazil Olympics, one's happening in conjunction with an espablished Soup Kitchen in Bologna, Italy.  On the Menu congratulates Massimo not just for launching the cocept, but working himself to get it off the ground.  Here's how he summarises his beliefs for Food forSoul; We NEED MORE places to Unite people at the table; We NEED MORE places that REVIVE neighborhoods; We NEED MORE places that RESTORE the body & soul. OTM would say;  We need MORE PEOPLE as KIND & THOUGHTFUL as Massimo Bottura!!!!

April 07, 2016
Party Hearty at Austin's Food & Wine Festival - OTM will see you there!!
Word has reached On the Menu that Texans and "would be" Texans get together for a Great Good Time at the State's Capital.  So OTM will be joining the throng in a couple of weeks.  Details and Ticketing via http://www.austinfoodandwinefestival.com.  Be sure to look for us and say "Howdy". 

April 02, 2016
Tri-State Duo win Cutting Edge Awards from American Culinary Federation

Chef Shawn Culp, Culinary Arts Department Chair at the Art Institute of Pittburgh, and Chef Lawrence Alexander Jr. Exec Chef at the Wheeling WV Island Hotel, were recognized with "Cutting Edge" Awards from the ACF at their recent Regional Conference, ChefConnect: Atlanta.  The Awards appreciate Shawn & Lawrence's leadership and service to the Culinary Profession.  For more go to www.acfchefs.org.

April 01, 2016
James Beard Foundation announces Expanded Scholarship Opportunities for 2016
Headlining the list of Scholarships available in 2016 is the JBF National Scholars program - up to 10 grants of up to $20,000 are going to be available.  But this isn't the only opportunity.  The call for applications for all JBF's Scholarship Grants begins today, ends May 15 for Scholarships and June 15 for Professional Grants.  To explore details and eligibilty go to https://www.scholarsapply.org/jamesbeard/.  And for more information from the James Beard Foundation, http://www.jamesbeard.org/education/scholarships-and-grants. 

March 20, 2016
Duck Pizza a Big Winner for Chef Eric Von Hansen of Pittsburgh's Caliente Pizza
Chef Eric calls his Pizza invention "Quack Attack".  And it was recently rated Best Pan Pizza, among 30 entrants, at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month.  According to Co-owner Nick Bogacz the triumph was not unexpected, saying that Von Hansen joined Caliente determined to create a winning Pizza.  It will be on the restaurant's menu for a limited time ................ who knows maybe it will become a permanent fixture.  There are 2 locations, Lawrenceville and Hampton Township.  For more http://pizzadrafthouse.com/

March 19, 2016
Lidia's Pittsburgh Celebrates 15 years with a Special dinner including 15 of Lidia's Favorites
Lidia’s Pittsburgh will celebrate its 15th Anniversary on April 12, and you can be a part of the celebration.  Lidia herself has chosen 15 Favorite Dishes (matching numbers with the years), you get to make your own for choice for each of 4 courses.  The Great Lady will be there meeting & greeting.  So let’s give LB a good old Pittsburgh welcome and wish Lidia’s Pittsburgh a happy birthday.  For reservations: 412-552-0150 or visit www.lidias-pittsburgh.com.  You can schedule a table anytime from 5-9PM.  While you’re at it you could make a reservation for Sunday Brunch on Easter.

March 17, 2016
Butcher & the Rye Pittsburgh's Bartender vies for Bartender of the Year Honors
Michael Anderson is usually found behind the Magnificent Bar ot Pittsburgh's Butcher in the Rye.  But next Monday he'll be off to NYC fo the Regional Semi-Finals of the prestigious awards, sponsored by Heaven Hill & Liquor.com.  Turns out Michael is no stranger when it comes to awards, having placed 2nd at a 2013 competition in Portland OR, also winning "Best Cocktail" honor at the Bourbon Classic.  Mike, we wish you well.  Having access to the fabulous bar program at Butcher & the Rye, must be a geat help. Owners Richard DeShantz and Tolga Sevdik must be really PROUD.  For more about the competition. www.heavenhill.com; for Butcher & the Rye, http://butcherandtherye.com/

March 16, 2016

Grand Cru Surchoix certainly doesn't sound like it comes from Wisconsin, but it does.  AND this "smear-ripene hard cheese" made by Emmi Roth of Monroe WI carried off Best in the World - officially "2016 World Championship Cheese" at the recent competition held in Madison WI.  Turns out the USA Cheesemakers dominated the competition winning gold medals in 83 out of 110 total categories.  And "Cheeseheads" truly dominated.winning 38 of the golds. OTM congratulates all the winning US cheesemakers,we always knew how reat you were, nor the World is paying attention.  For more - http://wccc.myentries.org/contest/results?event=59

March 15, 2016
Millie's Homemade Ice Cream opens TODAY
Many local residents, including lots of children, preveiwed the Flavors and Acccoutrements (Handmade Waffle Cones, Brioche packed with twin scoops of Gelato....................,at Millie's on Sunday.  Today they open to everyone.  And it's all DELICIOUS.  We expect the news will travel fast, but OTM wanted to extend a special welcome to owners Chad and Lauren Townsend.  It's a dream come true for them, and it will be for you too!!

March 12, 2016
Austin Food+Wine Festival just 6 weeks away
This is the 5th Annual, actual event dates April 22-24 in the Lone Star State's Vibrant Capital.  The Official List of Chefs participating in the Showcase events (Apil 23 AND April 24) has just been announced.  Check these out and get other details at www.austinfoodandwinefestival.com.

March 10, 2016
Cherry Bombe Jubilee marks 3rd year in NYC April 10
Cherry Bombe founders Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu recentky announced that their annual Jubilee event will return to the High Line Hotel for a 3rd year,  As usual the line up of Speakers in packed with Celebrities from Food Journalism, Businesswomen from Producers & Retailers, and Top Femal Chefs from across the USA.  Tickets are on sale at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2505721.  More information at http://cherrybombe.com/

March 08, 2016
Wigle Whiskey & Allegheny Distilling are Restoring Pittsburgh's Reputation for American Whiskey
The Whiskey Rebellion is a rather obscure event in American History, and Prohibition dealt a near fatal blow to the Liquor Tradition in our home region.  But while Kentucky and Tennessee are much better known for their Intoxicating Innovations a couple of Distilleries in OTM's home town are making news.  At the recent American Craft Spirits Association Trade Show in Chicago, Allegheny Distilling, http://maggiesfarmrum.com/, took home the tasting contest’s Best in Show Award for its Single Barrel Rum and 6 more Medals.  Not to be outdone Wigle Whiskey, https://www.wiglewhiskey.com/, Pittsburgh’s 1st Distillery of the modern era, took home12 medals, more than any other participating distilleries.  Alexander Hamilton, proponent of the Liquor Tax which caused the 1791-94 Rebellion, is celebrating on Broadway, did not have anything to say about the resurgence of Pennsylvania-brewed booze. OTM says Cheers & Bottoms Up.

March 07, 2016
We Scream for Millies Homemade Ice Cream. Check out OTM's New Neighbor

Chad Townsend and Wife Lauren will open their first "Scoop Shop" just a few steps from OTM's studio.  Welcome to our neighborhood guys!!  Were'll installing a new Bathroon Scale and considering which sweet treats we'll eliminate so we have room for Millies' delicious artisinal Ice Cream in all its delicious flavors - http://www.millieshomemade.com/.  Opening Day is on the "Ides of March", but our Astrological forecast for Chad & Lauren is quite the opposite to Julius Caesar's.

March 06, 2016
Derek Stevens to open Union Standard in th Union Trust Building
Last December, Pittsburgh Magazine broke the news that Derek Stevens, the long-serving executive chef of Eleven Contemporary kitchen in the Strip District, would be leaving the big Burrito Restaurant Group to open his own restaurant.   Now Pittsburgh Magazine's Hal Klein reports more details. Last week, Stevens announced the name and location of his new concept. It will be known as Union Standard, and located in the Union Trust building Downtown. The historic building currently is undergoing a $100 million restoration. Union Standard will be housed on the ground and mezzanine floors, and across the street from Mellon Square.  “I’m just really excited to bring this vision to life and put my own creative spin on things,” Stevens said in a press release.
- See more at:http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com/Best-of-the-Burgh-Blogs/The-412/March-2016/Derek-Stevens-Announces-New-Pittsburgh-Restaurant/.  OTM extends best wishes to Derek, one of our very favorite Pittsburgh Chefs, and we're excited to hear about this positive development for this truly elegant building. Opening is scheduled this Fall.

March 05, 2016
Great News - Jamilka Borges in staying in Pittsburgh
Jamilka's innovative cuisine at Bar Marco was always such a treat.  Now we hear that she's joining Brian Pekarcik & his partner Rick Stern, and cooking in the space now occupied by BRGR in East Liberty, right next door to Spoon.  Meanwhile BRGR will be moving to a new building now under construction at the corner of Penn & Highland.  OTM sends good wishes to these adventurous restauraters.  We haven't heard the name for the new spot, but watch for more info in due course - also check http://sprestgroup.com/.

March 02, 2016
Bangkok's Gaggan Stays Atop Asia's 50 Best List

OTM congratulates Gaggan Anand, Gaggan, Bangkok, www.eatatgaggan.com; hear his interview with this Chef-Owner at the 2014 World's 50 Best where be won "highest new entry" honors.  Quite a series of achievements for an Indian Restaurant in Thailand's Capital!!

March 01, 2016
Frangiadis is Finally Back - SPORK in Garfield opens March 3

Back in November we heard from Chris(tian) that he was working on a new Dining Destination in Pittsburgh's East End.  We got confused about the name - now we know it's SPORK - named for the easting implement that combines Spoon & Fork.  Overall SPORK is an elegant space, with seating at a beautifully crafted custom wooden counter. If,  like OTM, you enjoy chatting with the Chefs in the open kitchen, that's where you'll want to sit.  What's on Chef Chris' menu? It's going to change daily, but will always include small plates, medium-sized plates (for sharing if you like), and mains if you're hungry.  We dined at SPORK last evening and quickly realized how much we had missed the bold flavors and wide-ranging ingredients that have always been Chris' signature.  And everything is done in-house including the truly great bread, charcuterie, pickles, sauerkraut.  Not sure they have a web page yet, but you can find SPORK on Facebook, or call (412) 441-1700.  Open every day at 5PM.  Best wishes Chris, welcome back!!

February 29, 2016
FRESH Turmeric - add this unique Spice to your Food AND Drink

Writing about Turmeric in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Ann uses the word "tantalizing" to describe this really great ingredient.  Check out Ann's article at http://triblive.com/lifestyles/fooddrink/10018663-74/turmeric-cup-teaspoon.  Not to be outdone Peter invented a new cocktail using FRESH-T, Recipe in OTM News, February 15 2016.  We just tried a new version using White Rum instead of Gin, and we think Cocktail Lovers who like a sweet-sour combination will enjoy a RUM-TUMERINI.

February 28, 2016
OTM Loves Carciofi - and it's the Right Time in Italy
Italy’s Carciofi (Artichoke) season is about to begin, can spring be far behind?  OTM was reminded by the announcement of a special menu dedicated to this relative of the Thistle – from our Great Good Friend Valter Scarbolo at La Frasca, near Udine in Friuli. Just a 90-minute drive from Venice.  http://www.lafrasca.com.  Coming up in April the village of Ladispoli not far from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport celebrates with an Artichoke Festival that OTM happened upon when we stayed at luxurious La Posta Vecchia - http://www.lapostavecchia.com/en/ & http://theartichokeblog.com/ladispoli-artichoke-festival/.

February 23, 2016
Missed Meatopia 2016? Chef David Guas talks to OTM about the Meatopia Event, Cuba & much more
David Guas is the much lauded Chef-Owner of Bayou Bakery Coffee Bar & Eatery - 2 locations: Arlington VA, www.bayoubakeryva.com, & Capitol Hill, Washington DC www.bayoubakerydc.com. Proud of his Cuban Ancestry, David recounts the highlights of the memorable trip he took there with his father. He also talks about: his New Orleans upbringing, his recent participation in Meatopia at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, http://www.sobefest.com/meatopia, his lifelong love of honey, and more. Tune in to the OTM program on February 28 for his fascinating insights.

February 23, 2016
World's 50 Best Restaurants Announces Details of the 2016 Awards in NYC
Attendees at the 2015 Awards in London heard the exciting news that W50Best was going "on the road", with NYC as the first stop away from its original home.  Now we know details of their plan; the date June 13th, the location Cipriani Wall Street.  Get more information at www.theworlds50bestresturants.com.  And you may be sure that OTM will be there to cover this exciting event.  We plan to bring you a conversation about this new direction for the Awards, which will celebrate the 15th Edition in the Big Apple, and maybe a sneak preview of what's in store for 2017 and beyond.

February 17, 2016
Aussie David Thompson Voted Lifetime Achievement Award by 50 Best Asia's Lifetime Achievement Award

Back in 2000, before we started OTM, Ann covered Sydney Restaurants for Olympics Visitors, and we were surprised to find not just 1 but 2 Thai Restaurants owned by a young Chef called David Thompson.  But this was only the beginning.  He then launched Nahm in London, winning a Michelin Star (first ever for a Thai restaurant); took Nahm to Bangkok in 2010 and opened Long Chim in Singapore last year.  Enough for a Lifetime!  But surely we can expect there'll be more achievements.  OTM congratulates Chef Thompson - who'll receive his Diner's Club Lifetime Achievement Award at the 50 Best Asian Restaurant Awards ceremony in Bangkok on Leap Year Day. For more info; www.theworlds50best..com/asia.





February 15, 2016
OTM invents a New Cocktail - the Turmericini
Also known as the Turmeritini. Add about 7or 8 wafer thin slices of fresh Turmeric root, to 1 1/2 oz.English Dry Gin, in a Martini glass, preferably Artisinal Gin such as Langley's No. 8, Sipsmith's, Opihr, Bloom & Greenalls, add ice cubes, shake and/or stir depending on your preference; allow 5 minutes for the Turmeric to infuse -  liquid takes on an orange tint.  You can eat the Turmeric when you've drunk up.  Enjoy in good health - lot's of Antioxidents!!

February 14, 2016
London's Coya Restaurant celebrates the centenary of the Pisco Sour
Who knew that this iconic cocktail was created 100 years ago?  I suppose that we should have known tahe London's Peruvian-focused Coya would be "on the ball".  And you can sign up for a Class to learn the finer points of Pisco Sour imbibing and snacking - RSVP to sherene@coyarestaurant.com.  And we highly recommend that you start with lunch or stay for dinner to enjoy the GREAT dining at Coya - reservations@coyarestaurant.com.   

February 13, 2016
Gelinaz Walk with Us London - Feb 28

The first of 4 planned “Walk with Us” unique dining events will happen in London’s Shoreditch.  Chef-Owners Isaac McHale of The Clove Club & Hames Lowe of Lyle’s are the Host Chefs, who’ll be joined by 12 Top Chefs from around Europe,  Details are deliberately sketchy,  We do know that dinner will consist of 8 Starters, 4 Mains & 4 Desserts.  The actual menu items and chef assignments won’t be revealed until the evening of February 28th.  Gelinaz’s leader Andrea Petrini (hear his OTM Interview in OTM Audio Archives, program date September 15, 2013) promises “ a cross-cultural plethora of Flavor & Style”, “Guests should be prepared to have their evening shaken up”.  For more information and online ticket purchase – www.gelinaz.com.

February 07, 2016
Bon Appetit loves Beans Too!!
This month's issue of Bon Appetit contains lengthy feature article on these luxurious legumes.  But to get some really fascinating insights, tune in to today's program to hear OTM's interview with Steve Sando, Founder of Rancho Gordo, whose business offers literally hundreds of different heirloom varieties of Beans.  For example did you know that almost all varieties of beans were native to the American continent (like Potatoes and Tomatoes).  And the answer to the important questions - to soak or npt to soak & if you soak should the water be discarded or used in cooking.  Steve is alwys adding new varieties, so check www.ranchogordo.com to see what's in stock.  And never buy another can....................

February 06, 2016
Asia's 50 Best Restaurants names 2 Winners already
The suspense is over for two of Asia’s Star Chefs at the 4th Annual Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.  Florilège in Tokyo is the recipient of the 2016 One To Watch Award sponsored by Peroni Nastro Azzurro.  Florilège’s owner-chef Hiroyasu Kawate will formally accept the award at the fourth annual Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony on 29th February 2016, hosted at the W Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.  Margarita Forés, respected chef and owner of an acclaimed group of restaurants in Manila, has been named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016. Sponsored by San Pellegrino. Forés will receive her award at the Leap Year Day event.  For more details http://www.theworlds50best.com/asia/en/asias-50-best-restaurants.html.

February 01, 2016
Randall Grahm christened "Rock Star" Winemaker
Randall is one of OTM's Favorite Wine People, and recent news shows we aren't the only ones.  Iconic Wine Writer Stewart Pigott, an Englishman now residing in NYC, recently paid Bonny Doon Vineyard's creator this enormous compliment for his Le Cigare Volant.  Read his story on the subject at http://www.stuartpigott.de/?p=7946, and for more about Randall and his wines, https://www.bonnydoonvineyard.com/.  Listen to Randall talking to OTM at OTM Audio Archives, program dates August 9 2015, March 24 2013 & September 3 2009.

January 31, 2016
Changed Access to 2004-2006 Programs

Online OTM Archive of programs from 2004-2006 has been discontinued – but Guest identities & Subjects will continue to be listed.  Listeners who would like to hear Interviews with Specific Guests, please send your request to onthemenu@onthemenuradio.com, and we will send you an MP3 if available in our back-up.  Please specify Program Date(s) & Guest Name(s) you're interested in.  Expect response within 24 hours.  Note that not all interviews are available.

January 09, 2016
70 Years On, Brennan's NOLA is BACK!!

Tears were shed when the legendary Brennan's closed its doors in 2013, Smiles and Cheers greeted News of Reopening under new Management, Ralph Brennan (a different branch of the family) and partner Terry White.  Slade Rushing, formerly Co-Chef of MiLa heads up he Kitchen at the New Brennan's, and he will be featuring a rotation of vintage favorites throughout the 70th Anniversary of Brennan's opening in 1946.  Get more details at http://www.brennansneworleans.com/, and be sure to head there to sample "a tradition restored". 

January 03, 2016
Extra Lucky New Year's Day Pork & Kraut

OTM's Recipe Created January 1, 2016.  Serves 4-6 people, or Great Leftovers.  More Good Luck!!

2 ½ Ilbs Boneless Loin Pork Chops (or 3 lbs Bone In)

¼ cup Grapeseed or other High Smoke Point Oil

1 Tablespoon BBQ Dry Rub (Stubbs preferred)

1 Tablespoon Fennel Seed

2 Tablespoons Juniper Berries

1 Large Onion, Coarsely Chopped

I Head Garlic, broken into individual Cloves and Crushed

Dry Vermouth & Gin, 1 Cup, more to taste or if more liquid required, 4:1 ratio Vermouth to Gin

32-Oz jar Organic Sauerkraut

15.5 Oz Can Black-eyed Peas, rinsed

Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper to taste

Lightly dust both sides of Chops with BBQ Rub, knead into meat surface, cover & refrigerate 4-24 hours.

Heat a large Cast Iron or Ceramic Dutch Oven. Add Oil and heat until smoking slightly. Add chops and brown on all sides – 2-3 minutes per side/edge. Remove chops and set aside.  Add Fennel Seed to pot stirring constantly for 45-60 seconds.  Add Onion, sprinkle with Salt, and stir vigorously to incorporate “brown bits.” After 10 minutes add Garlic, then continue stirring occasionally for another 10 minutes. 

Add Vermouth & Gin, and after about 5 minutes add Kraut, then freshly cracked Pepper to taste – continue stirring occasionally for another 5 minutes.  Return Chops to Pot, submerging them in the Liquid.  Cover and Simmer about 10 minutes (check Chops with meat thermometer until reading 140 degrees.)  Turn over Chops, again submerging them in the liquid. Allow dish to stand at room temperature for up to 4 hours, or refrigerate if not serving until later than 4 hours.

When ready to finish, add Black Eyed Peas stirring to distribute.  Over low heat, simmer about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Check seasoning and adjust with salt, pepper, vermouth and gin. Recover the pot and simmer 10 more minutes.  Serve with Mashed Potatoes & a Green Vegetable like Collard Greens or Kale.


November 19, 2015
Are Alon Shaya & David Kinch :hogging" this year's Awards?
Seriously Alon Shaya and David Kinch are THAT GOOD.  EATER, the online newsletter, picks Alon's new venture Shaya in NOLA as Best New Restaurant of the year adding even more to the reputation he earned for Domenica & Pizza Domenica.  David Kinch's Manresa, reopened after major fire damage, is recognized as Comeback of the Year, on the heels of the James Beard Rising Star Chef win by then Executive Chef Jessica Largey.  The entire Awards list is worth studying - go to www.eater.com.  And if you want to hear Alon, David & Jessica in person talking with OTM, of course you'll find them in OTM Audio Archives.

November 07, 2015
2015's been quite a year for Alon Shaya - now Esquire Best New Restaurant

OTM recognized that Alon Shaya was one of this country's outstandingly talented Young Chefs the first time we dined with him at NOLA's Domenica.  Domenica Pizza showed a more casual aspect, but we knew that Alon wouldn't really be satisfied until he could showcase the cuisine of his native Isreal.  So after winning Best Chef South at the 2015 James Beard Awards (4th time as a semi-finalist) he's now been recognized by Esquire for Shaya as Best New Restaurant.  Congratulations Alon, we can't wait to come.!!! 

November 04, 2015
SUSHISAMBA is coming to town - NYC that is

Claudio Cardoso, Head Chef at London's version of SUSHISAMBA and colleagues are doing a James Beard House Dinner, November 17, 2014.  If you love diverse, creative "world cusine" wth exciting Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian flavors, grab the chance to sample the fare - at what is one of London's toughest tables to reserve, with a magnifient view of the City of London besides.  On a clear day the view extends all the way to the Olympic Sports Complex. In NYC they're featuring a new "Culinary Cocktail" concept.  Listen to Claudio in OTM Audio Archivess, program date April 11, 2014, recorded after a truly "sumptous repast"  For reservations in NYC phone 212-627-2308, for more about the restaurants www.sushisamba.com.

October 31, 2015
Gabe Kreuther has 2 spots in NYC 2016 Red Guide
The Modern, where Chef Kreuther initially made his name in NYC,  is the only restaurant to advance from 1 to 2 Stars (with Chef Abram Bissell now at the helm).  Gabe's own namesake restaurant is one of 10 places to win a star for the first time.  OTM remembers forecasting that Gabe & The Modern would win best new restaurant (the toughest of all the James Beard Award categories) when nominated back in 2006.  We lunched there on the very day of the awards and assured Gabe that The Modern would be the winner.  Later in the evening we asked Gabe if he had phoned his mother (in France) - he said - yes - he had phoned, but she said "I don't believe you".  Madame Kreuther perhaps you'll believe him now!

October 29, 2015
Manresa, Los Gatos CA joims the select compnay of Michelin 3-Star Restaurants
OTM joins Gourmet Diners around the world, not just around California, in congratulating David Kinch and his Great Team on this recently announced recognition.  Considering that Manresa re-opened olyn New Year's Eve 2014 after complete rebuilding from the effects of a fire which destroyed the original building, this is an amazing achievement, although not the only one in 2015  (Chef Jessica Largey won the Beard Award for Rising Star Chef 2015, then departed) .  It was only a few years ago that even savvy diners were surprised to see Chef David awarded 2 stars in  Michelin's first Red Guide for the region. Was it a  wonderful surprise for Manresa?  Kimch is such a modest man, he'd probably say so.  It certainly is no surprise to OTM and the many others who have journeyed to its home town of Los Gatos.  Go here - and before you go listen to David's interview wih us  in OTM Audio Archives, program date June 19, 2009.

October 11, 2015
Pittsburgh's Casbah Restaurant Turns Twenty

Little did the fans of Casual Eatery Mad Mex expect that 20 years after the founding of Casbah, it would still be going strong.  Like many others On the Menu whispered "you must be kidding" , when Big Burrito Founder Tom Baron and Chef Bill Fuller launched a white table-cloth "Mediterranean" restaurant just down our street.  Today on this sunny Fall Sunday valet parking is full even at Brunch-time.  With Eli Wahl now heading the kitchen, Casbah is still Ann'e favorite lunch spot, and Chef pops over to pick fresh herbs from our garden.  Tom and Bill, we salute you for your bravery, providing Pittburgers with a totally new dining experience; and for the attention to detail that has been at the heart of Casbah's success.  Here's a testament to this - Casbah is now surrounded by a dozen or more good dining options - but still holding its own.  Here's to twenty more..................  For more about Casbah, Mad Mex & the other BB restaurants go to www.bigburrito.com. 


October 05, 2015
Rattling OTM's Sabre takes on New Meaning
A "ceremonial" Cavalry Sabre optimized for opening Chanpagne Bottles is one of OTM's prized possessions - an unusual birthday gift at Peter's age 50 or 60 (can't remember which).  The Sabre saw its very first public appearance last weekend at the Children's Hospital Gala event, recorded for posterity by WPXI Television.  Catch the momentary glimpse of the the Sabre in action in this video stream - http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/joe-manganiello-serves-honorary-chair-childrens-ho/nns7x/. 

October 01, 2015
Lidia Bastianich in the News in NYC and Pittsburgh
Lidia is one busy Chef-Restauranter!!  We recently joined her for dinner at Lidia's Pittsburgh to celebrate the renovation now going on - hard to believe they've been open for 10 years - on your next visit you'll appreciate the new design of the bar area and notice the centrally placed table for large groups - bring your friends!!  We enjoyed Lobster Salad, Truffle Risotto & a beatifully cooked & sauced Pork Chop.  Lidia jetted back to NYC where she had been selected to prepare 2 diinners and a lunch for Pope Francis.  Lidia worked with Chef Angelo Vivolo, the Chefs from Felidia & Becco and her children Joe & Tanya. Lucky Pope Francis!!   All the dishes in the specially designed menus were paired with wines from Lidia & Joe's vineyards in Friuli, NE Italy, close to where Lidia was bron & raised.  OTM had the pleasure of visiting these Cantinas and the Luxury B&B Orso last fall.     For more about Lidia, her activities and restaurants, www.lidiasitaly.com & www.lidias-pittsburgh.com.

September 23, 2015
Great News from Galway, Ireland - new Michelin Star for Loam, Star retained by Aniar
Kudos to Chef Enda McEvoy on receiving a Michelin Star for Loam in Galway CityCi.  We interviewed Enda in October 2013 (OTM Audio Archives, program date October 27, 2013) when the restaurant was just a dream.  How thrilling for it to become reality and receive such early recognition!!  And we shouldn't forget an to mention J  P McMahon at Aniar (also in Galway City & previous restaurant spot for Enda) who retains its Star, the first ever awarded to a restaurant in Western Ireland.  It's time for OTM to go back!  And you should make your way there.....  www.loamgalway.com & www.aniarrestaurant.ie/ for further details.

September 07, 2015
Grapery Grows the BEST Table Grapes-You'll LOve the Fabulous Flavors

Here's what they say -  Grapery's product offerings include mouth watering red, green and black grapes, plus several amazing new varieties. In addition, Grapery has some very exciting, new varieties in trials that are extraordinarily unique and delicious. These varieties will lead the way in the next generation of grapes that live up to our flavor promise standards: to be simply the best grapes you'll ever taste.  OTM wholeheartedly agrees - we've been wolfing them down & sharing with friends.  And the best news just now - our local Whole Foods has several flavors on display right now.  www.grapery.biz will keep you posted on what's available when.  Listen to Jim Beagle, Partner in this All-American Success Story in last Sunday's (September 6 2015) program in OTM Audio Archives.

September 04, 2015
The Fat Duck comes home to Bray September 29

After a 9-month “Sabbatical” in Melbourne, Australia Heston Blumenthal’s iconic Fat Duck is back in Bray.  Reservations (online only at www.thefatduck.co.uk) will open September3 at Noon Greenwich Mean Time, for dates from September 29 onwards.  Have your credit card handy because the 255 British Pounds fixed price for the food part of your meal must be charged to a credit card when you make your reservation.  Service & Beverages will be due when you actually go.  What to expect?  Heston’s ideas and imaginings, and a vision of the future as exciting as a past that gained Fat Duck the title of #1 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and acclaim around the World.  Expect it to be the proverbial “tough ticket” and a totally unique dining experience.  Looking for more clues?  OTM had the opportunity to talk at length with Chef Heston a decade ago – OTM Audio Archives Program Date April 3, 2005 – for unique insight into what makes this Culinary Superstar “tick”.  And we extend our very best wishes to the whole Fat Duck team. 

September 03, 2015
More Music & Food at Nashwille's Food & Wine Festival - Gospel Brunch

Sunday September 20 will feature a Gospel Brunch at Music City Food & Wine, combining the Culinary Talents of 404 Kitchen's Matt Bolus and Steel Pedal Guitarist Robert Randolph with the Nashville Friends Choir.  A first time addition to the Fetival, now in year 3, the Brunch will celebrate Nashville as one of America's Great Music Towns, says Robert Randolph,.  Get more info & tickets at www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com, and look for OTM among the throng that's sure to gather.

September 02, 2015
Pittsburgh Annual Irish Festival - 25 years old & going strong
September 11-13 at Riverplex-Sancastle, near those Chimneys!  Lots of Music, to Eat & Drink. Irish Ancestry NOT required.  More info at http://pghirishfest.org/. Recipes for

some of the Irish Dishes that will be available:

Laughter is brightest where food is best - Irish Proverb

Irish Stew

1 1/2 lbs. beef or lamb, cubed

3 Tbsp. flour

2 Tbsp. oil

4 potatoes, quartered

3 onions, quartered

4 carrots, quartered

3 Tbsp. parsley

2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

3 c. water

Coat meat with flour and brown in a heavy pot with oil.  Add potatoes, onions, carrots, parsley, water, salt, and pepper.  Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.  Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 2 hours, or until meat is tender. Yields 6 servings. Serve with dumplings or Irish Soda Bread.

Shepherd's Pie

2 Tbsp. oil

1 onion, chopped

1 1/2 lb. lean ground beef

2 carrots, sliced

1 c. peas

2 Tbsp. flour

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

1 pinch rosemary

1 pinch thyme

2 c. stock or water

4 medium potatoes

2 Tbsp. butter

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. white pepper

1/4 c. milk

Sauté onion in oil.  Add beef and brown.  Add carrots, peas, flour, spices and stock and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Peel, quarter, boil, and mash potatoes with salt, pepper, butter, and milk. Pour stew into a buttered casserole dish and carefully layer mashed potatoes on top. Bake at 375º for 15 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown. Ingredients may be substituted to accommodate leftovers. Yields 4 servings.

Irish Soda Bread

4 1/2 c. flour

1 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. baking soda

1 1/2 c. buttermilk

1 egg (optional)

Mix flour, salt, sugar, and baking soda together. Beat egg into buttermilk and stir into the dry ingredients until well blended.  Turn dough out onto a floured board and knead lightly. Shape dough into a round loaf and place in pie or cake tin. Cut an "X" 1/2 inch into the top and bake 350º for 45 minutes. Yields 1 large loaf or 2 smaller loaves.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1856-1950)

September 01, 2015
Chutney Mary announces Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

OTM enjoyed a Fabulous Feast for Dinner at Chutney Mary, on our last London trip.  This iconic Indian Restaurant had opened the very night we were there, at swanky New Digs on St. James,  and we had the opportunity to get the Chutney Mary story from Founder & Chairman Ranjit Mathrani.  Tune in to the broadcast which includes this interview - OTM Audio Archives, program date June 21, 2015.  And now enjoy the Chutney Mary experience all day, beginning September 7 -  http://www.chutneymary.com.  You'll be so glad you did!!




August 21, 2015
Nashville Hosts Music City Food & Wine Festival Sep 19&20 - OTM has the Scoop from Organiser Chef Time Love in Sunday's Program
Music City Food & Wine Festival, at only 3 years old, is one of the top events of its type, and OTM found out some of the main reasons why, talking with Chef Tim Love, one of the Founders.  Top Chefs from around the country as well as local Culinary Stars will offer specially created dishes with Country Music Headliners for accompaniment – Kings of Leon are among the Festival’s Founders – at Harvest Night, the ultimate Outdoor Extravaganza.  Saturday AND Sunday Grand Tastings feature Foods & Beverages combined, and there’s a great program of Cooking Classes & Demos.  Get more details & tickets at http://www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com/, and look for us there!!

August 17, 2015
Chef Jacques Pepin honored by Julia Child Foundation
Julia will surely be smiling about this.  The Julia Child Foundation just announced that Julia' longtime friend and collaborater is the recipient of its first award.  The Award announcement cited Pepin's mastery of the kitchen and dedication to teaching and writing about the Culinary World; also his positive influence on the way Americans cookm eat & drink.  OTM would like to go on record about the appropriateness of the selection.  We'll be interviewing Chef Jacques about his latest book within the next few weeks and we'll announce the Program Date as soon as it's scheduled to broadcast.  For more information about the award - www.juliachildfoundation.com, and for more about the foundation - www.juliachildfoundation.org. .  

August 09, 2015
Crowd Funding for Randall Grahm's Popelouchum-vineyard

Details of the Crowdfunding initiative that we talked with Randall about during today's interview at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/popelouchum-vineyard-10-000-grapes-for-a-new-wine#/story.  Command your own Space Craft: Le Cigar Volant (the Sculpture), is a one of a kind at $50,000, some great dining opportunities, a Private Piano Recital by Randall's friend & Brilliant Pianist Lara Downes, with Dinner Cooked by Randall Himself - Take a Look!!  and Tune-in long term to Track the Fascinating Popelouchum Project.  And you may be sure OTM will be talking with RG as it progresses.

August 09, 2015
SFF Foundation honored for support of Food Recovery

Congratulations to the SFFoundation for its work to reduce Hunger by increasing Food Recovery.  OTM already reported on the Huge effort to distribute food left over at the end of the recent Fancy Food Show at NYC's Javits Center, and we're delighted to report that someone else noticed - the American Society of Association Executives awarded SFF a Power of Gold Award in recognition of all the work it does to advance the cause... More at www.specialtyfoodfoundation.org

August 02, 2015
August 29 brings another 10 year anniversary - NOLA Restaurateur Ralph Brennan Remembers it well

A spokesperson for NOLA Restaurateur Ralph Brennan sent OTM this timely reminder.  We had the pleasure of dining with Ralph when we visited the city for the first time after Katrina - it was Christmas time, and we were responding to NOLA leaders like Ralph call for visitors to return to The Crescent City was "Back in Business" - and we found that it was.  You can hear our landmark interviews in our Januray 4, 11 & 18 2009 programs.

Ralph's Redfish Grill was the first Restaurant in NOLA to get an FDA license to reopen after the storm, Bacco (a Brennan Restaurant now closed) hosted President George Bush when he arrived to survey the storm damage.  When the BP OIl Spill caused another challenge to the region, worked as an advocate (including testimony before the US Congress) for Gulf Seafood.  But he hasn't neglected "Brennan Business" recently opening/reopening Brennan's and Napolean House, two historical Dining Landmarks.

So if you want some of the best in updated tradifional NOLA cuisine get details of Ralph Brennan's version at his restaurants - https://www.neworleans-food.com/

July 31, 2015
La Quercia Prosciutto Americano will soon be 10 years old - the business not the Hams!

It's hard to believe that La Quercia, Iowa’s award-winning cured meat company, is getting ready to celebrate 10 years of producing Prosciutto Americano --  the first cured meat to be released from their Norwalk aging rooms. Just as hard to believe is that OTM tasted this great product, and interviewed the Founder as long ago as 2007.

But on September 12st , La Quercia will host a Birthday Party at West End Architectural Salvage < http://www.westendsalvage.com/  > in Des Moines from 6-11pm. Local restaurants will serve bites made with La Quercia meats, and guests can feast on hand sliced Acorn Tamworth Prosciutto and Prosciutto Americano. Entertainment will include games with prizes, as well as local band Cousin Eddie. Tickets are on sale at https://tikly.co/events/582 now for $30.00: 100% of the proceeds of this event to be donated to United Way of Central Iowa’s Women’s Leadership Connection (WLC). View invite at http://laquercia.us/la_quercia_anniversary_10.html. The entire Eckhouse family will also be at the Des Moines Farmers market on the morning of September 12 selling their signature sandwiches (challah, sweet butter, prosciutto) to raise funds for WLC.

Cofounder Herb Eckhouse says: “For our family, making Prosciutto Americano was a huge risk and has been a huge personal effort.  We are celebrating to show our appreciation to all those who have contributed to helping us make it to this milestone -- eaters, customers, suppliers, colleagues”..  OTM will be bringing you an updated interview with Herb within the next few weeks.

Since 2005, La Quercia has been making handcrafted prosciutto in Iowa using humanely raised pigs from family farms in the Midwest. There was no artisan American prosciutto on the market when they opened their plant. Eckhouse remembers: “We were worried.  I told Kathy—‘there goes a thousand pounds of prosciutto.  It just hit me that it's going to be sliced thin and served about an ounce at a time.  A lot of people are going to have to like it’.” The company’s products, which now include several varieties of prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, guanciale, lardo and salami, have been embraced by taste-making chefs and retailers, and hailed by The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Vogue and many other publications. They are now distributed throughout the US and Canada.


About La Quercia

Husband and wife Herb and Kathy Eckhouse began La Quercia with the goal of making uniquely delicious cured meats from humanely raised American pork. Several years living in Parma, Italy, sparked their appreciation of fine cured meats, but it was the bounty of the Midwest that inspired them to start curing meats in their Des Moines, Iowa, basement a decade ago. Although the company now operates in a much larger facility in nearby Norwalk, Iowa, they still salt, turn and trim each piece by hand in their aging rooms.  Learn more at www.laquercia.us.



La Quercia’s products are now available directly to consumers via mail order and can be found at specialty retailers nationwide. The full lineup of products is here: http://laquercia.us/order_cured_la_quercia_meats

July 09, 2015
What has 267 companies & 1,779 Products? Cheese Camp!

Providence RI, July 29-August 1 is the American Cheese Society's 32nd Annual Conference & Competition, AKA Cheese Camp.  If you're a "Cheese-o-Phile" don't miss this celebration of the flourishing US Cheese Scene.  Get more details at www.cheesesociety.org

July 09, 2015
Laphroaig wants Your Opinion - it's a Contest!
It took several years of sampling for OTM Co-host Ann to develop a taste for this deeply "Peaty" Scottish Mail Whisky - now it's among her Favorites among the hundreds of different Malts.  Now Laphroaig is running a Contest in celebration of 200 Years of Laphraiog.  Dubbed "200 Opinions Wanted" it will give you the chance to express your opinion, favorable or not.   Go to www.laphroaig.com/opinions, be sure to type the URL carefully!  200 prizes will be awarded - the winning opinions being immortalized on a Tiled Wall at the Distillery.  AND two entrants will be selected to win a trip to Islay in September for a unique "Distillery Experience) - and a dram or two...............  Best wishes to all our friends at Laphroaig. and congratulations on this landmark anniversary.

July 05, 2015
Glitch with today's program
We are pleased to report that OTM's July  5, 2015 program is now available.  We apokogize for any inconvenience resulting from the delay, 

June 29, 2015
Banning Tipping pays off for Bar Marco Pittsburgh

Changing waitstaff compensation to Straight Salary - No Tips is a new trend in US restaurants, and Pittsburgh's Bar Marco, www.barmarco.com, was an early adopter.  Co -Founder Bobby Fry tells OTM about an unexpected "dividend" - their business is "booming".  Of course simplifying bills probably isn't the only reason for their success.  Chef Jamilka Borges' great food, the innovative cocktail program undoubtedly contribute............... But it's nice to be able to report on a "win-win" situation.

June 05, 2015
Back from London & World's 50 Best Restaurants
Perhaps the most intriguing news of all - 50 Best will be leaving London after spending its first 14 years there.  Revealing the 51-100 rankings a few days ahead of the Big Night, brought varying reactions.  OTM had a chance to talk with Will Reed, Founder & Head of 50 Best about both of these topics - OTM Audio Archives, program date June 14, 2015.  In the same program we captured the real-time reactions of some winners and some old friends.  And of course we had the chance to enjoy some of London's top new tables, including 2 "reincarnations",  Bruno Loubet's Grain Stote Unleashed in his previous Bistro space, and pioneering Gourmet Indian Leader Chutney Mary moving uptown in a big way to splendid new "digs" just around the corner from swanky Mayfair and Buckingham Palace.  Catch both in our June 21 program.

May 21, 2015
Hurry, hurry, London's National Gallery Exhibit on Impressionists ends May 31

OTM is going to get to London just in time for this great exhibit devoted to Paul Durand-Ruel, the entrepreneurial art dealer who discovered the Impressionists.  You shouldn't miss this first ever exhibit of this great art movement that focuses on how this dealer succeeded in gaining attention for the Impressionist movement.  It's one of our favorite eras in the pictorial arts.  To get more information, tickets to this show and other details of the great collection at the National Gallery - http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/inventing-impressionism.

May 17, 2015
Iron Horse Cuvees Celebrate Earth Day and Aid US Diplomacy

Joy Sterling, her parents Audrey & Barry, and daughter Barrie are stars at the art of celebrating with their great sparkling wine cuvees.  At the Earth Day party Govenor "Moonbeam" Jerry Bronw stopped by, as did Yosemite Climber Kevin Jorgeson - OTM couldn't make it, but we're sure a good time was had by all.  And both the White House & State Department have used Iron Horse to lubricate the wheels of diplomacy - April 28 at the White House Iron Horse was poured for the President of Japan, and the week before John Kerry toasted members of the American Chef Corps with 2010 Classic Vintage Brut.  During our visit to Iron Horse a few years ago we lunched with Audrey & Barry, and managed to sample all 10 of the then current cuvees with some great food & conversation.  This Green Valley vineyard is a must visit!  www.ironhorsevineyards.com/.



May 16, 2015
Daniel Boulud wuns 2015 LIfetime Achievement Award for World's 50 Best

Congratulations to OTM's "bon ami" Daniel, now a worldwide Restaurateur.  From humble beginnings in Lyon, France, tthrough his years as Chef, the Owner of several fine restaurants in NYC, Chef Boulud has distinguished himself, and has always sought improvement (even where perfection was already achieved).  For more about this Diner's Club Lifetime Achievement Award and the entire 2015 Awards program, www.theworlds50best.com.  

May 06, 2015
Just back from James Beard Awards in Chicago - Interviews coming in next 2 weeks programs

Chicago certainly spread the "Red Carpet" for attendees at the first-ever JBF Awards outside of NYC.  We enjoyed the hospitality, and the dynamic Awards Event at the Lyric Opera.  OTM's May 17 & 24 programs will bring you interviews with honorees, so be sure to tune in.  We received the big news that JBF Awards will return to Chicago in 2016 & 2017.  Apparently the Mayor of Chicago was directly involved in persuading JBF leadership thatthe city was deserving, and the Chicago Restaurant Community certainly showed us.  To get details of all the winners http://news.yahoo.com/2015-james-beard-restaurant-chef-123039675.html;_ylt=AwrC1CjiY09VhToARiXQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

April 24, 2015
Helene Darroze named World's Best Female Chef 2015

The World's 50 Best organizers keep the restaurant winners in suspense until the last possible moment, but not the recipients of Best Female Chef and Lifetime Achievement Awards.  The Veuve Cliquot sponsored Best Female Chef as announced a few days ago and the Lifetime award will be announced soon.  Winning the Best Female award this year, Helene Darroze who has not just one but two, in Paris (founded 1999) and London (2008).  Chef Darroze boldly set forth for Paris after closing her family's restaurant in the Landes region of SW France to found her first place on Paris' Left Bank, where it quickly gained critical acclaim.  9 years later she opened in London's Connaught Hotel, in Mayfair.  She is known for impeccable Contemorary French dishes, but always letting seasonal, authentic ingredients to take precedence.  For more about the World's 50 Best http://www.theworlds50best.com/, and Chef Darroze at www.helenedarroze.com/.

April 16, 2015
Rooftop Biergarten to Open at Pittsburgh's Hotel Monaco

Hotel Monaco keeps on making news - Good News.  Taking advantage of the beautiful Rooftop Space, with a great vistas across the city, Biergarten will offer a wide range of European Beers, as well as American Brews (of which The Commoner has such a fine selection) and German-influenced bites - appropriate to its name!  Dennis Marron, Executive Chef of The Commoner, will serve as Exec of Biergarten, so won't lack for fine noursishment.  A great addition to the Pittsburgh Scene!!  Go to www.monaco-pittsburgh.com/restaurants.

April 16, 2015
Food & Wine names Cory Bahr People's Best New Chef 2015, Justin Severino of Pittsburgh's Cure repeats as Regional Winner-Midatlantic

OTM sends heartiest congratulations to both Cory & Justin, also the other regional winners.  Get more information through www.foodandwine.com/blogs/2015/04/09/.

April 15, 2015
USA Pavilion at Milan Expo announces the James Beard American Restaurant in the heart of Milan

The Restaurant will occupy space atop Milan's magnificent & historic Galleria Vittorion Emanuele II, adjacent to the city's glorious Duomo.  It will operate in much the same manner as the James Beard House in NYC, but with a specil mission to be a centerpiece of culinary programming & gastronomic activity in combination with the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2105, from May to October.  The line up of Chefs includes many that you can hear interviewed in OTM's Audio Archives - the list is too long to include here - imagine that practically great American Chef that you know iwill be cooking 2 consecutive days.  Sundays will feature Brunch.  And "Wow" OTM's favorite non-American Chef Massimo Bottura from Modena will be cooking on July 4!!  Reservations will open on-line within a few days.  If you want to jump the gun contact restaurant@usapavilion2015.net.  For more about Expo Milano 2006 and the USA Pavilion - http://www.expo2015.org/en/; http://www.usapavilion2015.net/

April 13, 2015
Wines of Spain launches Spectrum Newsletter

OTM's good friends at Colangelo & Partners in NYC bring us news of the bi-monthly on-line publication.  Guess what the subject will be!  It will also provide information on upcoming Wine & Food events, interviews with leading Spanish winemakers, and interesting information to answer questions like "Why Rioja Bottles are sometimes wrapped with gold wire".  To sign up go to http://winesfromspainusa.com.  For more about Colangelo, a leader in PR for wines from Italy as well as Spain, http://colangelopr.com.


April 06, 2015
Belle Meade Bourbon on top again after 5 Generations
Nelson's Green Brier Bourbons won TWO Double Golds (highest medal rating) for their Limited Edtion and Sherry Cask Finish at the recent World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.  This Brand was a Market Leader after its founding by the 5th Generation Grandfather of today's young Nelsons, Andy & Charlie, who rediscovered the Nelson Bourbon tradition just a few years ago.  We met these remarkable young men at the 2103 Greenville SCarolina Euphoria Festival.  Our interview with Andy, program date December 29, 2013, tells more of the story.  www.greenbrierdistillery.com.

March 27, 2015
World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards - London, June 1
Looking Ahead, OTM notes that this exciting event has moved quite a lot in the calendar (last year the date was late April).  Location, London's Magnificent Guildhall, remains the same.  Organization of the Event still being done by the founder, William Reed Business Media, Main Sponsors S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.  This year for the first time a Professional Services Firm, Deloitte, will be handling the adjudication.  For more information, www.theworlds50best.com.

March 26, 2015
Shaya Restaurant - Great New Option for Passover Dining in NOLA

At OTM we're great fans of Chef Alon Shaya. of Domenica, Pizz Domenica and now Shaya.  It's easiest if we just quote Chef himself describing this new Dining Experience.  "Shaya is an innovative restaurant with a warm and welcome approach to the dining culture inspired by my Israeli upbringing.  I see modern Israeli food as a grand mosaic, drawing influence from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece. The food of my heritage represents a country rich in diversity of cuisine and culture, inspired by years of tradition while also looking to its contemporary future. The menu at Shaya reflects the ongoing evolution of Israeli food, while celebrating the abundance of Louisiana and a personal close relationship with local farmers ....... through ongoing work with the Crescent City Farmer’s Market. In keeping with the the ethos of all of the Besh restaurants, Shaya uses seasonal, responsibly- and locally-sourced ingredients".  www.shayarestaurant.com.  We'll be there for sure on our next trip to the Crescent City.

March 21, 2015
RIP Dick Brennan of Commander's Palace NOLA
The family of legendary Restaurateur Richard J. Brennan Senior announced the passing of their beloved Father a few days ago.  OTM sends condolences to his family.  We cannot let this Historic Moment pass without recognizing Dick's invention of Jazz Brunch as a way to attract more customerrs to Commander's Palace.  Many have copied the combination of Food and Jazz, but (in our humble opinion) the original as still the best.  On our first visit Peter forgot to bring a jacket, but our hosts arranged for him to get a loaner AND we got to pick a Jazz selection - our choice "St. James Infirmary" (a Turk Murphy signature) received wide applause from patrons which made us feel like true Jazz afficianados.  A series of outstanding Chefs began their culinary careers at Commander's.  As the family notes in the press release, Dick will be deeply missed, OTM would like to add that he certainly will never be forgotten.  The last word goes to the family "It's only natural to raise a glass and toast in his honor, to a life wll-lived!!.  Please join us in doing so!!

March 20, 2015
"First Ever" Cultivated British Truffle Found in Leicestershire

Dr. Paul Thomas, Chief Scientist of the American Truffle Company (ATC) reports this recent discovery, which comes after six year's work to establish Truffle Orchards in Britain.   It's reported that Dr. Thomas has rewarded his partners in Spain and Australia with cultivated Truffle Crops.  Needless to say Dr. Thomas and his colleagues at ATC are really excited and hoping for this to be just the start of a Truffle Industry.  OTM visited with a successful Cultivated Truffle business in the Pemberton region of Western Australia, more than 10 years ago, so we know that it can be done.  We have not yet seen a report on who bought the Truffle in question and what it smelled-tasted like.  For more information www.americantruffle.com.

March 10, 2015
Celebrate Marc Vetri's New Cookbook at Domenica NOLA, March 22
Chef Marc Vetri is venturing from Philadelphia to New Orleans to celebrate the publication of Mastering Pasta, his 3rd Cookbook .... more of the secrets that have made Marc one of America's favorite Exponents of Cucina Italia, US-style.  OTM can tell you what ptobably influenced this decision,  It just happens that Alon Shaya, Chef at Domenica, is one of (if not the) best young creators of Italian Cuisine in the USA.  So you can expect Italian Dining at its best.  And while you're in NOLA be sure to visit Alon's Pizza Domenica, where we last enjoyed his more casual side.  For details about the dinner, http://shop.chefjohnbesh.com/marcvetridinner.aspx, about Marc Vetri, http://vetrifamily.com/, and Alon Shaya, http://domenicarestaurant.com/ & http://www.pizzadomenica.com/. 

March 09, 2015
Gaggan, Bangkok, tops Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Awards
Indian Cusisine in Thailand - is this a "Recipe for Success".  You could be forgiven for having doubts unless you were at the World's 50 Best when Chef Gaggan Anand's Bangkok restaurant crashed the top 50 at #17.  OTM remembers chatting with him about this very subject at the 2014 World's Awards.  We congratulate Chef Gaggan, and the winners in the many other categories.  Get all the details at http://www.theworlds50best.com/asia/en/.  And we'll look forward to seeing you at the 2015 World's in London, June 1.

March 08, 2015
OTM now on US Eastern Daylight time
Non-USA listeners please note that until your country advances its clocks, OTM's new program will be available one-hour earlier.

March 07, 2015
The Summer Fancy Food Show ranked high by Bizbash
Bizbash, leading trade media organization, recently ranked the NYC FFS to its Top 100 most powerful Events, and #2 in 6 Food & Restaurant category.  For those like OTM this is hardly a surprise, but it does reflect the increasing interest in Specialty Foods.  June 28-30 are these year's dates, the location Javits Convention Centre, and it's sure to be another packed house.  Expect the 2015 show to exceed last year's record 2,700 Exhibitors and 22,000 Attendees.  Ann Daw, President of the Specialty Food Association, organizer of the Show notes that "The Food scene is thriving, and our Show continues to attract important buyers eager to make new connections with Food Artisans and Entrepreneurs.  Note that this is a "trade-only" event; registration is already open at www.fancyfoodshows.com.  Learn more about the Association and its SOFI Awards Program at www.specialtyfood.com.

February 19, 2015
Melbourne Food Wine Fest runs February 27-March 15

This isn't just one of the World's Best Festivals devoted to Food & Wine, it also has what must surely be the longest duration.  17 Days!!!  When those Aussies party they don't know when to stop!  Seriously, the Festival is bigger and better than ever this year - too many events to list here - go to www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au.  And in addition to the Festival itself allow some extra time to explore this charming and cosmopolitan city and the surrounding region - www.visitvictoria.com/ will help you plan your visit

February 10, 2015
10th Anniversary Charleston Wine & Food Festival promises to be "Best Ever"
Charleston Celebrates a Decade of Fine Wine & Food Events with the 10th Version, March 4th through 8th.  The Combination of the History and Charm of this graceful Southern City and an Exciting Food Scene (both Innovative & Traditional ) make this an Event that you shouldn't miss!!  There's so much in this year's program, the organizers added a 5th Day, and they just released more tickets for some of the most popular individual dinners and other events.  Learn more at www.charlestonwineandfood.com, and by listening to OTM's interview with Cathryn Zommer, Director of Communications for the Festival in our February 15th program.

February 05, 2015
Lucky New Yorkers - Slanted Door Pop-up Feb 15-17 in Brooklyn
San Francisco's legendary Slanted Door is coming to Williamsburg NEXT WEEK.  Chef Owner Charles Phan is joining forces with Andrew Tarlow to offer a "Pho Pop-Up" from 6-11PM on February 15-17 at the Wythe Hotel, www.wythehotel.com/calendar/ for details.  Note that no reservations will be taken, so be sure to go early.  For more about OTM's great friend Charles see www.slanteddoor.com.  And whether you make it to the Pop-Up, be sure to add Slanted Door to your MUST DINE AT list for the city by the bay.

February 04, 2015
Tetsuya Wakuda named Diner's Club Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Our friends at Asia's 50 Best Awards just announced this award, which will be presented at the 50 Best Awards Program, March 9 at Singapore's Capella Hotel.  From 1989 when Chef Tetsuya opened his first restaurant in an out of the way corner of Sydney, Australia, fine dining afficianados considered it one of the World's Best (with a ranking as high as #4).  OTM had the opportunity to dine there in 2000. when we were doing coverage of Sydney dining for Olympics visitors, and marveled at the innovation and excellence represented in every dish - the Sydney Morning Herald called it "magical dining".. Tetsuya moved to a much larger space in the heart of Sydney, and also serves  as Head Chef at Waku Ghin in Singapore.  So now you have 2 more places to add to your Dining Bucket List!

February 02, 2015
Mourad Lahlou in San Francisco - 2 is better then 1
Just opened in the heart of the City is Mourad, a Larger, Grander Space than Chef Lahlou's hugely popular first venture, Aziza, out in the Richmond area of SF. Traditional Moroccan ifluences meet California's bountiful harvest at both restaurants, which are designed to have the feel of a Moroccan home (Says Eater).   More information at www.aziza-sf.com and  www.mouradsf.com./ respectively.  Having interviewed Mourad when he published his first cookbook, OTM knows this Chef knows his stuff!!  OTM Audio Archives, January 1, 2012, if you'd like to listen,  We're just going to go.

January 31, 2015
OTM Congratulates Team USA on Bocuse d'Or Silver Medal
Let's hear it for Team USA, for the first time medaling at this prestigious event which takes place every other year in Lyon France.  OTM's good friends and culinary favorites Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud headed our country's team, which included Philip Tessier and Skylar Stover from Chef Thomas' French Laundry Team.  Chef Daniel must be proude of this achievement in his home town.  Gold in 2017!!!  And let's not forget to congratulate Norway & Swden which took home Gold & Bronze respectively.

January 16, 2015
Dreadnought Wines is moving, but Not Far

OTM and everyone else thought Dreadnought Wines & Palate Partners were Fixtures on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh's Strip District.  And we loved everything about what owners Deb and Mike have been doing for 35 years - except looking for a Parking Spot.  Now they're moving - for more space. maybe easier access - so February 1 they'll be at 3401 Liberty Avenue, across from the old Iron City Brewery and in the same block as Church Brew Works.  Who knew they were so in love with Beer, thought they were winos!  Seriously Folks, more & more accessible wine storage, more classroom space, the same great range of gifts & accesories fo the Wine Afficiando who thinks they have everything, and of course Great Wines carefully selected by Deb & Mike.  So we wish them the very best for a successful launch in their new home, and raise a glass to wish them a Happy & Prosperous 2105.  More information of course at www.dreadnoughttwines.com

January 15, 2015
Long Awaited Opening of Kimpton Hotel, Pittsburgh & The Commoner Restaurant, January 20

OTM is excited to welcome the Kimpton's Boutique Hotel to Pittsburgh, in what Old-timers like us will alwys know as the Duquesne Light Building.  Named for Wiiliam Pitt the Younger (known as The Great Commoner for his Parliamentary Skills, whose father William Pitt the Elder, 1st Earl of Chatham is more widely commemorated in Pittsburgh).  The Commoner Restaurant & The Commoner Corner Cafe will open January 20th for Breakfast & Dinner, with Lunch service starting February 3 and Sunday Brunch from February 21.  Expect American Classics with Modern Flare.  We're looking forward to meeting Chef Dennis Marron and will be bringing you an interview in the very near future.  For more details www.thecommonerpgh.com.

January 15, 2015
Asia's 50 Best Restaurants names Best Female Chef 2015

It's a bit like George Clooney at the Golden Globes .  Vicky Lau of Hong Kong's Tate Dining Room knows she's won an major award, no suspense.  OTM adds it Congratulations to the many Vicky will receive for this revognition of her Culinary Achievements.  This Prestigious Award is sponsored by Veuve Cliquot. The entire Awards Event, sponsored by San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna, will take place March 9 at Capella Hotel, Singapore.  For more information about the entire event - www.theworlds50best.com/asia/en/.


January 05, 2015
OTM, OTM Where have you been?

Well like most residents of the NE USA, we've been mostly "hunkering down" in the bitterly cold temperatures, snow & ice.  We did enjoy a great Family Christmas with Peter's brother Paul and his family in St. Agnes, Cornwall (about 40 miles from Port Isaac, the setting for the popular Doc Martin TV series carried by PBS).  Here the unusually cold temperatures iced over car windows, but did not deter the hundred hardy souls, and their dogs, who plunged into the North Atlantic at St. Agnes Cove.  OTM watched but did NOT participate.  En route we made a stopover in Winchester, capital of the Kingdom of Wessex, in the time of King Alfred, and with some (KIng) Arthurian connections.  And yes, this was the inspiration for the popular song of 1966, released by The New Vaudeville Band, a British novelty group established by the song's composer, Geoff Stephens.  The Cathedral was built in the 11th century, a full millenium ago, but the most popular attraction was an ice-skating rink and a holiday market.  Interesting history AND a bustling shopping centre!  We enjoyed excellent meals at River Cottage Canteen, recently opened by Famed Chef & TV Personality Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and The Chesil Rectory, both in beautifully restored buildings, with innovative modern menus, www.rivercottage.net/canteens/winchester and www.chesilrectory.co.uk.  Very comfortable and efficient overnight stay at The Old Vine, www.oldvinewinchester.com.  Along the way we passed Stonehenge, surrounded by much vehicular traffic and a long line for admission, and looking perhaps even smaller then we remember from when we visited 50 years ago. Altogether a very interesting stopover traveling West from London, less than 2 hours from Heathrow.

December 13, 2014
Orsone, Friuli Italy just sent us their Menus for Natale & Capodanno

Still pondering where to spend the holidays; How about a Luxury Bed & Breakfast and Gourmet Restaurant in the midst of a Vineyard?  Only 90 minutes drive from Venice's Marco Polo Airport will bring you to Lidia & Joe Bastianich's Dream Destination.  We had a great stay there in September; everything was marvellous.  So imagine what Christmas and New Year celebrations will be like.  And along the way there or back be sure to stop in at Valter Scarbolo's La Frasca for more wonderful food and wine.  But HURRY!!  Christmas is coming............. fast and there's a good chance they'll be sold out.  And of course tell them On the Menu sent you.  For more information and reservations. www.orsone.com & www.lafrasca.com.  And we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever you choose to celebrate them.

November 22, 2014
Pittsburgh's Dining Community Gathered to Recognize Chef Leonard Pisano's Career & Contribution to the Culinary Scene

Chefs and Diners alike gathered in big numbers for a Memorial to Chef Leonard Pisano at Up Modern Kitchen on November 13.  Jared "Red" Lordon of Allegheny City Smokehouse took the lead in organizing the event.  A group of Pittsburgh's best known Chefs contributed fine food themed for New Orleans; Chef Leonard loved NOLA cusisine, working there for several years and most recently bringing it to Pittsburgh at NOLA on the Square.  Here's who took part; Cory Hughes & Martin Hamilton of  6Penn, Neal Heidekat of  Sonoma Grill, Dan DeRight a retired chef now is going to law school, Derek Stevens of Eleven & Ben Sloan of Kaya.  Chefs and Servers who worked with LP spoke about how he had inspired them.  Altogether it was a great evening, a suitable tribute to a great Chef and a fine young man who will be sorely missed.  T-Shirts imprinted LP Is My Man said it best.  RIP LP!!!

FYI for Pittsburgh area Allegheny City Smokehouse is offering its fine Smoked Pork Products at Up Modern Kitchen, Sundays 4-9PM, until they can organise their own eat-in location - www.alleghenycitysmokehouse.com



November 21, 2014
News from Joy Sterling of Iron Horse

OTM's good friend, and a leader in the production of American Sparkling Wine, Joy reports that Iron Horse's Wedding Cuvee achieved  number 10 ranking in the Wine Enthusiast 100 for 2014. Also they're vinting Pinot Noir again after the re-plant of the entire vineyard in California's Green Valley - small production, single vineyard block Pinot Noirs Joy describes as "...our rising stars".. We need to get some.  And BEST OF ALL it's raining in Wine Country....... Joy, great to hear from you, give out regards to Audrey & Barry, and young Barrie.  We saw Barrie at the Pittsburgh Wine Festival earlier this year.  For more information, ordering online, www.ironhorsevineyards.com, or better still head there for a tasting.

November 20, 2014
Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue Wins BIG at 2014 World Cheese Awards

Caveman Blue won a Super Gold Medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards as one of the World's top 60 Cheeses.  Their Echo Mountain Blue won a Bronze Medal.  David Gremmels, Co-founder & Cheesmaker at Rougue Creamery is quoted " I'm honored to have our Caveman Blue selected as Super Gold............ It's an honor to be amongst this group of judges and industry legends.............it's good to see a blue take the prize."  For more information about Rogue's entire line-up of great cheeses, www.roguecreamery.com. We interviewed David and his partner way back in 2005.

November 07, 2014
Back in the "burgh" - Chris Frangiadis

OTM's old friend Chris(tian) Frangiadis is back in Pittsburgh working on a new restaurant, "Taste" , in space formerly occupied by Quiet Storm, 5400 Block of Penn Avenue in Garfield.  Great to have you back Chris, and keep us posted.. 

November 03, 2014
Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto In Fortune - Surprise, Surprise
At OTM we're used to seeing our interviewees in Michelin Guides, Bon Appetit, Conde Nast, Food & Wine.  Josh Hochshuler of Talenti may not be the first of our guests to grace the pages of the premier business magazine, but its the first we've seen in almost 11 years.  Check out the Fortune story in the October 27, 2014 issue.  Better yet listen to our interview with Josh - OTM Audio Archives, October 8, 2010.  And by the way we think Talenti makes THE best Gelato,and Josh named the brand after Italian Chef Bernardo Buontalenti who invented Gelato (and ice cream we think) for his boss Catherine de Medici, who married the King of France and took Chef BB with her to Paris, starting the spread of "ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice-cream" - no we don't know how to say this in Italian or French, but it probably doesn't rhyme anyway.  And by the way Josh, we're delighted to read that you're doing so well!!

November 02, 2014
Damian Samsonetti, Daniel Doherty, Tandy Wilson, Old & New Friends of OTM Cooking at Beard House
Native Pittsburgher Damian Samsonetti, now teamed with his wife Ilma Jeil Lopex at Picocolo, Portland ME, via a stint at NYC's Bar Boulud, will be returning to his roots with a menu inspired by Calabria & Abruzzo, the date November 8, so do hurry!

We delighted in the "Playfull" menus devised by Chef Daniel Doherty at London's Duck & Waffle, high atop the 40 story Heron Tower.  Take advantage of this opportunity to sample Daniel's innovative interpretation of British cooking classics, and some fascinating cocktails as well - the waiting list at D&W London for prime time reservations typically exceeds 3 months.  The Beard dinner is November 19.

Only a few weeks ago during our first visit to Nashville for the Music City Food and Wine Festival we met Chef Tandy Wilson & sampled the liquors produced by Nashville city center Corsair Artisan Distillery.  They're joining forces with local micro-brewer Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porter on December 8

For more information including ticketing - http://www.jamesbeard.org/events.

To hear what these fine Chefs had to say when they appeared On the Menu - Damian, June 15, 2008; Daniel, May 11, 2014; Tandy & Corsair, October 12, 2014.

Their websites, http://piccolomaine.com/, http://duckandwaffle.com/, http://cityhousenashville.com, http://corsairdistillery.com/



November 01, 2014
Snails from England's Dorset County go with everything
The Wall Street Journal reports this unusual story.  Dorset Snails began farming snails in 2006, and now has a large customer base of fine restaurants across England.  But some of the concotions, like snails in Pizza & Paella, Snails & Chips, Snails & Baked Beans, and all-day Snail Breakfast would surely draw groans of "quelle horreur" from across the English Channel.  OTM is reminded of Arnold Wesker's 1962 play "Chips with Everthing".  John Fowles, Dorset resident & author of the acclaimed 1969 Novel "The French Lieutenant's Woman" is probably "turning over in his grave".  Stars of the movie version, Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons could not be reached for comment!  Seriously listeners we will try to track down some Dorset Snails and give a tasting report.

October 23, 2014
Let's Hear it for San Francisco's 2 New MIchelin 3Star Spots

When we dined at Saison just a little less than 4 years ago, we sensed that Chef Joshua Skenes and his Partner-Sommelier Mark Bright were going places, even though the restaurant was still just a "pop up".  Along came Michelin 2-star rating.  When the restaurant was named "The one to watch" at the 2014 World's 50 Best Awards, we knew.......... and chatted with Mark during the proceedings; although at that moment he knew only that they'd been invited to attend, and Joshua didn't even make the trip.  Now Saison has just received the coveted 3rd Star.  And we were talking wirh England's Sat Bains recently, who named Benu as one of his American favorites - and prophetically Chef Corey Lee also advanced to 3-Star rating.  Congratulations to these great young Chef-Restaurateurs.  Our ground-breaking interview with Chef Skenes can be heard at OTM Audio Archives, program date January 9, 2011.


October 22, 2014
Where OTM goes, others follow - Saveur features the wine country of Umbria

In the latest issue of Saveur you can read the story of the Sagrantino grape, rich, red, but notoriously difficult to vinify.  In the area around the elegant and well-preserved Medieval hill town of Montefalco in Southern Umbria (Palazzo Bontadosi is a fine place to stay right on the main piazza), Marco Caprai continues the pioneering work of his father Arnaldo - Arnaldo-Caprai's 25th Anniversary celebration wine is Ann's absolute favorite Vino Rosso.  In nearby Torgiano Chiara Lungarotti heads the operations of her family which include a spa-hotel as well as a fine modern cantina.  You can hear what Marco & Chiara had to say - OTM Audio Archives, program date July 1, 2012.  For more information, www.arnaldo-caprai.com; www.hotelbontadosi.com/eng/; www.lungarotti.it.


October 21, 2014
OTM, OTM where have you been?

And the answer, Spain, for the great San Sebastian Gastronomika Festival, now in its 16th Year.  Great Chefs from Spain, Italy (the featured country) and as far away as Peru,  Next week's program will bring you interviews with old OTM Amigos like Virgilio Martinez, Massimo Bottura, Quique  DaCosta, Carme Ruscalleda, Elena Arzak......, and some new ones, Carlo Cracco, Juan & Jordi Roca; and the interesting news straight from the lips of Event Director - next year's featured cuisine - Singapore and Hong Kong.  And in the November 2 program when we'll also be celebrating Peter's birthday, 3 Chefs & Restaurants that combine traditional & contemporary Andre Mari (50 years old and MIchelin Star holder since 1983)  from the Basque country, Ocurradaparra on a tiny street in old town Santiago de Compostela (going strong after just 4 years & ranked the city's best table) and Casa Gerardo from the green countryside of Asturias (where the kitchen is headed by the 5th generation).  So forgive us for being so silent, we think you'll find these next 2 programs to be well worth the wait.

October 01, 2014
Chef Dave Racicot of notion restaurant offering Cooking Classes

This "Just in" from Dave's PR

In the Kitchen with: Chef Dave Racicot

notion Introduces Bi-Monthly Class Series

WHAT:                 Dave Racicot, chef & visionary at East Liberty restaurant notion, is first and foremost a student of fine dining. As a self-taught chef, he has relied on research, practice, experimentation and excellent mentors to hone his skills. Dave now seeks to share all he knows with guests in his signature bi-monthly cooking classes, proving that home cooks can master the art of fine dining too. The classes lift the veil on Dave’s meticulous approach to the plate, providing a front row seat to his ingenuity in the kitchen – the place where Dave feels most at home. Guests experience the thought that goes into each dish and the discipline required to create what Dave describes as his “edible expression of art.”;  The intimate classes of six will include an interactive cooking demo with a chance to ask questions (and sip champagne!) throughout the process and see firsthand how dishes evolve from simple ingredients to intricate plates. Following the demo is a four-course meal based on items prepared in class showcasing how to apply the techniques learned, all paired with hand-selected wines.

Vegan Cooking

Tuesday, October 7

Prepare satisfying meals using fresh, local vegetables and alternative protein sources

Kitchen Tips & Techniques

Tuesday, October 21

Master the fundamentals of food prep including proper knife handling, kitchen setup, plating composed dishes and other skills to cook with confidence

Root Vegetables

Tuesday, November 11

Incorporate seasonal root veggies – like carrots, parsnips and rutabaga – into everyday dishes as purees, roasted sides and hearty main courses

Fish Fabrication & Cooking

Tuesday, November 18

Demystify cooking fresh fish at home with lessons on identifying types of fish and seafood, cleaning, filleting and best preparation methods

Soups & Sauces

Tuesday, December 2

Whip up homemade soups – Dave’s specialty – and sauces with layers of flavor for warming wintertime meals

Sous Vide

Tuesday, December 16

Slow-cook any protein or vegetable to tender perfection a water bath or temperature-controlled steam environment

WHEN:                 Two Tuesdays a month through December 16. Classes begin promptly at 6:00pm, followed by dinner at 7:30pm.                       

WHERE:               notion restaurant,   128 South Highland Avenue,  Pittsburgh, PA 15206

TICKETS:               $125/person, includes cooking class, champagne and a four-course dinner with wine pairings.

RESERVE:             Reservations are required and can be made by calling the restaurant at 412-361-1188 – a credit card number is required to reserve a spot in the class.

For further information, visit http://notionrestaurant.com/, like notion on Facebook, follow notion on Twitter or call the restaurant at 412-361-1188.

September 14, 2014
Pittsburgh's Severinos gain more National Attention

When not "Curating" special Chef Dinners at his Cure restaurant OTM's good friend Justin Severino & his Spouse-Partner Hilary are alwys up to something else of interest.  This time it's a Beard House Dinner at the James Beard Foundation's New York City Dining "Temple".  The JB organization dubs Cure as "Urban Mediterranean", we just call it Lusty & Delicious.   Special features of the dinner, October 20, include Justin's Signature Charcuterie & Innovative Cocktails, and beverages matched with dinner include Hard Cider with one of the courses.  Way to go Justin & Hilary, Pittsburgh is Proud of you.  More information & tickets at http://www.jamesbeard.org/events/urban-mediterranean.

September 13, 2014
Virgilio Martinez's Central takes Top Spot at Latin America 50 Best Restaurant Awards

Great News; Our heartiest congratulations to Virgilio & his spouse-partner Pia.   Not a big surprise following Central Lima's leap from 50th to 13th place in the World's 50 Best between 2013 & 2014.  Legendary Peruvian Restaurateur Gaston Acurio didn't drop far, to 2nd place.  He was also named Chef's Choice Award winner.  His subsequent announcement that he intended to retire came as quite a surprise.  Alex Atala's D.O.M and Helena Rizzo's Mani, both in Sao Paulo Brazil took 3rd and 4th,. Borago in Santiago Chile rounded out the top 5.  Alex Atala's ongoing contribution to all things culinary in Brazil, including his great work with remote peoples & ingredients, was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  More about the Awards & their Sponsors at www.theworlds50best/latinamerica/en.

September 03, 2014
US Wine Journalists Impresssed with Pinot Grigo based Wines from Friuli

Both the WSJ and SF Chronicle recently tasted and reported on Wines made from this much-maligned grape variety - and concluded that Pino Grigio based wines from Friuli in NE Italy were among the best examples and deserved the attention of the wine-drinking public.  OTM recently conducted its own tasting with Valter Scarbolo, a top quality producer close to Udine.  We wholeheartedly agree with the aforementioned reporters, and interestingly we just had the opportunity to taste wines they recommended.  You can see our tasting "in action" at Valter's La Frasca Trattoria under OTM in Pictures.  His "Ramato" style is copper-hued resulting from skin contact during fermentation, an unusual but very successful winemaking practice in Friuli.  We called it delicious!!  Valter's red wines are equally distinguished.  More at www.scarbolo.com, or just go there - less than 90 minutes by car from Venice Maro Polo.


August 31, 2014
Nashville hosts Music City Food & Wine Festival, Sep 20-21, Join us There!!
Emerging as on of America's new & exciting Food cities, Nashville celebrates Food, Drink, and of course Country Music.  Two action packed days will feature three sets of different Chefs, Local Toques (Saurday 11-4), Top Chefs from around the USA (Saturday evening), and a 2nd group of Tennesseans (on Sunday).  The Music program is headed by Kings of Leon.  Hear Celebrity Chef Tim Love talking about the proceedings in today's program at OTM Audio Archives.  We hear that tickets are going fast so get yours right away at www.musiccityfoodandwinefestival.com.

August 28, 2014
Leading Ladies team up in Chicago, September 22, for Friends of James Beard Benefit Dinner
Star Chefs will align for a night of food, wine and fundraising. Moto restaurant and Executive Pastry Chef Claire Crenshaw will host a stunning array of female talent: Chef/Owner Rohini Dey of Vermilion Chicago and New York; JBF Winner and Charlie Trotter’s alum Chef Debbie Gold in Kansas City, Mo.; JBF Winner Chef Stephanie Izard of Girl and The Goat and Little Goat; Charlie Trotter's alum Chef Anistar Meffert of Crop Bistro and Bar in Cleveland, Ohio; Chef/Owner Iliana Regan of Elizabeth; JBF Winner and Charlie Trotter's alum Mindy Segal of Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar; and Proprietor and Master Sommelier Alpana Singh of The Boarding House. 

Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the James Beard Foundation’s scholarship program for advancing women in the culinary industry.  Claire Crenshaw notes:  The James Beard Foundation has a long, celebrated tradition of honoring the hard-working, dedicated women in the culinary world with empowerment and support to become successful. Although the path to success is paved with challenges, the James Beard Foundation is a beacon of hope and support for women everywhere. It’s a true honor and privilege to join forces with this group of talented ladies for a magical night that supports a culinary scholarship to advance women.

This special dinner strikes a special chord, since one of Charlie Trotter’s many legacies is his support of women in the industry.

For more information about the Foundation, please visit www.jamesbeard.org.

The venue, Michelin- starred Moto Restaurant has consistently been ranked as one of the nation’s premier dining establishments. www.motorestaurant.com.

August 26, 2014
Olli Salumerias's Salumini recognized in Food & Wine September issue

Food & Wine calls them "cute", we call them delicious.  Olli Salumeria's "Salumini" are just the size for snacking; no slicing, no peeling, just pop in your mouth.  Various Italain regional flavor are available.  www.olli.com, also at fine food stores including Whole Foods.  Hear our interview with Olli in OTM Audio Archives, prpgram date July 27, 2014. 

August 25, 2014
Alex Atala Wins Lifetime Achievement Award at 50 Best Latin America

Not a surprise to Alex's friends all over the world of Gastronomy well beyond has native continent.  Chef Atala's contribution extends well beyond the kitchen of his Sao Paulo restaurant D.O.M, where he set himself the challenge of chaging the modern history of Brazilian cuisine.  He works with native tribes in remote areas of Brazil to create both a new "larder" for Chefs & Diners, and a source of income for an impoverished population.  Accepting the award, Alex modestly says "I also hope that with this award people see the power of ingredients to drive social change....structuring the food chain.....to place greater value on our culture & environment".  Congratulations Alex!!!!  To hear Alex talking to On the Menu, go to OTM Audio Archives, program date, May 12, 2013.  The Lifetime Achievement Award is sponsored bt Diner's Club, and the 50 Best Latin America Awards ceremony (organized by William Reed Business Media) will take place September 3 in Lima, Peru - www.theworlds50best.com/latinamerica, dor details

August 08, 2014
Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants announces Best Female Chef Award

50 Best doesn't keep some of the winners in suspense, Best Female Chef is named in advance and this year the honor goes to Elena Reygada of Mexico City's Rosetta restaurant, celebrating "her outstanding work, as well as the innovationand creativity that she serves to her diners" to quote from William Reed Business Media's announcement.  This prestigious award is sponsored by Veuve Cliquot, inspired by the life & achievements of its founder.  The 50 Best Latin America Awards ceremony will take place in Lima, Peru, on September 3, 2014.  More at www.theworlds50best.com/latinamerica.

August 07, 2014
Vermont Creamery a Big Winner at 2014 American Cheese Society competition

We hear that our good friends at Vermont Creamery carried off 7 awards, including 2 first places (for Bijou & Feta products).  VC was one of only 5 cheesemakers to earn this many.  The annual competition is considered one of the world's top events for artisanal & specialty cheeses.  Well done Vermont Creamery - what can we say except "more cheese please".

July 18, 2014
"Taste of" Food Festival lands in Toronto July 24-27

It’s taken 10 years for IMG’s Taste Festivals to make it to North America.  Next week, July 24-27, in Toronto Canada you’ll find out it was worth the wait when Taste-Of makes its Debut on this continent.  With 6 sessions (lunch/ dinner depending on the time of day), there will be 14 Food Stations manned by Toronto’s Top Chefs, offering small plates of 3 favorite dishes from their restaurant menus .  There’ll be about 50 other food and beverage producers as well, guaranteeing a grand gustatory experience – all located together at the Fort York historical site in central Toronto.   For further details and tickets go to www.tasteoftoronto.com.  Sign up and learn first-hand why Toronto’s modern food scene is attracting worldwide attention.



June 22, 2014
Helen & Lisa Tse of Sweet Mandarin Restaurant, Manchester, invited to cook for China's Premier & UK's Prime Minister

OTM will have upcoming an interview with Helen Tse, 1 of 3 sisters who are 3rd generation restaurateurs in Manchester.  We heard they got a very special invitation - to cook for China's Premier Li, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron & 65 guests at 10 Downing Street.  Premier Li noted that their meal was the best Chinese Food he had every tasted in the UK.  They shared a photograph - and we have it on our OTM in Pictures page.

June 19, 2014
Justin Severino orchestrating Cure'ated Dinner Series - July to October

Justin's always up to something new. The Cure'ated Dinners--a Cure-hosted series of dinners created by Justin and a dazzling array of guest chefs from around the US--represent perhaps his most ambitious project to date.  Kicking off the series July 27: Jamie Bissonette of Coppa (Boston) & Toro (NYC) with Scott & Rachelle Vivian of Beats (Toronto); September 14 Scott Drewno of The Source by Wolfgang Puck (Washington DC) & Mike Isabella of Graffiato, etc (DC & VA); October 12 Tarver King, Patowmack Farm (VA) & Brian Voltaggio, Volt etc. (MD & DC); October 26, George Sabatino, about to open Aldine, (Phildelphia) & Mike Solomonov, Zahav etc. (PA); November 9 Ned Elliott, Foreign & Domestic (Austin TX) and a "player to be named later."  Quite a Line-up & big excitement for both chefs and diners!!

Get more details at www.curepittsburgh.com/events.  Make reservations  (beginning 2 months ahead of the event date) at 412 252 2595.  Using the reservation request form on the website might work, but phone will be better beacuse these dinners are expected to sell out quickly.  Listen to Justin talk about Cure'ated in OTM's June 29 program through OTM Audio Archives or direct link at http://edge1550.com/podcasts/OnTheMenu-20140629.mp3, but not before June 29 at 8AM. 

June 18, 2014
Brooklyn Brewery Mash makes a Pittsburgh Stop Next Week
Brooklyn's famous Craft Brewery is making a stop in Pittsburgh, about halfway through its Worlwide progession.  There's a whole week of events too lengthy to list here - go to www.brooklynbrewerymash.com for details and ticketing.  And for our Listeners throughout the USA & around the world, check for cities and dates so that you can participate.  A quick peek into Mash future - London is the next stop.  And a personal recommendation from Peter, BB's Brown Ale is Truly World Class!!

June 11, 2014
Whiskey Revival may result in a Shortage of Jack Daniel's
From 1980 to 2000 American's lost their taste for domestic Whiskey, as they switched to Vodka, Rum & Tequila.  This trend has now reversed  with major brand Jack Daniel's and a new group of Craft Distillers all enjoying the rapid increase in demand - and not just in the USA, but also European countries and (surprisingly) Turkey.  It's not yet a crisis, but OTM will be following events closely.  And we'll be keeping an extra one of the distintictive white on black labeled bottles in our cocktail bar.................. Perhaps even their newest "Single Barrel" release.

June 10, 2014
Knob Creek Sweepstakes is no Horserace & You can Play

Here's the Scoop - A unique chance to Camp Out at  Bourbon Distillery Knob Creek®, the Ultimate Distillery Experience.  The Lucky Sweeps Winners from various regions of the country will gather in Clermont, KY for an on-site campout and full-flavored grilling experience.  Each winner will receive round-trip airfare for two, ground transportation to the distillery and a Big Green Egg®, courtesy of Knob Creek® Bourbon.  There'll be one lucky winner from the Pittsburgh area.

This exclusive weekend long campout will include:
> Fred Noe, 7th Generation Master Distiller and 2013 Bourbon Hall of Fame Inductee, will host a fireside chat on the seasoned history of Knob Creek®, followed by a pig roast dinner
> VIP BBQ cookout with Celebrity Chef Michael Symon, who will prepare his exclusive Knob Creek® bourbon-inspired recipes
> Performance by an authentic Kentucky bluegrass band

You can enter for a chance to win by visiting http://knobcreek.promo.eprize.com/sweeps, and entry is open to All legal US residents, 21+ who reside in the following ten states can enter the Sweepstakes: California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia. Entries will be accepted from May 15, 2014 to July 31, 2014
The actual Campout will take place from September 26th - 28th, 2014.  Fred Noe interviewed with OTM, and you can listen to his genial conversation in OTM Audio Archives, program date October 25, 2009.

June 05, 2014
Fourth of July in London means Art Week not Independence Day

July 4th has never been  a Day of Celebration in Britain!  In fact Peter's always felt like a bit of a stranger on that date, even after 38 years of US Citizenship.  Now London has found an event sure to attract the World's Art Lovers.  London Art Week actually launched last year, combining Master Drawingd & Sculpture Week and Master Paintings Week.  This year it kicks off July 4, until July 11.   50 Specialist Dealers & 3 Major London Auction Houses, so a wide range of fine art from 15th-20th centuries will be on show and on sale - "a cornucopia of the finest works of art.........." to quote the press announcement.  With great exhibitions and collections at the Tate & Tate Modern, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Courtaulds and Wallace Collections also available London on July 4th seems like a must for Art Lovers, whether their celebrating Independence or not.................  More at www.londonartweek.com.



June 04, 2014
Heston Blumenthal to offer Food Perfection at London Heathrow Terminal 2

Heston Blumenthal’s new restaurant, The Perfectionists’ Café, is set to open its doors today with the unveiling of the multi-million pound new Terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal, at Heathrow.   The Café takes inspiration from Heston’s In Search of Perfection television programs & books in which he explored and reinvented Britain's favorite dishes but he is quick to point out "You cannot achieve perfection as it’s entirely subjective,  As a perfectionist, you can continually try to improve things, even if that means just turning everything upside down and starting again.  We have had some incredible fun trying to make the best ever versions of these dishes."  Knowing Heston as we do, OTM anticipates that Heathrow Terminal 2 dining will reach a far greater degree of perfection than is found in typical Airport dining.   We shall certainly try it when we are next in London.  More at http://www.theperfectionistscafe.com/


June 03, 2014
Massimo Bottura Opens in Istanbul

OTM good friend and favorite Chef Massimo Bottura of the three Michelin starred Osteria Francescana just announced an exciting new venture Ristorante Italia, his first restaurant outside of Italy.  Here traditional Italian flavours and contemporary cooking techniques come together to bring the very best of the past into the future. Massimo has reworked 100 classic recipes from all over Italy to embrace the diversity and bounty of the Italian kitchen. Mozzarella in Carrozza, Spaghetti Cetarese, Bollito Misto and Tiramisu are just a few of the these treasures.  Ristorante Italia not only uses the very best imported Italian products but, in the pursuit of excellence, the kitchen sources many of its ingredients from Turkey (in last Sunday’s OTM program we interviewed a Producer of Fine Turkish foodstuffs, which were a real “eye opener” for us) and takes advantage of the in-house dairy production of the Eataly Food Market Centre where it’s located.  Staff from Osteria Francescana's team head up the restaurant whilst Massimo Bottura will make regular appearances at the restaurant, which is only a two hour plane ride from home.  More at www.osteriafrancescana.it/ristoranteitalia.


May 30, 2014
Summer Solstice Sessions at Pittsburgh's Legume & Butterjoint - June 22
Chef & co-owner Trevett Hooper isn't satisfied just to run a local favorite restaurant.  He wants to raise your food & beverage IQ.  So with a few freinds and local experts he's planned a whole day from Coffee at 8AM to a Buffet Dinner at the end of the day.  From starting a Garden to CSAs, Permaculture and "Your Foodshed" to how to make beer, mead, wine & vinegar, to butchering a steer, this promises to be an action-filled day for Foodies.  Get more details and make reservtions at http://www.legumebistro.com/summer-solstice-party-2014.php.  OTM will be celebrating a very special "life event"  at the dinner, on the day that is coincidentally our wedding anniversary.  No prize for guessing the number, but we'll be pleased to see you there. 

May 15, 2014
Let's all express our appreciation to Toni Pais!!
Please join OTM at an exclusive James Beard sponsored Culinary Reception. Enjoy an unforgettable food and wine experience created by the award-winning culinary faculty of the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Join your friends in Pittsburgh culinary community as we honor the illustrious lifetime achievements of legendary chef Toni Pais, owner of Cafe Zinho in Shadyside, and one of OTM's favorite people. Starting with his early years at La Normande and Baum Vivant Toni has contributed enormously to the growth of Pittsburgh's dining scene with his unique enthusiasm and charming personality! He's no slouch on the Soccer field either, as Peter can personally attest.   Get more information at http://www.jamesbeard.org/events/pittsburgh.

May 11, 2014
Big Burrito's Eleven is Ten
OTM's good friends haven't forgotten their Arithmetic!  They're celebrating the first decade in which Eleven Contemporary Kitchen has graced the Dining Scene here in our home town, Pittsburgh - in a VERY GRACIOUS way.  On June 5 they're holding a Big Benefit, dedicating all proceeds from a restaurant-wide dinner to non-profit organiztions - and you can choose your favorite charities.  Executive Chef Derek Stevens has developed a Very Special 5-course Menu.  Get more information at http://www.elevenck.com/10, and sign up soon.  It's sure to be a sell-out, so don't miss out!!

May 11, 2014
2104 Oyster Wine Awards announced
Bill Taylor & Jon Rowley of Taylor Shellfish, Shelton WA, once again organized this unique Food & Wine event.  Ataggering 123 wines were entered this year, 50 from CA, 49 from WA and 15 from OR.  Check out the winners and details of how the competition is conducted at http://www.oysterwine.com/.  And here's a suggestion - conduct your own Oyster & Wine pairings.  Taylor Shellfish ships throughout the country - and make sure you order at least 12 per person.  Last time OTM was with John Rowley 3 of us polished off 6 down (or was it more?).  http://www.taylorshellfishfarms.com/

May 05, 2014
Pittsburgh Wine Festival - May 8 at Heinz Field
The Steelers are away drafting new prospects, but all will certainly NOT be quiet at Heinz Field Thursday evening, when hundreds of Wine Lovers will congregate - ours truly included.  Be sure to raise a glass with us if you can find us in the crowd.  www.pittsburghwinefestival.com.

May 05, 2014
2014 James Beard Awards - Congratulations to ALL the Winners, but especially...
OTM is especially pleased to congratulate several of our past guests, who walked the walk to pick up their trophies this evening.  Barbara Lynch, Outstanding Restaurateur for her Barbara Lynch Gruppo family of restaurant, Boston (hear her in OTM Audio Archives, program date May 16, 2010); Ryan Prewitt, Best New Restaurant (tie) & Best Chef South for Peche Seafood Grill, New Orleans (hear him soon, we're off to NOLA next week) and congratulations also to his owners Donald Link (January 4, 2009) & Stephen Stryjewski; The Barn at Blackberry Farm, Walland TN, Outstanding Wine Program, Sam Beall (January 3, 2010); Best Chef West, Daniel Patterson, Coi, San Francisco (January 16, 2014, November 2, 2011); 2013 Who's Who Inductees, John Besh (November 17, 2013 & 4 other dates), David Chang (June 15, 2008), Paul Kahan (November 27, 2005), Sherry Yard (7/1/2007).  OTM is thrilled for all of you!!! 

April 28, 2014
OTM joined the Throng at World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards in London
A packed house of Chefs and Dining Afficianados filled The Guildhall to capacity, for the exciting announcements.  Both before and after the Award Winners were revealed (Oscars please note there was only one acceptance speech) so the suspense lasted only an hour.  Highlights?  There were many, pride of place going to Noma which returned to the top spot, pushing Can Roca down to 2nd place, Osteria Francescana & Chef Massimo Botturs maintained 3rd, New York's 11 Madison Park headed US winners moving up from 5th to 4th; the UK's Dinner by Heston adavanced to 5th; Highest new entry at 17th, Gaggan in Bangkok is Indian-themed, and Central, Lima Peru leapt from 50th to 15th; White Rabbit, Moscow, was the 1st Russian restaurant invited to attend.  Individual Awards : Lifetime Achievemnent Award - Fergus Henderson of St. John, London; Best Female Chef, Helena Rizzo, Mani, Sao Paulo; Best Pastry Chef Jordi Roca, Can Roca, Girona Spain, Chef's Choice, Alex Atala, DOM, Sao Paulo.  OTM said hello and congratulations to many Chefs & Restaurateurs too numerous to mention.  You can hear those we were able to record in OTM Audio Archives, program date May 4, 2014.  Get details of all the winners, including those ranked 51-100 at http://www.theworlds50best.com/.  Till next year......................

April 13, 2014
Roka, London's Great Robatayaki Restaurant group Adds 2 more Spots

First came ZUMA in 2002, then ROKA in 2004; co-founders Rainer Becker & Arjun Waney had hits on their hands from the start.  OTM discovered the first Roka in Fitzrovia back in 2005, and we heard they had opened in London's Canary Wharf area, also in Hong Kong.  Now ROKA is opening its doors at super-convenient locations in Mayfair & the City of London.  ROKA Mayfair on N Audley Street, close to Grosvenor Squar opened in February; ROKA Aldwych on Aldersgate St. is scheduled to open this summer.  The Food is great, the atmosphere is dynamic, so be sure to note which of the ROKA's will be close to where you're going to be.  You'll be tempted to visit more than one!!  www.rokarestaurant.com.


April 12, 2014
American Cheese Society seeking Entries & Volunteers

OTM just heard from the American Cheese Society that they're looking for Entries, and also looking for Volunteers to help with their 2014 Conference & Competition, to be held in Sacramento CA, July 29-August 1.  This is sure to be a Great Celebration of the variety and quality of Cheeses now being made in the USA.  For more information go to www.cheesesociety.org


April 02, 2014
Justin Severino of Pittsburgh's Cure Restaurant named People's Choice Best New Chef

OTM is thrilled to hear this news from the sponsor. Food and Wine Magazine.  Justin won the prize for the Mid-Atlantic region.  We're pleased to be able to do some hometown bragging!  Justin modestly says  I'm honored to be selected as People's Best New Chef and I have to thank the wonderful community we have in Pittsburgh. They made it happen." Justin and Cure are well known for their Charcuterie, and their often sold out Butchering classes.  More at  www.foodandwine.com/blogs/2014/4/2/meet-the-peoples-best-new-chef.  Cure is located in Pittsburgh's newly trendy Lawrenceville neighborhoodand online at www.curepittsburgh.com.


March 27, 2014
Tennessee Whiskey safe for now
OTM brought this sbject to your attention just a few days ago when we heard that a new State law was being proposed to change the over 100 year tradition of charcoal filtering and aging in new, newly toasted oak barrels. News reached us today that the newly proposed statute will not go forward until further study................... In 2013 legislation had for the first time embodied this practice in law, a practice that that was first established by none other than Mr. Jack Daniel and like-minded Tennessee Whisky producers.  It has proved to be a good deal for JD, which dominates the market for Tennessee Whisky, but many small producers use the same method.  This year other producers tried to broaden the scope of the iconic bew by changing the 2013 Law to permit aging in used barrels under the same designation,  We found at least one small producer who agreed with JD.  Diageo, owners of George Dickel (a Tennessee producer, owned by the global giant liquor company) came out strongly for the change.  We like  our Jack the old-fashioned way, and we expect many of our listeners will agree. Stay tuned!!

March 26, 2014
Top Chefs Sergio Herman & Nick Bril open The Jane in Antwerp

After 25 years at Netherlands' Old Sluis restaurant (with 3 Michelin Stars no less) Sergio & Nick shook the fine dining world when they decided to close last December.  But as they say "you can't keep a good man down".  They're back with a new concept & a new location that you'll want to check out!!  The Jane was created in partnership with a number of Artists, Designers and DJs, and will include the Upper Room Bar, with its own menu.  To find out more - www.thejaneantwerp.com.

March 25, 2014
World's 50 Best Restaurants names Helena Rizzo Best Female Chef 2014

The excitement of World's 50 Best 2014 is just beginning - it will reach its Zenith April 28 at London's Guidhall.  OTM will be there again and we hope to see some of you there!  Helena Rizzo of Mani Restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, carried off Best Female Chef Latin America last September, and now adds Veuve Cliquot World's Best to the many honors she has won.  We plan to congratulate Helena in person and bring you an interview.  For more about the World's 50 Best - www.theworlds50best.com.

March 24, 2014
OTM guests “Make it big” at IACP Awards
OTM extends congratulations to more than 10 of our Interviewees, who were recently recognized by the International Association of Culinary Professionals in their 2014 Food Writing Awards.  Jim Oseland of Saveur Magazine takes pride of place, tied for Best Culinary Website – hear Publisher Jim Oseland, in OTM Audio Archives, program date January 13, 2013. Book authors are named in the order of their appearance in IACP’s announcement, followed by the date of their OTM interview.  Matt & Ted Lee, March 31, 2013; Jo Robinson, September 1, 2013; Maureen Fanta, Janury 12, 2014; Ann Willan, October 13, 2013; Daniel Humm & Will Guidara, September 22, 2013 (at Mistura, Lima Peru); Francisco Migoya, Januray 27, 2013; David Kinch, January 26, 2014; Diana Kennedy, October 17, 2010; Madhur Jaffrey, Mat 26, 2006; Mollie Katzen, October 13, 2013

March 23, 2014
Tennessee Whiskey and The Law

American Whiskey is well-known and well-loved because of the characteristics imbued in brew by aging in new oak barrels, toasted before their use.  Interestingly after their use many of the barrels find their way into the hands of Scotch Whisky makers which prefer used barrels to new ones.  Tennessee distillers, large and small, have maintained this tradition for over a century, we are told.  Indeed last year this respected Standard was signed into law at the Tennessee State House.  This year some producers are attempting to change this standard by permitting aging in used barrels - suggesting that this will make it easier (less expensive) for small "craft" distilleries to get started.  We chatted recently with a representative of Jack Daniel's who diplomatically said simply that they will continue to respect the tradition, and the methods of their of their founder.  Andy and Charlie Nelson of Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery are more vocal in their opposition - "...we vehemently reject the notion that allowing Tennessee Whiskey to be produced in barrels that are not new will help craft distillers, and the so-called "little guys".  We are the little guys......It is our best interests to produce and compete within our long established guidelines....We resent and oppose this attempt ....... to discredit and degrade the process of our state's beloved product and valued brand."  OTM says "Here, here" and hope that Tennessees political leadership decides the same.  OTM's conversation with Andy Nelson about the revival of Nelson's Green Brier Distillery can be heard in OTM Audio Archives, program date December 29, 2013.


March 22, 2014
Celebrating Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey - starting March 26 the Bounty & Barrel Dinner Series
Sponsored by Jack Daniel's which just released Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, these Events feature Top Chefs who'll create Menus designed for pairing with whiskey.  The first dinner in NYC is March 26, then the series continues in Chicago April 9, Austin April 16, SF Arpil 19 & Nashville April 22.  Carefully selected charities will benefit from the proceeds.  Get more information and tickets via http://singlebarrel.jackdaniels.com/bounty-barrel/.  If you can't make it, get yourself a bottle of this robust, full-bodied 94-proof Elixir, and sip along with OTM!!

March 21, 2014
Una Domenica con Lidia (Bastianich) March 23 in Cividale del Friuli
Sorry the notice is so short!  We heard from Lidia just a few weeks ago that the long-awaited opening of Orsone Ristorante e B&B has finally arrived - we heard about the project 3 or 4 years ago.  It's delightfully situated on one of the vineyards LIdia & her son Joe have tended for several years, with a magnificent vista all the way to the usually snow-capped Dolomites.  We plan to check this out in person later in the year.  You can find out more right now by email to info@orsone.com or www.orsone.com.

March 20, 2014
LitFest at Ballymaloe, May 16-18
Always the Innovator, Darina Allen had an idea that a Festival combining Sustinence & Literature would be new and exciting.  The 8,000 people who thronged Ballymaloe last year (they expected about 2,500) would seem to agree.  You should think about going this year!!  The Cooking Cast includes TomChefs from around Ireland and around the Whole World.  For more about the Ballymaloe Literary Festivel of Food & Wine, www.litfest.ie and tell them OTM sent you.

March 19, 2014
Sunday's Program dedicated to Darina & Myrtle Allen & the entire Family at Ballymaloe, Ireland
OTM is pleased to devote the entire program on March 23 to Darina & Myrtle Allen, their familes and staff, for the Leadership & Example they have provided to Modern Irish Cooking.  Ballymaoloe's influence extends worldwide, from its small beginnings, and you can hear these great ladies decsribe how this has been achieved.  We are delighted to be able to bring you this unique coverage of truly remarkable People & a small Place in the Irish Countryside.  It's a great story you'll be sure to enjoy!!  See separate News about Ballymaloe's upcoming LitFest.

March 09, 2014
Loving Lima, Peru not Ohio!

March 01, 2014
Belgian Beer News - Vanbderg & DeWulf transitions to Total Beverage Solutions

For several years OTM bas been privileged to enjoy fine Belgian beers, selected and imported by Don Feinberg & Wendy Littlefield of Vanberg & DeWulf, based in Cooperstown NY.  Now change is in the air, but the tradition will go on!  Writing from Belgium, Don  & Wendy explain their decision to transition their brand into Total Beverage Solutions TBS).  “Since starting Vanberg & DeWulf in 1982, our mission has been to champion the cause of Belgian beer made by independent, family-run breweries. We have positioned our breweries for long-term growth in the United States. In TBS we have a successor who understands the value of our portfolio, and will help our beers fulfill their potential in the decades to come. We feel this is the right move at precisely the right time with exactly the right team. Our brewers and their beers are in capable hands.”


TBS founder, Dave Pardus states “Vanberg & DeWulf is unique in the pioneering role it has played in the Belgian beer category and the connoisseurship it has brought to the expansion of its portfolio beyond its Belgian roots. Don & Wendy’s relentless passion for beers of quality and terroir has a created a terrific following for their beers.  With the additional resources and infrastructure we bring, there is tremendous opportunity to grow their portfolio, and it complements our prestigious existing lineup of breweries and beers.”  The Vanberg & DeWulf portfolio consists of a tight group of hand-selected breweries representing twenty-five distinct beer styles, including beloved beers like Saison Dupont, and Scaldis. Vanberg & DeWulf was the first US importer to specialize in Belgian beers. The company experienced a ten-fold increase in sales over the last decade.  For more information www.totalbeveragesolution.com.  You can hear Wendy & Don interview with us - OTM Audio Archives, program date February 13, 2013, and their website is www.belgianexperts.com.

February 27, 2014
Pittsburgh Wine Lovers - Mark March 7th - CLO Ambassadors Wine Tasting at Duquesne Club

Don't just mark your calendar, come along and join OTM at this GREAT wine event, for a GREAT cause.  VIP entry starts at 6PM, general admission at 7PM.  There's a Silent Auction and a Raffle with the GRAND Prize of a trip to Paris!!  Excellent wines will be poured - we were at the preview party just a few days ago.  So says cheers to the CLO and OTM at the same time.................  Details and tickets at https://www.pittsburghclo.org/forms/winetasting. 

February 25, 2014
Oz Chef David Thompson wins Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Award

David Thompson of Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok was named winner of this prestigious award at the recent ceremonies in Singapore.  Chef Thompson founded 2 Thai restaurants in Sydney, before starting Nahm in London, then moving it "home" to Thailand.  OTM congratulates him on the remarkable achievement.  In addition to the Top 50, several other awards were presented - details at www.theworlds50best.com/asia.  Created and organized by William Reed Business Media, with San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna as chief sponsors, the awards program includes 50 Best Worldwide and 50 Best Latin America.  The 2014 World's 50 Best will take place in London April 28, and OTM will look forward to seeing you there!!

February 24, 2014
Fish&Chef, May 1-6, Italy's Lake Garda at

We just heard about this event from one of OTM's Italian Connections.  Here's a quick preview from the organizers -  "The stars of Italian cuisine will be shining at Fish & Chef: from 1 to 6th May this event will bring the very best of our traditional food and wines to Malcesine, on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda. Some of Italy’s top chefs will give their own personal interpretations using specialities of the area such as fish from the lake, Garda D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, herbs from Mount Baldo and the tender meat from the Consortium for Garonnais cattle, without overlooking the delicious Monte Veronese D.O.P. cheeses.  Food stalls with typical local products will be set up in the centre of little town on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda."  More at www.fishandchef.it


February 22, 2014
James Beard Awards Semfinalists Announced

All 420 of them!  OTM is pleased to note that among the Nominees are two fine young Chef-Restaurateurs from our hometown, Pittsburgh.  Justin Severino, Cure Restaurant, www.curepittsburgh.com - Best Chef Midatlantic, and Rick DeShantz of Butcher in the Rye, ww.butcherandtherye.com, - Outstanding Bar Program. Well done Justin & Rick!  We congratulate all the Nominees, many of whom have been Guests on our Program.  Justin, program date December 16, 2012 & Rick, January 5, 2014.  See the complete list of Semifinalists at http://www.jamesbeard.org/blog/2014-restaurant-and-chef-award-semifinalists.

February 20, 2014
The Daily Meal weighs in on Best Restaurants in America

OTM's Good Friend and Editorial Director of The Daily Meal, Colman Andrews, just released the 4th Annual "101 Best Restaurants in America".  Interesting & Controversial - see if you agree with their Rankings.  www.thedailymeal.com/101-best-restaurants-america.  Let us know what you think by dropping us a note via the Email link on our home page. 

February 14, 2014
Bubbly & Bi-valves for Valentine's

That's what's on Our Menu!!  Oysters are now en route from the NW thanks to Jon Rowley of Taylor Shellfish Farms, http://www.taylorshellfishfarms.com/.  Sparkling Wine courtesy of Gloria Ferrer, Sonoma CA, http://www.gloriaferrer.com/, already chilling in our wine refrigerator, we'll make a choice of which Cuvee to open on the 14th.  You may not be able to replicate this feast, given the short lead time; but we bet that your beloved will take a raincheck until you can get organized.. 

February 13, 2014
Local Libations Spike the Bar Offerings at Lidia's Pittburgh

"Response to our Local Libations has been very enthusiastic", says GM Adam Greiner.  Chef Jeremy Voytish echoes the thought reminding us that Local Sourcing should embrace the maxim  “what grows together goes together”.  So featured liquors include Boyd & Blair Vodka which Lidia’s barrel ages for several weeks before being used in a signature White Russian, and spiking a barrel aged Campari-Vermouth mix for a Double Barrrel Negroni, Aged Gin from Wigle Whiskey (10 blocks away – how much more local can you get) and Rum from Maggies Farm Spirits.  There are also 6 Pennsylvania Beers on tap, and locally made tonic water.  So check this out together with the recently introduced Winter Menu...........  More at www.lidias-pittsburgh.com.

February 12, 2014
Massimo Bottura recognized with Global Gastronomy Award, Stars in Fool Magazine's latest issue

We hear from Spoon PR that OTM's Good Friend, Culinary Genius Massimo Bottura, has won yet another Prestigious Award, the White Guide's prestigious Global Gastronomy Award.  The White Guide is Sweden's leading restaurant guide. In its own words, it presents "the very best, the trendiest, the cosiest, the coolest, the most romantic and the most culturally exotic restaurants", which pretty much covers all the bases.  The Award is bestowed up an international food creator, who has become a role model and source of inspiration in contemporary gastronomy.  The Global Gastronomy Award will be presented to Chef Bottura at the White Guide Gala in Stockholm on 3rd March 2014.  We don't know a more worthy recipient!!  For more about the Award go to http://spoonhq.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/massimo-bottura-awarded-white-guide-global-gastronomy-award-2014/

We had the good fortune and gourmet thrill of dining at both of Mssimo's restaurants in Modena Italy last November  - our recommendation has few words "go here".  We devoted a complete program to Massimo, OTM Audio Archives program date March 17, 2013, and talked to him again at Peru's Mistura Food Festival, program date September 22, 2013, and to his Chef-Partner at Francescetta, Marta Pulini, program date December 18, 2013.  For more about the restaurants - www.osteriafrancescana.it, www.franceschetta58.it/

February 07, 2014
Wusthof Knife wins 2 Two Presigious Design Awards - We Love this Knife
OTM's Good Friend Julia Stambules brings us this News.  "The innovative CLASSIC 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife from WÜSTHOF, the world's premier cutlery brand, won two distinguished 2014 Housewares Design Awards: "Best in Category" for Cutlery, and "Bronze" for the "Best of the Best." Presented by Homeworld Business, the Awards gala and ceremony was held in New York City on February 4th. Ideal for slicing through crusty breads, the patent-pending CLASSIC 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife (model 4152/23) also slices through fruits and vegetables with ease"  Ann loves it for the challenging task of "de-choking" Artichokes.

Julia goes on "Additional serrations provide multiple benefits and advantages over standard bread knives, beginning with a markedly sharper blade to minimize crumbs when slicing bread. The knife's advanced craftsmanship also ensures that the interior serrations never hit cutting surfaces, leaving the blade sharper longer. An additional benefit to this blade style is its ability to pierce fruit and vegetables with tough skins, such as melons and tomatoes, and cleanly slice through delicate foods, such as angel food cake. Extraordinarily sharp serrated teeth allow for increased control and ability to create paper-thin slices of a variety of ingredients."  One of thes Knives belongs in Your Collection!  http://www.wusthof.com.


The award-winning CLASSIC 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife is part of WÜSTHOF's best selling collection of full-tang knives, which are precision-forged from a single piece of an exclusive high-carbon, stain-resistant alloy. CLASSIC knives are engineered to enhance edge-retention and to facilitate re-sharpening. The steel used features a hardness that is approximately 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Completely buffed and polished by hand, the CLASSIC knife blade is seamlessly attached to highly durable black handles with triple rivets for a totally hygienic and secure fit.

February 06, 2014
SAVE the DATE - World's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 Edition - April 28 in London
Here's the News direct from Harriet Courage at Speedcoms.   "As it enters its 12th year, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, will be returning to London’s historic Guildhall for a prestigious ceremony on Monday 28th April.  Last year’s awards saw Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca end Noma’s three-year reign as the S.Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant, having spent the two previous years waiting in the wings at no.2 on the list. With three restaurants in the top 10, Spain led the upper echelons of the list in 2013, with both France and the USA also boasting a strong overall presence having six restaurants each in the top 50."  We were almost as excited at Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana who rose to #3 last year - and we think perhaps this year he'll go even higher; 11 Madison Park was top USA vote-getter at #5.  But just making the Top 50 is a great achievement.

More details from Speedcoms - "Each year the awards provide an annual snapshot of the world’s gastronomic scene; a globally recognised and respected reference point which showcases leading trends from all corners of the Earth.  At the ceremony, The World's 50 Best Restaurants are announced, culminating in the coveted award for the S.Pellegrino World's Best Restaurant. Further award categories include The Veuve Clicquot World's Best Female Chef and The Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2014, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants will recognise a new individual award category: The World’s Best Pastry Chef, sponsored by Cacao Barry.The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is organised by Restaurant magazine and presented in the company of the world’s most influential restaurateurs, finest chefs and assembled international media".  

For more information and ticketing go to http://www.theworlds50best.com.  And we';ll hope to see you there.

February 06, 2014
Dynamic Pittsburgh Chef-Restaurateur Kevin Sousa hits it big on KIckstarter
We’ve known Chef-Restaurateur Kevin Sousa for a decade or so now, and he’s always had the ability to surprise us with the pace of change he can accomplish, but his latest venture, Superior Motors, is attracting national attention for the unlikeliest of reasons.  To be located in the unlovely post-industrial town of Braddock just outside Pittsburgh, Superior will be exceptional for several reasons, but today’s headline has to do with raising the capital to launch the venture.  Kevin chose Kickstarter, and the campaign has raised over $310,000, reputedly a record as “most-funded restaurant project to date”.  Superior will be Braddock’s only sit-down eatery, a venture that evoked the loudest possible “Nos” from local Bankers.  Sousa worked closely with the town’s dynamic mayor John Fetterman.  The restaurant will host a culinary education program, a rooftop and urban garden.  It all sounds very exciting, and Sousa’s going to be very busy.  But his fan’s need not worry – although he just sold his interest in Salt of the Earth to his partners there, his Union Pig & Chicken, upstairs bar Harvard & Highland http://www.unionpgh.com/ and Station Street Hot Dogs, are still going strong.  And don’t be surprised if Sousa isn’t up to something else.  Read more of the fascinating story at http://eater.com/archives/2014/02/04/kevin-sousa-interview.php.

February 01, 2014
OTM Guests Named Winners of 2014 Good Food Awards
We congratulate the fine food & beverage producers recognized by the Seedling Projects in their 2014 Good Food Awards announced recently in San Francisco. We've enjoyed all of them and recommend that you do the same.  For Charcuterie, Cypress Restaurant, Charleston SC (OTM Audio Archives, program date August 5, 2007, http://www.magnolias-blossom-cypress.com/), Fra Mani, Berkeley CA (July 13, 2008, http://www.framani.com/), Olympic Provisions, Portland OR (February 26, 2012, http://www.olympicprovisions.com/). For Cheese, Blackberry Farm, Walland TN (January 3, 2010, http://www.blackberryfarm.com/), Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese, Point Reyes CA (May 21, 2006, https://www.pointreyescheese.com/), Uplands Cheese, Dodgeville WI (December 27, 2009, http://www.uplandscheese.com/). For Chocolate, Askinosie, Springfield MO (June 28, 2009, http://www.askinosie.com/).  For Oil, Hammons Black Walnut Oi, Stockton MOl (August 7, 2011, http://www.black-walnuts.com/).  Listen in, and get some of these fine products to try for yourselves.  

January 30, 2014
Cheese Lovers Alert!! OTM Guests Mary Karlin & Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery Feature in Spring Culinary Series at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.
Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery (OTM Audio Archives, program date December 22, 2013, for more information http://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/) and Mary Karlin, Home Cheesemaking expert (January 12, 2014, http://www.masteringfermentation.com/) are featured In Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company's upcoming Spring Culinary Series.  The dates are March 8 and April 18 respectively.  For more imformation about the Series and PR's 2nd Quarter 2014 Farm Dinners, go to http://theforkatpointreyes.com.  And you can still listen to OTMs' interview with Point Reyes, program date May 21, 2006.  And those Giacominis are still ,aking Great Cheese - better then ever based on our last tasting.

January 20, 2014
Asia's Top 50 Restaurant Awards Upcoming in Singapore February 24
Last year OTM provided coverage on the World's Top 50 and Latin American Top 50.  The Asia's Top 50 happens for its 2nd year, and we just received the following information that we'd like to Share.

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2013, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna and organized by William Reed Business Media, will be held on 24 February 2014 at Capella Singapore. The awards are presented in the company of the region’s most eminent chefs and influential restaurateurs, as well as key industry figures and international media. 

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants is part of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants series, globally recognized as the most trusted arbiter and credible indicator of the best places to eat around the globe.  The list is voted for by peers and experts from across the global restaurant industry. Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna and organized by William Reed Business Media, will welcome some of the world’s leading chefs to Singapore to participate in a series of interactive workshops and a forum on global culinary trends. 

Held in conjunction with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 awards, the two-day program on 23 and 24 February offers a unique opportunity for the culinary industry and members of the public to hear from and interact with the world’s most prominent chefs. The program comprises a one-day forum on 23 February, titled ‘The Future of Food: Back to our Roots’, and a series of ‘Signature Dishes’ workshops on 24 February.  

The stellar lineup of presenters, mostly drawn from The World’s and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants lists, includes:  

- Joan Roca, El Celler de Can Roca, (No. 1, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)  - Yoshihiro Narisawa, Narisawa (No. 1, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013, No. 20 The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)  - Björn Frantzén, Restaurant Frantzén, (No.12, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013) - Ben Shewry, Attica, (No. 21, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)

- Andre Chiang, Restaurant Andre, (No. 5, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013, No 38 The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)  - Manjit Gill, Dum Pukht, (No. 17, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)  - Manish Mehrotra, Indian Accent (No. 48, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013)   - Loh Lik Peng, global hotelier and restaurateur, The Unlisted Collection 

David Thompson, regarded as the world’s foremost authority on Thai cuisine and chef of Nahm (No.3, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013, No. 32 The World’s 50 Best Restaurants), has been appointed as the chair and co-curator for the ‘Future of Food’ forum and the workshops. He will co-host the forum and present one of the workshops   

The Future of Food: Back to our Roots Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel Singapore Sunday, 23 February 2014, 10am-6.30pm This engaging and educational forum will explore current and future gastronomic trends through a series of talks, discussions, short films and spirited debates.

 ‘Signature Dishes’ Workshops  At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Monday, 24 February 2014, 10am to 3-30pm For aspiring chefs, food lovers or epicurean experts, the workshops offer the ultimate opportunity to learn from the masters. Called ‘The Signature Dishes’, the workshops will be held at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, Singapore’s leading culinary school. Attendees will have the chance to interact with these celebrated chefs, learn their secrets, gain an insight into current culinary practices and sample the dishes cooked, including the forum itinerary, details of the workshops, profiles of the chefs and ticketing information, can be found online at: http://www.theworlds50best.com/asia

November 23, 2013
Walrus & Carpenter Evenings Planned in December & January
Bill Taylor & Jon Rowley are at it again!   Here's the message they just sent us - TaylorShellfish Farms, www.taylorshellfishfarms.com,  of Shelton WA and the  Puget Sound Restoration Fund, www.restorationfund.org,  are pleased to announce three dates, Sat. Dec 14, Tues Jan 28 and Wed Feb 26 for this winter's  nighttime low tide Walrus & Carpenter Picnics  on Taylor's Totten Inlet oyster beds in support of the Puget Sound Restoration Fund. The popular events are intended to provide the ultimate oyster-eating experience …one by which all subsequent oyster experiences will be judged. Lewis Carroll’s whimsical, Walrus& Carpenter, a tale of how the Walrus & Carpenter lure the oysters for a “lovely walk, a lovely talk upon the briny beach” and then proceed  to eat every one, provided the inspiration. Walruses & Carpenters depart on the Oyster Bus at 6:30pm from Elliott’s Oyster House, arriving back in Seattle before  midnight.   To instill a sense of adventure, the Oyster Bus goes whatever the weather. The low minus tides in the winter are at night when oysters are naturally chilled to just the right temperature.  Shucking lessons are available. Participants can gather and open Olympias, Kumamotos, Pacifics and Virginicas right off the beach or visit one of the oyster bars set up on the beds. Crisp, chilled winners of  the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition, our annual dating service for West Coast wines and oysters, will be close at hand.  A low minus tide, moonlight, plump, perky,  oysters just rousted from their beds, crisp chilled oyster wines out of Reidel stemware ...just the right mix of magic and madness.  Just before getting back on the bus there will be a bonfire and a hot bowl of Xinh Dwelley's legendary oyster stew.   


The $125 ticket for the once-in-a-lifetime oyster experience benefitting the Puget Sound Restoration Fund can be purchased through www.brownpapertickets.com.

November 06, 2013
RIP Charlie Trotter
OTM joins the Entire Community of Fine Food Lovers in the USA and around the World in expressing our Profound Sadness at the passing of this Leader of Modern American Cuisine.  We will Honor his Memory by Replaying our Interview with Chef Trotter in Sunday's Program.  Charlie's Iconic Chicago Restaurant didn't just showcase his Unique Talent, it was the training ground for Many Young Chefs who went on to Success in their own Kitchens.  Very Simply, thank you Charlie, you will be sorely missed, but never forgotten!!

October 26, 2013
OTM Goes Back to Galway to find "West is Best in Ireland Dining
OTM was in Western Ireland less than a Year ago, but we ran out of time.  Starting Sunday we're doing "Bonus" coverage from our just completed return visit.  This program - Galway, the heart of Western Ireland Food!  JP McMahon, Co-Owner, Aniar Restaurant & Cava Bodega, Galway, www.aniar.ie; Jess & David Murphy, Co-Owners, Kai Café & Restaurant, Galway, http://kaicaferestaurant.com; Enda McEvoy, Executive Chef & upcoming Restaurant Owner & Conor Cockram, Sous-Chef, Galway, www.cnocsuain.com; Hisashi Kumagai, Chef, RAW-Sushi in the Sky in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway & Tarron Lynch, Restaurant Manager, www.sushiinthesky.ie.  In upcoming programs listen for highlights from County Clare, County Mayo & County Donegal.

October 25, 2013
Seeing Stars in San Francisco - Long Overdue for Quince!!

OTM congratulates all the Starred Establishments, but we'd like to single out Dominique Crenn's Atelier Crenn and Michael Tusk's Quince, joining the ranks of 2 Stars, joining Baume, Benu, Coi, Manresa & Saison.  Also a first Star for SPQR.  We're thrilled that these outstanding Chefs are being recognized.  Now good luck getting a table!  Here's hoping OTM can pull strings!  You can get a "taste" by listening to their interviews in OTM Audio Archives & "find" their restaurant or Chef's surname.

October 18, 2013
An Port Mor, Great West of Ireland Restaurant - Website up & running again
OTM struggled to reach An Port Mor, (Westport, County Mayo) and you may have too.  Good News!  Their www.anportmor.com website is up and running again so you can get detailed information  how to get there, check out the menu and make reservations.  We recently dined at An Port More, with Chef-owner Frankie Mallon.  Frankie's passion for Great Ingredients grown in the hills and valleys of County Mayo is reflected in a fine, wide-ranging menu; very small "fine print" is required to list all of their suppliers - think truly local crab, salmon, brill, turbot, lamb and the most flavorful beef we've tasted in a very long time, and wonderful veggies too!

October 12, 2013
OTM Checks out Britain's 2013 National Restaurant Awards
Restaurant Magazine just crowned its Top 100, so we decided to check out our favorites with theirs, and here's how it looks. We've enjoyed 5 of the Top 10, at #2 The Ledbury (we were fortunate or skillful to enjoy Brett Graham's Fabulous Food years ago when you could get a table); at #4 L'Enclume (we arrived in Cartmel the very day that it received a 10 out of 10 rating from Giles Coren, years ago) and we hear Simon Rogan's Food just keeps getting Better & Better); at #5 The Clove Club breaks into the list as the Highest Entry (since we picked this out as a great spot this year we agree with the raves). 10 out of the Top 20, including The Square, Dinner by Heston, The Fat Duck, Bocca Di Lupo, Brasserie Chavot & Le Gavroche have graced us with a table over the years; we'd single out Philip Howard at The Square for his contribution to the development of the London dining scene & Brasserie Chavot, a new entry less than 100 yards away with ENERGY to burn in both the Food & Atmosphere - way to go Eric! Out of the Top 100 as a whole we've got some more work to do! We've only enjoyed a third of them. So we'll be back next year................ In the meantime search our OTM Archives for interviews with 33 Star Chefs as they tell their stories in their own words.

October 11, 2013
Another Country Coming Soon
But we'll keep that a surprise until we know you can tune in the People that we meet and the Dining we will surely enjoy.

October 10, 2013
Then Euphoria, Food-Drink & Country Music in a wonderfully redeveloped Southern City
This 4 day celebration of everything to do with Fine Food, Top Wines & Spirits (from across the World), not just Whiskey distilled nearby and Music from Southern Rock to Country - this year's Headliner Kim Carnes, who sang a few bars of "Bette Davis Eyes" during our interview.  Cooking demos & competitions, a 90lb Lamb roasted outdoors on a Spit, Wine & Food Dinners pairing Local Chefs and Stars from other cities, like Charleston's Mike Lata.  If Euphoria doesn't have it all, OTM has no suggestions as to what might to added to  make it even more of a good time. It'sll be held same time next year, so point your browser that way so you don't miss out.

October 09, 2013
Then Charming Carmel California - Where Food & Wine are a big part of the Attraction
There's a lot of fine dining and wine sampling lying behind the crowded Streets of this Small Jewel of Coastal California.  We talked to lots of people associated with this Food & Beverage scene, starting with the 36 year old Mayor whose now filling the shoes of (non other then) Clint Eastwood.  A visit to Carmel will certainly ".......... make your day". 

October 08, 2013
Where have you been OTM? - 1st Peru
Has there been no news to report, you might well ask.  Yes of coursed there has been, but much has been included in our programs for the last few weeks.  For example September 2-10 we were in Lima (Peru not Ohio); first for the 50 Best Restaurants Awards Ceremony, along with Everyone who is Everyone in Latin American Fine Dining; then Mistura, a Food Festival so big it has to be held on Lima's Beaches (attendance estimated to exceed 2 million people), at the same time a Symposium of Top Chefs from around the world headlined by Allen Ducasse with a supporting cast of the World's Top 50 - 9 of then top 10, as we interviewed quite a few of them; Gelinaz, a unique Food Event, Jazz-inspired, where Chefs to top each other with "riffs" on a singular Dish.  This last event spanned 6.30PM and 3AM the next day.  Wow!!  We have to say that Saveur's recent nomination of Lima and a Top City for Dining is right on the mark.  So do listen to the programs and find out first hand in the words of the Chefs we talked to. 

August 25, 2013
OTM Does Some Bragging About our Home City - Pittsburgh Restaurants Make News
Bar Marco makes Bon Appetit's Top 50 New Restaurants for 2013 - www.barmarcopgh.com for details about the Restaurant, www.bonappetit.com/restaurants-travel/best-new-restaurants for the Top 50 Nominees and Top 10.  Big Burruto Group's Mad Mex Celebrates the Hatch Chile Harvest in New Mexico with a Special Menu in their Annual Hatch Chile Festival, happening NOW.  Find a Mad Mex via www.madmex.com.  Tune in to our August 25 Program to hear from Folks from Bar Marco & Mad Mex at OTM Audio Archives.

August 13, 2013
David Guas of Bayou Bakery - Where OTM goes The Today Show is Sure to Follow
We're flattered that Al Roker & company will be featuring Chef David in their 9AM hour on Thursday August 15. For more from this fine Chef and his Bayou Bakery in Arlington VA, go to OTM Audio Archives, program date December 20, 2009.

August 12, 2013
Meet OTM at Euphoria in Greenville SC, Sept 26-29!!
Euphoria is a weekend-long event that includes exclusive tasting events, cooking demonstrations and wine seminars, as well as multi-course dinners and live musical performances. Euphoria features domestic and international wines, celebrity chefs, master sommeliers, and national recording artists. The Festival in charming Greenville SC is in its 8th year, and it gets better every year! From September 26-29, 2013 Greenville’s best chefs will intermingle with chefs from New York, Miami, Alabama, Louisville, Memphis and more. New events for 2013 include a whole-hog roast, a food truck traffic jam, a wine auction and reserve tasting and a Night in Paris progressive dinner. The signature event Taste of the South will feature singer/songwriter Kim Carnes. True foodies won’t want to miss the ultimate VIP event – The Sunday Supper featuring a family-style dinner prepared by James Beard Award winning Chef Mike Lata of FIG and The Ordinary, Charleston. Tickets and the full schedule of events are available at www.euphoriagreenville.com

August 02, 2013
Justin Severino of Cure, Pittsburgh Featured in Food Arts
The Secret is Out - OTM's Favorite Salumi & Charcuterie Hang-Out Chef-Owner Justin Severino is quoted extensively in Food Arts Fall Menu Preview.  He certainly shows that Cure is NOT just Cured Meats.  His Fall Dishes include Bone Marrow Ravioli, Pickled Spanish Mackerel and a Delicious-sounding Dessert including Smoked Goat's Milk Cheese with Spiced Bourbon Gel and a few other items.  Cure recently celebrated the opening of their Cocktail Bar, and Justin hosts frequent Special Events.  Get on their mailing list at www.curepittsburgh.com.  And plan to dine with Justin very soon. You'll be happy that you did!!

August 01, 2013
Join On the Menu at Savor Pittsburgh, August 29
Once again on August 29 a collection of Pittsburgh’s finest chefs will gather at Savor Pittsburgh: A Celebration of Cuisine. They’ll be preparing their favorite recipes to compete for coveted "Dish of the Year" honors. Savor Pittsburgh happens in an elegant canopied outdoor space on Sidney St. at SouthSide Works. On the Menu will be on hand as members of the Judging Panel, so be sure to say Hi!

2013 Savor Pittsburgh is sponsored by C. Hackett Motors and presented by McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks and SouthSide Works to benefit the fight to end premature births at Magee-Womens Research Institute &Foundation. Savor Pittsburgh is offering two levels of tickets: $65 for general admission or $120 for VIP access. The VIP party starts at 5:30 p.m. and generall admission begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.savorpgh.com.

July 21, 2013
Today's program is now available - Check out our Interview with Rob Black about SF Chefs 2013 coming up next week
Get more information & tickets for SF Chefs 2013 at http://sfchefsfoodwine.com/.  Great local Chefs, Great Visiting Chefs, Great Food & Wine, with Union Square "fully tented" for the occasion. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the delay of the program. 

July 13, 2013
Ireland's Three Mrs. Allens Featured in Food & Wine
Myrtle Allen started it all - the movement to enhance and publicize Irish Cuisine and Ingredients.  Her daughter-in-law Darina developed the World Class reputation of the Ballymaloe Cookery School.  In turn Darina's DIL Rachel has become a "Ray" like Media Darling.  Check out the interesting article about all three in Food & Wine's August issue.  You can listen to Myrtle in OTM's Audio Archive, program date October 2, 2011, and Darina March 21, 2010 and October 16, 2012.  And for a photo of " the World's Most Beautiful Salad, at Ballymaloe, see OTM in Pictures.

June 30, 2013
Pittsburgh's Meat & Potatoes named to Open Table's Top 100 Hottest Restaurant Bars

Congrats to Chef-Owner Rick DeShantz and his Cocktail Colleagues on this recognition.  Rick's "small plate" style dishes match well with an extensive list of cocktails * other libations, including "barrel-aged" Negronis & Manhattans.  Go for a Drink, stay for the Food!http://meatandpotatoespgh.com/.


June 29, 2013
London Dining In the News - Major Update of OTM's London Favorites
The Daily Telegraph singled out Bruno Loubet's new Vegetable-focused Grain Store and Picnic Hampers from Corrigan's Mayfair, a great OTM Favorite.  Conde Nast's latest listing of "Best New" includes Brasserie Eric Chavot, Newman Street Tavern and The Clove Club, all 3 sampled by OTM on our recent trip.  All these places HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  So we decided that a Major Update was needed to the OTM Favorite pages for Dining-UK London.  Just completed, we hope you'll find this helpful.  And of course we're always interested in your suggestions.  Rule Britannia!

June 25, 2013
Bruno Loubet's Grain Store in Now Open - GO THERE!!
OTM talked with Chef Bruno about this new venture just a few weeks ago, OTM Audio Archives, program date May 19, 2013.  With an exciting Bar Scene, Vegetable-focused Menu and 80 seat Terrace, The Grain Store is sure to be a popular addition to London's dining scene.  And knowing Chef Bruno, we're sure the Kitchen will be on top of its game. Next time we're in London it's going to be hard to choose between The Grain Store & Bistrot Bruno Loubet - expect we'll go to both!  And you should too.............  The Grain Store is in Granary Square near Kings Cross-St. Pancras, www.grainstore.com.

June 25, 2013
Lidia Bastianich - In the News
Fresh from winning a Daytime Emmy, OTM's great friend Lidia is set to host a PBS special "Lidia Celebrates America: Freedom & Independence" which will premiere June 28 at 10PM EDT (check local listing for your area). This is the 3rd in a series.  "At the heart of the ...... series is my own immigrant experience" says Lidia.  As an immigrant himself, Peter can relate.  Be sure to tune in for some very special scenes at a Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello, a Bastille Day celebration with Jacques Pepin, Juneteenth in Galveston TX & Phillippines Independence Day in NY.  Oh say can you see.....................! 

June 01, 2013
Blackberry Farms, Walland TN - Simply the Best!!

OTM interviewed BF's Proprietor Sam Beall, OTM Audio Archives, program date January 3, 2010.  So we weren't surprised when Bon Appetit named the property No. 1 Resort in the May Issue story "Ten Best Food Lover's Hotels in America".  All that remains is we have to find time to go there, and be able to get a reservation!  www.blackberryfarm.com.

June 01, 2013
Vanberg & DeWulf lands British Beers from Green Jack
Specialists in Belgian Beers, our friends from Cooperstown NY are always searching for the world's Best Beers to offer the Discriminating Drinker.  With a whispered "Rule Brittania" Peter is thrilled but not surprised.  Green Jack Beers from Lowestoft in East Anglia are Green Jack RIPPA, Red Herring Smoked Ale & Lurcher Stout.  Get yours or more information at www.belgianexperts.com, and listen to their story in OTM Audio Archives, program date February 3, 2013.

May 25, 2013
Leah Chase recognized with Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Award during NOWFE

OTM didn't make it to the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience this year, but we did want you to know about this Recognition for Very Fine Lady. Ms. Chase was a leading spokesperson for New Orleans Restaurants as they strove to recover from Hurricane Katrina - and OTM's interview with her about this can be heard in OTM Audio Archives, Program Date June 10, 2006. The Award Event was presented by the John Besh Foundation - thanks John!! For more about Leah's Restaurant go to www.dookychaserestaurant.com ; for John's great restaurant group www.chefjohnbesh.com.


May 24, 2013
5Star Sensation makes Cleveland OH "Party Central" once again - June 15
It only happens every 2 years.  Clevelanders and their friends know how to party, but it takes 24 months to recover and repeat!!  For details see www.fivestarsensation.org.  But to give you just a taste of the fun, Wolfgang Puck asks dozens of his Chef Friends to head for Cleveland and Cook some of their Masterpieces, dozens of wineries from California, Oregon, France & Italy will provide libations.  And the end result is expected to raise $2.5million for Cancer Research.  So what are you waiting for - OTM will see you there!!

May 05, 2013
Dick Shaw's Tasmanian grown Avocados make Gourmet International's Hot 100 List
OTM is bragging just a little bit because Dick Shaw is Peter's cousin, and THE Pioneers in growing Avocados in Australia's cool island state. And because we've tasted them many times, we know the GI judges are correct that Dick's Spreyton Avos are some of the world's best tasting, organic and tree-matured also. To read the GI citation go to http://bit.ly/11onvS4 and No. 54.

May 04, 2013
Bruno Loubet's The Grain Store opening in June near Kings X

Vegetable lovers in particular will be thrilled to know that the enormously talented Bruno Loubet is opening his new venture at Granary Square Kings Cross in June. This long-awaited opening is sure to excite. Diners can be sure that Bruno's vegetable-focused menu will excite their palates as much as the dishes they love at have London's Best Bistrot. As an added bonus, note that Chef Bruno has lost 10 kilos of body weight in the past few months by eating more vegetables. Website is on the way but in the meantime go to www.bistrotbrunoloubet.com for breaking news.

April 23, 2013
World will be tuned in to Top 50 Restaurant s Announcement April 29 in London
"The Glitterati of the Gastronomic World" will be on hand at London's Guildhall next Monday as the 2013 Top 50 are announced.  Attendees (including 49 of the Top 50) will be on the edge of their seats for this Exciting Event, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Aqua Panna, and organized by Restaurant magazine.  It should be a Great Party too!! It will be streamed live on www.finedininglovers.com and published online at www.theworlds50best.com right after the live announcement.  Winners in other Award categories will be recognized, Nadia Santini of Italy's Dal Pescatore as Veuve Cliquot World's Best Female Chef, and Alain Ducasse for Lifetime Achievement, sponsored by Diners Club, have already been revealed.  Chefs' Choice & Sustainable Restaurant Awards, sponsored by Silestone & Zacapa respectively will also be featured.

April 06, 2013
Berlin's Tim Raue featured in Food Arts

OTM is thrilled to see recognition for Tim Raue's iconic Asian cuisine.  Unusual, Exciting, Fascinating, pick your favorite adjective to describe Tim's Elegant Plates and Fabulous Flavors.  All of this in Courtyard Corner just a Stone's Throw from Checkpoint Charlie. AND before you go you can listen to his OTM interview, OTM Audio Archives, program date September 30, 2012.  More at http://tim-raue.com/.

March 23, 2013
Peter's Alma Mater Helps Celebrate the 350th Anniversary of British Recognition of Chateau Haut Brion
350 Years have passed since Famous Diarist Samuel Pepys makes a Mention of the Wine he called Ho Bryan (spelling was not his forte).  According to Decanter Magazine Pepys opined "..a wine with a good & most particular taste".  Magdalen College, Cambridge will commemorate with an Exhibition.  We should note that the Chateau's owners since the 1930s are American.  We had a chance to interview the Estate Manager at HB several years ago, and can still remember the great taste, and found ourselves totally in agreement Pepys.

March 07, 2013
Renee Restivo about Sicily published by National Geographic
At http://on.natgeo.com/YNFhLy.  Renee is a good friend of On the Menu, resides in Sicily and is very knowledgable and helpful - with tours, and a Cooking School in the Glorious Baroque-architected city of Noto.

March 03, 2013
OTM Friends Making the News
These Folks have been very busy recently; Cocktail Guru Scott Beattie, is involved in ventures on both coasts, at The Living Room Bar in the W Miami Beach and with Scott Youkills & Partners in SanFran; Asian Restaurateur Extraordinary Charles Phan opens a Jazz-themed Cafe also in SF; Mike Lata goes Seafood at The Ordinary in Charleston SC and "across the Big Pond" Elena & Juan Mari Arzak bring Nuevo Vasco to London - more details below. We wish them all well for success in their new ventures, and we'll be reporting on them in person in due course..............

March 03, 2013
Scott Beattie on Both Coasts
Cocktail Genius Scott Beattie helped heighten the Miami Cocktail Scene at The Living Room at the W South Beach, we hear that Scott is also involved with David Esler & Scott Youkilis at Hi-Lo BBQ right across the street from their great Hog & Rocks on Mission in SF; www.hilobbqsf.com; See more about Scott at www.societeperrier.com/los-angeles/articles/meet-your-mixologist-scott-beattie-of-goose-gander/#.UTOgrjDkvRo.

March 03, 2013
Charles Phan expands his SF Dining Empire
South at SF Jazz is Charles' latest venture, with a NOLA inspired Cafe www.sfjazz.org/visit/dining.  Knowing that we love NOLA cuisine and Charles had succeeded with both Vietnamese & Chinese, we're sure South will be a great addition to SF's casual dining scene.

March 03, 2013
Mike Lata's new Seafood place is anything but Ordinary
Joining with business partner Adam Nemirow, Mike opened The Ordinary, specializing in Seafood. Food Arts tells us it's named after an Old English reference to "an eating-house serving regular meals to all guests at a fixed price. Knowing Mike we're sure this is the only thing about it that's Ordinary.  And just to prove it Esquire just included The Ordinary in "The Perfect Night Out: 12 Restaurants that wll Make your Year - see March 2013 issue.  For more go to www.eattheordinary.com.

March 03, 2013
The Arazks bring more Dining Excitement to London
OTM already had a High Opinion of London's Fabulous Fine Dining scene. We're thrilled to hear that Ametsa, the long-planned London outpost of Arzak, San Sebastian's Iconic Nuevo Vasco Dining Temple, has opened its doors in Belgravia's The Halkin hotel. Chef Serge Sanz Blanco moved from Arzak to be Head Chef. We can't wait to try Ametsa for ourselves, hopefully next month when we make our regular annual visit to check out London's latest, www.comohotels.com/thehalkin/dining/ametsa.


February 24, 2013
Oceana uncovers a Scandal in Seafood
Do you know what you are serving your family tonight? If it’s fish there’s a good chance that you don’t. Today Oceana unveiled its landmark national seafood fraud report, one of the largest of its kind and one that should make consumers sit up and demand change. This confirms that fully one-third of this seafood was mislabeled—that is, what we ordered wasn’t what we got. Nationwide, sushi restaurants mislabeled their fish 74 percent of the time. These findings are disturbing—and they’re disturbing for a few reasons. Not only can seafood fraud rip you off by making you pay more for less expensive fish but it can actually be bad for your health. Oceana scientists found that some fish that had landed a spot on the FDA’s “DO NOT EAT” list for sensitive groups such as pregnant women and children because of its high mercury content was nonetheless being substituted for safer fish. In New York this meant tilefish disguised as red snapper, only 7 of 120 samples tested nationwide were actually red snapper. Elsewhere escolar, an oily fish that is known for its purgative effects in some consumers, was substituted 84% of the time for white tuna. Seafood is one of the healthiest sources of protein on the planet and should be a part of any healthy diet, but we need to know that what we’re buying is what the label says it is—for the good of our health, our wallets and our oceans. OTM thanks Oceana for this timely information. Full report & further information www.oceana.org/fraudnationwide.

February 24, 2013
More on Seafood- Sustainability & a Special
Michael Leviton of Area Four in Cambridge MA writes on the Chef's Collaborative blog-

The issue of sustainability in the seafood industry continues to make headlines -- despite whatever progress we seem to be making. It can be incredibly nuanced, and mean different things to different people. As a chef in New England, promoting sustainable seafood means supporting local fishermen who are catching fish in a sensible manner. Thankfully, I am not alone; many chefs are doing their part to support sustainable seafood choices that enrich local communities.

New England seafood has also reached a critical tipping point. Just two weeks ago, the New England Fisheries Management Council announced sharp decreases in allowable fish catch limits for almost every species, especially cod. These fish -- species like redfish, sea robin and Atlantic pollock -- have been dubbed "trash fish," and rejected by fishermen and chefs alike, who choose instead to keep only what consumers demand. Yet there is actually no such thing as "trash fish."

It's our responsibility to utilize all fish species, and not waste precious choices just because they are, for lack of a better word, unpopular. In fact many fish that we embrace today were widely considered trash fish in the not-too distant past. Skate and monkfish, for example, were once frowned upon by chefs and fishermen alike. Here in New England, skate was cast aside for decades and only splashed into the spotlight in the late 1980s when it became valued for its meaty, mild and nutty taste. Monkfish was passed over because it was viewed as too ugly to taste good. Yet today, the monkfish finds itself a regular on high-end menus, regarded for its versatility. Skate and monkfish ultimately made such strong entrances onto the culinary main stage that they were ironically over-fished.

And here is where it gets complicated. As we turn to underutilized species to diversify our seafood choices, we need to be sure that we are not creating new problems. In an effort to open up a dialog about the role of underutilized species in our sustainable seafood future, I have temporarily embraced the phrase "trash fish," and I am hosting a Chefs Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner.

On March 10th, at my restaurant Area Four in Cambridge, I will be hosting chefs Rich Garcia, Larry Leibowitz, Evan Mallett, Mary Reilly, Jake Rojas, Michael Scelfo, Derek Wagner, and Drew Hedlund. We look forward to serving a delicious multi-course dinner featuring underutilized species, and to a discussion on the future of sustainable seafood. Barton Seaver, Sustainability Fellow in Residence at the New England Aquarium will also say a few words. http://chefscollaborative.org/events/trash-fish-dinner/


February 10, 2013
OTM's Valentine's Day Special Program is now Up & Running
Due to "Human Error" the Link to this Program was Incorrect. It is now available at OTM Audio Archives & via Podcast. We apologize for any inconvenience. And Love to All our Listeners from Ann & Peter.

February 10, 2013
Kudos for Lisa Ekus & Ann Willan - to be Honored by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
Lisa Ekus, Founder & President of The Lisa Ekus Group, www.lisaekus.com, will receive the Outstanding Career Award, recognizing her contributions over 30 years in the Food Business.  Ann Willan will receive the "Best in the World Award" for her The Cookbook Library: Four Centuries of the Cooks. Writers, and Recipes That Made the Modern Cookbook.  You can hear Ann's interview with OTM about this wonderful book in OTM Audion Archives, program date June 3, 2012.  The Goirmand World Cookbook Awards will be held February 23, 2013 in Paris - www.cookbookfair.com for more details.

February 09, 2013
Congratulations Emeril, 2013 James Beard Foundation "Humanitarian of the Year"
OTM is pleased to join in recognizing this Tribute, perhaps the most sought after of all the "Beards".  The press release from the JBF notes that Emeril's Emeril Lagasse Foundation has granted over $5.3million to Children's Education & Culinary Arts Programs since 2002.  OTM says "well done!!" 

January 31, 2013
Pittsburgh CLO Ambassadors Wine Tasting March 1 at the Duquesne Club
Get your tickets now for this Great Event hosted by the Dynamic Ambassadors of the Civic Light Opera.  OTM was at a Preview Party this week, so we know that Capital Wines & Spirits (a Generous Sponsor) will be pouring some Excellent Wines from California and aroung trhe World.  In addition to a Silent Auction, the event will feature a Raffle, first prize an all expenses trip for 2 to Paris.  Get tickets and more details at www.pittsburghclo.com, or call 412 281 3973 ext 234.  And we'll see you there!!

January 17, 2013
Interesting Stories About OTM Guests O Olive Oils & Boat Street Pickles
Kudos to Greg & Marta Hinson from San Rafael CA, Producers of Fruit-infused O Olive Oils and Renee Erikson of Boat Street Pickles, Seattle WA. Specialty Food Magazine's Latest Issue includes Articles based on Interviews with these True Food Innovators. To Hear their Interviews go to OTM Audio Archives, program dates May 17, 2009 & August 12, 2012 respectively.  And by the way OTM can assure you the Products are Great! We still have some in the Our Larder, but they're going fast! Find out how to get some for Yourselves - www.ooliveoil.com, www.boatstreetpickles.com.

January 10, 2013
Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is Just Next Week-Jan 14-20
More than 50 Local Restaurants from Downtown to locations as far away as Beaver County will be Participating. Don't Miss Out on Special Menus and Special Prices!  Get More Details at www.pittsburghrestaurantweek.com.

January 05, 2013
Whole Foods Wexford Chili Cook-off January 12 - Free & Starts at Noon
Peter loves Whole Foods Shadyside, and shops there almost very day.  Now we hear that Whole Foods Wexford is hosting their FIRST EVER Chili Cook-Off!

Their representative tell us "From slow-roasted crock pot chili to one-pot chili casseroles, Wexford Team Members have begun preparing their best rendition of momma’s homemade chili. Whether you are accustomed to lamb, lentils, or seafood chili or beef, veggies and tofu, there will be bowls of goodness filled with savory flavors for all palettes at this FREE event. For those who prefer the staple made from all organic ingredients to those who swear on canned made chili, the community is invited to vote on which Wexford Team Member’s recipe should hold the bragging rights for “the best chili ever.” Along with sampling, all taste-testers will receive copies of recipes to try at home as they listen to live music performing in the café from local group Broke, Stranded & Ugly".  Sounds like Fun!!


January 03, 2013
Wiley Dufresne, Mike Lata & (maybe) Bill Telepan - 2 Places are better then One
Three of OTM's Favorite Chefs are working on this Principle.  Wiley's Alder is described as a "50-Seat Pub", located at 157 2nd Ave - not sure it's open yet.  Mike Lata famed for FIG in Charleston has gone all in for Seafood at The Ordinary, www.eattheordinary.com, on Trendy Upper King St #544.  Bill Telepan's potential new venture is still in the lease negotiation process, but watch for News - the location 327 Greenwich Street in Tribeca.  We wish Wylie, Mike & Bill great success with their new ventures.


January 01, 2013
OTM's Favorite Oyster Guru Jon Rowley announces "Walrus & Carpenter Picnics Jan 8 & Feb 7
Taylor Shelfish Farms of Shelton WA is holding these 2 Special & Unusual Fundraisers at their Totten Inlet Oyster Beds.  Winter Low Tides provide extended access to the Beds and the Bivalves are narurally chilled to just the right temperature.  Participants can gather & shuck for themselves or get them from Ace Shuckers, and Winning Wines from the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition will be served.  The Event's name comes from Lewis Carroll's Tale of how the Walrus & Carpenter lure Oysters to a "Lovely Walk....upon the Briny Beach............" which ends well for W & C, badly for the Oysters.  Last time Jon & OTM knocked back a healthy 6 dozen between us.  Try it, you'll like it!  For more information call Jon at 206-963-5959 or email rowley@nwlink.com.

December 26, 2012
OTM's 2012 Picks - Everyone Else is Doing Their's - Here are Ours
When Marco Caprai of Cantina Arnaldo-Caprai told us Casa Vissani was the best restaurant in Italy, OTM just had to go.  Did we agree with Marco?  Let’s just say that Vissani is absolutely one of Italy’s top tables.  The elegantly designed interior and great service combine with the delicious food to “blow you away” – in the country outside of Orvieto – go here!!  Florence was SO crowded, but we lunched magnificently at Trattoria Armando, on a quiet street near Ognisanti, traditional and flawless!


 London loves Italian too.  Aurelia, a relatively new opening in Mayfair, offers a combination of traditional and modern Italian, all the more remarkable because the Chef is young, British and female, the General Manager (an old friend from Zafferano) hails from Albania, Jacob Kenedy’s Boca di Lupo truly transports you into an Italian Trattoria, and don’t forget to cross the street to his Gelateria, Gelupo, where you can sample or get some to go.  Two French Star Chefs are back; Bruno Loubet returns from a sojourn in Brisbane, Australia, with a fabulous Bistrot; also new Kitchen Joel Antunes, where A-listers from Entertainment and Politics rub shoulders and thrill over Joel’s edgy re-interpretations of French Classics.  Jose Pizarro is not content with just one eponymous establishment; he opened two, Jose and Pizarro, just a few doors apart near Tower Bridge – authentic ingredients make for great Spanish food, it feels like the best of Spain.  We were delighted to finally meet the legendary Phil Howard at The Square, and found the food better than ever.  And less than 50 yards away Alyn Williams’ namesake restaurant in the Westbury Hotel serves his own excellent version of Modern British cuisine.


In Seattle we thrilled at the Mediterranean flavors at Maria Hines’ new casual spot, The Golden Beetle, and with a little help from just one friend we wolfed down 6 dozen great Oysters at Taylor Shellfish Melrose Market, a new city outlet for these great Oystermen.


Berlin beckoned and OTM responded, enjoying Perfect Asian Flavors at Restaurant Tim Raue, “Modern” German at Stefan Hartmann’s spot – too much Schnitzel elsewhere.


And not forgetting NYC, Peter was thrilled to find out that a fellow Yorkshireman, Aaron Chambers, is Executive Chef at Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud.  We were both even more impressed at the Great Menu and Wonderful Taste Sensations Aaron is turning out.  We enjoyed Nomad, more magic from 11 Madison’s Daniel Humm, and Alex Stupak’s Empellon Cocina.


Finally Alon Shaya at NOLA’s Domenica impressed again with his great Italian savory delicacies, great Pasta dishes Secundi & Dolci if you’re still hungry – one of the best Italian tables in the USA.  AND (this just in) Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall proved a Sublime Selection for Lunch on Xmas Eve.

December 22, 2012
Casamia Restaurant Bristol, England - Who Knew about this Great Restaurant - Michelin got it Right

Guide Michelin is often criticized for failing to recognize up and coming Restaurants.  For Casamia in Westbury, Bristol they hit the nail on the head when they awarded the first ever Star to a restaurant in this HistoricRegional City.  OTM had an Exciting and Enjoyable Evening at Casamia, seated at the Kitchen-facing Chef's Table where Co-Chefs Peter & JonRay and their Energetic Team served one great small plate after another and Sommelier Andy matched each one to perfection.  Founder Paco Sanchez-Igelsias admitted to OTM that when his sons wanted to transform Casamia from Italian Pizzeria-Trattoria to Innovative Seasonal Modern British he was uncertain, now he couldn't be prouder!  OTM heartily endorses.  Great Food & Wine, and Great Fun as well!!  www.casamiarestaurant.com.

December 15, 2012
Chef Michael Tusk reminds OTM that Bocuse d'Or is coming up
Next month the 2013 Competition gets under way.  The USA Team is Chef Martin Rosendale and Assistant Corey Siegel (from West Virginia's Famous Greenbrier) won the Bocuse d'Or USA's competition almost a year ago.  Their being prepared by a truly "Blue Ribbon" panel of leading American Chefs including Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud, Grant Achatz, Jose Andres.......... and of course Chef Tusk!   You can find out more at www.bocusedorusa.org.  OTM wishes Martin & Corey all the best - and we hope that they'll bring home the first ever medal for a USA team.

November 17, 2012
Arnaldo-Caprai Wins Wine Enthusiast
OTM congratulates Marco Caprai and his Father Arnaldo who founded this Iconic Cantina at Montefalco, Umbria.  Winemaker Marco launched a partnership with the University of Milan in 1989 to explore the production of wines from the neglected native Sagrantino - ignored because of its reputation of being difficult to vinify.  For the last decade or more Marco's been traveling the world talking up Sagarntino-based wines and backing it up with excellent wines.  The 25th Anniversary 100% Sagrantino is one of OTM absolute favorite wines!!  The entire family of white and red wines are real eye-openers for wine lovers who think Italian wines begin and end with Brunello & Barolo.  Get more information at english.arnaldocaprai.it.  

November 16, 2012
100 Euro Gift Certificate for Aniar Restaurant, Galway Ireland
Do you have "The Luck of the Irish"?  Enter OTM's Contest for this Valuable Prize, and Dine at the only Michelin-Starred Restaurant in the West of Ireland.  We're able to bring you this thanks to the Generosity of Owners JP McMahon and his Wife Drigin.  All you have to do to enter is Tweet or Email us and Explain Why You Think you Deserve to Win - OTM will Judge the Creativity of all Submissions.  We Hope you'll have Fun trying to be the one to capture our attention.  You can send your Message via the Comments Tab on our Home Page - and we wish you luck!!

October 26, 2012
Win a Free Trip To Belgium!!
OTM's go to Belgian Beer Experts, Vanberg & DeWulf brought this opportunity to our attention, Thanks Wendy. http://www.weeklypint.com/ultimate-brew-tour/affiliate-152.  And if Beer's your thing be sure to sign up for The Weekly Pint Newsletter.

October 23, 2012
New Executive Chef at Fairmont Pittsburgh
The Fairmont just announced the appointment of a new Executive Chef, taking over from Andrew Morrison on November 5.  Jason Dalling is coming from the Fairmont Washington DC, and has spent his career with Fairmont since 1992.  Chef Andrew returned to the DC area where he worked before coming to Pittsburgh, and he's at The Mayflower.  OTM looks forward to meeting Jason in the near future.

October 23, 2012
Chef Jeff Tunks makes News in the Nation's Capital

OTM's good friend Jeff Tunks has expanded his DC-area Restaurant Empire Passion Food Hospitality group with the opening of Fuego Cocina y Teqileria in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington VA - www.fuegova.com.  Mexico City native Alfredo Solis takes Top Toque at Fuego, after a decade with other Passion Food Kitchens.  The menu draws on his heritage using traditional methods and ingredients.  120 Tequila Labels will be shelved at the Bar.  And DC Coast keeps marching on - just named by Travel+Leisure on its list of the 32 Best Seafood Restaurants in the US - www.dccoast.com.

October 20, 2012
Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival - October 26 - New day of the week, New Location

This Great Event for Spirit's Lovers has 2 Changes from previous year's.  It happens on a Friday, next Friday to be exact; and what better place for the ": Las Vegas" theme than Pittsburgh's Rivers Casino? The Official Name has also changed - The Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival to be precise.  OTM will be there, and we hope you will be........... IT's THE event for Spirits Lovers. For more information and tickets www.pittsburghwhiskeyfestival.com.

October 20, 2012
Pittsburgh's Church Brew Works Bring Home the Gold
The Great American Beer Festival hands out lot's of Awards, but a Michael Phelps/Mark Spitz type "Handful Plus" is still quite an achievement.  Lawrenceville's The Church Brew Works made off with a Haul of Six Awards at this revent event.  Topping the list, they won Best Large Brewpub, and Steve Sloan won Best Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year.  Heini's Hooch claimed Gold in the Old/Strong Ale category and 3 other Brews won Silver or Bronze.  Congratulations to Owner Sean Casey and Brewer Steve Sloan for putting Pittsburgh on the nation's Brew Pub Map!!  www.churchbrew.com.

October 04, 2012
Michael Wignall at The Latymer, Pennyhill Park Wins 2 Michelin Stars to go with AA 5 Diamonds

OTM first met Chef Wignall at The Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire; then we were suprisingly reacquainted at The Latymer (we didn't know he'd moved).  On both occasions our Meals were extraordinarily excellent, so this recognition is surprising only because Michelin is known to be quite "Stingy" with Stars for British restaurants.  Michael, Congratulations to you and your team!!  You can hear OTM's interview with Chef Wignall shortly after he recaptured the Michelin Star for The Devonshire Arms - OTM Audio Archive, progam date May 14, 2006 - when you hear him you'll understand how he's been so successful at The Latymer.

September 09, 2012
Arthur Avenue, Bronx - Italy is Closer than you Think - September 22
Join OTM's Good Friend Renee Restivo of Soul of Sicily at a Special Italian Event a bit closer to home.  Find out more at https://sites.google.com/site/arthuravenuewalks/home.

September 07, 2012
Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy - Perfecting Perfection?
Chef-Patron Massimo Bottura wasn't satisfied, here's how he puts it.  "In my furure there is always more future".... "We have intrepreted our third Michelin Star(awarded in 2011) as a point of departure, not arrival".  So in January he decided to completely restructure the restaurant with a spacious new kitchen in an adjacent building, completely new dining areas and lots more great contemporary artwork.  We hear that Francescana reopened 2 days ago, but the new menu isn't due till next month.  For more information the website is www.osteriafrancescana.it.  To listen to Massimo's extensive interview with OTM, go to OTM Audio Archives, program date September 14, 2008 - you'll be fascinated.

September 06, 2012
Cast Iron Cookoff in Chattanooga TN September 23
OTM's good friends from Lodge Manufacturing in nearby South Pittsburg TN sponsor the Annual Event.  Seven Chefs competed last year, Alton Brown served as Master of Ceremonies and there was an  "Iron Chef-style" secret ingredient.  Shrimp last year, what this year we wonder.  Get more information about the event at www.chattanoogamarket.com.  Naturally the Chefs used Lodge's great Cast Iron Cookware.  You can get yours directly like we did at www.lodgemfg.com, and or at fine Cookware stores.

September 06, 2012
Lonely Planet Wins Favorite Travel Guide Award

Billed as "the world's largest travel site" TripAdvisor just announced their 2012 Traveler's Choice Awards, among them Favorite Travel Guide.  No surprise to OTM, and probably you too, the Award went to Lonely Planet.  You can find out more at websites from both companies - www.lonelyplanet.com & www.tripadvisor.com

September 02, 2012
Problem with Today's Program
We are aware of the problem that the link to today's program, which plays last Sunday's broadcast instead of the program weproduced for today.  We don't know if it's a techical problem or human error (which is more usual as Peter has been known to make typos), but we're working to correct the problem as soon as possible and we apologize for your inconvenience.  Another Update will announce when the situation is corrected and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

September 02, 2012
Today's Program is Now in Place
Our Webmaster is human! The correct program is now in place.  Again we apologize for any incovenience and hope you will ejoy the very interesting program.  And we'll talk to you all again next week.  Happy Labor Day!

August 24, 2012
Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival October 26, 2012 goes Las Vegas!

And what better place for a Vegas theme than Pittsburgh's Rivers Casino?  OTM will be there, and we hope you will be...........  IT's THE event for Spirits Lovers.  For more information and tickets www.pittsburghwhiskeyfestival.com.

August 23, 2012
Jamison's Host 3rd Annual
OTM good friends John & Sukey Jamison will host this very special event at their Farm in Latrobe, after a welcoming reception at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning & Children's Media at St. Vincnet College.  Ann Quantrano, famed Chef-Owner of Bachinalia, Atlanta, will head a team of Chefs from SW Pa & Washington DC - and you can guess thsat Lamb will feature on the menu.  Get more information at http://bit.ly/PxLcEl.   

August 22, 2012
RIP Dean Giacomini of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese
OTM joins the Family, the Dairy and California communities in mourning the passing of Dean Giacomini, Matron of the Great Cheese Making Family.  As Karen, Diana, Lynn & Jill say "Despite our enormous loss, we together with our dad, Bob, and our amazing team of managers and staff - will forge ahead as a company with focus & cimmitment, honoring our mother in the best way we know how."  We wish them all well!!

August 22, 2012
B. R Cohn Fall Music Festival with the Doobie Brothers & Friends - October 5-8

It's that tome of year again when the Doobie Brothers support their Manager, Bruce Cohn, with a humdinger of a Music Festival - with some fine dining, wine & golf thrown in.  OTM was there a few years back, and we ca

August 05, 2012
Today's Program is Now Online
Peter's been spending too much time watching the Olympics - or some other distraction which led to a Human Error in Posting the August 5 Program.  It is NOW online.  We apologize for any inconveneience - and GO ANDY!!

July 25, 2012
In London for the Olympics - Watch out for the Traffic
At the best of time London traffic is very congested.  For the period of the Games there are no superlatives that will properly describe it.  Go to http://bit.ly/MHMLMY for daily updates on where Traffic can be expected to be at its worst.  And the problem starts - not on Friday but tomorrow when the Torch Relay concludes its long journey - and the route it will follow be - not congested, CLOSED to traffic.  OTM will be Armchair Olympicing, whether you're there or at home we hope you will enjoy the spectacle.

July 16, 2012
Erratum - Chef-Owner at Karpo London is Daniel Taylor
OTM apologizes for our mistake which was due to faulty memory. 

July 15, 2012
More OTM on London Dining - in Print & Online

Check out OTM in Print for a just-published Article covering some of our Favorite London Dining Spots.  We've also compiled a more extensive list you can check out below.

Let cravings be your guide. Notable in various categories


Modern British


Roganic www.roganic.co.uk 19 Blandford St W1  Baker St/Bond St

Dabbous  www.dabbous.co.uk.  39 Whitfield St W1, Goodge St

Magdalen (www.magdalenrestaurant.co.uk/ 150 Tooley St EC1 London Bridge)

River Café (www.rivercafe.co.uk, Thames Wharf Rainville Rd  W6, Hammersmith (20 minute walk or taxi)

Hix www.restaurantsetcltd.co.uk/restaurants/  Soho & other locations

Texture (texture-restaurant.co.uk/ 34 Portman St W1 Bond St)

Le Café Anglais (/www.lecafeanglais.co.uk/ 8 Porchester Gardens W2, Kensington Queensway)

The Lyttelton at The Stafford by Kempinski, (www.thelyttelton.com/  16 St. James Place SW1 St James/Green Park)

Alyn Williams at The Westbury (www.westburymayfair.com/alyn-williams-at-the-westbury-,restaurent_viewItem_2-en.html Condiut St. near Bond St W1, Bond St.)

Pollen Street Social (www.pollenstreetsocial.com/ 10 Pollen St W1 Oxford Circus)

Boundary  (www.theboundary.co.uk/ Boundary & Redchurch E2 Shoreditch High St)


French (Some with Modern British cross-over)


Galvin Restaurants (www.galvinrestaurants.com/) Several locations & restaurant concepts

Le Gavroche (www.le-gavroche.co.uk, 43 Upper Brook St, W1, Marble Arch)

Racine (www.racine-restaurant.com, 239 Brompton Rd SW3, Knightsbridge/S Kensington)


Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese)


(Spanish) Moro (www.moro.co.uk, 34 Exmouth Market, EC1, Chancery Lane)

(Portugese) Viajante (www.viajante.co.uk/ Patriot Square E2 , Bethnal Green



Amaya (www.amaya.biz/ Halkin Arcade, Motcomb St SW1 Knightsbridge)

Bombay Brasserie www.bombaybrasserie.co.uk, Courtfield Rd SW7 S Kensington Gloucester Rd

Masala Zone (www.masalazone.com/locations.php) Several locations

The Quilon Restaurant, www.quilon.co.uk. 41 Buckingham Gate SW1 St James St James Park

Trishna (www.trishnalondon.com, 15 Blandford St, W1, Bond St

Veeraswamy (www.veeraswamy.com, 99 Regent St. W1, Oxford Circus)



Aurelia, ((www.aurelialondon.co.uk; 13 Cork St W1, Green Park)

Dego Wine Bar & Restaurant (www.degowinebar.co.uk. Portland House W1, Oxford Circus)

L’Anima (www.lanima.co.uk/, 1 Snowden St. EC2, Shoreditch/Old St)

Locanda Locatelli (www.locandalocatelli.com/, 8 Seymour St, Marble Arch)

River Café (www.rivercafe.co.uk/rc_page.php), Thames Wharf Rainville Rd  www.rivercafe.co.uk/rc_page.php W6 Hammersmith (then 20 minute walk or taxi)


Hakkasan Hanway Place www.hakkasan.com/hanway-place/ 8 Hanway pl. W1, Tottenham Court Rd)


Hakkasan Mayfair www.hakkasan.com/mayfair/ 17 Bruton St W,1 Bond St)


Yauatcha  www.yauatcha.com/soho/ 15 Broadwick St W1, Oxford Circus)



Roka – 2 locations (www.rokarestaurant.com, 37 Charlotte St W1, Goodge St; 4 Park Pavilion, 40 Canada Sq Canary Wharf Canary Wharf

Zuma zumarestaurant.com/ 12 Raphael St SW1, Knightsbridge


J Sheekey (www.j-sheekey.co.uk/ 28 St. Martin’s Court WC2, Leicester Sq)

Sweetings (www.sweetingsrestaurant.com, 39 Queen Victoria St, Mansion House)


(Nose to Tail) Fergus Henderson belongs in a category all of his own, but we have to put him somewhere - St. John http://www.stjohnrestaurant.com/ 26 St. John St EC1, Barbican.  His hotel and casual “sandwich shop” can be accessed through the website above.  He and his wife Margot also own Rochelle Canteen www.arnoldandhenderson.com, Arnold Circus E2, Liverpool St.)

(Barbecue) Barbecoa /www.barbecoa.com/ One New Change Passage EC4, St. Paul’s

(View) OXO Tower (www.harveynichols.com/oxo-tower-london OXO Tower Wharf Southbank SE1, Temple/Blackfriars/Waterloo

(Museums) Tate Modern, Tate Britain and other museums and galleries have café(s), convenient if you’re there


Burger & Lobster (burgerandlobster.com,  29 Clarges St W1, Green Park) new location at 36 Dean St W1 opening  this month

Leon (www.leonrestaurants.com) various locations

The Mall Tavern (www.malltavern.com, 71 Palace Gardens Terrace W8, Notting Hill Gate

The Modern Pantry  (www.themodernpantry.co.uk/, 47 St John Square EC1, Chancery Lane/Farringdon)

Other Eating & Drinking Options

Absolutely wander the stalls at Borough Market. London has many “ultra casual”  and “fast food” options.  Starbucks has arrived, but not yet on every corner, unlike Pret a Manger, which did poorly in the USA, but seems to be on every London street.  McDonalds is all too evident (sadly KFC, etc). and they will operate the 1500 seat space at the main Olympic site. There are many “chippys” – Fish (breaded & deep fried) and Chips (fries), also individually owned down-market Cafes (consider carefully before you order the Calorie & Cholesterol supercharged “Full English Breakfast), Chinese, Indian and other ethnic choices.  Brick Lane near the Saturday market at Spitalfields, has a true critical mass of inexpensive Indian restaurants – more information at www.visitbricklane.org/.

A final word of caution – remember that the British Pound exchange rate to the $ is $1.55 so thinking of a Pound as $2 and a Penny as 3 cents will help minimize the effect of London’s high food and drink prices on your pocketbook .







July 15, 2012
Stars instead of Medals - Dining in Bucolic Bray - the ultimate Gourmet Adventure
This charming village claims the world’s highest density of Michelin Stars to population—six and a community counted in hundreds.is beautifully situated on the bank of the River Thames, where passing swans and small boats provide a scenic back-drop. It has held three Michelin Stars for 27 years. Founded by brothers Michel and Albert Roux in 1972, the Inn, now run by Michel and his chef son Alain, restores diners’ enchantment with French cuisine. Service is world class, yet relaxed. The Waterside also offers overnight luxury accommodations.


Within 500 yards Heston Blumenthal’s iconic The Fat Duck, also with three stars, has set the pace for Modern British cuisine since 1995.  Surprisingly thoughtful as well as innovative, Blumenthal captures the food world’s attention. A self-taught chef, he’s a tireless experimenter with the science of food.  For years he traded World’s Best Restaurant #1 and #2 awards with El Bulli’s Ferran Adria.  


Just across the road for a more casual meal, book at Blumenthal’s The Crown or Hinds Head Tavern, with its menu of historic village pub food. In London, if you can snag a reservation, sample his new dining “concept” at Dinner by Heston in Knightsbridge—its menu produced again by research into traditional British food..

July 14, 2012
Chocolate University - a TRULY INSPIRING Story
On the Menu often comes across astonishing Life Experiences in the world of Food & Drink, Stories of how People have overcome dramatic clallenges to create businesses that truly make the World a Better Place.  Chocolate University is one of these!  An upcoming OTM program segment will feature Shawn Askinosie, a Defense Attorney turned Chocolate Maker in Springfield MO.  But it's such an Inspiring Story we didn't want to wait until this porigram airs.  Go to www.chocolateuniversity.org, read about the program, read the Blogs of participating students............. We promise you'll be amazed an delighted to find out about something GOOD that's happening in the world.

July 13, 2012
London Dining for Olympics & Other Summer Visitors
London is such a HUGE City with thousands upon thousands of Dining Options.  So OTM decided to Help you make selections from among our favorites and other Notable Restaurants.  If you're new to On the Menu, just go to our website's OTM Audio Archives page, Select program dates July 15, 22 or 29 and you'll be able to listen in on our interviews with some of the Best & Most Interesting.... Remember that although the programs and their contents are listed, the Listen Now link isn't active until 8AM US-EDT on the program date......... And we hope you enjoy the Games and the Sights as well!!

June 24, 2012
June 24 Program now Available
The earlier problem is resolved.  OTM apologizes for any inconvenience.

June 17, 2012
Voltaggio & Lunchbox in Frederick MD opening new Sibling
Opening late this week, Family Meal described as a "Diner", "....a place for familes to spend time together" says Chef-Partner Bryan Voltaggio.  This new venture is being launched by Bryan and partner Hilda Staples in an "industrial" part of Frederick at 880 N. East St., and it will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.  Eggs, burgers, House-cured Pastrami, Duck Fat Fries......  They'll be making their own Ice Cream and using it in "Adult" milkshakes as well.  Beers from local Flying Dog Brewery & Brooklyn Brewery will be featured.  And we hear Bryan & Hilda have a new place in the works, Range, due to open later this year in the Chevy Chase area of DC.

June 05, 2012
IO Osteria Personale - It's where to Eat in Florence
Seems to On the Menu that everyone's in Florence!  Io Osteria Personale in Trendy Oltrarno is a Wonderful Dining Choice to avoid the Throng.  A Stylish Space and a Menu Featuring Traditional, Local, Seasonal Ingredients in Fascinating Combinations, Carefully Selected Wines from Small Producers - IO has it all!!  When you go, say Ciao from OTM to Owner Matteo Fantini & Chef Nicolo Baretti.  For more information www.io-osteriapersonale.it


May 22, 2012
It's that All-Clad Time of Year Again - the Seconds Sale
This Very Special Event for All-Clad fans has been going for Decades, and long ago exceeded the capacity of the company's parking lot at Southpoint.  The Dates are June 1 & 2, the location Washington County Fairgrounds, 2151 North Main St., 9AM-7PM Saturday and 9AM-4PM Sunday.  All-Clad promises savings of between 30 & 70% and "New Stock will be offered daily" (not quite sure what that means.  It's a great deal on Cookware that truly lasts a lifetime- OTM has plenty with at least 1/2 a lifetime under its belt.

May 20, 2012
OTM in Print Links Updated
Due to an update of the Web Site where Links to OTM Print Stories are stored, the old URLs for the Articles were changed.  We have worked diligently to update the links.  So if you recently tried to access an Article and the link failed, please try again. 

May 13, 2012
2012 Oyster Wine Awards Announced

OTM's old friends Jon Rowley & Bill Taylor from "Oyster-land USA", otherwise known as the Pacific NW, bring us News of their popular Oyster Wine competition. The Finals for the popular annual dating service for West Coast wines and oysters took place April 24 in Los Angeles at the WaterGrill, April 25 at Kuletos in San Francisco and April 26 at Anthony's Homeport at Shilshole Bay in Seattle. Four Washington, three California and three Oregon white wines, including six bright, refreshing Pinot Gris, two crisp Sauvignon Blancs, a dry Chenin Blanc and an elegant Pinot Blanc prevailed over 101 entries.

Taylor Shellfish Farms of Shelton, Washington, sponsor of the Competition, is pleased to congratulate the 2012 "Oyster Award" winners:

Brandborg 2010 Pinot Gris (OR)

**Cedergreen Cellars 2010 Sauvignon Blanc (WA)

**Dry Creek Vineyard 2011 Dry Chenin Blanc (CA)

**Foris Vineyard Winery 2010 Pinot Blanc (OR)

**Hogue Cellars 2010 Pinot Grigio (WA)

Kenwood Vineyards 2011 Pinot Gris, Russian River (CA)

**Kenwood Vineyards 2011 Sauvignon Blanc (CA)

Milbrandt Vineyards 2010 Traditions Pinot Gris (WA)

Sockeye 2010 Pinot Gris (WA)

**Van Duzer Vineyards 2011 Pinot Gris (OR)

**Prior "Oyster Awards"

For more information go to www.oysterwine.com


May 04, 2012
Top 100 Best Resaturants - Brett Graham of The Ledbury, Daniel Humm & Will Guidara 11 Madison Park, David Thompson Nahm, Carme Ruscalleda Sant Pau& Heston B now has 2 matching D Chang & T Keller
The San Pellegrino World's Best 1-50 & 51-100 Lists are always somewhat controversial.  The 2012 List shows a lot of movement in the rankings, with many 2011 favorites on their way down - OTM will leave you to investigate the misery component.  We prefer the positive, so here's some of the great news we saw - in order of numerical ranking. Succeeding in it's first year is Dinner By Heston at #9 (bu not all good news at The Fat Duck fell to #13; 11 Madison Park climbed 14 slots to #10 - how great for new owners Daniel & Will; Brett Graham at The Ledbury goes up 20 to #14 - we interviewed Brett's Mentor & Partner Philip Howard in London recently and he's so proud of Brett; David Thompson's Nahm in Bangkok enters for the first time at #50 - surprising when Michelin took away the star of Nahm in London; Daniel Patterson of Coi is threating the top 50 with a 17 slot rise to #58 - go there for the iconic cuisine, and like OTM you'll understand why and expect them to go higher; last but not least "Best pick" of the entire 2012 list in OTM's humble opinion is Carme Ruscalleda, Sant Pau - a truly outstanding Chef-Senora.  That's the Good News. 

April 25, 2012
Thomas Keller awarded San Pellegrino Lifetime Achievement Award
In conjunction with the soon to be announced S. Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants list for 2012, the SP "Academy" just announced that Chef Keller will join their Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame, joining Juan Mari Arzak, Eckart Witgigmann & Joel Robuchon.  Keller's French Laundry has appeared in the Top 50 every year going back to the inaugural list 10 years ago, and topped the list in 2003 and 2004.  At OTM we are pleased to count Thomas Keller as a good friend, an Unassuming Perfectionist who always credits the Culinary Teams at his Restaurants for the success they have enjoyed.  And his Magnificent Cookbooks have inspired innumerable Chefs around the world.  Thomas we are thrilled for you, and we hope to congratulate you in person very soon!! 

April 24, 2012
Let's Hear it for The .....burgh - thanks Details Magazine
OTM is Proud of its home city of Pittsburgh, alternately Pleased of it's Livability Reputation and Displeased by scornful "you're from Pittsburgh" comments.  We we're just thrilled that Details April issue provided extensive coverage of the City's Recent Revival.  Read for yourself at http://on.details.com/HtYkGt; and see for yourself - Come Visit!!

April 23, 2012
May 7 sample fine Italian Wines in NYC
Leading Italian Wine Importer Vias Imports is offering a Tasting of their Portfolio of the Finest Wines from many different regions of Italy.  The Tasting will be held at The Altman Building, 135 W 18th, from 1-7PM.  For more information contact Virginia Cademartori, email virginia@sallyfischerpr.com.  And we'll hope to see you there.  Salud!!

April 22, 2012
Tequila Partida's 2nd Annual Spirit Bird Challenge, Key West, April 29
OTM loves this all-natural, ultra premium Tequila.  Remarkably it's a new product - hence only having it's 2nd competition.  Find out more about what makes Partida so special by listening to Jacques Bezvidenhout, Brand Ambassador, Partida Tequila, San Francisco.  For more information about the Key West event and later ones in Sacramento & Dallas go to  www.partidatequila.com.  And be sure to stock your own Cocktail Cabinet with Partida's outstanding Tequilas.

April 21, 2012
Donatella Cinelli Colombini Honored for Contributions to Promotion of Wine Tourism & Women in Wine
Donatella recently won the Premio Internationale Vinitaly for her dedication to these causes.  She founded a Wine Estate consisting of 2 Cantinas in 1998, and staffed them completely with women.  And she shares her home at Fattorio Colle near Trequanda - via an Agriturismo & Restaurant.  We had the pleaseure of staying there and interviewing Dontalla in Fall 2010 - OTM Audio Archives, program date October 24, 2010.  Congratulations Donatella, we applaud unique contributions to advancing the dual causes of Wine & Women in Italy. More at www.cinellicolombini.it.

April 20, 2012
Pittsburgh Wine-Lovers - Hurry to get your Tickets for the Wine Festival May 3
May 3 marks the 10th Anniversary of this Wine Extravaganza.  VIP Tickets are already sold out and less than 200 still available for the Main Event.  Information & Tickets at www.pittsburghwinefestival.com/.  We'll look forward to seeing you there.

April 19, 2012
OTM Congratulates Elena Arzak on being Recognized as World's Best Female Chef for 2012
On the Menu was privileged to interview and dine with Elena Arzak a few years ago - listen at OTM Audio Archives, progam date November 2, 2008. Also check out OTM in Pictures for our shot of Elena "hands on" tasting in the Kitchen. So we were not surprised to hear that Elana, Joint Head Chef at Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain, has been named the Veuve Clicquot World's Best Female Chef, part of the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. Elena is the fourth generation of the Arzak family to head up the restaurant since it opened in 1897. In the past five years, the restaurant has consistently ranked within the top 10 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and was the first Basque restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars. Having learnt her craft at home, Elena expanded her horizons through extensive travel. She studied in Lucerne, Switzerland before moving through the great kitchens of Europe including Maison Troisgros, Bras and Pierre Gagnaire, Le Gavroche in London and El Bulli in Spain before returning to the family business. Elena has won international respect for her constantly evolving, cutting edge, research-based approach to cooking and experimentation with flavours. Through her single-minded dedication to Arzak and its signature Basque cuisine, Elena oversees not only a thriving restaurant but by working in tandem with her famous father, has ensured that it is recognized as one of the most influential restaurants in the world today. We know that Juan Mari is proud of this achievement. At OTM we are delighted, and can't wait to go back!!

April 03, 2012
OTM Salutes Frank & Hank in Charleston SC!!
Charleston is fast becoming one of this country's HOT dining destinations - OK so you knew that already.  But how many of you have checked out Hank's Seafood Restaurant?  From the outside, and even at first impression inside Hank's looks as if it belongs in another era - and there's a reason why which we'll get to.  Don't be fooled!!  For 13 years Irish born Culinary Institute of America graduate Frank McMahon has been serving some of the freshest and best seafood OTM has ever tasted.  But this wouldn't have happened without Charleston-native Hank Holiday who remembered Henry's Seafood Restaurant where the waiters wore white jackets (reminiscent of Antoine's in New Orleans and other restaurants in the same genre) - but which had closed down.  So in 1999 Hank asked Frank to head the kitchen at his namesake "revival".  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Hankl's white waiter coats and dark wood interior recall the past but Frank's menu based on local seafood combines both past and present to create a dining experience second to none.  So why are we bringing this to your attention just now?  Because Frank has just published his debut cookbook, "Cool Inside".  So get yourself a copy, listen to Frank in OTM Audio Archives, program dates March 27, 2011 and March 14, 2010 (good things need to be repeated) and "make tracks to Hank's".  And ask Maitre'd Joey to pick your wines.  You'll be glad you did!!! 

March 31, 2012
Ice Cream You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!
If you know OTM well, you probably know that Dessert/Pudding/Dolci isn't really our thing, especially Co-host Ann.  But we make exception for the VERY BEST and two recent arrivals tou our Larder fall into this category.  Jeni Britton Bauer, based in a suburb of Columbus OH, can be heard in our March 25 program - widely available in fine food stores, the wonderfully diverse flavors can also be ordered online at www.jenisicecreams.com/.  Coming soon to an On the Menu program, Graeter's Ice Cream specializes in more traditional flavors, many with the addition of Chocolates Chips - find out more at www.graeters.com/

March 30, 2012
OTM is back from our 2012 London Adventure - listen over the next few weeks!!!
We had such a wonderful time.  So that you can share our experiences, here's an overview of the next few weeks programs so that you can tune in to the ones you're most interested in.

April 1, 2012 - London is one of the world's greatest Art Capitals, and we had the chance to see some Great Special Exhibitions; Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern, www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/yayoikusama/default.shtm; Lucien Freud Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, www.npg.org.uk/freudsite/, Picasso & British Art at Tate Britain, www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/picassoandbritain/default.shtm; Turner & Claude and the Recently Purchased Titian Diana & Callista at the National Gallery, www.nationalgallery.org.uk/.  And of course We Dined!!!  Philip Howard at The Square, www.squarerestaurant.com; Joel Antunes, Kitchen Joel Antunes, embassymayfair.com/restaurant/; Henry Harris, www.racine-restaurant.com.

April 8, 2012 - Hotel-based Restaurants are HOT, we chose three of the Best New Restaurants in this Category; Bistrot Bruno Loubet at The Zetter, Bruno is back in London & (perhaps) better than ever, www.bistrotbrunoloubet.com/; The Lyttelton at The Stafford by Kempinski, Chef Brendan Fyldes, www.thelyttelton.com/; Alyn Williams at The Westbury, www.westburymayfair.com/alyn-williams-at-the-westbury-,restaurent_viewItem_2-en.html; Sriram Aylur, Chef & Director of Operations, Bombay Brasserie & The Quilon Restaurant at 51 Buckingham Gate, www.bombaybrasserie.co.uk, www.quilon.co.uk, www.51-buckinghamgate.com/.

April 15, 2012 - Italian Cuisine is always a Great Favorite around the world & London is No Exception.  OTM samples three Great New Italian Kitchens.  Jacob Kenedy, Chef-Owner, Boca di Lupo, www.boccadilupo.com/, also We Taste Great Gelato Samples at Jacob's Gelupo, just across the street but with its own website, www.gelupo.com/; Rosie Yeats, Head Chef, Aurelia, www.aurelialondon.co.uk/, General Manager Leonardo Hoxha is an old friend of OTM, previously at Zafferano; Massimo Mioli, Chef & Elisa Bedin, Manager, Dego Wine Bar & Restaurant, www.degowinebar.co.uk/

April 29, 2012, Fine Casual Dining.  Jesse Dunford Wood, Chef-owner, The Mall Tavern, www.themalltavern.com; Daniel Taylor, Chef-owner, Karpo, www.karpo.co.uk; Peter Gordon, Co-owner,  Selin Kiazim, Head Chef, Kopapa, www.kopapa.co.uk. & www.peter-gordon.net.

May 6, 2012, Fine Casual Ethnic Dining (is French "ethnic"?).  Jose Pizarro, Owner, Pizarro,  www.josepizarro.com; Will Smith, Partner, Les Deux Salons, www.lesdeuxsalons.co.uk; Martin Morales, Owner, Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, www.cevicheuk.com.

March 16, 2012
Congratulations to Beata & Simon on your Recent Award for Rose Petal Jam
Rose Petal Jam Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target, has been awarded a prestigious ˜Best in the World" prize at the Gourmand Awards. Winners were announced in Paris, on March 6th. OTM couldn't be more delighted. You can hear our interview with Beata at OTM Audio Archives, program date February 19, 2012. It's such a beautiful story, beautifully told!! We hear that this is the first time a book featuring Polish cooking has been awarded in any category. Rose Petal Jam is a memoir cookbook and travelogue that chronicles author Beata Zatorska's childhood in rural Poland, and includes her grandmother's recipes for traditional Polish cooking. A busy family doctor living in Sydney, Australia, Beata had never written a book before. Accompanied by her English husband Simon, Beata spent a summer exploring her home country, travelling tiny roads lined with wild rose bushes, finding castles and palaces among meadows and forests. This culinary journey became the basis for the book beautifully illustrated with hundreds of full color photographs of the recipes, and the countrysideas well as many family pictures.

The Gourmand Awards, based in France and Madrid, were established 17 years ago and are considered the only truly international awards for culinary publishing.

March 12, 2012
JR in The News Again - Jon Rowley not Larry Hagman!!
It's that time of year again when The Pacific Oyster Wine event is on the horizon.  Conceived by OTM's good friend and fellow bi-valve enthusiast lover Jon Rowley, this event is one that Oyster & Wine lovers MUST KNOW ABOUT.  Details at www.oysterwine.comFood Arts March 2012 issue has Jon in a more pensive mood, imagining what it would be like if he actually owned an eponymous Oyster Bar, foodarts.com/news/features/15499/if-i-had-an-oyster-bar.  Jon writes so clearly about JR's that we were sometimes left wondering if it actually does exist.  We certainly wish it did.  What about it Jon? 

March 04, 2012
Luxury Resort in Basilicata - Grazie Francis Ford Coppola
Based on his film-making most people would assume the FFC hails from Sicily, home of the Mafia.  But his Grandfather Agosto Coppola was from Bernalda in the unusual region of Basilicata.  Even Italophiles probably say Where is Basilicata, and why should one want to go there?  On the Menu has been to Basilicata twice, but we were just "passing through".  We explored the delightful Tyrrehnian and Ionan coastlines, but not the mountainous interior.  Now we have a Really Great Reason to go!

Francis Ford Coppola has just announced that his new Italian resort Palazzo Margherita, located in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy, is officially open as of Thursday, March 1st. Situated in the charming town of Bernalda, the birthplace of Francis’s grandfather Agostino Coppola, the authentic 19th century palazzo has been . The Palazzo, completely renovated in partnership with acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange, offers a luxurious yet authentic Italian experience where guests can enjoy palatial comfort just steps from an exciting town in which the visitor will feel like a friend or neighbor rather than a tourist.

"I never initially dreamed of opening a resort in Italy, let alone in the town of my grandfather Agostino Coppola," said Francis Ford Coppola. "Yet when I purchased and designed the now Palazzo Margherita for friends and family to call home in Italy, I knew I needed to extend the property and surrounding village of ‘Bernalda bella’ to my guests as well."

First built in 1892, the block-long palazzo embodies Italian elegance. The interior is styled with tiled floors and hand-painted fresco ceilings with a taste of Moroccan and Baroque flair. With some of the furniture and exotic tiles personally designed by Grange, all of the floors have been restored from the original marble with additional craftsmanship provided by painters and artisans in the region. The rooms are sequestered around an inner courtyard that opens onto a hidden world of private gardens and a secluded swimming pool.

The intimate resort has seven large suites and two garden rooms. Each is a work of art with fresco ceilings and features a palatial bathroom and amenities including luxurious linens, fresh flowers and state-of-the-art technology. Many of the rooms feature a large terrace and/or a Juliette Balcony and face the charming gardens within the Palazzo walls.

Dining at Palazzo Margherita will be a unique experience, inspired by the regional Italian cuisine and prepared by chefs versed in the traditions of home cooking. Whether enjoying hand-made pastas, local game, fish from nearby coasts or local breads and cheeses, every meal will be an authentic and sublime expression of the culinary styles of the neighboring towns and territories. Accompanying the fare will be historic wines of the region including those made from the fragrant Aglianico grape. For more information please visit: www.palazzomargherita.com.


February 21, 2012
Heston, are you sure you should sign up for this?
OTM is rather amazed by this story - www.guardian.co.uk/uk/feedarticle/10102401.  We have interviewed Dr. Herve Theiss in Paris about "artificial" food - and its importance in feeding Planet Earth.  Let's be clear - OTM loves Heston Blumenthal; our interview with him back in 2005 is one of the most interesting and enjoyable conversations we've ever had.  And just a year ago we had a great Lunch experience at Dinner by Heston.  But a "faux" Burger - we're not so sure .... Let us know what you think - Tweet OTMDish, or send us an email at onthemenu@onthemenuradio.com

February 20, 2012
Beer & Cheese Pairings courtesy of Real Experts
Max McCalman of Artisanal Premium Cheese in NYC, www.artisanalcheese.com (OTM Audio Archive, program dates December 18, 2005 & December 27, 2009) and Vanberg & Dewulf, belgianexperts.com, of Cooperstown NY (who knew there was something there as well as the Baseball Hall of Fame) leaders in Belgian Beer Importation (we hope to have them on the program soon) were recently paired by The Weekly Pint, www.weeklypint.com, to "Break the Rule" that Wine has a lock on pairing with cheese.  Get the results in Weekly Pint's February 7 issue, and sign up for a regular subscription too.

February 20, 2012
Chef John Besh Pays Tribute to The First Lady
Check out John's recent blog posting - www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/blogs/editor/2012/02/childhood-obesity-and-fine-dining.html.  John, On the Menu is with you 100%.  To hear more of John's thoughts listen to his recent OTM Interview, OTM Audio Archive, program date January 22, 2012, where we talk about his New Book, My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking.

February 14, 2012
Iron Horse Sparkling Wine for Valentine's & Other Great Celebrations
On the Menu celebrated Valentine's Day with Iron Horse 2003 Vintage Brut.  And we just heard recently that Iron Horse Chinese Cuvee 2007 will be served at a very special event-

Here's what OTM's Dear Friend Joy Sterling had to say. "I am extremely excited and proud to announce that Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will host Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, the man expected to become China's president next year, for lunch at the State Department tomorrow. The toasting wine will be Iron Horse 2007 Chinese Cuvee."  We're sure this will greatly improve US-China relations!!  For more information about the event and Iron Horse, www.ironhorsevineyards.com.

February 12, 2012
The Daily Meal - 150 Iconic Dishes from around the World
OTM's good friend Colman Andrews and his team are up to something every day, but this list of Dishes from around the World is worthy of special mention.  We're sure you'll find it interesting.  See www.thedailymeal.com/food-travel-150-iconic-dishes-around-world.  But we beg to differ on the selection of Chicken Tikka Masala representing the UK, and as a native Yorkshireman Peter must point out that Yorkshire Pudding is traditionally served as an "appetiser" course with gravy, not just included on the plate with Sunday Roast.  If you're seriously interested in Food, go to www.thedailymeal often.  We certainly do!!

February 02, 2012
Cecilia Chiang Honored with Food Arts' Silver Spoon Award
Cecilia Chiang just may be the Most Senior Recipient of this Recognition at age 92.  She certainly turned out to be one of OTM's most fascinating interview - OTM Audio Archives, program date December 23, 2007.  Her fascinating and inspiring life story is told in her book The Seventh Daughter: My Culinary Journey from Beijing to San Francisco.  Congratulations Cecilia, and Thank You to Food Arts for Noticing her Extraordinary Life Story & Acheivements.

February 02, 2012
"Heaven knows The Allison"
OTM had the great pleasure of a stay at this luxurious destination last year!  With suitable apologies to Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr, we just think their Movie Title is apropos for The Allison Inn & Spa, a 35-acre luxury destination resort at the north entrance of Willamette Valley wine country, which celebrates the new year with a distinguished list of awards and recognitions from top travel media outlets, stemming mainly from recent reader polls.  The following, taken directly from a recent press release says it all so well:

As The Allison completes its second year of operation since its 2009 debut, last year’s praise truly confirms The Allison as Oregon wine country’s premiere destination resort. In 2011, The Allison was honored to receive the following recognitions:

This is the first year The Allison joined Condé Nast’s esteemed Gold List, along with other distinguished hotels that this year reflect Condé Nast’s “love affair with the great outdoors.” This impressive debut comes just two years after The Allison’s grand opening. This past year has also garnered continuous support from the nation’s top travel and food media. Features from Travel + Leisure, Departures, 7x7, Every Day with Rachel Ray, AAA’s Via Magazine, FOOD & WINE and Touring & Tasting have highlighted both the resort and the valley as a must-see destination.

In addition to praise from media and guests alike, The Allison shares a unique and mutually beneficial relationship with the
Willamette Valley Wineries Association and its distinguished vintners. As The Allison has established itself as a premier destination, its success has contributed to the growth of Willamette wine country just as much as neighboring wineries have brought business to The Allison. The wine industry has embraced The Allison and recognizes its contributions to the growth of Willamette Valley as a top U.S. wine destination.

What can we say except - go here!!

February 01, 2012
Kudos for The Greenbrier & Chef Richard Rosendale
The Greenbrier, the classic American resort in White Sulphur Springs WV, in congratulating its Executive Chef Richard Rosendale on having won the prestigious Bocuse d'Or USA Finals, held recently at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Chef Rosendale will now represent the United States at the 2013 Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France (January 29-30, 2013), where he will be joined by his commis (assistant) Corey Siegel.  We've enjoyed many luxurious stay at The Greenbrier in its glory years, and have been delighted to hear about the recent renovation under new local ownership.  You may be sure that we'll head down there to sample Chef's offerings for ourselves!  And when we do we'll bring back a report and an interview.  So watch this space.  In the meantime you can get more information at www.greenbrier.com.

January 26, 2012
Joshua Skenes & Dominique Crenn get Multiple Mentions as "Chefs with Most Potential"
Opinionated About Dining just published its Meal of the Year Blog posting, and OTM is pleased to Highlight two Young San Francisco Chefs who got Multiple Mentions, Joshua Skenes of Saison and Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn.  We're also rather pleased with ourselves since we dined and interviwed with them in late 2010 - Who Says OTM isn't "on the ball"!!  Hear their interviews in OTM Audio Archives, program dates January 9 for Joshua and January 2 for Dominique.  Note that Saison, www.saisonsf.com, gained a 2nd Michelin Star in the latest Guide, and Atelier Crenn,

www.ateliercrenn.com, 1 Star in its very first year. 

January 22, 2012
Does Chef John Besh Never Rest? Borgne just opened in NOLA
John Besh is obsessed with Lousiana seafoodand the waters of Lake Borgne in particular.  Both he and the namesake restaurant's Chef Brian Landry grew up fishing there.  So John and Brian didn't have to think too hard to come up with the name.  They describe Borgne as a gathering place a gathering place for locals and visitors alike who share a passion for Coastal Louisiana Cuisine.  Chef Brian says simply "when people ask where in NOLA to go for great local seafood, I want the answer to be Borgne".  Knowing John Besh OTM has no doubt this wil be correct.  For more information www.borgnerestaurant.com.

January 21, 2012
Diamonds are a Restaurant's Best Friend??
Three famed New York Chef-Restaurateurs would surely agree upon being awarded AAA's Five Diamond designation.  OTM is pleased to acknowledge Mario Batali's for Del Posto, Michael White for Marea, and Dan Barber for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the first two in NYC, and the last near Tarrytown NY.  Other Restaurants earning Five Diamonds for the first time include The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento, Heron's Restaurant in Cary NC, L'Espalier in Boston, and Restaurant Initiale in Quebec, Quebec.  We offer our congratulations to all.

January 21, 2012
Best Hotels for Wine Lovers

OTM's good friend Colman Andrews runs a great website, TheDailyMeal, www.thedailymeal.com, and a recent issue features 10 Best Hotels for Wine Lovers.  We're delighted to recognize three that we've had the pleasure of............ Hotel Healdsburg in Healdsburg CA has Charlie Palmers's Dry Creek Kitchen as a Culinary Anchor, and its location in the heart of the town center makes it a great base for exploring Napa, Sonoma & Alexander Valleys, if you can tear yourself away from the Spa and frequent onsite Wine events.  Il Borgo at Castello Banfi has just 14 luxurious rooms, as part of the Mariani Family's magnificent wine estate in the heart of the Brunello di Monalcino region in Southern Tuscany.  Offerings in the Restaurant and Wine Cellar complete's this Great Wine Experience.  Chateau Yering in Australia's Yarra Valley offers the Ultimate Rural Food & Wine Experience, in a Country Estate founded by three brothers in 1837.  Wines have been produced in the area since 1845!  The original homestead was renovated as a Luxury Country House in 1997. Staying here gives a unique taste of Australia's early history.  The Yering vineyard, famed for its fine Pinot Noir, is right next door, and other fine vineyards dot the Yarra Valley through which you drive on the journey from Melbourne.

December 29, 2011
Congratulations Kevin Sousa of Salt of the Earth
Pittsburgh's "Coterie" of Young Chefs doesn't get nearly enough credit - at On the Menu we're not the only ones who feel this way - but we're among the most vocal.  So it's GREAT to report that Kevin Sousa is named by Food & Wine magazine among their collection of the 10 best dishes of 2011 - featured in their latest issue.  Kevin, we're delighted to read this. We wish you continued success at Salt of the Earth, and we're sure your new BBQ spot in East Liberty will be a great success too.   We can't wait to try it!!

December 29, 2011
Madrid for Christmas - We arrived, enjoyed and just returned!!!

OTM listeners who tuned into our Xmas program got a big clue about where we spent Christmas.  It was "felice navidad" in person in Spain's capital city.  We took in the sights, the great shopping districts, the marvelous art collections, and of course some fine dining.  On this last subject Madrid is crazy for Japanese food and we sampled the best at Kabuki Wellington, one of two places owned by Ricardo Sanz, a native Madrileno who followed his dream to merge Japanese technique and style with Spain's wonderful ingredients.  His other place, Kabuki Carmona, is rated just as highly.  SULA was founded by Star Chef Quiche Dacosta from the Valencia vicinity, Le Cathedrale a food supplier from Navarra, and Joselito prouducer of "the world's best" ham.  And who are we to disagree!!! Having enjoyed every bite we had at lunch. Peter became a hero by obtaining Joselito's signature Chorizo at the San Anton market for an evening snack.  La Cesta, a much more than just Tapas place provided a lucious and lingering lunch - even better the location was 100 meters from our hotel. Chef Partner Oscar proved resourceful as well, introducing us to the Chef & Maitre'd at Hotel Urban where we were able to enjoy Brunch on Christmas Day - a difficult mealtime to arrange because Madrilenos all eat at home, including almost all Chefs & Restaurateurs.  At La Tasqita del Enfrente we not only enjoyed lunch, we met the young Chef from Astrid & Gaston, yet another international outpost of the eponymous couple based in Lima Peru, but with establishments around the world.  And to wind up our stay, lunch at stylish, modern dASSA bASSA, where Chef Darrio Basso & his wife Itziar offer creative dishes combining Darrio's experience at El Bulli etc. with market-based ingredients - like Vegetable soup with Hake (Merluzza) Jowls.  Listen in to our January programs for interviews with several of these great Chefs!!! 

December 08, 2011
OTM's Oyster Heros offer Unique Events
Jon Rowley & Bill Taylor of Taylor Shellfish Farms, www.taylorshellfishfarms.com/, have planned  Truly Unique Oyster Experiences.  Taking advantage of Winter Evening Low Tides they've scheduled the Ultimate Oyster-eating Experience.  Dec 21, Jan 7 & Feb 6 you're invited to their Walrus & Carpenter Picnics at Taylor's Totten Pond WA Oyster Beds - leave Seattle at 6.30PM, back at Midnight.  The concept is inspired by Lewis Carroll's tale of how W&C invited Oysters for a "lovely (but fatal for the bivalves) walk upon the briny beach".  For further details & tickets go to www.brownpapertickets.com/event/154154

November 29, 2011
Michelin Stars for Atelier Crenn, Michael Mina & Benu Highlight the 2012 Red Guide San Francisco
Dominique Crenn didn't take long to earn a Star for her Atelier Crenn, opened just this year.  If you listen to her interview, OTM Audio Archives program date January 2, 2011 and you won't be surprised!  But it's still impressive recognition following right after her stint at Luce (where she earned a Star also).  Veteran Restaurater Michael Mina is back with a Star, after moving from the Westin St. Francis to the Aqua space where he first gained recognition.  Corey Lee jumps into the rankings with 2 Stars for Benu, again perhaps not a surprise since he was part of the team that won 3 Stars at The French Laundry.  Sons & Daughters in Nob Hill, La Costanera in Montara & Terrapin Creek in Bodega Bay round out the new 1 Star ratings - you may be sure OTM will check out these 3, as well as Atelier Crenn & Benu. 

November 22, 2011
Wine , Women & Song? No Wine Women & Spa at Oregon's The Allison
Honoring its Willamatte Valley roots, The Allison in Newberg, Oregons first luxury (OTM can vouch for the luxury, which we enjoyed a few months ago) destination resort serving the states wine region, are working together to offer a unique stay-spa package available February 1 through March 31, 2012. The "Grape Escape", a two-night retreat, celebrates women vintners of the Willamette Valleypairing tastings and insights with daily spa treatments and garden-to-table cuisine, all in an invigoratingly beautiful setting. Ideal for a girlfriends getaway, mother/daughter vacation, solo rejuvenation or romantic, midweek couples escape, Wine, Women & Spa provides unprecedented access to some of Americas top vintners and their wines.

As part of a two- or three-night stay between Wednesday and Friday, the package includes access to the inns Thursday night Celebrity Wine Tender event, an intimate tasting and conversation with a featured vintner. February and March lineups will exclusively feature Willamette Valley women winemakers offering tastes of their creations as well as conversation on the science and intuition of their craft. including Anna Matzinger of Archery Summit, Lynn Penner Ash of Penner Ash Wine Cellars, Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra, Melissa Burr of Stoller, and many others. The Grape Escape includes a flight tasting of 4 Oregon pinot noirs paired with small bites from JORY Restaurant and Chef Sunny Jin, who we interviewed a few months ago, OTM Audio Archives, program date September 11, 2011.

Wine-themed spa treatments are among the options.
"If health and happiness are indeed a balance between inner and outer harmony, The Grape Escape with Women, Wine and Spa is one step closer to bliss," says Tara Calton, The Allisons Spa Director. OTM agrees. We do wonder if Gentlemen are excluded, tolerated....? Get details & make reservations at www.theallison.com, or 1.877.294.2525. 

November 20, 2011
Oregon Truffle Festival features OZ Truffle Expert - he's been On the Menu of course!
The upcoming Oregon Truffle Festival will feature Dr. Nick Malajczuk from Manjimup, Western Australia.  Sounds obscure?  Well not really.  Dr. Nick pioneered the cultivation of Truffles in this remote part of WA.  OTM caught up with him almost 4 years ago - hear his interview in OTM Audio Archives, program date March 30, 2008.  His results are now even more impressive with this year's crop reaching 3.3 metric tons (and we've heard this is 80% of the total truffle production in the Southern Hemisphere).  There's a shot of Nick "discovering" a Truffle in our OTM in Pictures page. www.oregontrufflefestival.com/ 

November 17, 2011
Italian Restaurants "Seeing Stars" - 3 for Osteria Francescana, 2 for Quattro Passi, 1 for Coria and 32 others

Michelin's just released 2012 Italia Red Guide has some big news.  The Big News - Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana in Modena gets a long warranted 3rd Star.  Responding to the news Massimo is quoted as saying, "I began dreaming about Michelin when we opened....in 1995".  Well dreams do come true, especially if you support the dreams with outstanding cuisine, constantly striving for new expressions of traditional cooking and ingredients.  OTM has had the pleasure of dining with Massimo on 2 occasions, most recently in 2008.  Here's what we had to say then... "What we found on our return almost a decade later was a Chef not satisfied with Molecular Gastronomy or Cucina Creativo, but continuing to create new dining "sensations".  Listen to Massimo explain how and what he prepared, one of THE BEST meals OTM has ever experienced."  You can go to September 14, 2008's program in OTM Audio Archives, or scroll through OTM Highlights.  For more information about Massimo & the Restaurant, go to

Antonio Mellino's Quattro Passi in Marina del Cantone on the Peninsula Sorrentino is one of 3 Italian Restaurants winning a 2nd Star - we visited here more than 10 years ago and were fascinated by owner Tonino's story of how he and his wife Rita made the "4 Steps" to reach their dream of owning a fine restaurant with great wine cellar.  Somewhere in our disorganized Photo collection from before we started OTM is a picture of Ann in the cellar.  Bravo Tonino & Rita!  www.ristorantequattropassi.com

As luck would have it we lunched at Coria in Caltagirone, Sicily, on the very last day of our recent trip and Co-Chefs, Co-Owners Francesco & Domenico told us they were heading off to an event where they would officially receive their 1st Star.  After a quick meal (we had a plane to catch), we promised that we'd be back for the complete dining experience.  www.ristorantecoria.it.

November 12, 2011
2011's Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival to Feature a Local Still! And 250 Other Liquors to Sample

Look for OTM at The 2011 Pittsburgh Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival to be held on Friday, November 18, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Heinz Field East Club Lounge. At this year’s festival, 1,300 guests will indulge in over 250 liquors, including scotch, single-malt, bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and cordials from distilleries all around the world. The sampling extends beyond only liquors to feature specialty cocktails and food stations where guests can taste culinary delights from Pittsburgh’s leading mixologists and chefs. "We are excited to have the theme of ‘Mad Men’ for this year’s event," says Dale Markham, general manager for the festival. "Also, this year is going to be even more exceptional because we are not only offering more liquors to taste than ever before, but we will have some local Pittsburgh spirits experts on hand, such as Wigle Whiskey," says Markham.  Wigle Whiskey, located in the Strip district, is the first distillery in the region since Prohibition era. The family owned and operated business prides itself on making their whiskey the old fashioned way in a copper pot with local ingredients.  "As in year’s past, we will also have great music and a silent auction to benefit our charity, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society," Markham says. Tickets can be purchased online at PittsburghWhiskeyFestival.com or at the door for $100.

November 11, 2011
On the Menu in Sicily if you're wondering where we've been
Good question!  News items have been few and far between because we were off having the time of our lives in Sicily (Native land of Ann's ancestors).  More about these adventures and some great interviews in the next couple of weeks, but put La Madia in Licata, Duomo in Ragusa Ibla & Coria (celebrating their 1st Michelin Star this week) in Caltagirone on your "must go" list right away.

October 13, 2011
A Very Special Fishing Trip for a Very Special Cause
Ever wondered what it would be like to spend five hours up close and personal with one of your favorite chefs? Well now’s your chance on the fishing trip/launch party for Made in America: Our Best Chefs Reinvent Comfort Food. OTM just interviewed author Lucy Lean (you'll hear her interview in an upcoming program not yet scheduled)  Lucy notes "I am so grateful to the chefs in the book for giving their time, faces, words and recipes – and now they are all taking time out of their busy schedules to come aboard for a celebration.  Get ready for a once in a lifetime culinary experience. 

More at http://www.ladlesandjellyspoons.com/2011/10/chefs-at-sea-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-made-in-america/

October 06, 2011
Great Leaps Forward for Eleven Madison Park & Brooklyn Fare - 3 Michelin Stars apiece!!
In the just published Michelin Guide NYC Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare advanced from 2 to 3 Stars - Congratulations to Chef Cesar Ramirez.  OTM is delighted and also surprised - who knew a Frenchman could find his way to Brooklyn?  Eleven Madison Park made an even greater leap, from a mere single Star all the way to 3 - OTM is thrilled for owner Danny Meyer & Chef Daniel Humm - Congratulations indeed!!  But that not the end of the 11MP news.  We read rumors that Danny is planning on selling the restaurant to the Chef & Manager Will Guidara.  What great news for diners who know just how SUMPTUOUS is dining at 11MP!! OTM will be catching up with Chef Daniel soon, as he has a Cookbook out too.

September 29, 2011
October 5 - OTM is Wild about Hank Shaw & Derek Stevens at Pittsburgh's Eleven
Mark your calendars and make your reservation (412 201 5656) for a truly WILD FEAST.  Hank Shaw, Forager Extraordinaire Hank Shaw will be working with Eleven's Executive Chef Derek Stevens to produce a Unique Dinner event you won't want to miss!  OTM interviewed Hank when his book Hunt, Gather, Cook was published.  Hear his interview in OTM Audio Archives, program date July 17, 2011, or just click http://edge1550.com/podcasts/OnTheMenu-20110717.mp3.  Hank's interview is towards the end of the program.

September 08, 2011
On the Menu is Going Green - our VERY first trip to Ireland - here's what we have in store!!
Starting off we’ll be Sightseeing & Dining in Dublin; on the agenda Chapter One, www.chapteronerestaurant.com; The Winding Stair, www.winding-stair.com, O’Connells, www.oconnellsdonnybrook.com; L’Ecrivain, www.lecrivian.com.  Then we head for the country outside Dublin, staying and dining at Barberstown Castle, www.barberstowncastle.ie; then Powerscourt, www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Powerscourt/Default.htm.  En route to make an in person visit at Darina Allen’s famous Ballymaloe Cooking School, www.cookingisfun.ie, we’re lunching at Dunbrody House, www.dunbrodyhouse.com, and staying overnight at Ballymaloe House, www.ballymaloe.ie.  Then as we wend our way back to Dublin we’re breaking the journey at Castle Durrow, www.castledurrow.com, and for our last night in Ireland an overnight stay and delicious seafood dinner at King Sitric, www.kingsitric.ie. Eat your heart out……… And of course we’ll be bringing you interviews from all these places, beginning with the September 25th program.  Ireland's Blue Book, www.irelandsbluebook.com, proved a wonderful resource for us in planning our visit.

September 05, 2011
"Woolly Jumpers" are the Stars as Jamison Farms hosts Fred Rogers Center Fundraiser
Mark your calendars and plan to head for Latrobe PA on September 24 for the 2nd annula "Ewe are Special" event.  With a reception at the Fred Rogers Center followed by Dinner at the Jamison Farm, you'll be sure to see some of the famous Sweaters and some of the Sheep too.  For further information call Jamison Farm at 800 237 5262, email john at jamisonfarm.com or the Center at 724 805 2750, info@fredrogerscnter.org.

September 03, 2011
Congratulations Sean Brock, Chef-Owner of Husk, Charleston SC - Bon Appetit's #1 New Restaurant

One of OTM's favorite Chefs, Sean Brock's formula for Husk is deceptivley simple.  Serve the foods of the South in the South - and by the way only ingredients that are in season.  For example most of the year Tomatoes will appear only as pickles, because they won't be on the menu when they're not available from Southern Farms.  And all of the attention he's receiving hasn't changed modest Chef Sean even the tiniest bit.  Well done Seanm we can't ewait to come to Husk again.

September 03, 2011
We agree with Cotogna's David Lynch - Keep the wine list simple

Not only did David Lynch set up Cotogna's wine list as a deliberately simple thing - All bottles are the same price, $40, their all Italian in origin, and there are just 50 on the list. Admittedly sister restaurant Quince has a somewhat more ambitious selection.  But David explains in "Goodbye Big Fat Wine List in this month's Bon Appetit.

And as if you needed more reasons to go Cotogna has been offering Sunday Supper, a fixed menu offering, and recently added Brown Bag take-away as well.  And don't forget Quince's James Beard Best Chef Pacific win at the 2011 James Beard Awards.  Here's to you David, Lindsay, Chef Michael and GM Katrina. 

August 23, 2011
OTM has this thing about Portland - so we're headed back!
This year it's Portland OR again (last time 2 years ago), last year it was Portland ME.  So what's on this year's agenda?  Dining of course, and 4 places new to OTM, Nostrana, Park Kitchen, Clyde Common, Laurelhurst Market plus a celebrated new Chef at Jory at The Allison in Newberg, checking out the highly recommended Clear Creek Distillery, and some wine tasting at Elk Cove, Panther Creek & other vineyards.  Don't you wish.......  Check out the early September programs and eat/drink your heart out!!

August 18, 2011
Save September 1!! Join OTM at Savor Pittsburgh, one of the best outdoor parties of the Year!
To learn more tune in to next Sunday's program to hear an interview with event spokesperson Christina Dickerson, but here are the essentials.

A collection of Pittsburghs finest chefs will gather September 1, 2011 to share their favorite recipes in a culinary competition for the coveted Dish of the Year honors. Savor Pittsburgh: A Celebration of Cuisine, presented by MOSAIC Consulting and sponsored by McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant and Southside Works will benefit the National Pancreas Foundation of Western Pennsylvania, You'll benefit because this is one great party! Ann & Peter will both be among the judges as we were last year, so be sure to come over and say hi. Participating restaurants include: Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen, Andora, Braddocks, The Capital Grille, Chef Marks Palate, Church Brew Works, Cioppino, Donatos, Habitat, Jacksons, Meat and Potatoes, McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants, Mitchells Fish Market, Osteria 2350, Savoy, Silk Elephant, Spoon, Steelhead Brasserie & Wine Bar, Table, Walnut Grove and Wooden Nickel. Guests will enjoy unmatched cuisine and cocktails and vote for their favorite dish. dancing and a silent auction are also part of the fun.   

Savor Pittsburgh will take place within SouthSide Works, on vacant land at 26th & Sidney outfitted with elegant white canopies as some of Pittsburgh's Best Chefs and restaurants come together for one special night. The National Pancreas Foundation supports the research of diseases of the pancreas and provides information and humanitarian services to those people suffering from such illnesses. More information can be found at www.pancreasfoundation.org. Savor Pittsburgh tickets are $75 per person, and the event begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, guests should visit www.savorpgh.com or call 412-996-4684

August 12, 2011
Ann's definitive review of the Fancy Food Show in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Be sure to check out this lavishly illustrated article which appeared during the week.  Access it at www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/lifestyles/fooddrink/s_750710.html.

August 08, 2011
An Interesting Way to Support Your Local Farmers!!!
OTM just heard about a pretty unique event, we thought you'd like to know about. Restaurants across the country eager to show their support for local farms and food can enrol in American Farmland Trust’s 2nd annual Dine Out for Farms™ event, which will take place October 16-22. This is a national, weeklong event that brings together restaurants and consumers to support a sustainable future for America’s farms. Participating restaurants educate their customers about the importance of farms, while raising funds to protect farmland from sprawling development. "We’re thrilled that restaurants across America are showing their commitment to local farms and ranches by participating in Dine Out for Farms™," says Jane Kirchner, senior director of Marketing and Communications for American Farmland Trust. Chefs and restaurant owners get the message that protecting local farms is key to serving the delicious, locally grown foods that customers crave. Restaurants can participate in Dine Out for Farms™ with a special dish, by donating a percentage of sales, or by making a straight donation. Participants receive a suite of educational materials that encourage consumers to dine out often and make a difference.

To date, seven restaurants that participated in last year’s inaugural event have reenrolled, including The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville, VA; Cock & Bowl in Occoquan, VA; The Supper Club Greenburg Train Station in Greensburg, PA; Ray’s Boathouse Café and Catering in Seattle, WA; Full Circle Catering in Lexington, VA; The Sheppard Inn in Hanover, PA; and Founding Farmers in Washington, DC.

Interested in learning more about Dine Out for Farms™? Go to www.farmland.org/dineout and click on "enroll" or contact Gretchen Hoffman at 202-378-1251 or ghoffman@farmland.org. Individuals interested in recruiting their favorite farm-friendly restaurant for Dine Out for Farms™ can click on "get involved."

August 03, 2011
You CAN go home again - Peter takes Ann to his home county of Yorkshire for very special reasons
Yorkshire is England’s largest county, and like residents of mainland USA’s largest state (Texas in case you were wondering) Yorkshire-men & women take great pride in being the biggest and considering themselves the best as well! So Peter is a proud Yorkshire-man, and still returns frequently to visit the sights. However, Yorkshire hasn’t commonly been considered a leading area for "The Pictorial Arts "; English masters like Turner, Gainsborough & Constable drew their inspiration and painted scenes & people elsewhere.

What a wonderful surprise when On the Menu received this announcement - "Yorkshire Hailed as Europe’s Cultural Heartland - New Openings include England’s largest Art Gallery outside of London. The Hepworth Wakefield

Also featured in a special campaign is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, www.ysp.co.uk/, a mostly outdoors attraction which has been expanding its collection in the last several years. Notable to Peter is that the Motorway interchange adjacent to YSP includes "The Haigh Roundabout". Who knew his family was so influential? OTM will soon be visiting these venues and we hope to bring back conversations with people who can tell you more about them first hand.

Peter was reminded of his homeland by the inclusion of William Blake’s short poem (set to music later) in the recent Royal Wedding ceremony. It is widely believed that when the poet wrote "….among those dark satanic mills………" he was referring to the grim industrial landscape of Peter’s home town of Huddersfield, and expressing some surprise that "..Jerusalem (was) builded here…"

Despite the smoky past of Yorkshire’s industrial towns & cities Yorkshire is also home to some magnificent countryside, especially The Yorkshire Dales, and great historical cities such as York, Roman capital of the Northern region and later the Capital of England when it was conquered by the Danes. Next month OTM will be taking the opportunity to visit York to see its magnificent Minster, fully intact City walls and Gates (known as Bars for reasons unknown) and Museums showing the Roman & Danish past. We’ll be enjoying the luxury of lodging and dining at The Dean Court Hotel, www.deancourt-york.co.uk. Then on to the aforementioned Dales, Wharfedale to be precise, where The Devonshire Arms Country House & Spa will be taking care of us, www.thedevonshirearms.co.uk. Local sights here include the ruined Bolton Abbey and the delightfully situated and picturesque village of Burnsall. We’ll be bringing you interviews with the fine young chefs at these establishments.

And if you can’t wait to follow in our footsteps, www.yorkshire.com is the Welcome to Yorkshire website, or you can drop us an email or Tweet with your questions.

July 29, 2011
Let's Hear it for Dave Racicot & Notions!!
OTM frequently disagrees with Steve Plotnicki at www.opinionatedaboutdining.com.  But his latest issue positively raves about our Good Friend Dave Racicot.  And we share his enthusiasm about this Singularly Talented Young Chef.  OTM listeners in the Pittsburgh area - You have no excuse - Go to Notions if "modern" food interests you, and consider yourselves fortunate that he's so close by.  The rest of you - read the Blog - it may just convince you Notion is worth the journey!!  Chef Dave, congratulations & keep up the great work!!

July 05, 2011
Cleveland Does it Better - 5Star Sensation Raised $2MM for Cancer Research
OTM's home city can Boast about The Steelers & the newly Rejuvanated Pirates, but when it comes to Fundraising Events we have to hand it to Cleveland.  And it was a GREAT PARTY as well.  OTM caught up with just a few of the busy Chefs and you can hear them in July 3 & July 10 programs.  Not only will you hear the Chefs - Roy Yamaguchi, Sam Choy, Kelly English, Joe Miller etc. you'll hear Clevelanders in full voice having a great time.  Congratulations to the organizers, especially founder Carole Carr & Chef Patron Wolfgang Puck.  Cleveland, OTM will see you again in 2013!!

June 20, 2011
Daniel Boulud & NYC Chef Friends "do Lunch" July 3 in Kamaishi, Japan
Lunch for 1,000 people in an area devastated by the Eartquake & Tsunami will be prepared by Daniel & other good friends of OTM.  Daniel (OTM Audio Archives, program date May 9, 2010), David Bouley, Floyd Cardoz (July 15, 2007), Francois Payard (August 19, 2007), Bill Telepan (August 26, 2007), Craig Koketsu, Tadashi Ono, Michael Romano & Patrice Martineau (now Chef at Tokyos's PETER Restaurant).  Chef Daniel conceived the idea in collaboration with Ernie Trasher of Xcoal Energy, a businessman with lots of contacts in Japan including Nippon Steel - they're sponsoring & staffing the event with Volunteers.  OTM is pleased to recognize all of the above for their Great Goodwill Contribution.

June 18, 2011
OTM Guests Making the News - Dominique Crenn, Joshua Skenes, George Mendes, Michael Tusk
Kudos to Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Fran on some very kind words from Alan Richman in the current issue of GQ.  OTM's advice - Go There!!  You can hear what Dominique had to say about her new venture in OTM Audio Archives (program date Jan 2, 2011) - and it's all come true!  Joshua Skenes of Saison, also in SF won recognition as one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs for 2011 (hear Joshua, program date January 9, 2011).  Joining Joshua in this Elite Company is George Mendes of Aldea, NYC (hear George, May 9, 2010).  And for all you Michael Tusk Fans (Quince & Cotogna, SF), know that Cotogna has just launched "Sunday Suppers" - OTM is so "Mad for Michael" we'll probably go 2200 miles just for a Sunday dinner with Michael, David, Lindsay, Katrina and the rest of the Team. (Michael's latest interview May 22, 2011 celebrating his JBF Best Chef Pacific Win.

May 30, 2011
Taste of London Food Festival, June 16-19 - Great Restaurant Line-up including many OTM Interviewees
Check out OTM Audio Archives for Interviews with Chefs/Owners of these participating restaurants; Barrafina, Fino & Quo Vadis (programs dates March 6 2011, February 28 2010, March 22 2009); Benares (to be scheduled, we dined there February 2011); Bentley's (April 17, 2007); Club Gascon (March 6, 2005); Corrigan's Mayfair (February 21, 2010); Kai Mayfair (March 8, 2009); Lainceston Place )February 27, 2011); Le Gavroche (February 27, 2011); L'Etranger (March 6, 2005); Roux at The Landau (see Le Gavroche); The Modern Pantry (February 20, 2011).  More at http://www.tastefestivals.com/london/

May 26, 2011
OTM in the Crescent City
We're pleased to report that the Fuss in New Orleans is about Food & Wine not Flooding!  Great lunch at Restaurant August yesterday, also a Champagne dinner with JoAnn Clevenger and new Chef Anthony Spizale, formerly Executive Chef of The Rib Room.   Today Dinner at Chef John Besh's "Italian interpretation" at Domenica, an interview with the Chef from La Provence, and the Festival Fun starts in earnest tomorrow.  We'll have some great interviews coming up, so be sure to "tune in" to OTM Audio Archives for the June 5 program.

May 25, 2011
Denmark Bans Marmite - No Taste & No Sense of Humor!!
Brits beloved Marmite spread is subject to Discrimination!  This product has practivally "cult" status, although Ann admits that she's not sure why.  But for whatever reason the Yeast extract spread falls foul of Danish law restricting products fortified with added vitamins, joining Horlicks, Ovaltine and Farley's Rusks.  OTM suspects that "bootleg" Marmite will emerge............  No word on whether Aussies' favorite Vegenite will suffer the same fate.

May 16, 2011
Reidel Stemware, Fine Wines, Taste Treats - All Together June 3, 6PM at Morton's Pittsburgh
Join OTM and our good friends from Morton'e at an interactive event featuring fine quality stemware from Riedel Wine Glass Company. You'll get to explore whether the shape of the glass really makes a difference in wine appreciation - AND enjoy signature hors d’oeuvres, like Chicken Goujonettes, Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches and Broiled Sea Scallops wrapped in Bacon and served with Apricot Chutney. You'll also get to take home a tasting set of four (4) Riedel Wine Glasses valued at $116. Featured wines of the evening include: Lunetta, Prosecco; Chateau Ste. Michelle, "Horse Heaven Vineyard," Sauvignon Blanc, Horse Heaven Hills; Chateau Ste. Michelle, "Canoe Ridge Estate," Chardonnay, Horse Heaven Hills; Villa Maria, "Cellar Selection," Pinot Noir, Marlborough; Chateau Ste. Michelle, "Cold Creek Vineyard," Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley. Tickets are $95 per person, which includes tax, gratuity, hors d’oeuvres, tasting wine, and a set of 4 Riedel ‘Vinum’ wine glasses (retail value $116). Riedel has become a favorite among wine connoisseurs, hospitality professionals, and is a leader in producing "wine specific" wine glass shapes & sizes. For more information, please visit www.riedel.com. Morton’s The Steakhouse Pittsburgh is located at 625 Liberty Avenue. For tickets and additional information, please call 412-261-7141. The fun gets under way at 6PM.  We'll see you there!

May 15, 2011
James Beard Foundation 2011 Award Winners and their OTM Interviews
OTM is delighted to recognize JBF Award Winners who are Good Friends and OTM Interviewees – listed here in the order of the JBF Announcement.  Restaurant Design Award - Aidlin Darling Design, San Francisco for Bar Agricole SF, hear our interview with Joshua Aidlin coming up May 22; Best New Restaurant – ABC Kitchen, NYC, Chef/Owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Partners Paulette Cole, ABC Home & Phil Suarez); Outstanding Chef – Jose Andres, Chef/Owner, Minibar by Jose Andres (& several other places) (for reasons which escape us we have never recorded Jean-Georges & Jose who are good friends we have talked to many times); Outstanding Restaurant – Eleven Madison Park, NYC, Owner Danny Meyer (OTM Audio Archive program dates June 22, 2008 & November 12, 2006; Outstanding Service Award – Per Se, NYC, Chef/Owner Thomas Keller (December 14, 2008) & Co-Owner Laura Cunningham; Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional – Julian P Van Winkle III, Owner, Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, Louisville KY (upcoming May 22); Outstanding Wine Service Award – Belinda Chang, Wine Director, The Modern NYC (our interview with Chef Gabriel Kreuther May 28, 2006); Rising Star Chef – Gabriel Rucker, Chef/Owner, Le Pigeon, Portland OR (October 4, 2009); Best Chef Midwest – Isaac Becker, Chef/Owner, 112 Eatery, Minneapolis MN (May 22, 2011); Best Chef NYC – Gabrielle Hamilton, Chef/Owner, Prune, NYC (April 4, 2011); Best Chef Pacific – Michael Tusk, Chef/Owner, Quince, San Francisco (February 6, 2011); Best Chef South – Stephen Stryjewski, Chef/Partner, Cochon, New Orleans (our interview with Partner Donald Link, January 4, 2009); Best Chef Southeast – Andrea Reusing, Lantern, Chapel Hill NC; Bets Chef Southwest (tie) – Tyson Cole, Uchi, Austin TX (upcoming but no schedule date yet); Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America Inductees – Lee Jones, Farmer/Owner, Chef’s Garden, Huron OH (March 14, 2010); Charles Phan, Owner, The Slanted Door, Out the Door & Heaven’s Dog, San Francisco (July 19, 2009); Frank Stitt, Chef Owner, Highland Bar & Grill, Birmingham AL (April 25, 2010). America’s Classics Award – Louise, Michael, Michael Jr. & Louis Esposito, Chef Vola’s, Atlantic City NJ (May 22, 2011); Lifetime Achievement Award – Kevin Zraly (April 18, 2010).  OTM’s Heartiest Congratulations to these and all the other Worthy Winners who will surely appear on the Program in the Future.


May 08, 2011
OTM Guests "clean up" at James Beard Cookbook Awards
Congratulations to these Winners, announced last Friday.  Cookbook Hall of Fame - Harold Magee, On Food and Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen, OTM Audio Archives program date April 3, 2005; Cookbook of the Year - Diana Kennedy, Oaxaca al Gusto: an Infinite Gastronomy, October 17, 2010; American Cooking - James Villas, Pig: King of the Southern Table, May 23, 2010; Beverage - Rajat Parr, Secrets of the Sommeliers: How to Think & Drink Like the World's Top Wine Professionals, April 17, 2011; General Cooking - Amanda Hesser, The Essential New York Times Cook Book: Classic Recipes for a New Century, November 14, 2010; Single Subject - James Peterson, Meat: A Kitchen Education, March 14, 2010; Writing & Literature - Paul Greenberg, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, October 3, 2010.  Rene Redzepi of acclaimed restaurant Noma won 2 awards for his Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine for Cooking from a Professional Point of View & Photographer - we have this beautiful book, and we're hoping to catch up with Rene for an interview in the near future - but he is a very busy man.  Well done all of you!!! 

May 07, 2011
2011 Oyster Wine Winners

Taylor Shellfish Farms is pleased to announce and congratulate the 2011 "Oyster Award" recipients (listed alphabetically):

*Brassfield Estate Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (CA)

Cadaretta 2010 SBS (WA)

**Chateau Ste. Michelle 2009 Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc (WA)

*Hogue Cellars 2009 Pinot Grigio (WA)

**King Estate Signature Collection 2009 Pinot Gris (OR)

**Kunde Family Estate 2010 Sauvignon Blanc (CA)

Pine Ridge Vineyards 2010 Chenin Blanc + Viognier (CA)

**Robledo Family Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (CA)

Three Pears 2010 Pinot Grigio (CA)

*Van Duzer Vineyards 2010 Estate Pinot Gris (OR)

*Prior "Oyster Award" winner.

**Multiple prior "Oyster Awards"

With oysters on the half shell enjoying increasing nationwide popularity, "Oyster Award" winners receive immediate and substantial sales benefits. Oyster Award-winning wines enhance a restaurant's oyster culture. Servers are quick to recommend wines that exalt the oyster experience. The right wine makes all the difference. "The search for wines to go with oysters adds to the excitement of and culture of oysters", says Taylor Shellfish Farms President, Bill Taylor.  OTM salutes these worthy winners!!

May 06, 2011
Recent OTM Guest Barhyte wins Top Mustard Awards
Barhyte Specialty Foods and its signature brand, Saucy Mama, is adding more trophies to its case after the recent announcement of the World Wide Mustard Competition winners. The Oregon-based company took the gold medal in the Organic Specialty Foods and nabbed four World Wide Mustard Competition awards including one of two golds for its Henry Weinhard's Dark Pub Beer Mustard, with its Barhyte Select Organic Yellow Mustard, and nabbed a second gold for its private label Henry Weinhard's Pub Beer Mustard. The gourmet food experts further took home silver awards in the Herb/Veggie as well as the Fruit Categories with its Willamette Valley Dill Mustard and its Saucy Mama Apricot Ginger Mustard, respectively. You can hear Head Honcho Suzie Barhyte in OTM Audio Archives, program date April 17, 2011. 

April 29, 2011
Exclusive Wine Dinners tied to the Pittsburgh Wine Festival, May 4 & 6
The 9th annual Pittsburgh Wine Festival kicks off with exclusive wine dinners in select restaurants, all except McCormick & Schmicks on May 4. Here are some of the details: The Common Plea restaurant downtown will host Ferrari Carano Winery. Featured guest will be the winery’s Mid-Atlantic States Regional Manager, Randy Holden; The Sonoma Grille downtown will host Marc Mondavi, Wine Maker, Charles Krug; The Hartwood Restaurant in Glenshaw will host Concannon Vineyards and John Concannon, Proprietor and Vintner; Monterey Bay restaurant on Mt. Washington will host winemaker Jon Emmerich of Silverado; Hyeholde in Moon Township will focus on wines and food from the Mendoza region of Argentina with Julia Zuccardi and Chef Rodriguez Armesen of Familia Zuccardi; On Friday, May 6, McCormick & Schmicks in the South Side Works will host winemakers Lee Flourentzou of Aramis, Patrick Gehrig of Rutherglen, Hunter Smith of Rocky Gully & Frankland Estate, and Michael Tiller of Isabel Estate. Contact the individual restaurants for further information & reservations...............and enjoy!! Cheers

April 28, 2011
OTM stayed at The Goring where the Middleton Family are Esconced!
Back in 2009 we had the pleasure of staying at this Fine Hotel, still family owned and managed.  Every little detail is taken care of, AND there's a stuffed Sheep "mascot" in every room - maybe Kate will carry one to Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace.  A photograph of the Goring's private garden is at OTM Pictures - probably the Middleton family's view.  Also you can hear interviews we recorded at The Goring, OTM Audio Archives, April 27, 2008.

April 25, 2011
New Orleans Wine & Food Experience only a month away!!
Grab your fork and your corkscrew and join OTM at the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience. The five-day bacchanalia, which will take place May 24 – 28, features dozens of local chefs, many of whom are nationally known, and aims to place a spotlight on the region’s many indigenous ingredients.  OTM attended for the first time last year, and we can report that NOWFE is further proof that the Crescent City knows how to party!!  Thousands of wines and champagnes from over 175 wineries will be paired with food from more than 75 restaurants at various events throughout the extravaganza. "The culinary power of our region is so outstanding that we want to showcase our chefs and our food for the world to see," says incoming NOWFE President Kevin Kimball. "The Wine & Food Experience gives us the opportunity to do just that, while sharing a love of wine in our beloved city."

The 2011 event will kick off on Tuesday with the Ella Brennan Award Dinner & Live Auction, followed by wine dinners in some of New Orleans’ most notable restaurants on Wednesday, the traditional Royal Street Stroll and Vinola Tasting on Thursday, and culminating with Grand Tastings on Friday and Saturday. Highlights of this year’s event include Chef John Folse, with renowned Chef Rick Tramonto, who will present a revolutionary take on Creole cuisine inspired by their new local venture; and special tastings from the Chianti Region presented by the Culinary School at Badia a Coltibuono.

Other featured seminars and events of the 2011 schedule include: Effervescence Everyday: Discover world-class sparkling wines made in the Champagne method and see how they measure up; Eat, Stay, Love: Join local chefs as they prepare culinary delights from their unique restaurants that just happen to be situated in hotels. Kindred Ingredients: Louisiana Crawfish and Rice seminar presented by Chef Donald Link (Cochon, Herbsaint, Cochon Butcher) Honing your Craft: Forever change the way you think about serving and enjoying craft beer presented by Spiegelau & local brewmasters. Bubbly Personalities: A comparison look at the Champagne House’s personal style and some of the Vintages they have created. Get more information at http://www.nowfe.com, and we'll see you there!!  

April 19, 2011
San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurant Awards recognize some of OTM's Favorites
The suspense is over, and here's how some of OTM's guests fared.  Top recognition must go to Juan Mari Arzak, whose illustrious culinary career won him Lifetime Achievement Award.  Although he's now sharing the kitchen with daughter Elena (a Best Female Chef Finalist), we expect continued culinary creativity from Juan Mari - and we'll go back to check it out you can be sure.  We're trying to schedule Noma's Rene Redzepi, who remains at #1, about his remarkable cookbook published a few months ago.  Andoni Aduriz's Mugaritz climbs 2 spots to #3 - the quality of what's happening in this kitchen is indicated by the number of top chefs from around the world who go there!  Massimo Bottura (perhaps our absolute favorite.......) gained 2 spots, and reconition as Chef's Choice - we've been to his Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy twice with a gap of 8 years in between - and both times it was "Stellar", with Chef's continued creativity perhaps the most startling aspect of the dining experience. Several top US restaurants slipped in the rankings, Daniel & Le Bernadin each dropping 3 spots to #11 & # 18, but Alinea climbed one place to #6 and claimed Top USA award.  Per Se dropped and The French Laundry exited.  Martin Berasategui is up 4 places to #29, more reconition for Basque country's innovative cuisine (for those not familar Mugaritz & Arzak are in the same area).  Le Calandre (near Padova), a restaurant we have greatly enjoyed, fell 12 spots to #32, Milan's Cracco rejoins the list at #33.  Current London "hot table", The Ledbury, is the highest new entry at #34 - we found Chef Brett Graham 5 years ago, ahead of the crowd.  Two other London Favorites, Fergus Henderson's St. John and Claude Bosi's Hibiscus each advanced, up 2 to #41 & up 6 to #43 respectively.  So as with all awards there were winners & losers, but just to be included in the top 50 is great recognition, so be sure to visit and enjoy......... !!!

April 16, 2011
World's Top Women Chefs Honored
New this year (and a companion to the San Pellegrino Top 50 Restaurants) the Veuve Cliquot Award for World's Best Women Chef was just announced.  Ann-Sophie Pic of France's Pic, Valence was the eventual winner; Finalists were Elena Arzak of Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain and Nadia Santini of Dal Pescatore near Mantua, Italy.  All 3 hold Michelin's top ranking, but at Arzak it's currently recognizing Elena's father Juan Mari.  The Michelin Guide awards 3 stars to only 4 Ladies in total, Ann-Sophie being the most recent recipient.  We've enjoyed fabulous dining experiences at Dal Pescatore and Arzak; also at the other Woman-headed 3 Star Spots, Annie Feolde's Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence and Carme Ruscalleda's San Pau in St. Pol de Mar near Barcelona.  Let's hear it for all 4 of these Great Ladies, and anticipate further recognition from Michelin, San Pellegrino, etc. for their Sisters of the Kitchen!!

April 15, 2011
Pittsburgh Wine Festival - May 5, get your tickets now!!
The 9th Annual Pittsburgh Wine Festival is just ahead, May 5 at Heinz Field.  We're expecting more details in the next few days and we'll bring them to you - or you can go to the website - http://www.pittsburghwinefestival.com.  And OTM will see you there!! 

April 15, 2011
OTM loves Gary Danko - read his WSJ interview & you'll understand why!!
Check out this recent interview in which Gary shares his thoughts on the restaurant business. Here's the link.  on.wsj.com/gmBhbd.  And make sure Gary's eponymous restaurant is on your Top Tables list for San Francisco.  You'' be so glad you did.  Zagat's 29 score gets it right, Michelin doesn't.

April 14, 2011
Horse Racing & Fine Wines - connected in Lexington KY May 4-7
OTM's good friends at Burditch Marketing Communications let us know about this event. The Lexington Cancer Foundation, Inc. (LCF) will host its sixth annual Kentucky Bluegrass Wine Auction and Derby Gala Wednesday, May 4 – Saturday, May 7, 2011. The nation’s only charity wine event integrating fine wine and equestrian culture, The Kentucky Bluegrass Wine Auction coincides with The Kentucky Derby. The event’s private vintner dinners will be held in LCF patron homes on Wednesday, May 4.  The auction will be held at Donamire Farm in Lexington, Kentucky on Thursday, May 5.  Vintner pouring and silent auction will begin at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner and live auction at 8:30 pm.  The Right on Band will entertain guests from 10:00 pm until 1:00 am.  Participating vintners will attend horse farm tours and a private dinner at the Iroquois Hunt Club on Friday, May 6. In only five years, the Kentucky Bluegrass Wine Auction and Derby Gala has raised more than 3.5 million dollars in support of the LCF’s mission to fight cancer.  

Since its inception, the auction has grown, attracting a wide range of vintners to Kentucky.  Vintners in attendance have included; Jackson Family Wines, Jordan Vineyards, Chalk Hill Estate, Oakville Ranch Vineyards, Blackbird Vineyards, Grgich Hills Estate, Spottswoode Family Wine Estate, Duckhorn Wine Company, Revana Family Wines, Barbour Vineyards, Magnanimus Wine Group and many more.  Mr. Michael Polenske of Blackbird Vineyards will serve as the 2011 Vintner Chair.  The following vintners will attend in 2011; Blackbird Vineyards, Quintessa, Schramsberg Vineyards, Jonata, Lail Vineyards, Silver Oak Cellars, Morlet Vineyards, Revana Family Vineyards,  Jackson Family Wines, Reynolds Family Vineyards, Skipstone Ranch, and several others.

Live auction items include trips to the Cannes Film Festival with airfare, a stay at The Montage Resort and Spa with choice of location, private mansion in Carmel, California with golf at Pebble Beach, donation by Exclusive Resorts with choice of location, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Napa Valley excursions, and many more.  Sounds like a GREAT EVENT.  

Tickets are limited and can be purchased by calling 888.388.2620.  $700 per couple for the Kentucky Bluegrass Wine Auction and Derby Gala on Thursday, May 5.

April 12, 2011
Celebrate the Royal Wedding in London - NYC!!
Didn't get your invitation to the big event?  Never mind, you can celebrate in style at NYC's London Hotel, with a specially designed cocktail, "The Windsor Knot", dinner at Gordon Ramsay at the London with Chef Markus Glocker, and a sumptuous "Full English Breakfast" GR-style the next day.  It's called the "Royal Engagement" package, details at http://bit.ly/fuBSRJ.  Arrange dinner separately at www.thelondonnyc.com/gordon_ramsay/

April 08, 2011
Stag's Leap V to V event returns April 29-May 1
OTM made it out to this great wine event last year.  If you love California Cabernet-Sauvignon with a French Accent, this is for you!!  Join the Stags Leap District Winegrowers Association at its annual neighborhood block party Vineyard to Vintner (V2V 2011). V2V 2011 promises to be both more festive and more informative, as it has been extended out to encompass the entire last weekend of April. The party begins with four intimate vintner-hosted Friday Night Dinners, followed on Saturday morning with Style and Strength: A Stags Leap District Cabernet Seminar hosted by Saveur Magazine’s wine editor David Rosengarten, continuing on to exclusive Winery Open Houses at 18 Stags Leap District properties. Sunday participants welcome guests back for one last bit of complimentary tasting.  For more information http://www.stagsleapdistrict.com/v2v.php

April 06, 2011
Lucky London Diners - Chef Simon Rogan's coming to Town!!
OTM was just a few days behind the Sunday Times' Giles Coren finding L'Enclume in an old Blacksmith's shop in the picturesque Lake District Village of Cartmel.  Our interview with Simon is still in OTM Audio Archives, program date January 9, 2005.  In fact we arrived at this tiny "restaurant with rooms" clutching Coren's review which gave Chef Simon Rogan and his partnet Penny Tapsell an unheard of 10 out of 10 - "the ink was still wet" on the review.  Simon told us the remarkable story of how he and Penny decided to start this unlikely venture 300 miles from where they had been living; he also told of weekend dinner guests traveling all the way from London to dine at L'Enclume.  Well all you Londoners and residents of SE England will not have quite so far to go to sample Rogan's Inspired & Intensely Personal dishes.  Rumored to have an interest in a London outpost several months ago, Simon & Penny are now revealing that they will be opening next month on Blandford Street in the delightful neighborhood between Baker Street & Marylebone High Street, just around the corner from the wonderful Wallace Collection.   No name yet, and we haven't been able to find the street number, but we'll keep you posted.  Heading the kitchen will be 25 year old Ben Spalding who worked for a time at L'Autre Pied with Marcus Eaves (whose now back at Pied a Terre), but you can be sure that Simon's inspiration will be there too.  They're calling it a "2 year Pop-Up" because that's the balance of the lease of the restaurant that was there before.  Do yourself the ultimate favor - go the the new place AND L'Enclume (where you can stay over and sample the most sublime "Full English" breakfast the next day).  We're sure you'll be THRILLED.  Let's be clear, Simon is not "the North's answer to Heston B", nor a "Mad Molecular Gastronomist"........... well taste for yourself, OTM is certain you'll have a dining experience "beyond enjoyment"!! 

April 04, 2011
Where's the Beef.................in Warwickshire, England
OTM's Good Friends at Simpson's Birmingham just announced the opening of Beef Restaurant in nearby Kenilworth.  Since we've been absolutely delighted with the Culinary Creations at Simpson's in Birmingham's elegant Edgebaston neighborhood, we're certain Beef should be on your list - a great place to go while you explore the Tudor era buildings in the City of Warwick which also boasts one of the country's few extant Castles.  As you may remember Henry VIII destroyed most Baroneal premises - Kenilworth's own Castle being one fine example of a ruin!  This is Shakespeare country too.  And by the way the Beef is local to Warwickshire, hierloom breeds, butchered and hung to the highest standards.  If you've never tried Britich Beef of this kind, you owe it to yourself........More information at www.beef.uk.com

April 01, 2011
Brown's - where to go to watch the wedding away from the crowds
We just heard about these great offerings if you're planning to be in London but wanted to avoid the crowds, this would be a great alternative. Considered to be London's very first "hotel" established by Mr. Brown (who was Butler to the infamous Lord Byron), Brown's knows about discretion and calmness on a quite side street just off Picadilly. Here's part of the press release............

On Friday 29 April, Rocco Forte’s Brown’s Hotel will be celebrating The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. A delicious Royal Wedding brunch will be served in HIX at the Albemarle from 12 noon until 4 p.m. and in the fashionable Donovan Bar from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. where the Royal Wedding will also be screened. A specially created Royal Champagne Afternoon Tea will be available throughout the Royal Wedding weekend.

Royal Wedding Brunch in HIX at The Albemarle and The Donovan Bar - Marcus Verberne, Executive Chef at HIX at The Albemarle, has created a sumptuous menu featuring quintessential British cuisine and traditional Brunch dishes that would be popular with any Royalist on this memorable day. Be sure to increase energy levels with a hearty brunch before hitting the streets to catch a glimpse of the blushing bride and her Prince on their way back from Westminster Abbey. The extensive menu includes De Beauvoir smoked salmon ‘Hix cure’ with scrambled eggs, Eggy bread with smoked Orkney bacon and Neal’s Yard crème fraiche, and a Boxty pancake with pan-fried chicken livers
and wild garlic.

Regal cocktails in The Donovan Bar - To complement the Royal Wedding Brunch, why not choose from one of the enticing cocktails from The Donovan Bar. Alongside the traditional offerings of a Bloody Mary, Bucks Fizz or a Kir Royal will be the ‘Royal Passion’ (based on a fruity peach and rose cocktail well known as a favourite of Kate and Wills) or the specially created ‘Pretty as a Princess’ mocktail.

Royal Afternoon Tea in The English Tea Room - The English Tea Room will be serving Royal Afternoon Tea from 1 April until 9 June. This includes unique regal pastries such as a Kir Royal jelly and delicate crown cupcakes as well as the traditional offerings of sandwiches and scones. The price of the Royal Afternoon Tea is £38.00 per person or £47.50 with a glass of Brut Champagne. From 29 April until 2 May, The English Tea Room will be serving Champagne Royal Afternoon Tea exclusively.

For more information about Brown's Hotel go to http://www.brownshotel.com

March 24, 2011
Past Programs on Italy just restored - Sicily, Veneto, Friuli from 2004
These great programs were thought to be lost in the great crash of OTM's server, but Peter just rediscovered them, and they include some great characters & some truly fine establishments.  We encourage you to check them out in OTM Audio Archives, program dates May 2 & 9, 2004 and October 17, 17 & 24, 2004.  Where else can you find the stories of Grappa Nonino, out of the way dining treasures like Trattoria Zamboni, Tavernetta All'Androna, Valter Scarbolo's La Frasca, Michelin 3-star Marvel Alejandro Alajmo  of Le Calandre & Sicily's dynamic young vineyard owner Alessio Planeta - plus some more secrets............

March 21, 2011
Celebrate Earth Day in Green Valley CA with some Great Americans, April 17 at Iron Horse
Great Wines from Iron Horse, De Loach, Freeman and others Buffalo, lots of seasonal produce, etc. etc.  But more importantly have the chance to chat with Ted Turner (yes it will be Bufflao from Rocky Mountain Natural Meats) at the beautiful home of Audrey & Barry Sterling on the Iron Horse vineyard.  We hope they'll be there too, as they are two of the MOST INTERESTING people OTM has ever met.  For more details contact Hostess Joy Sterling at joy@ironhorsevineyards.com or 707 887 1507.

March 15, 2011
Great & well-deserved recognition for Jon Rowley
OTM is thrilled to see that Food Arts gave their most recent Silver Spoon Award to our good friend Jon Rowley, for his extensive contributions to the Seafood business in the USA.  We have frequent interaction with Jon, mostly about Oysters, so we didn't know about his important work establishing the trade in Copper River Salmon, and other things that Food Arts details.  We're delighted for Jon, and we know that he'll keep up the great work. 

March 14, 2011
Yves Carreau's NOLA joins Pittsburgh's Burgeoning Dining Scene
When OTM was headed for London we met Yves on the Pittsburgh-Phildelphia flight, his destination Lyon, France.  He gave us a preview of this news, now it's really happening.  Friday, March 18 , 2011 is the grand opening of NOLA on the Square in downtown Pittsburgh's historic and recently renovated Market Square.  Executive Chef Andrew Hebson brings you Nouveau Creole cuisine, Bourbon Street cocktails, live blues and jazz twice a week and a Big Easy vibe in a beautifully remodeled historic space. The grand opening festivities will continue Saturday night, March 19 with pianist Jeff Lashway's Lagniappe. You'll have the option of paying a $5 cover charge, 100% of which will be donated to Make it Right, http://www.makeitrightnola.org/ an organization that is continuing to work towards restoring the hurricane ravaged Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans. Proceeds from the optional cover charge collected on the second night of the grand opening weekend will go to the National Wildlife Federation Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Fund, http://www.nwf.org/oil-spill.aspx.  Merci Yves.  We're sure that NOLA on the Sqaure will mirror the success you've enjoyed at Sonoma Grill & Seviche.

March 10, 2011
Spring cleaning may be a chore, but if you’re doing it for a good cause it will leave you feeling great!
Somehow The Giving Effect found us with a press release paraphrased below. More than 1,300 charities can use the stuff that's cluttering your home. We wish them well!! It’s time to throw open the windows, spruce up your home, and get rid of clutter—the emotionally gratifying way: donate things you no longer need to causes in your neighborhood or around the country. The Giving Effect is a new website that makes it easy to discover who needs your stuff. Donors browse the site by needs, location, or categories to find a cause, then complete a simple form to arrange a pickup, drop off, or shipment. Participating organizations include Operation Kid Equip, a nonprofit in Royal Oak, Michigan that provides school supplies, toiletries, and food to tens-of-thousands of kids in need, The American Cancer Society, and Habitat for Humanity locations across the country. Hundreds of animal shelters have also listed their needs with The Giving Effect. These organizations can use almost anything you can spare, from clothes, food, and books to cleaning supplies and lumber. Following your donation, the site generates an easily shareable web page that describes your gift and who it helped. By sharing the page, donors inspire others to give and thus increase the impact of their donation. www.thegivingeffect.com uses social media to help donors discover and connect with organizations that need items such as clothes, shoes, and food. It creates stories around each in-kind donation that can be easily shared online to inspire others to give. The goal is to create a national movement to get food, gently-used items, and more to people in need. The Giving Effect is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

March 09, 2011
Blackwell Gelato goes West!!
We're delighted to report that we hear from OTM's good friend Marcia Blackwell that she will introduce her award winning Blackwell’s Organic Gelato and Sorbetto to West Coast retailers at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California. Look for it in stores............Created to fill a gap in the frozen dessert marketplace, Blackwell’s Organic introduced their products in the Northeast in 2006. Their super-premium frozen desserts are dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, and virtually Fat-Free. Blackwell’s Organic products are Certified Organic and Star-K Kosher and also 100% Vegan. Each flavor is made using the highest quality ingredients, nothing artificial. Consumers can find Blackwell’s Organic at specialty and gourmet retailers in the NY metro area for a SRP of $5.99 per pint. Selected flavors are also served on gourmet ice cream trucks in NYC. The ice cream trucks can also be rented for parties and corporate events. Blackwell’s Organic has been recognized for excellence in the frozen dessert category many times over. 2009 readers of Vegetarian Times voted Blackwell’s Best Cool Creamy Treat and the company was named by the readers of Edible Jersey Magazine as their 2008 Local Hero-Food Artisan. Their Raspberry Sorbetto was awarded the sofi Gold for Outstanding USDA Organic Product at the 2008 Fancy Food Show in NY.

The company was started by Marcia and Tom Blackwell in 2005. Blackwell’s Organic is dedicated to using ingredients that come from farmers and suppliers devoted to sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, and Fair Trade. In fact their company was the first frozen dessert line with FairTrade certified ingredients in every flavor. The classic, healthful frozen desserts are handmade in the Italian tradition, using the highest quality certified organic ingredients including Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa, chocolate, coffee and evaporated cane juice. To learn more about Blackwell’s Organic, their products and upcoming events, please visit: www.blackwellsorganic.com and www.gelatobymail.com

February 28, 2011
Kudos to Pittsburgh Chefs, but there's more to report
Great to see the "new generation" of Pittsburgh Chefs get exposure in the NY Times - see http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/27/travel/27headsup-pittsburgh.html?emc=eta1.

OTM wouldn't want you to miss others that the Times writer didn't find; Dave Racicot at Notion in Oakmont; Chris Bonfili at Avenue B in Shadyside; Chet Garland at Toast, also Shadyside, Brian Pecarcik at Spoon and BrGr across the street from Eastside.  And what coverage of Pittsburgh's young Chefs would be complete without refering the young guns at Big Burrito's Eleve, Casbah and SOBA.  We also hear that Rick Deshantz of 9 on 9 is planning to open in the old Cafe Zao space in the Cultural District.  OTM is proud of you all!!

February 27, 2011
OTM, OTM where have you been - we've been up to London to Taste the Best
The nursery rhyme we've just paraphrased really goes "Pussycat, Pussycat where have you been? I've been up to London to see the Queen........." Well OTM didn't do quite the same thing but we did go up to London and we sure had fun!! We promise a longer survey of the London dining scene, coming soon, so you'll know where to go if you plan to check out the Royal Wedding or the Olympics. And for more details listen to the interviews in OTM Audio Archive, prgram dates February 20, 27 & March 6.

Some news is too good to wait. The hottest new table surely must be Dinner by Heston (Blumenthal of Fat Duck fame). How lucky we were to score a table for lunch, when new reservations are backed up until June. The secret to getting in? Tables are held aside for guests of the Mandarin Oriental, where DbH is housed, and of course there's always the possibility of exploiting a cancellation. Is it worth all the trouble. Well the Reviewer for the Sunday Times only describes it as "........perfect........" This is not The Fat Duck, this is traditional "British" fare from centuries ago, carefully researched by Heston & his team, executed in a huge, glass-walled kitchen, where a hive of busy Chefs gracefully dance around each other. The resulting plates are modern, elegant and fabulously delicious. Peter's starter Savoury Porridge is vivid green and reminiscent of Fat Duck's Snail Porridge, but the recipe which includes cod cheeks and pickled beetroot was developed in 1660; Ann's Spiced Pigeon dates from 1780, but texture and taste were superb nevertheless.  And in addition to the glamorous interior, one side of the restaurant offers view of famed Hyde Park through huge windows.

Within the same hotel, Bar Boulud, first European venture of NYC's  beloved French Chef Daniel Boulud, is playing to a packed house with decor & dishes like the original Bar Boulud, but with the addition of menu items from other Boulud NYC restaurants--Cafe Boulud, DB Bistro & DBGB. And OTM can tell you why - the ambience, food and service are just GREAT. For lunch & dinner be sure to book ahead, otherwise go early for breakfast.......OTM is in love with the Charcuterie program and the Sausages from both BB & DBGB menus, but so many other choices....

Adam Perry Lang hails from NYC, but is now living in London thanks to a partnership with famed British Chef Jamie Oliver at Barbecoa in a glamorous new Shopping Center just east of St. Paul's Cathedral. Adam explained to OTM that Barbecoa is NOT about American BBQ, it's about cooking lots of different foods with traditional wood burning grills and smoke. Hugely popular after only 4 months of opening, Barbecoa's "secrets" include sourcing the very best in British meat (they have their own Butcher's shop in the complex), and vegetables (including great "Chips"). The market salad side dish is perhaps the most delicious simple salad OTM has ever tasted. Huge Short Ribs & Lamb "steak" were both succulent.

"Modern British" is a popular "label" these days, based on sustainable, seasonal (not always local) ingredients from the astounding larder provided by farmers and fishermen from the UK (and other European countries). Tristan Welch at Launceston Place, tucked away on the like-named alley just off fashionalble Kensington High Street is doing a brilliant job. Scallops arrive by overnight train from Scotland and are cooked (essentially steamed) live under half their shell, lamb is from the Lake District, Sweetbreads (one of Peter's favorites) are deliciously dusted with curry which uniquely offsets the succulence of the meat. And Ann ate dessert! If you know us well, you'll realize this is big news - individual Chocolate Souffles with Laphroig single malt Scotch flavored ice cream.

Jeremy Lee has cooked in his signature "eclectic" style at The Blueprint Cafe located in The Design Museum close to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London for 16 years - but that's hard to believe when you sample a menu that seems as exciting and fresh as if it had just been developed, perhaps because it changes almost daily. Salsify in a grated Parmesan crust, a toasted sandwich of delicately smoked eel, thinly sliced salted Mallard (a wild duck), and a whole roasted Teal (smaller cousin of the Mallard) pay tribute to the season and concentration on "the local larder".

OTM "over-dosed" on French, at iconic Le Gavroche, a restaurant so discreet it's hard to find, where Rachel Humphrey who started her career as a apprentice here is now in charge of the kitchen, since Chef Patron Michel Roux Jr. is busy with TV, writing books and circling the globe to demonstrate his interpretation of classic French cuisine. Milk-fed Lamb and Rabbit dishes were standouts. It's easy to feel that you're at one of the top tables in Paris when you dine at Le Gavroche! We're told that French General Charles DeGaulle ate frequently at Mon Plaisir in the bustling Covent Garden area when he was leading the Resistance movement in World War 2, and many things about this traditional brasserie have not changed, but Chef Frank Raymond has been expanding the menu with some new influences since arriving in 2003. But traditional great "Pomme Frites", Steak Tartare, etc. would be OTM's recommendation.

Chef Joel Anthunes trained and began his illustrious culinary career in France, earned a James Beard regional best Chef award for Joel in Atlanta, and more...... We had the pleasure of having Joel select and cook dinner for us at Brasserie Joel-in the elegant new Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel featuring a head-on, 180 degree armchair view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the lobby (and our suite). To start: a Fine de Claire oyster from Normandy with its liquor joining a hint of horseradish in an ethereal gelee, then tuna tartare & avocado with a delicate Japanese dressing, a little scallop with some truffle, a little roast sea bass, and finally delicious duck with fig confit. What a feast!

Kiwi (New Zealand) raised Anna Hansen's The Modern Pantry is open all day as a Cafe & Bake-shop, with a restaurant space open in the evening upstairs. Many of the dishes on her all-day menu are small plates with unusual ingredients juxtaposed. Quail eggs are Scotched (encased) in ground & cooked chorizo & rabbit, duck hearts come with cocoa chilli crumbs and chocolate jus, hot & sour braised ox cheek has chilli snails & a nutmeg-chestnut puree, Anna's signature dish is a sugar-cured prawn (shrimp) omelet that took months of experimentation to perfect. In the main course department lamb neck braised with bay leaf & juniper is enlivened with crunchy toasted buckwheat crumbs mixing with lentils & potatoes - and there are lots more choices. Desserts and cheeses are recommended, but we ran out of steam............

We were able to include our usual "Asian fix" (remember London is home to the globe's only Michelin starred Indian, Chinese & Thai restaurants & some Japanese ones too) at Benares where Indian spices and cooking techniques meet haute cuisine and super-elegant surroundings. Here the "Grazing" Menu comes in 4 "waves" each one including 3 different dishes on the a smart wide plate. People watching is fun here too at this very chic Mayfair address.

We caught up with some old friends of OTM who are up to new things.  Sam & Eddie Hart (also Fino, Barrafina) have carved space out of their Quo Vadis dining room on Soho's congested Dean Street (best way to get here is on foot as one end of the street is going to be blocked until 2017 to create a Bar where the public can enjoy Cocktails created by Paul Mant for members of the Dining Club.  Paul says he focuses on perfectly made "classics", but there's an extensive menu of his inventions as well.  Rowley Leigh at Le Cfe Anglais has converted part of his huge dining room into an Oyster Bar and Cafe, where more casual fare and wines can be enjoyed - the magnificant chandelier above the bar came from the Hyde Park Hotel, where the Mandarin Hotel is now. 

So our 2011 saga begins and ends with reference to the same place, what a coincidence!  Just in time for Ann to do some window shopping.

February 26, 2011
Helping Rebuild Christchurch, NZ - at Public NYC, March 7
OTM's good friends at AvroKO Hospitality are doing their bit for this important cause, so if you're in or can get to New York at 6.30PM, Monday March 7, make your reservation for a drinks & canapes event at Public, AvroKO's stylish establishment on Elizabeth St.  Chef Brad Farmerie has strong links with NZ, having worked with Star Kiwi Chef Peter Gordon of London's Providores, so he's quick to respond to the tragic earthquake - 100% of the proceeds of the event will go to the NZ Red Cross for their relief efforts.  Thank you Brad & all of AvroKO.

February 25, 2011
RIP Santi Santamaria
OTM joins the community of Restaurateurs, Chefs & Gourmet Diners around the world as well as Spain in mourning the recent and sudden death of Santi Santamaria.  We are saddened that this Giant will no longer be able to lead the evolution of Catalan cuisine.  For although Santi was a traditionalist his dishes never failed to thrill diners' taste buds at his hard to find Can Fabes.  Nestled on a tiny street, still in his birthplace of Sant Celoni outside Barcelona, this was a mecca of fine dining!  Last time OTM was there we stayed over in one of the elegant and luxurious rooms that Santi and his wonderful wife Angels added next to the restaurant.  We are sure that Angels and the kitchen team will continue Santi's tradition.  His recent tirades against "modern" Spanish cuisine will be soon forgotten.  His contribution to advancing the reputation of fine dining in Spain will last for ever.  Santi will be missed!!

February 12, 2011
London Calling! OTM is heading for our Annual Update on Fine Dining
For the past 10 years we've enjoyed the much underestimated Fine Dining scene in London, and this year is no exception, so during the month of February we'll be back again.  We just know that you'll need new recommendations for your trip to celebrate Kate & William's wedding.  On this year's agenda the famous Le Gavroche, where we'll be interviewing the young Head Chef, Rachel Humphrey, and we hope to catch up with Patron Michel Roux Jr. if he's not too busy.  We've interviewed Michel's cousin Alain at The Waterside Inn, and his father Michel at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.  Fine Dining at Launceston Place is on the schedule, also Mon Plaisir, London's oldest French restaurant, and more casual options like The Blueprint Cafe, The Modern Pantry & El Pirata de Tapas.  We'll be catching up with old friends Eddie Hart, who with his brother Sam have just opened a new Wine & Cocktail Bar at Quo Vadis & Rowley Leigh at Le Cafe Anglais which has an exciting new Oyster Bar (which we just couldn't pass up).  Bar Boulud and Barbecoa are part of a recent (& continuing) American Invasion - Daniel Boulud & Adam Perry Lang (partnered with English icon Jamie Oliver) - we have just the faintest hope we'll at least get to drop in at London's hottest new table, Dinner by Heston.  And a new luxury lodging & dining adventure is in store for us at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge and its fine restaurant Brasserie Joel.  Good job OTM has great stamina!!  We'll be bringing you interviews from all these spots, starting with February 20th program, so be sure to tune in. 

February 11, 2011
Great Wine Event for a Great Cause-Pittsburgh's Duquesne Club, March 4

The CLO Ambassadors' 14th Annual Wine Tasting & Silent Auction will be held on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 7pm at The Duquesne Club. The event is Co-Chaired by Jennifer Jack of ATI Allegheny Ludlum & Helen Wylie of DDI. Once again, proceeds from this consistently sold-out event benefit Pittsburgh CLO’s http://www.pittsburghclo.org/education. This year's impressive Silent Auction will feature one-of-a-kind packages that include autographed celebrity and sports memorabilia and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Grand Raffle prizes include a luxurious getaway to San Francisco and Napa Wine Country. Highlights of the evening will include live music, fine wines and distinctive hors d'oeuvres.  For tickets go to https://www.pittsburghclo.org/forms/winetasting

February 07, 2011
How do Chefs & Sommeliers really work together? OTM's interview at Quince in San Francisco will enlighten...........
Dining at Quince & its casual sister Cotogna was delightful, and informative besides.  We asked Chef Michael Tusk & Beverage Director David Lynch to relive an entire (fabulous) tasting menu with wine pairings - and this is featured in last Sunday's program.  If the subject interests you, and even if you're not sure it does, we recommend that you listen in.  OTM Audio Archive, program date February 6, 2011.

January 19, 2011
Once upon a time......... Chef Dominique Crenn & Gouge Eye Farm
Thanks to Paulo Lucchese of the SF Chronicle for this great story.  Atelier Crenn opens next week.  Be sure to listen to OTM's interview with Chef-owner Dominique, OTM Audio Archive, Januray 2, 2011.

The tale reads almost like a Hollywood script: Michelin-starred chef meets young waiter with farmer aspirations and then the two become exclusive business partners to eat happily ever after. It's a plot not so unusual in the Bay Area, center of the farm-to-table, read-about-the-farmers-on-menus movement. But this time, at the point of inception neither the restaurant nor the farm was a reality, and in many ways, each needed the other to fulfill their respective visions. Dominique Crenn, chef at Luce in San Francisco's InterContinental Hotel, was in the throes of building her first solo restaurant, the 40-seat Atelier Crenn, in the former PlumpJack Cafe space in the Marina, and was looking for a farm to supply the restaurant with rare, eclectic ingredients. Meanwhile, Greg Glosser had been sporadically supplying Zuni with quince, pomegranate and other produce from his father's ranch in Pleasant Grove (Sutter County), which he and his father, Greg Glosser, dreamed of turning into a full-fledged farm. Glosser stumbled upon the 3-acre property in 1989 and bought it immediately. A former restaurant decor specialist, he has been working on it ever since, restoring original details such as ceiling cloud murals and a 22-foot-tall brick smokehouse. The latter was on the brink of collapse in '89; it's now one of a very few functioning 19th century smokehouses in the country. Crenn recounts the first time she walked into the house. "I was speechless. It was like a Victorian novel unfolding before my eyes," she says. "I feel very fortunate. That's why it's important for me and my team to give them the ability to show what they can do."  The Crenn alliance means the farm can experiment, knowing there's an assured destination. The restaurant is scheduled to open next week, with Gouge Eye supplying roughly 60 percent of the menu, from honey to potatoes to cattails foraged from the swampy environs. Also on the property, and in the Atelier Crenn hopper, are squab, chickens, geese, peacocks and, in the creek, crayfish. Once winter passes and the new harvest comes in, Crenn hopes to get 100 percent of her supplies from the farm, except for fish and some meats. The squab operation will double in size, and Muscovy ducks are en route. Meats and fish will be smoked in the smokehouse. And down the line, there will be peacock meat at Atelier Crenn, too. Crenn says she'll change the menu as often as the farm team dictates, hoping to use anything and everything they provide. "They're the farmers," Crenn says. "They don't work for me. I work for them." Glosser points out that rarities like ground-cherries and Iraqi watermelons have already been planted. "Dominique likes strange ingredients. We don't want to grow things you can buy at Safeway."The partnership is intended to make for a unique, personal restaurant. With a menu that starts at $59 for a three-course meal and goes up to $95 for the tasting menu, it's also an ambitious one, but Crenn is optimistic. "I'm nervous but not too worried. I think the San Francisco palate is amazing and inclined to try new things."

January 18, 2011
6th Annual Charleston Food & Wine Festival, March 3-6
What better time to experience this Charming & Historic City, which is gaining recognition as being among the Top Handful of US Dining Destiantions?  This Festival doesn't stand still!  New events this year are too numerous to mention here, but we're planning an Interview with a Festival Representative so that you'll be able to hear from "The Horse's Mouth" what they think are the best....  In the meantime you can get a summary of the entire festival, ticketing and other details at www.charlestonwineandfood.com, where NEW events are specially marked.  Just to whet your appetite this year's Guest Chefs for the Restauarnt Dine-around on March 4 include New York Stars Michael White, Marea, and Michael Anthony, Grammercy Tavern, Mike Sheerin from OTM's Chicago Favorite Blackbird, and Birmingham Icon Frank Stitt.  There are some great Wine Tastings & Seminars, Craft Beer Dinners and trips into the Hinterland to explore the Region's Bounteous Larder.

January 18, 2011
Congratulations to 2 Fine Authors with Great Books last year
OTM is delighted to recognize Joan Reardon for As Always Julia and Terry Thiese for Reading Between the Vines, both included in Amazon's Top 10 Books of 2010 in the Food Lit category.  Both are "spellbinding" contributions to Food & Wine literature that OTM highly recommends.  If you're in any doubt listen to their Interviews in OTM Audio Archives, December 26, 2010 & December 12, 2010 respectively - then go to OTM Bookshelf to order your copies.

January 17, 2011
OTM agrees with Top Chef that London's a Great Dining Destination!! We'll find out more soon

OTM Afficionados know that London is one of our favorite dining destinations, and that we make an Annual Visit to make sure we're on Top of New Developments. Well now we have a new Ally - none other than Joel Robuchon, once named "chef of the 20th century". He recently confided to a London newspaper he "would argue that London is very possibly the gastronomic capital of the world". "Why? Because it’s only in London that you find every conceivable style of cooking. When it comes to what’s new in cooking, to innovative cuisine, it’s all happening in London." Our 2011 Visit was already in the planning stages. So watch this space for OTM's Report and Interviews with some of the latest & greatest, coming the middle of next month. Yes we hope that we're making you jealous. And of course you'll need to know when you start planning for your 2011 and 2012 visits for The Royal Wedding and Olympic Games. OTM is wondering if William & Kate have us on their list.................


January 11, 2011
Massimo Bottura's Pasta e Fagioli & More!!
OTM was thrilled to read reference to Chef Massimo of Modena's Osteria Francescana in a recent article "New Generation of Italian Chefs shake up Classics".  See http://www.rep-am.com/articles/2011/01/05/lifestyle/travel/531083.txt.  We've had the pleasure of dining with Massimo on two occasions, most recently in 2008 - hear his Interview under Program Date Sep 14, 2008.  With all the recent publicity surrounding who is ranked as "Best" Chef & Restaurant around the World it's getting harder to keep track......  But OTM has NO DOUBT that Chef Massimo is among a Handful who truly are "The Best".  So of you're traveling to Italy in search of the BEST, you MUST include Osteria Francescana in your plans to understand the Culinary Renaissance now taking place - and Chef Massimo's dishes are as DELICIOUS as they are DIFFERENT.

January 09, 2011
Cold River Bartender's Bash - Portland ME, Feb 28
Join in the celebration of The Spirit of Maine at the 2nd Annual Cold River Bartenders Bash! When, February 28, 5-8.30PM, Where, 14 Ocean Gateway Pier.  What, enjoy cocktails made with Cold River Vodkas and Cold River Gin by 15 of Maine's top mixologists, and vote on your favorite. We'll award cash prizes to the first, second and third place People's Choice winners.  Outstanding potato-themed hors d'oeuvres from area culinary talent and live classic blues and rock tunes by the Ken Grimsley Band round out a fantastic evening.  The 2nd Annual Cold River Bartenders Bash is proudly sponsored by Maine Magazine, the Maine Restaurant Association, Maine Beverage Company, Maine Home + Design, Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bow Street Distributing & Better Bread Company.  Get tickets online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/142950.
For additional information, visit
http://tinyurl.com/2de37db.  And by the way it's GREAT Vodka and Gin - OTM sampled it on the spot at the Cold River Distillery this summer.

January 08, 2011
Habitat at Fairmont Pittsburgh - there really is a FREE LUNCH
Don't believe those who say there's no such thing as...........  Habitat at the elegant new Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh invites you to enjoy "Instant Replay", just announced by Executive Chef Andrew Morrison.  Here's how it works.  Go to Lunch, make sure you keep the receipt.  Then return another day and receive lunch for free up to the cost for your first meal.  A great deal, and a great meal!!  Chef tells OTM he's adding some new items on his Winter Menu like Short Rib stuffed Pierogies, stir-fried Mongolian Beef, and (this one's for Peter) Fish & Chips.  Instant Replay is offered Monday through Friday until January 31.  So what are you waiting for!!  For more information www.habitatrestaurant.com or call 412 773 8848.

January 07, 2011
Where Have We Been? OTM spent a wonderful Xmas season in San Francisco
How do they do it - the Restaurant Community in San Francisco?  Even though we stayed away from great favorites Gary Danko, Jardiniere, Boulevard, Michael Mina, Fleur de Lys, Incanto, etc. we had a Fine Dining Time in the City by the Bay.  We  discovered or rediscovered 5 Chefs who are not just Great, we venture to suggest they are Important in the futher development of California Cuisine.  Daniel Patterson at Coi has opinions that are as fascinating as his menu; Michael Tusk at Quince (in a new location) & Cotogna, a new casual concept right next door has a great new Beverage program headed by Italian Wine Guru David Lynch (formerly of NYC's Babbo & John Dory), with a Great Staff directed by Michael's Wife & Partner Lindsay & GM Kristina, who welcomed us like old friends as soon as we walked into Cotogna for lunch.  Chef Thomas McNaughton at Flour+Water spent time working with Chef Tusk, and it shows.  At Quince we had (tiny) portions of 4 different Pastas, at Flour+Water our memory says there were 5 Pastas - we ate every bite, even Ann - and the best word to describe?  Ethereal!!  Chef Dominique Crenn, now at Luce in the Intercontinental Hotel associates her dishes with Poetry, and she'll soon be doing her thing at her very own place, Atelier Crenn, planned opening this month.  Splendid Poetry!!  Joshua Skenes at Saison didn't even bother to mention that his restaurant won a Michelin star this year, he's just too busy working wonders in an Open Kitchen bigger than the seating area.  His partner & Sommelier Mark Wright spent 4 years learning from "Uber-Sommlier" Rajat Parr of Michael Mina Group including RN74.  His wine pairing is Magical - imagine a California Rose or a German Pinot Noir with Radishes - we tried & enjoyed BOTH.  Last but by no means least Charles Phan's Slanted Door delighted us once again with exciting Asian flavors coupled with Fabulous California ingredients, both vegetables & proteins.

But OTM had another "Mission", to explore more casual dining options outside the city center.  At Marlowe in the SOMA dsitrict near AT&T Park, the owner "Kiwi" (New Zealand native) Anna Weinberg and Chef Jennifer Puccio have been attracting a lot of attention and rightly so.  Also in SOMA but much closer to Market Bruce Hill at Zero Zero has built on his experience with his Marin County Pizzeria to create what he calls Calipolitan cuisine.  Reservations recommended at both of these spots, which have strong local following.  At The Summit in the Mission District High-tech and Venture Capitalism meet with Coffee, Patries, Sandwiches, Salads & a small menu of Specialty dishes like Mushrooms with Cadouvan & long-braised Spare Ribs.  Also in the Mission, partners Michael Pierce & Scott Youkilis teamed up to found Maverick, where Chef Matt Brimer's menu combines traditional "comfort" foods with his own innovative dishes; not satisfied with his success here Scott started a new place, Hog & Rocks, specializing in Gourmet Hams from the USA, Spain & Italy, with Oysters from both US coasts, and some other great dishes like Fish & Chips (best we've had outside the UK), and a traditional Cincinatti breakfast treat, Goetta.  Sunday Brunch is tops here.  Take the F vintage streetcar along Market Street to the edge of Castro for Pizza, Pasta, Salads and a Great Burger at Starbelly, recently established by the owners of Beretta, where Chef Adam Timney's menu is sure to please, and you can dine "Al Fresco" with heat lamps on when temperature dictates.   And if you're looking for the most out of the way restaurants in the Union Square vicinity, Gitane and Cafe Claude (same owner) occupy narrow one-block long Claude Lane, just off Sutter Street near Kearney.  Don't believe rumors that Pastry Queen Elizabeth Faulkner has closed her iconic Citizen Cake - it's alive and well, re-opened in last November on Fillmore, amidst an area of smart boutique shops.  Nine days of dining before and after Xmas Day left us sated but also exhilerated by with all these great dining experiences.  What did we do on Xmas - on a VERY rainy day we enjoyed a luxurious Buffet at Azul in the smart Hotel Nikko. 

Tune in to interviews at most of these places in OTM Audio Archives, program dates January 2, 9 & 16, and make plans to follow in our knife and fork prints.

December 14, 2010
Gourmand World's Best Cookbook Contestants announced
OTM congratulates Amanda Hesser as the USA nominee for her great The Essential NY Times Cookbook - hear her talk about it in OTM Audio Archives, program date November 14, 2010.  The UK nominee is Rene Redzepi for Noma, and we're hot on his trail for an interview when he can spare the time from his World's Best Restaurant of the same name in Copenhagen - his publisher is Phaidon in the UK in case you're wondering why he isn't the nominee fro Denmark.  A short list of finalists in these awards will be announced next month and the winner at the Paris Cookbook Fair on March 3.  Watch OTM News for updates........

December 14, 2010
In NYC for the Holidays? Go Avroko!
OTM's old friends at Avroko have some great events planned for the season.  Public will be open for Dinner Xmas Eve, for the first time, and they're having a big New Year's Eve party at Double Crown.  For details on combined tickets for both events email kimberly@public-nyc.com

December 03, 2010
Bubbles in time for Christmas at Pittsburgh's Habitat Restaurant - Dec 15
Habitat Restaurant at Fairmont Pittsburgh will host a Champagne Dinner for 50 guests on December 15th at 7:00 p.m. The five-course dinner will feature Möet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Dom Perignon. "Guests attending the Champagne Dinner can expect a very sophisticated and intimate evening," says Executive Chef Andrew Morrison. "We’ve put a lot of thought into the menu and have chosen dishes that highlight the complex flavors of some of the best champagnes in the world." The five-course tasting menu, served in Habitat’s dynamic open kitchen area, includes the following: First Course - Warm Potato Salad with Caviar, Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs; Second Course - Caramelized Diver Scallop with Grapefruit and Parsnip, Möet & Chandon Brut Imperial; Third Course - Miso Glazed Black Cod with Lentils Du Puy and Carrots, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label; Cheese - Thomas Ville Tomme, CamenBAAA, Red Hawk, Preserved Fruits, 1999 Dom Perignon; Dessert - Vanilla Bean Flan with Chai Poached Pears, Almond Pain de Genes, Salted Marzipan Crisps and Golden Raisin Dried Apricot Puree, Möet & Chandon Nectar Rose. Price of the dinner is $150/person (+tax/gratuity) and self-parking is included. For reservations, call Habitat at 412.773.8848 or visit http://www.habitatrestaurant.com.

December 02, 2010
There's something really
Recent OTM Guest Angela Miller and her team at of Consider Bardwell Farm just brought home three medals — including a gold — from the prestigious World Cheese Awards held last week in the UK; Manchester – GOLD WINNER, Semi-hard goats’ milk cheese - a rustic mountain cheese with a nutty and earthy bite that typifies the unique terroir of the farm with milk from its herd of rotationally grazed goats, the cheese is made by setting the curd with a native culture derived from the milk of a single goat named Dandelion. Aging in the farm’s caves further enhances the singular flavor of this cheese; Pawlet – SILVER WINNER, Semi-hard cheese, small farm or dairy - An Italian-style, versatile toma, raw cow's milk, with a creamy texture, broad palate appeal, and bright bite; Dorset - SILVER WINNER, Soft cheese, small farm or dairy - A soft ripening cheese with a rich, buttery texture and seasonally influenced pungency; it makes an elegant appetizer or dessert, available year-round. We've sampled all these cheeses and can testify that they are world class.  The Awards, the Oscars of Cheese, were announced on November 27th in Birmingham, England. The event was comprised of more than 300 judges, including leading cheese buyers, retail experts, chefs, and food journalists. Over 2,600 cheeses from over 26 countries including the UK, Europe, the USA, South Africa, and Australia competed. For more information about the Awards visit: http://www.finefoodworld.co.uk/content/WorldCheeseAwards/100.html, about Consider Bardwell Farm visit: http://www.considerbardwellfarm.com. And you can listen to Angela in person in OTM Audio Archives, program date November 28, 2010. OTM is proud of Angela and her colleagues!!

November 16, 2010
San Sebastian Gastronomika Nov 21-24
Oh how we wish OTM could be there.  We hope that some of you, our listeners, will make it - and let us know how great it was!  But if you can't make it you can hear half of the 30 "The Chosen 2010" celebrities who'll be at Gastronimika in OTM Audio Archives.  Andoni Luis Aduriz, program date November 2, 2008; Colman Andrews October 10, 2010; Juan Mari & Elena Arzak, November 2, 2008; Martin Berasategui, Novemver 2, 2008; Massimo Bottura, September 14, 2008; Daniel Boulud, December 24, 2006; David Chang, June 15, 2008; Quique Dacosta, November 8, 2009; Thomas Keller, most recently May 9, 2010; Francis Paniego, November 2, 2008; Neil Perry, April 13, 2008; Carme Ruscalleda, August 6, 2006.  More info about the festival at www.sansebastiangastronomika.com.

November 12, 2010
Top 10 Young Chefs in Europe named by WSJ's Bruce Palling
We especially wanted to note that OTM Guest Brett Graham - OTM Audio Archives April 1, 2007 - is included.  He seems to be on everyone's list these days!  And OTM knows why - his restaurant, The Ledbury, in London's trendy Notting Hill neighborhood, is a beautiful place with a wonderful creative menu. You must go! The only problem you'll have is getting a reservation.  Best bet will be to follow OTM's strategy and go to lunch.  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703514904575601792825186982.html?mod=googlenews_wsj will show you details of all 10 Chefs. 

November 05, 2010
Justin Severino at Elements Goes the WHOLE HOG, November 17
Executive Chef Justin Severino, the exciting new Chef at Elements Contemporary Cuisine invites guests to a unique dinner event that is all about the pig. On Wednesday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m., Justin will host "The Whole Hog" dinner event, where the featured menu item is a whole hog provided by River View Farm. Justin tells OTM "I love cooking with pork and utilizing all parts of the hog," said Severino. "This event really allowed me to be creative with the menu, and will hopefully introduce diners to new flavors and combinations that they would not typically experience when eating pork." Since OTM just enjoyed a half kilogram of Porchetta for Lunch, eaten in the main Piazza in Pienza, we're anxious to compare Justin's version. During the dinner, Chef Severino will prepare & serve these menu items— a starter platter of Salumi, Preserves, Pickles; Pate Ciccioli; Cotechino; Manicotti "Coppa di Testa"; Porchetta and Apple Crostata. The Whole Hog dinner event will be held at Elements Contemporary Cuisine, located in Four Gateway Center at 444 Liberty Avenue. The cost for the dinner is $65 per person, which includes a six-course family-style meal. An optional $20 wine pairing is also available. Seating is very limited. To order tickets, please follow the link and instructions under "special events" at the Elements Contemporary Cuisine Web site, www.elementscuisine.com, or call 412-999-9716 for more information.

November 04, 2010
4th Annual Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival is November 12 at Heinz Field-We'll see you there!
The 4th Annual Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival will be held in the West Club Lounge at Heinz Field on Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. This unique event offers people the opportunity to sample more than 200 varieties of the finest spirits in the world. During the event, the West Club Lounge will be transformed into a speakeasy from the 1920s and 30’s while a live jazz band performs, creating a fun and relaxing environment for people to taste some of the world’s finest whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila and cordials. Join OTM enjoy Pittsburgh's finest night of sampling and socializing as some of the top mixologists in the nation create new and interesting cocktails. Food will be served so people can enjoy responsibly.

Tickets can be purchased online at http://pittsburghwhiskeyfestival.com. Prices are $85 in advance and $95 at the door. Discounted tickets ($70) are available in advance at Harris Grill in Shadyside (412.362.5273) and Cioppino in the Strip (412.281.6593). Designated Driver tickets will also be available at the door for $42.50.

November 03, 2010
Bloomberg's Top 100 UK Restaurant Rankings contains a Few Surprises!!
Perhaps the most dramatic is the selection of Gidleigh Park, Chagford Devon at #1, pushing The Fat Duck to rnd place.  We love Gidleigh Chef Michael Caines, and think he is a Wonderful Chef and an Inspiring Young Man, but ranking above World's #2 (according to the San Pellegrino Top 50) Heston Blumenthal - we think not.  Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley Hotel, London at #3 is now getting the recognition he deserves (people say, it's 1 of 3 of the Top 10 OTM has never tried), but Gordon Ramsay, his former mentor relegated to #52, really?  Completing out the top 10 in descending order; The Ledbury, Notting Hill London, where Chef Brett Graham won a 2nd Michelin Star this year; The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire, nearing a 30th year with 3 Michelin Stars, hadn't lost a step based on our visit last year with Alain Roux firmly in command; next Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir, near Oxford, which continues to delight us whenever we go; Le Gavroche, owned by brother & cousin of Waterside Inn's Roux family is said to set the standard for fine French cuisine in the Capital; L'Enclume in remote Cartmel, Cumbria, was a HUGE find for OTM when we discovered it almost a decade ago, and Chef Simon Rogan's fame continues to grow; One-O-One "lights up" a dowdy Sheraton Hotel & Casino in fancy Knightsbridge - it's widely considered the best seafood place in London, and OTM certainly thinks so; and rounding out the Top 10 is Edinburgh's The Kitchin.  OTM Favorites too numerous to mention are included in the list, but you'll find all our favorites in London on the page of that name in OTM Favorite Stuff.

October 29, 2010
Guinness is Good for You - Now Even Better
"Guinness is Good for You" was the Advertising Slogan familiar to Peter growing up in England - ad messages didn't change for decades "back in the day".  Furthermore a member of the Guinness family received his degree from the Chancellor of the University of Cambridge right next to Peter - an alphabetical coincidence.  He just read that American Guinness Lovers have been shortchanged for years.  The first Guinness to reach the USA was the original recipe, known as Foreign Extra Stout, but this disappeared during Prohibition and for some reason never returned.  Instead Americans have had to accept "Draft Guinness" a pale reflection of the real thing.  Well no more!!  The Brewer has just reumed exporting Foreign Extra to the USA - and about time!!

October 25, 2010
Nobody Knows Lamb like the Jamisons - Now you can Learn from them
New this fall, OTM's great friends Sukey & John are offering group as well as private cooking classes all about "Lamb", of course Jamison Farm Lamb. Go to the farm, enjoy the evening, savor a delicious dinner and learn all about lamb. November 13, 2010: Leg of Lamb, three ways: Take the mystery out of cooking a leg of lamb. Try it grilled, braised and roasted to experience the delicious flavors of the leg of lamb! See the lamb being butchered, then prepared and finally enjoyed in a delicious meal. December 4, 2010: Party Braises: Lamb shank , shoulder and stew shine as party favorites. Braises are simple, flavorful, delicious and best of all, make ahead main courses. Each class is $50/person including demo, lamb dinner, recipes and stories by John. BYO wine. For more information email sukey@jamisonfarm.com or call 724-834-7424.

October 11, 2010
Michelin & Zagat Picks in NYC just announced
Wow, some really interesting Stars in the new Guide Michelin for NYC.  Top of the list Brooklyn's Brooklyn Fare gets 2 Stars in its first year of opening, and Queens gets its first recognition, a Star for Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen in Forest Hills.  It's no surprise that Chef Michael White's Marea gets 2 Stars in its second year, it's just SO GREAT, more surprising 2 Stars for Soto & Kajitsu, which had 1.  Aldea, the Breslin, A Voce, Dovetail, Madison & Laut are newly minted 1 Star/  We won't mention those which lost.  In Zagat Le Bernadin beat out Per Se & others to win the top rating, we concur - congratulations Eric & team.

October 10, 2010
Barbecoa opens in London, promising a "Meatfest"
Food Celebrity Jamie Oliver teamed with NYC-based Barbecue Wizard Adam Perry Lang (On the Menu Audio Archives May 30, 2010) to launch this new venture opening November 3 in a new City of London development called One New Change, with a great view of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Wood Pits, Robata Grills & Tandoor Ovens will be used to prepare Meat & Fish sourced from Small Farms & Farming Cooperatives across the UK, and there'll be a Butcher on duty.  Adam Perry spoke to OTM about this, and it promises something new for London Diners.  No website yet that we could find, but expect one soon.

October 10, 2010
Edible Garden in NYC features many friends of OTM this month
The final month of New York Botanical Garden's Edible Garden project has a real all-star line up; Lidia Bastianich, Bill Telepan, Michel Nischan. Mario Batali, Michael Psilakis, Marc Forgione, Todd English & Sara Kenkins.  But hurry!!  The season ends October 17.  More info at www.nybg.org.

October 09, 2010
Join OTM at Cystic Fibrosis Pittburgh's Passion for Wine November 6

What do you get when you bring a fabulously dressed crowd, a glittering space (the PPG Wintergarden), fine wine & great food from Sonoma Grille?  Yes, it's the Cystic Fibrosis Pittsburgh Passion for wine event, coming back soon.  OTM would love to see you there!  Dress is Black-tie optional, but trust us - this is a real Dress-Up event so just wear your most glamorous outfit.  There's an excellent Silent Auction including some great Books from OTM's collection, and a live wine auction. 

Get more details at http://www.cff.org/Chapters/wpa/ChapterEvents/index.cfm?ID=15332&blnShowBack=True&idContentType=1511&Event=15332, or call 412 321 4422. 

October 07, 2010
Great chance to try newly arrived Chef Justin Severino
Gateway Center's new Dining Jewel has just announced that it is partnering with Wild Purveyors to host a family-style dinner created and prepared by Elements’ Executive Chef, Justin Severino.  The dinner is part of Wild Purveyor’s "Table Terroir" Pennsylvania dinner series, and will bring together sustainably grown, natural ingredients, the passionate farmers that grow the ingredients and a local chef that will connect diners with the foods and flavors of our region.  Scheduled for Wednesday, October 20 at 6 p.m., the dinner will be held in the flower-bedecked patio courtyard located at Four Gateway Center at 444 Liberty Avenue.  A portion of the proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (P.A.S.A.), a nonprofit organization working to improve the economic and social prosperity of Pennsylvania food and agriculture.  "This multi-course dinner will showcase quality food and beverages from a variety of local growers and purveyors," said Severino.  "It’s always been important to me to support our farmers and community, and I hope that dinners such as this one will make others passionate about the sustainable food movement."   "The goal of our Table Terroir dinner series is to provide an exceptional local meal in a setting that enhances the unique food experience, while also benefiting a local charity and creating awareness about our farming community," said Cavan Patterson, managing partner, Wild Purveyors.  "We know that Justin and Elements Contemporary Cuisine are committed to a farm-to-table philosophy.  Partnering with them for this dinner event was a natural fit, and we are confident that it will be an enjoyable evening for everyone."  Seating is very limited.  To order tickets, please follow the link and instructions under “special events” at the Elements Contemporary Cuisine Web site, www.elementscuisine.com, or call 412-475-9512 for more information.  Tickets can also be purchased at www.TableTerroir.com.  Do this right away as OTM is sure interest will be high.

September 29, 2010
OTM is still Euphoric about Greenville SC
OTM is just back from the GREAT Euphoria Food-Wine-Music event, and we'll be featuring some of the stars in next Sunday's program.  But we just had to let you know about the ADMIRABLE community involvement story that Euphoria represents.  Restaurateur Carl "Soby" Sobocinski and Music sensation Edwin McCain founded the event 5 years ago as a way to benefit the city they call home, and they're doing it "in Spades".   And of all the hundreds of volunteers OTM wants to single out Nancy Smith who commanded a fleet of BMW SUVs that were at the disposal of the Chefs, Media and other Celebrities in attendance.  Nancy we know you said that we shouldn't, you were just doing your job - well we couldn't resist recognizing the great service you provided.  Listeners, mark your calendars for next year's Euphoria, September 23-27, and we'll see you there!!

September 22, 2010
Superstar Pastry Chef David Guas opening Bayou Bakery, Arlington VA
It's official!! When we talked with David, OTM Audio Archives, program date Dec 20, 2009, he told us this was in the works. Opening is set for late October. Here's how its described "A nostalgic tribute to his New Orleans hometown, his "homey, deep South Cafe" will open in the Court House neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia in late October 2010. Plenty of vintage Louisiana character sets the scene for Guas' comfortable community gathering spot - topped off with a selection of Counter Culture coffees - from chicory and espresso, to iced coffee and cafe au lait, brewed to complement the savory and sweet, all-day menu." Go to the website, www.bayoubakeryva.com for more details and an exact date. And save some calories for what's sure to be delicious.

September 19, 2010
Pittsburgh Welcomes Chef Andrew Morrison & Acclaimed Author Mark Bittman
OTM wants to let you know about both these great Culinary Characters;  Chef Andrew Morrison of Habitat Restaurant at The Fairmont Hotel is a fairly recent arrival, and cooking up a great menu with emphasis on Local & Sustainable; Mark Bittman is one of America's best known Cookbook Authors, his "How to Cook........." series should be on everyone's Kitchen Bookshelf........ and probably is.  Great News Pittsburgh Diners, you can hear interviews with both of them on next Sunday's (September 26) program, and join them for a Tasting Menu of recipes from Mark's latest book The Food Matters Cookbook.  But you'd better hurry, because the Dinner is September 28, at Habitat.  Get more information on how to reserve at http://www.habitatrestaurant.com/#events&sub=12

September 16, 2010
Zagat London rates The Ledbury #1
OTM is delighted to read about further recognition for Brett Graham's wonderful restaurant.  Next time we're in London we plan to go back to find out what if anything has changed since we "discovered" The Ledbury back in 2007.  In the meantime you can listen to Brett's interview - OTM Audio Archives, program date April 1, 2007.  And go try it for yourself. 

September 12, 2010
Rockpool Sydney wins 4 Major Wine List Awards
OTM had the chance to interview founder Neil Perry on our last OZ trip - OTM Audio Archives, program date April 13, 2008. Now we recognize a recent major achievement - the just announced Fine Wine Partners and Gourmet Traveller WINE’s 2010 Australian Wine List of the Year Awards, in which Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne scooped four major awards including ‘Overall Winner of the 2010 Australia’s Wine List of the Year’, ‘Best Restaurant List’, ‘Best List in Victoria’ and ‘The Judy Hirst Award’, won by Sommelier David Lawler. In announcing Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne as the winner in these four categories, the judges praised the restaurant’s wine list saying that it showcases some of the best wines that the world has to offer, from the iconic wines to the lesser known, and is inviting, exciting and superbly balanced. Owners Neil Perry, Trish Richards and David Doyle were thrilled with these awards and commended the restaurant’s dedicated wine team, led by David Lawler and Tim Sacklin who, over the past four years, have assembled the list that features over 1,500 different wines. "Last year was all about Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney but this year, the focus is firmly on Melbourne, which is great recognition for all the hard work that David Lawler and his team have done to create and manage such an outstanding list," says Perry. Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney, which took out five awards last year and is in the Hall of Fame, received ‘3 Glasses’ for its list of over 3,600 wines. Similarly, Rockpool Sydney was also commended for its wine list receiving ‘3 Glasses’ and recognition as being ‘one of the greatest wine lists. OTM says be sure to go to both Sydney & Melbourne Rockpool's during your next down-under dining adventure!!

September 11, 2010
Next Monday Celebrate Gulf Seafood NOLA Style
They say you never want too many chefs in a kitchen, but they never mentioned a shrimp boat! On Monday, September 13, 2010 an unprecedented event will partner The White House and Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion Board while White House executive chef Cris Comerford  is joined by Louisiana chefs—John Folse-Folse & Company, John Besh- Besh Restaurant Group, Chris Lusk- Café Adelaide, Drew Dzejak-The Grill Room, Chip Flanagan- Ralph's on the Park; Christopher Lynch-Meson 923, Baruch Rabasa- Meson 923, Spencer Minch - Emeril’s Delmonico, and Greg Reggio - Zea's restaurant/Tastebuds, Inc. Not limiting the efforts to Louisiana, chef Comerford reeled in an elite group of chefs from around the country: Wesley True—Alabama (2010 Second place winner in Great American Seafood Cook-Off); Rick Tramonto—Chicago (2010 Judge at the Great American Seafood Cook-Off); Tafari Campbell—The White House (2008 Third place winner in Great American Seafood cook-off); DC; Robert Wiedmaier—Washington, DC (2009 Judge at Great American Seafood Cook-Off; Jeff Tunks—Washington, DC (2007 and 2010 Judge at Great American Seafood Cook-Off) ; Victor Albisu—Washington, DC; Michelle Bernstein—Miami, FL; Michael Schwartz—Miami, FL; Peter Vauthy—Miami, FL; James Siao – Scottsdale, AZ; Brandon Boudet—Los Angeles, CA; Vishwesh Bhatt - Oxford, MS; Dean Dupuis - Oakland, CA; and Chester Gerl—Seattle, WA. The Food Network took the bait and jumped right in to support Louisiana fishermen and Gulf seafood awareness with The Cooking Channel stars Al Roker (My Life in Food), Kelsey Nixon (Kelsey & Spike Cook), and Lee Anne Wong (Unique Eats).All will gatherin New Orleans to attend a briefing at the Southern Food & Beverage Museumled by FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, and Dr. Jon W. Bell, professor at the LSU AgCenter Department of Food Science,to learn about the extensive work the federal and state governments are developing to ensure that Louisiana seafood remains safe and delicious.

September 08, 2010
Good Taste Pittsburgh comes to Monroeville November 6

With food as entertainment, and the kitchen as the theater, GoodTaste! Pittsburgh
brings you the best of the best in food and cooking in one fun, food-filled day, and more. Take home a new skill from our hands-on workshops, shop for holiday gifts for the foodies in your life, enjoy the rich bounties from the region’s fields and take home recipes from your favorite chef and local restaurants.  There is something for everyone at this event…from the cooking show
enthusiast to the weekend gourmet!  www.goodtastepittsburgh.com/home.html

September 07, 2010
Exciting new Restaurant Openings in London, OTM's favorite Dining City
On the heels of Daniel Boulud's opening of Bar Boulud in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, www.barboulud.com/barbouludLondon.html.  OTM is delighted to hear that 2 of our London favorites are opening new places, and a 3rd has a major remodeling.  Heston Blumenthal, perhaps OTM's all-time favorite Chef, will be opening Dinner with Heston Blumenthal alongside, www.mandarinoriental.com/london/dining/.  There's another website with more details if you do an Internet search. Anthony Demetre & Will Smith of Arbutus & Wild Honey are about to launch Les Deux Salons, www.lesdeuxsalons.co.uk/, and Rowley Leigh's Le Cafe Anglais has finished a refurbishment which includes a spectacular Oyster Bar, www.lecafeanglais.co.uk/.  OTM's interviews of these great Chef-Restaurateurs can be heard in OTM Audio Archives.  We'll bring back new interviews after our next trip to London.

September 06, 2010
Savor Pittsburgh - what a night it was!!!
OTM promised you a splendid "bash" & Savor Pittsburgh, September 2, did not disappoint.  Be sure to watch for next year's event so you don't miss it - this year was a sell-out.  OTM was working, as you can see. www.wpxi.com/slideshow/24863426/detail.htmlindex.html?currentSlide=17&taf=burg.

September 05, 2010
Duskie Estes - crack chef & one of OTM's favorite people on Iron Chef, Oct 3 - don't miss it!
Chef & Co-owner Duskie Estes of Zazu Restaurant in Santa Rosa CA will do battle on The Next Iron Chef, see www.foodnetwork.com/the-next-iron-chef/index.html for details.  You can hear Duskie talk about her "down to earth" approach to cuisine in OTM's Sept 16, 2007 & Oct 29, 2006 programs.  And when you're in the Napa-Sonoma vicinity make sure you head for Zazu & also Bovolo in downtown Healdsburg.  True to Duskie's "community spirit" 100% of the proceeds of a special viewing of the Iron Chef will go to the Ceres Project, an organization that delivers meals to home bound people with cancer, prepared by high school students www.ceresproject.org.  And by the way if you can plan to be in Santa Rosa, this is sure to be ONE GREAT PARTY!  Way to go Duskie, you're the winner already!

August 31, 2010
Best New Restaurants 2010 - Portland OR scores again, plus NYC & Boston
OTM is delighted to see recognition for 3 of Bon Appetit's 10 Best Restaurants 2010.  Heading the list is Portland's Laurelhurst Market - hear our interview with Chef-Owner David Kreifels - OTM Audio Archives October 11, 2009.  Next NYC's Marea, where Chef Michael White also snared James Beard Best New Restaurant earlier this year.  Then Boston where Barabara Lynch adds more kudos for her new fine dining restaurant Menton - hear her interview in May 16, 2010's program.  The entire feature is worth reading, at www.bonappetit.com/magazine/toc/september_2010_toc

August 28, 2010
Recognition for Portland OR Chef
Castagna’s young executive chef Matt Lightner will soon be juggling multiple culinary gigs in different time zones – from Copenhagen Cooking 2010 on August 29th to a James Beard Dinner on September 1st.  As a recent James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef semifinalist and one of Food & Wine Magazine’s 2010 Best New Chefs, Lightner is turning heads for his edgy farm to table style where vegetables, herbs and botanicals often take center stage. Closer to home, Castagna received the Oregonian’s 2010 Restaurant of the Year award and Lightner was a guest chef at Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic.

Nordic Cooking in Copenhagen
Lightner will be one of six international guest chefs chosen to cook at this year’s Copenhagen Cooking 2010 at the Copenhagen Hospitality College on August 29, 2010. The Nordic Academy of Culinary Leisure (NaCl) organizes showcooking events throughout the year hosted by some of Denmark’s bright new chefs, who have all worked at Michelin restaurants abroad. The association is a “playground for chefs and a forum for unlimited gastronomic creativity.” Lightner spent a month at Noma in Copenhagen after cooking at Mugaritz in Spain. Lightner will prepare a dish featuring carrots from the Lammefjorden area of Denmark made up of ancient seabeds. He will serve the carrots with wild herbs and an edible sea bed of buttermilk and oysters, and the juice of the sea buckthorn which will imitate the natural juices of the carrot.
Oregon meets Manhattan at James Beard House
Lightner will prepare his first NY dinner at the James Beard House on Wednesday, September 1st with a multi-course menu served alongside premier Oregon wines. For reservations, please visit www.jamesbeard.org.

August 22, 2010
2010 "Oyster Wine Award" Winners Announced
Jon Rowley & Bill Taylor of Taylor Shellfish Farms organize this large and gruelling search for the Best Wines to pair with Bi-valves.  They just announced the names of the 10 wines that "made the cut".  4 are from Oregon, Acrobat 08 Pinot Gris, Anne Amie 09 Pinot Gris & 09 Cuvee A Muller-Thurgau, King Estate* 08 Pinot Gris.  3 from Washington, Chateau Ste Michelle** 08 Sauvignon Blanc, CMS 08 White & Columbia Winery* 08 Pinot Gris.  # from California, Franciscan Estates 08 Sauvignon Blanc, Heitz Cellars 09 Sauvignon Blanc & Kunde Family** 09 Sauvignon Blanc.  * prior winner, ** multiple prior winner.  Jon thanks for all your work on the VERY important subject.  

August 21, 2010
Fun Facts about Food Preserving - Napolean & Clarence Birdseye
In an upcoming program we include an interview about Village Harvest, a new brand of "ultra-frozen" grains like rice & quinoa.  This got us to thinking about great inventions in food preservation, so we did a little research.  Most people don't know that the Birdseye brand is named for Clarence Birdseye, who invented and patented a new method for freezing foods, based on what he learned while ice-fishing with the Inuits.  Canning as earlier means ; check this out at www.associatedcontent.com/article/1788028/history_of_canned_food.html.  Napolean launched a contest for a solution to the food storage problems of his armies in 1795, and Nicolas Appert won the prize in 1809 by inventing "canning".  Clarence sold his patents for $22 million, Nicolas got only 12,000 Francs.  Aren't you glad that you know? 


August 19, 2010
What's Shochu? In Japan it's more popular than Sake!
Shochu is "all the rage" in Japan, OTM learns from Tetsu Mogi of JFC International - hear his interview in our August 22 program.  Originally invented in the 16th Century through the influence of Portugese traders (the first Europeans to reach Japan), Shochu has been making a huge comeback in popularity in the last decade, after a long period of decline due to poor quality and a reputation for being "old-fashioned".  Beniotome Goma Shochu, now available in the USA through JFC International (www.jfc.com), is one of the finest Shochus, with a unique flavor of Sesame Seeds (Goma).  Shochus may be based on barley, buckwheat & sweet potatoes as well as the traditional wheat & rice.  Typically drunk throughout a meal in Japan, it has displaced Sake as the country's most popular alcoholic beverage.  Enjoy it here in the USA as the Japanese do, or try it in a cocktail or as an after dinner alternative to Cognac.  For information about availability at bars, restaurants & liquor stores contact JFC, email info@jfc.com.

August 18, 2010
Wine Tasting & Seminars at Euphoria Greenville, September 23-26
An appreciation of wine does not have to be an expensive talent to obtain and cultivate. You can learn this and more by attending Euphoria’s Wine Seminars hosted by some of the premier Master Sommeliers in the country. They’ll also be pouring more than 100 wines at the tasting showcase, just the ticket for refining your palate and widening your knowledge of the grape. This year's featured Sommeliers are:
Wayne Belding - Member, Court of Master Sommeliers since 1990; Prestigious Krug Cup winner; Owner, "The Wine Merchant" in Boulder, CO.  Wayne's Seminar will be on Food & Wine Pairing. 

Laura Williamson - Member of the Court of Master Sommeliers since 2003; Certified Wine Educator; Co-owner of "Vin Tabla", Tuscon, AZ.  Her Seminar topic is Wine & Chocolate.

Brian Cronin - Master Sommelier since 2005, Spire Collection; San Francisco, CA.  Seminar topic Mediterranean Magic

For more information go to www.euphoriagreenville.com, and OTM will see you there

August 15, 2010
Elements Farm Dinner Series is canceled until we hear further
Late News - we hope that the organizers reached those of you who intended to attend this evening.  If you attended or watched last night's Steeler game you know that the cancellation was prudent, even though today's weather decided to be cooperative.  When we find out about rescheduling, we'll let you know...........

August 14, 2010
Friends of OTM are Finalists for 2010 Sustainability Awards
Chef's Collaborative just announced  Finalists for their new  Sustainability Awards.  www.chefscollaborative.org/summit//awards.  Chef Ana Sortun of fabulous Cambridge MA Oleana is nominated as a model for purchase & transformation of seasonal-sustainable ingredients; Jon Rowley of Washington State Taylor Shellfish Farms for Pathfinder Award for "being an Catalyst for Positive Change within the Food System through efforts that go beyond the Kitchen, and Allison Hooper & Bob Reese of Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery for Foodshed Champion "committed to forming successful, lasting partnerships with Chefs, exemplifying principles such as - Good Food begins with unpolluted air/land/water, environmentally sustainable farming, humane animal husbandry..........  Congratulations to these nominees and all the other worthies.  Winners will be announced at CC's National Summit on October 4 - and here in a News Item as soon as we hear.

August 14, 2010
Jamison Farms & Fred Rogers Center team up for a great event - Ewe are Special
Suki & John of Jamison Farms are "at it again"; this time teaming up with the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning & Childrens Media in Latrobe for a Truly Outstanding Culinary Experience, in the Bucolic Atmosphere at their Farmhouse.  Famed out of town Chefs Jesse Ziff Cool from Palo Alto, Louis Osteen from Nashville & Bruce Sherman from Chicago will join Greg Andrews of Greensburg's The Supper Club.  We suspect there will be Lamb on the menu.  Contact the FR Center at (724) 805-2750 or info@fredrogerscenter.org.

August 12, 2010
Elements' Special Dinners at McConnell's Farm in Aliquippa

Sunday, August 15 4:30pm until sundown. Don't miss out on this Special Event, first in the "ELEMENTS OF NATURE" Dinner Series. Join Executive Chef, Justin Severino and the Elements Cuisine team for a reflection of the food and flavors of western Pennsylvania. They are working with a variety of local growers and purveyors to secure the freshest, local ingredients possible. Space is limited, so purchase your tickets now through http://www.elementscuisine.com under the Events tab. If you can't make this date, there are 3 more events in the series.

Elements Cuisine has partnered with the following area growers and purveyors who will provide food and beverages at the dinner series:

McConnell’s Farm: With a commitment to excellence, the farm has become well-known for its fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables including peaches, tomatoes, blueberries, sweet corn and zucchini. Chef Severino will use a wide selection of the farm’s produce — all picked fresh the same day as the dinner. The farm’s peach orchard will also serve as the location for three of the dinners in the series.

Boyd and Blair Vodka: Made from locally grown potatoes and distilled in Pennsylvania, this smooth vodka will be used to create a variety of delicious cocktails.

Wild Purveyors: A family owned and operated business located just outside of Pittsburgh, Wild Purveyors will work with Chef Severino to secure seasonal, locally sourced foods that will serve as key ingredients throughout the dinner menu.

BriarValley Vineyard & Winery: Located in historic Bedford, Pennsylvania at the foot of the Allegheny Mountains, this is the first winery in Bedford and the surrounding counties to produce all vinifera wines styled after classic European wines. Briar Valley is dedicated to remaining a small boutique winery concentrating on premium quality and craftsmanship. Chef Severino will work with the winery to select the perfect wine to complement each of his courses.

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance: Founded in 1999, Penn's Corner Farm Alliance is a farmer cooperative in southwestern Pennsylvania that delivers fruits, vegetables, and other farm food products directly to customers in the Pittsburgh area through its Community Supported Agriculture program. With a reputation for providing fresh, quality food and supporting sustainable farming practices, Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance will be a valuable asset to both Elements Contemporary Cuisine and Chef Severino.

Elysian Fields Farm: Located inWaynesburg, Pennsylvania, Elysian Fields Farm specializes in lamb that is humanely raised, fed only grain and hay, and drink only water that has been tested for purity. The farm’s lamb — known for its fresh, vibrant taste — has gained national recognition and has been used by top chefs across the country. Chef Severino will incorporate the farm’s tender, flavorful and fresh lamb into the dinner’s five-course menu.

August 12, 2010
Elements Cuisine soon opening in Gateway Center

OTM's excited to hear about an exciting new restaurant concept taking over the space wher Palomino used to be.  Manager David Greenberg has snared "Boomerang Pittsburgher" Justin Severino to head the kitchen.  After graduating from Pennsylvania Culinary Chef Justin worked at Casbah before heading to Cailfornia where his experience included a spell at renowned (2 Michelin Stars, James Beard 2010 Best Chef California) "farm to table" restaurant Manresa - hear Chef-Partner David Kinch from Manresa in the OTM Archive, May 9, 2010 (reflecting on winning a "Beard") & June 19, 2009.  Since coming back to Pittsburgh Severino has been at 11 Contemporary Kitchen, and now he's set to open Elements near the end of this month.  From cocktails and an excellent wine list to seasonal, fresh. local ingredients, this place has all the "elements" of a fine the fine addition to Pittsburgh's downtown dining scene that OTM expects it to be. The website www.elementscuisine.com is still under construction, but you can already find out more information there than space will permit here.

August 11, 2010
Grass Fed Beef from Pennsylvania - Ann judging....
Who knew that Pennsylvania was a "Hot-bed" of this new trend in "Beaf-Eating"?  A crowd of carnivores and an elite judging panel gathered at Jamison Farms in Latrobe, for an afternoon and evening savoring Beef from specialized small "Cattlemen" from across the Commonwealth.  The event was organized by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and Slow Food Pittsburgh.  Grand Champion was Rafael Velex, Horizon View Farms, Rockwood, Somerset County, 2nd Larry Herr, Cressbrook Farm, Lancaster County, 3rd John Leimgruber III, Eastbrook Homestead, New Castle.  The participating farmers did their own tasting & judging; Larry Herr was their 1st choice, followed by Al Granger, Glasbern, Fogelsville.  Later in the afternoon Peter helped Big Burrito's Bill Fuller & 6 Penn's Keith Fuller, to grill grass fed burgers for a seemingly unending line of hungry picnicers...........And a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Suki & John Jamison for hosting the event.

August 10, 2010
Savor Pittsburgh!! Mark you Calendar for Sep 2
A collection of Pittsburgh’s finest chefs will gather on Thursday, September 2nd to share their favorite recipes in a culinary competition for  the coveted “Dish of the Year” honors.   Savor Pittsburgh: A Celebration of Cuisine, is sponsored by Mosaic Consulting and presented by McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant and the SouthSide Works to benefit the American Respiratory Alliance of Western Pennsylvania.  Ann will be judging, so we'll see you there.  Get tickets at www.savorpgh.com.


Guests of the event will enjoy unmatched cuisine and cocktails, vote for their favorite dish, dance to live music performed by "No Bad JuJu" and bid on fantastic silent and live auction items to benefit the American Respiratory Alliance of Western Pennsylvania.  


Savor Pittsburgh takes place within SouthSide Works, Pittsburgh’s trendiest shopping and dining district.  This sprawling outdoor complex will be outfitted with elegant white canopies as some of Pittsburgh's Best Chefs come together for one special night. 


Participating Restaurants Include: Bella Frutteto, Bistecca, Bistro 19, Capital Grille, Cassis, Church Brew Works, Cioppino Restaurant and Cigar Bar, Donato's Fox Chapel, Elements, Grand Concourse Restaurant, India Palace, McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurants (Downtown at Piatt Place and SouthSide Works),  Mitchell's Fish Market, The Sonoma Grille, Spoon Restaurant, Steelhead Brasserie and Wine Bar, Tree Tops Restaurant, Tusca Global Tapas and Walnut Grove Restaurant and Bar.


Jim Lokay of KDKA will emcee this incredible event along with Michele Michaels of WDVE Radio and Theresa Colaizzi of 94.5 3WS Radio.  Throughout the fesitivites, culinary creations will be judged by a panel of local food critics and other celebrity judges, including: Chef Daniel Aguera, Culinary Blogger, Victoria Bradley, WHIRL and Edible Allegheny; Christina French, TABLE Magazine; Chris Fennimore, Mike Lee and Rick Sebak, WQED-TV; Bruce May, Pittsburgh Magazine; Chef Ray Wesolowski and Chef Art Inzinga, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute; John Gruver, Executive Development Chef, Market District; Ann Haigh, FANFARE (Pittsburgh Tribune Review) and Co-Host of "On the Menu"; Sally Quinn, Pittsburgh Tribune Review; Margi Schrum and Marlene Parrish, Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Nancy Anderson.


The American Respiratory Alliance is the premier lung health organization in Western Pennsylvania since its establishment in 1904.

August 10, 2010
Meatless Mondays - Equal time for Vegetarians
There's a movement afoot aimed at changing the way we eat one day a week.  The Meatless Monday campaign is backed by public health advocates, chefs and suburban moms who want to tackle the problems of cholesterol and heart disease. One risk factor for these chronic conditions is consuming too much saturated fat — the type of fat found in meat. More at www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129025298&sc=emaf

August 08, 2010
Those Hart Boys are always up to something in London
OTM's old London friends Sam & Eddie Hart are always up to something new & interesting. They discovered that Chef superstar Ferran Adria & his El Bulli team created a beer specifically created to accompany food  (Some of us always thought beer & food went together just fine, but who are we to know). They now stock this elixir, called Estrella Damm Inedit, at their casual Tapas Bar, Barrafina.  The Hart's fine dining resto, Fino, won the "Taste of London" Best of Taste Silver Medal for its Roast Suckling Pig. And their more casual Quo Vadis has opened a Terrace on Dean Street with a special menu of summery dishes, as well as, on Saturdays, a Market Menu, offering dishes with ingredients from Soho's great Berwick Street Food Lovers Market.  So take advantage of these new things, or just go have a great time with the regular offerings - you're sure to enjoy as OTM has on several occasions.

August 07, 2010
Charleston's Chef Sean Brock is at it again..........
Charleston's Sean Brock, the 2010 James Beard Best Chef SE, runs  a farm for "insourcing" farm to table cuisine. He's also planning a new restauarnt, Husk, due to open in November. Husk will use only ingredients from "the South" --hence no olive oil or balsamic vinegar-- and will reintroduce such authentic items as heritage okra and benne (sesame seeds).  And then, there's his long-term, on-going work creating a new breed derived from ossabow pigs.  This is all good news, and for fans of Sean's cooking at McCrady's in Charleston - he's still going to be in charge there.  We'll tell you more, as news reaches us. 

August 06, 2010
Who doesn't love Bacon - the Bacon Today blog is for you!
At OTM we disagree about Bacon, Ann likes Bacon, but Peter loves (maybe even adores) Bacon.  Not a drop of Bacon fat (not Bacon grease please) escapes re-use when Peter's at the stove, whether it's for frying eggs, sauteeing burgers, browning meat for braises, there's just something about the flavor - so he says.  Now all you Bacon Lovers can get your daily dose of Bacon News at http://www.bacontoday.com, thanks to "Boss Hog" of this blog, Rocco Loosbrock.  So whether you class yourself as a Baconista, a Bacoholic, a Baconeer (male) or Baconette (female) you'll want to include this site in your daily news diet.  You can even add your Bacon-related event to the calendar.

August 01, 2010
Euphoria Greenville - Wine Dinner Pairings, Sep. 25 - Book Soon!!

Here's the impressive line-up:

For reservations go to www.euphoriagreenville.com

American Grocery

Joe Clark, Chef/Owner, American Grocery
Guest Chef:
Mike Lata, Chef/Partner, FIG, Charleston, SC

Spencer Thomson, Chef/Partner, Devereaux's
Guest Chef:
Justin Bogle, Executive Chef, GILT, New York, NY
High Cotton
Anthony Gray, Executive Chef, High Cotton
Guest Chef:
Chris Hastings, Chef/Co-Owner, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL

Rick Erwin's West End Grille
Jason McCarthy, Executive Chef, Rick Erwin's
Guest Chef:
Kevin Rathbun, Chef/Owner, Rathbun's, Kevin Rathbun's Steak and Krog Bar, Atlanta, GA

The Lazy Goat presented by Countybank and Greenwood Capital
Vicky Moore, Executive Chef, The Lazy Goat
Guest Chef:
Bryan Voltaggio, Executive Chef, VOLT Restaurant, Frederick, MD

The Loft at Soby's
Shaun Garcia, Chef de Cuisine, Soby's
Guest Chef:
Michael Kramer, Executive Chef, The Tasting Room Wine Cafe, Houston, TX



July 29, 2010
Charles Phan, another good guy finishing 1st!!
Last time OTM met San Francisco-based Chef-Restaurateur he was manning a food station at the 2009 5-Star Sensation in Cleveland OH - and he brought his wife and children along to help.  (See Ann pictured with the gang under OTM in Pictures.)  Now we read that that Food Arts presented Charlie with its Silver Spoon Award in the lastest issue.  OTM echos their tribute to this architect-turned-fab Chef.  To grasp his great talent, head for his Vietnamese flagship, Slanted Door, in the Ferry Building, OR grab "street food" at one of his Out the Door casual eateries (also Vietnamese) OR try Chinese at Heaven's Dog, Phan's latest venture.  Better yet go to all of them!

July 28, 2010
OTM says Goodbye to Oldways' founder Dun Gifford
OTM was saddened when we read of the recent death of K. Dun Gifford, a pioneer in trying to combat the rise of unhealthful food consumption.  In 2007, 17 years after founding the Oldways Preservation Trust, Dun was as energetic & passionate as always when he spoke with OTM - OTM Audio Archive, April 1, 2007.  Food Arts reports that as a politically active lawyer Dun helped capture Robert Kennedy's assassin and participated in a successful defense of sailing's America's Cup.  But Dun will be best remembered for his work at Oldways.  OTM is pleased to be able to honor his memory by providing the opportunity to hear from him in his own words.   The Oldways Table: Essays & Recipes from the Culinary Think Tank, can be purchased through OTM Bookshelf. 

July 23, 2010
OTM is Euphoric about Greenville SC
OTM is just back from a visit to this charming & dynamic city, where we previewed arrangements for Euphoria, a 5th Anniversary Food-Drink-Music extravaganza & sampled some of the fine restaurants that will be participating.  We highly recommend Euphoria for both what & where, well-planned liveable-sized event in a wonderfully redeveloped Downtown.  Dates are Sep 23-26.  Tickets are on sale now with discounted prices offered if you act quickly, so go to www.euphoriagreenville.com and OTM will see you there.  

July 20, 2010
Jamison Farms does Beef

We all associate Jamison Farms with Lamb, but next month they're doing Beef instead, teaming up with PASA.  Plan to join us (Ann will be judging, Peter just watching & eating).  Here's the scoop.

Have you "herd" about the Beef Cook Off?  On Friday August 6th and Saturday August 7th, an unusual and uniquely PASA event will take place for the third year in a new location with something for everyone!  PASA members and famed sheep farmers John and Sukey Jamison have invited us to stage a 100% Grass Fed Beef Cook Off on the grounds of the beautiful Jamison Farm, located in Latrobe, PA in the rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands.


We believe Pennsylvania grass based cattle farmers are growing some of the best beef around.  This Beef Cook Off provides farmers a chance to share proven mehtods and growing techniques and enjoy sampling tasty, professionally prepared beef.  Contestants will also have the opportunity to participate in a Beef Butchery Master Class in the beginning of the day, judge Delmonica steaks alongside professional chefs and food writers in the afternoon, and finish the day with a picnic open to the public when they can share information about their products with hungry consumers.

Picnic Open to the Public

From 4:00-7:00pm the public is invited to come to the Jamison Farm and enjoy grilled grass fed beef burgers and live music.  Guests are welcome to bring blankets, food, and beverage and enjoy a picnic on the farm. We'll provide the burgers!  Informative poster displays will detail each of the grazing operations participating in the competition.  We'll be raffling off grass fed ground beef and Delmonico steaks, so be sure to bring some extra cash and a cooler in case you win!  The Cook Off takes place rain or shine, because grass fed beef tastes best in any weather!

For more information including how to become a contestant go to www.pasafarming.org/cookoff.


July 01, 2010
RIP Egon Ronay
"First Career Critic of British Food" (The Economist, June 26, 2010) is a masterful understatement of Ronay's influence, through his eponymous Guide, first published in 1957.  Inspired by disgust with a cup of tea dispensed in a railway station cafe, he set forth on a crusade to recognize what good food was and where to find it.  Egon, OTM thanks you on behalf of all who have benefited from having the information source that you created, perhaps for even inventing the idea that such a guide should exist - back in the days before Zagat, and when the Guide Michelin was a thinly disguised means of influencing tire purchase decisions.

June 27, 2010
Birmingham (England) - not to be ignored & a great time to plan a visit

England's 2nd largest city, frequently ignored, sometimes even reviled, is an interesting place to visit, with some great dining, restored canals and other Victorian architecture, several museums in the city and surrounding areas.  Now friends of OTM have let us know about an upcoming event that might be "just the ticket" to encourage you to explore for yourself.  The Annual Taste of Birmingham takes place July 16-18, for more details go to http://taste.visitbirmingham.com/.  If you plan to go be sure to dine (even stay) at Simpson's Birmingham, and also dine at Purnell's, in addition to taking in all the Festival events.  It's a 2 hour drive from London Heathrow or Manchester airports, and some airlines fly direct from the USA.  If you decide to go, please send us a report as we are on assignment elsewhere so we'll have to wait till next year.

June 17, 2010
Ladies (Chefs) of Alicante, Spain we adore you!!
There's an old popular song title............. Why such a strong contingent of top Female Chefs in and around Alicante, Spain?  OTM doesn't completely understand why, but we're pleased that we found out!  Maria Jose & Geni San Roman, Mari Carmen Velez, Pepa Romans, Susi Diaz, remarkable Chef-Restaurateurs are all good friends and masters in adding the modern touch to the great culinary tradition of the Alicante region.  OTM had the opportunity to talk to only some of them.  You can hear their explanations in an upcoming program.  You’ll want to experience all of their kitchens, so your Alicante adventure should allow time to enjoy them all!!  Their restaurants - Maria Jose - Monastrell; Geni - Taberna del Gourmet (both of these in Alicante); Maria Carmen - La Sirena, Petrer; Pepa - Casa Pepa, Ondara; Suzi Diaz - La Finca, Elche.

June 16, 2010
Alicante's Fogueres rival Valencia's Fallahs
No-one could explain why these 2 cities in the Valencia region have similar festivities at different times of the year.  The Hogueras & Fogueres, bonfires, fireworks and parades welcome the Summer Solstice in Alicante.  As far as OTM can figure it out the Hogueras are the Bonfire makers, the Fogueres (like the Fallas in Valencia) are produced by local community groups.  All but 2 of the figures fall victim to the Bonfires at the end of the celebration, around June 25.

Valencia's Falla celebration welcomes Spring, Alicante’s celebration is just starting.  It spans almost 3 weeks with parades and pyrotechnics – and everyone joins in the fun!!  Last Sunday evening OTM was part of a huge throng of Alicante’s people watching the Cavalcade of Ninots (in Alicante this name seems to apply only to a class of smaller figures) which took more than an hour to pass our vantage point near the start of the parade route through the city streets.  From Babes in Arms and Teenagers to Senior Citizens, everyone is part of the fun, with bands interspersed between imaginatively “fancy dressed” groups representing the themes they have chosen for the parade. The Cavalcade for the second category, Gigantes (more like what Valencians call Ninots), will happen a few days from now.  At the end of the Festival all but the champions will be ceremonially destroyed in giant bonfires – but not to worry because the groups responsible will start over again next year.  And if you miss the season don’t worry because the best of previous year’s parades are preserved in a special museum.

May 25, 2010
Cleveland Rocks, June 13!!!
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum announces “Chef Jam 2010: Cleveland Food Rocks” on Sunday, June 13 at 7 p.m. at the Rock Hall. Cleveland’s top chefs will serve up specialties inspired by their favorite band or musician and dress like the rock stars they are featuring.  A special performance by Cream of the Crop featuring special guest Todd Rundgren will top off the night.

Spend an evening sampling culinary delights prepared by the best of the best in Cleveland at more than 25 different food stations. The event will also include performances from bands made up solely of local restaurant employees: The Rare Birds from Greenhouse Tavern, Evil Eye from Happy Dog and Melange from Melange. Maker’s Mark will be conducting an infusion challenge inviting chefs to create a special dish that utilizes their bourbon. Judges for the event are Joe Crea, Michael Ruhlman and Laura Taxel.  The winning chef will receive a trip to the Maker’s Mark distillery in Louisville. 


Cleveland Food Rocks founder, chef-restaurateur Steve Schimoler, is delighted with the Rock Hall’s support. “The food and music scene in Cleveland rivals that in any city in the U.S.; and with our partnership with the Rock Hall, we have raised the bar in our ability to showcase our city’s talents and to put a creative face on how a community can work together.”


Tickets are $50 and the price will include samples of all the dishes offered at each food station during the event, as well as beer, wine and tours of the Museum’s exhibits. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.  Proceeds from the event will go to support the Rock Hall’s education programs and Cleveland Food Rocks will be awarding a scholarship to an outstanding Culinary Arts student  at Cuyahoga Community College.


Participating Restaurants are preparing fun “themed” dishes to fit into the spirit of the evening:



ABC Tavern: Meatloaf; meatloaf

Amp 150: Rolling Stones; Beef Tongue with Cabbage SaladBar Cento: Phish; “Bathtub Gin” Gumbo with Mushroom Grilled Cheese and “Goo Balls”

Bar Symon: Van Halen; Ice Cream Sandwiches w/Cabo Wabo Ice Cream, Bacon-Apple Caramel Sauce

Bistro on Lincoln Park

Blue Canyon: Burning Spear; Curried Goat

Blue Point Grille: Ramones; Oysters Vindaloo

Caruso’s Coffee: Eric Clapton; Black Coffee “After Midnight”

Crop Bistro: Grateful Dead; “Backpack Rollups”

Dante: LSD (Lemon-Scented Doughnuts)

Effervescent Chicken Wings, Dill Pickle Popcorn

Executive Caterer: Alman Brothers; roasted white asparagus with crawfish, green goddess, and crispy country ham

Fire: Beatles; “Savoy Truffle” (assorted chocolate truffles)

Flying Fig: Delta Blues; an assortment of Southern-inspired tidbits

Green House Tavern: Black Keys; Grilled pork ribs with “thick freakiness” BBQ sauce

Happy Dog: Elvis; “Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound” Dogs

Johnny’s; Frank Zappa; “Yellow Snow”

Lago:  Bob Marley; Marley Meatballs

Melange: George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers: Watermelon “Bad to the Bone” Ribs, Menu6: Psychedelia; Wild Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls and “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Momocho: Beck; Wild Boar “Satan Gave Me a Taco” Tacos

Moxie: Pink Floyd; “Dark Side of the Moon” pies

Prosperity Social Club: Hank Williams ; Jambalaya on the Bayou

Sasa:  ZZ Top;  “ZZ Top” Sirloin

Sushi Rock; U2; “Even Better than the Real Thing” Sushi Surf & Turf

May 18, 2010
Tamara Reynolds knows how to Party
OTM picked up information that Tamara Reynolds (OTM Nov. 22, 2009) is working on a Dinner on the Farm series at The Queens County Farm Museum.  The first event was May 7, but the series continues.  Get further information at www.queensfarm.org  & click on the events on the left colum- the "dinner series" link.

May 17, 2010
Grape News!!! Chilean Wine Wins!!
Reports have reached OTM that a recent recreation of the famous 1976 Judgement of Paris resulted in a Chilean Wine gaining attention and an actual win versus the top wines of California & Bordeaux.  The press release was a bit confusing about who won where, but whatever - Errazuriz Kai a wine featuring Carmenere grapes as the primary component of the blend gained great attention.  Since OTM has enjoyed Chilean wines from this grape, we are not altogether surprised, so we suggest you try these wines for yourself and see if you agree with the esteemed blind tasters at the recent series of events.  And be sure to let us know what you think.  Salut!!!

May 15, 2010
More Star Power & Great Cause at NOWFE
In response to the situation Lousiana Fishermen are facing, 2 super-special events have been added to the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, May 26-29.  2-5PM Saturday May 29 TV-celebrity Paula Dean will join NOLA superstar Chef-Restaurateur John Besh & celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez in a cooking demonstration and tasting of Paula's famous Shrimp & Grits.  In the evening Paula and he brother Earl "Bubba" Hiers will join Chefs John & Aaron, plus John Currance from City Grill in Oxford MS at a fundraising dinner at Restaurant August.  To get tickets for the Superdome tasting go to www.nowfe.com, for the dinner call Christy at 504-565-5482 or email cbradley@chefjohnbesh.com

May 14, 2010
James Beard Awards Postscript
OTM has been SO busy, that's a reason not an excuse!  So the May 9 program loaded with interviews conducted with excited award winners is already in the Audio Archive, but no accompanying "editorial", so here goes.  The awards program was shorter, and the party slightly less overcrowded, HURRAY for both developments!  And our congratulations to some of our favorites - Daniel Boulud, Sean Brock, David Kinch, Daniel Humm, Best Chef NYC, long overdue recognition, but Daniel H where were you for an interview? And of course OTM congratulates every one of the awardees, all deserving of our admiration for their careers and achievements.  Michael White, sorry we missed you, a great win for Marea as best new restaurant - and since we brunched there the day before the Awards, we know why!  I'm sure Ann may have more to add, but that's Peter's highlights.

April 17, 2010
Oysters & Wine - 16th Annual Contest
Dateline SEATTLE, April 16:  OTM's good buddy  Jon Rowley brings us news about this landmark event: 167 wines, 1300 oysters! It took more than a week. Each wine blind tasted with at least one Kumamoto oyster by five stalwart, oyster-loving judges who showed up for work every day at 3:00 p.m. at Anthony's Home Port at Shilshole Bay to narrow the field to 20 finalists as part of the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition. The mission: find the 10 best West Coast wines to go with oysters. Judges taste the oyster, sip the wine and rate the "bliss factor".

"Not many wines go with oysters," says Lane Hoss, Vice-President, Marketing for Anthony's Restaurants. "That's why we are thankful to have this competition. Oysters are popular. We wait for the results every year."

The 20 finalists will be judged in Los Angeles at the Watergrill on April 20, at Sutros at the Cliff House on April 21 and Anthony's in Seattle on April 22. Judging scores from forty top food and wine professionals in the three cities will be combined to select the ten equal winners of the prestigious "Oyster Award". 2010 winners will be announced April 24 at www.oysterwine.com. Wineries from California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington were invited to submit entries. Typically the best "oyster wines' are dry, crisp, clean finishing white wines.

The Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition is sponsored by Taylor Shellfish Farms and organized by founder Jon Rowley, Jon Rowley & Associates in Seattle. Taylor Shellfish is a fifth-generation family-owned company producing seed, oysters, Manila clams, Mediterranean mussels and geoduck for national and international markets. For information on Taylor Shellfish Farms go to www.taylorshellfishfarms.com

April 13, 2010
Tales of the Cocktail - may be too Sweet for OTM's Taste

"Death in the South Pacific" by Washington bartender Evan Martin is the "official cocktail" of the 2010 annual culinary and cocktail festival, Tales of the Cocktail. Recipes poured in from New Zealand to Washington as over 150 bartenders worldwide punched it up to create a Tiki-inspired cocktail for the 8th annual festival. Evan Martin won first place with his drink featuring Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Old Rum, Rhum Clement VSOP, Grand Marnier, Trader Tiki's Orgeat Syrup, Fee's Falernum, Fee’s Grenadine, and Cruzan Blackstrap Rum.

"This drink hits all the contest requirements on the nose: It creatively mixes multiple rums, sweeteners, and citrus to "tikify" the Planter's Punch template; it has a full-bodied, layered, but not overcomplicated flavor; and its garnish shows theatrical flair, cleverly referencing the drink name." Said Jeff Berry, official cocktail competition judge and tiki expert.

Martin’s cocktail will be served throughout Tales of the Cocktail, July 21—25, and will be featured in the summer issues of Culinary Concierge and The Tasting Panel magazine, and on the CocktailTimes.com and DrinkBoy.com websites.

The second place cocktail is the "Once Upon a Time," created by James Goggin. Peter Bogren, a local Palace Café bartender, wins third place with his cocktail "Peter’s Planter’s Punch."

Tales of the Cocktail also collaborated with The Liquid Muse Virgin Mixology® and Fre Alcohol Removed Wines to offer the festival’s third annual official non-alcoholic cocktail. The "Self-Imposed Prohibition Punch" will be the Tiki-inspired nonalcoholic cocktail of the 2010 festival, and will be served at signature events.

For more information go to www.TalesoftheCocktail.com.

April 13, 2010
49 Years On: The Profumo Affair at von Essen’s Cliveden House

Von Essen hotel’s historic stately home, Cliveden House has been famous for various things over the centuries, but the event that in modern times the House is probably best remembered for, is the start of the greatest political and sexual scandal of the last century – The Profumo Affair. It was at Cliveden, on the hot balmy evening of 8th July 1961, that Jack Profumo, then Minister for War in Harold Macmillan’s Government, met the 19 year old, good time girl, Christine Keeler and to celebrate the 49th anniversary, Cliveden is offering a fabulous package with a talk and tour focusing on the scandal led by Rupert Gavin, a world expert on the subject. The day promises to provide a fascinating insight into the Scandal, and its consequences…

For further information or to book please contact the Reservations team on 011-44-1628-668561 or info@clivedenhouse.co.uk

Check out OTM's interviews at this fine stately home, OTM Audio Archive program date August 16, 2009. 

April 10, 2010
Congratulations to Food & Wine's 2010 Top Chefs
OTM is pleased to recognize the following on their selection: Roy Choi of the Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles, Matt Lightner of Castagna in Portland, Ore, Clayton Miller of Trummer's on Main in Clifton, Va. Missy Robbins of A Voce in New York City, Jonathon Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, Alex Seidel of Fruition in Denver, Mike Sheerin of Blackbird in Chicago, John Shields of Town House in Chilhowie, Va. Jason Stratton of Spinasse in Seattle, James Syhabout of Commis in Oakland, Calif. Read more: http://www.nrn.com/breakingNews.aspx?id=381786#ixzz0kh8Jrbdt

April 05, 2010
OTM is Blogging again!!
Hello to all you Bloggers!!  Peter decided it was time to resume blogging and has chosen Wordpress for its ease of use, so blog on to http://onthemenuradio.wordpress.com from now on.  The old blog, http://onthemenuradio.blogspot.com will remain in place. The Blog click-through on the website has not been changed over, but you can use the wordpress link above to access the new Blog - we'll announce when the click-through is in place.

April 02, 2010
Celebrate Earth Day with the Sterlings at Iron Horse
Join Joy, Audrey & Barry at their glorious Green Valley CA vineyard and enjoy an important occasion, April 18th, with some great wine and good company.  Several local wineries are joining, and John Finger of Hog Island Oysters leads a group of food providers.  General admission is $50; a VIP Sparkling reception featuring California farm-raised Osetra caviar for $250 precedes the main event in Audrey & Barry's magnificent home on the vineyard (eat your heart out, when OTM visited we had lunch there).  They're 2 of the most fascinating people we've ever met.  There'll be music, a speaker about underwater exploration, and an eco-exhibit (whatever that is).  To reserve or for more information http://www.ironhorsevineyards.com/events/

March 20, 2010
Australia's Tahbilk celebrates 150 year with dinner at London's Ledbury - May 12 is the date

This item has been amended - the event is open only to the wine trade, except for the 2 places available through Decanter.

And as part of their birthday celebrations, Tahbilk is offering a Decanter Magazine/decanter.com reader and guest the chance to attend the 150th Anniversary dinner in London on May 12th, hosted by Alister Purbrick, CEO and 4th generation Winemaker at Tahbilk. The prize also includes an overnight stay in London for the winners.  This once-in-a-lifetime dinner will be held at the celebrated Ledbury Restaurant, and will be attended by wine trade, press, dignitaries and friends and family of the Purbricks. Michelin 2-star chef Brett Graham of The Ledbury (Newcastle, NSW born) will prepare a menu to match the very special and rare wines Tahbilk will be bringing from their cellar.  If you don't win the prize, go to The Ledbury at another time for a great dining experience, and be sure to look for Tahbilk's great wines on wine lists and at your local wine merchants.  You can find out more about these two great guys, Alister Purbrick & Brett Graham by listening to their OTM interviews in OTM Audio Archive, program dates May 11, 2008 & April 1, 2007 respectively

March 19, 2010
(Paso Robles) California here we come!!
Thanks to the wonderful cooperation of the Paso Robles Wine Alliance and Travel Paso Robles Alliance OTM is heading for a week of exploration of his area located practically 1/2 way between SF & LA.  Interviews with all the food, wine & travel personalities we meet will start airing in programs beginning April 4.  We know we'll be tasting wines from several of the leading vineyards, some of the pioneers of the PR wine community, and some of the new enthusiasts as well - names too numerous to include here.  Two great restaurants, Artisan & Cass House Grill are included and we're staying part of the time at Hotel Cheval, then at Bella Sera.  We'll be visiting an Abalone farm, tasting local Olive Oils & fresh local produce, and more - we don't have all the details yet - but you'll be sure to have them after we return to the Studio.

March 13, 2010
What's a NOWFE? - May 25-29 in New Orleans!!
When OTM cracked the abbreviation we said right way - that's for us!  One of our favorite dining destinations, and great wines to match...  The 19th Annual version of the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience happens May 25-29 in the Crescent City - find out more at www.nowfe.com, and plan to join OTM "where the good times roll".

March 11, 2010
Girasole in Shadyside - 10 years old & going strong!!

It's hard to believe been that Girasole Restaurant opened its doors in Shadyside 10 years ago. The family-owned favorite will present three special Mondays in April to highlight a decade of serving the community with good food and hospitality. "We are so thankful for our loyal customers and local businesses who support us," says Patti Girasole tells OTM. "Every single day we open our doors, our priority is great food at fair prices in an upbeat atmosphere. Our passion for family, friends and excellent food is at the heart of our business."

April 12, 2010, 7pm: Taste seven excellent wines from various regions of Italy. Vito Girasole, director of Girasole's wine program, will host this fun and informative evening. Each wine will be paired with small plates of specialties from their corresponding region to tantalize the palate.

April 19, 2010, 6:30pm: Years ago, Brent Young worked at Girasole as a line cook, before heading to New York, where he became a founding member of The Meat Hook at the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, which specializes in charcuterie. Join Brent's dinner of 6 petite plates highlighting the meats from his shop and including salad, soup, pasta and dessert.

April 26, 2010, 6:30.pm: When she was just a "kid", Haley Zelicoff started out picking parsley leaves for the chefs in the kitchen at Girasole. After completing four years at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Haley is returning to Girasole with a fabulous 5-course meal, finishing with a dessert of lemon cornmeal cake and olive oil gelato.

Girasole is a small family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Shadyside in Pittsburgh. Its charming European-style atmosphere complements the innovative and traditional cuisine which features seasonal menus, and includes appetizers, salads, pastas and daily meat, chicken and fish specials. Call 412-682-2130 for more information.

March 07, 2010
Charleston Dining Rocks!
Charleston South Carolina that is...  OTM is here for the 5th annual Food & Wine Festival, a magnet for food & wine enthusiasts from around the country - we met a foursome from Cleveland last evening.  Star attractions included OTM's good friend Daniel Boulud and star Pastry Chef-Restaurateur Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake & Orson, San Francisco.  We found time to visit what local's name as the latest & greatest eatery, Amen Street, where Chef Todd Garrigan is playing to a packed house - emphasis is on the freshest possible seafood.  Mike Lata of FIG and Sean Brock of McCrady's, everyone's to pick for the city's best, were so busy we didn't even have chance to say hello.  We did hook up with Frank McMahon at Hank's Seafood (after failing to include this in previous visits).  This 10-year-old Seafood Bistro was packed, and we can tell you why - traditional (and a bit untraditional) seafood preparations are just great!  The best Bouillabaisse broth we've tasted in decades is just one example.  Sommelier-Manager Joey Ryan took great care of us and Frank found time to help us choose our menu.  Listen for our interview with Frank and other conversations in next week's program.  Thanks to Laura Bright of Maverick Southern Kitchens for finding us a spot to do some interviews during a delicious (and boisterous) Low Country Breakfast.  Mark your calendars for next March to head for Charleston and enjoy what is fast becoming one of America's best Food & Wine celebrations.  On a sad note iconic Restaurateur and Opera singer Robert Dickson is closing his restaurant in June after 34 years of delighting the palate and ears - do go here before June for a unique experience!

February 13, 2010
Dateline - London is for Lovers!!
Close OTM followers will know that being in London for Valentine's Day is our tradition for more than a decade.  So despite 3 feet of snow in our home town and some travel planning ingenuity - here we are again.  We'll be spending Feb 14 with cousins who live here, because they tell us V-Day menus lack gourmet interest. 

But in the days before OTM has been out and about as usual.  Corrigan's Mayfair was superb, living up to all the accolades and awards they've received.  Richard C is in fine form, as you'll hear in the Feb 21 program, and Chris MacGowan's lusty food is all that it was at Lindsay House.  Octopus Salad with Black Truffle shavings, long-braised Shin of Beef with Snails in Spinach sauce and an inspired portion of Peppered Bone Marrow, Goose Fat fried Potato Chips to die for and much more....

Sir Terence Conran is a serial restaurateur with 51 openings "under his belt", and his latest venture Boundary does not disappoint.  Peter Prescott, his partner, helped create and now runs this multi-function/purpose establishment in a lovingly restored industrial building in previously gritty - now trendy Shoreditch, just over the eastern boundary of the City of London's financial district.  Chef Ian Wood is master of Boundary's Basement fine dining room - and in season Rooftop Grill, with the Albion Cafe and Bakery at street level in between.  OTM overdosed on native British Oysters here, and at Corrigan's so our Zinc level is where it needs to be for the 14th.  Ian is a Charcuterie Master as well.  Heirloom breed Manx Loaghtan from the Irish Sea's Isle of Man was a Lamb-lover's delight.  Oh and by the way you can stay at Boundary in elegantly designed rooms all with great views over the city.

Oz (Hobart, Tasmania) native Paul Merrony and spouse-partner Tracey serve a packed house at Giaconda Dining Room on tiny Music-instrument intensive Denamark Street on the edge of the West-End Theatre district and Soho - hearty dishes with Offal features like Tripe & Kidneys plus Seafood which arrive overnight from England's SW fisheries.  Michelin noticed and gave them a Bib Gourmand designation.

And in the cosmopolitan Notting Hill-Bayswater area, native-Syrian Mohammed Bader-Alden Antabli serves outstanding Lebanese-Syrian specialties at Al Waha, widely praised and award winning - and OTM now knows why!!  And creditable Lebanese wine is the beverage must.  Come with a group to enjoy bounteous meze and grilled mains - or as we did enjoy a table for 4 entirely covered with delicious dishes.  Stylized Arabic sayings by Lounner al-Shaarani grace the walls.

OTM doesn't "circle back" often, but our good friends Sam & Eddie Hart demand an exception.  Back in 2004 one of our very first "out of studio" interviews featured their Tapas restaurant Fino, and we returned to catch up with the Harts to find all was the same if not better.  Sam & Eddie, we congratulate you on this, plus Barrafina and Quo Vadis.  Pork belly to die for, Fried Artichoke Hearts, Calcots a mysterious seasonal Catalan vegetable similar to a Green Onion on a bed of Romesco sauce, great Quail Ann ate single-handed and a fine Ribera del Douro red recommended by Anna Mateo who just happens to be from Vallidolid.

And we're not done yet, today we join Bernard Yeoh to sample new dishes at Kai Mayfair.

So be sure to tune in February 21 and 28.........

February 07, 2010
Saints Rule, was there a Secret Ingredient?
OTM Congratulates the Superbowl 44 Champions!!!  "Back in the day" it was rumored that the great 1950s Hungarian National Soccer team fortified themselves with Goulash at half-time in their matches.  Was there a similar Culinary Secret behinds the Saints' Success?  Perhaps we'll never know - but a visit to the Crescent City is recommended nevertheless.  We love NOLA and plan on attending the 2010 New Orleans Wine & Food Experience in May - there must be a culinary equivalent to successful recovery of a 2nd half on-side kick-off, and we can't wait to find out what it is!!!

January 21, 2010
Benedictine's 500th Birthday, We'll Drink to that!!
In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of its creation, BÉnÉdictine liqueur, together with Esquire magazine, launched a search for the Alchemists of Our Age, mixologists who embody the same spirit and innovation as Dom Bernardo Vincelli, the creator of the French elixir.  After a cross-country search, five mixologists were chosen by BÉnÉdictine Global Brand Ambassador, Ludovic Miazga, and on January 13, 2010, New York's Damon Dyer was chosen as the Alchemist of Our Age.   Dyer's cocktail, The Monte Cassino, is an impeccably nuanced combination of equal parts BÉnÉdictine, Yellow Chartreuse, fresh lemon juice and Rittenhouse Rye.  In his cocktail, which was named for an ancient and resilient Benedictine monastery, Damon opted for simplicity over extravagance. Other contestanrs were Boston's Jackson Cannon, New Orleans' Daniel Victory, Chicago's Lynn House and San Francisco's Brandon Clements, whose Greyhound's Tooth was crowned Fan Favorite.  Those Monks would be proud!!


Damon Dyer - New York City


3/4 part BÉNÉDICTINE Liqueur

3/4 part Yellow Chartreuse

3/4 part Fresh lemon juice

3/4 part Rittenhouse Rye

Shake, fine strain into a chilled coupe (or small cocktail glass).  Lemon twist garnish.


Fan Favorite:

Brandon Clements - San Francisco

3/4 part BÉNÉDICTINE Liqueur

3/4 part Russian Standard Platinum

3/4 part Grapefruit juice

1/3 part Lemon juice

6 drops of house-made grapefruit bitters

3/4 tsp sugar

Combine all in mixing glass. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into 
chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with thick cut grapefruit twist.



January 12, 2010
Quince Restaurant San Francisco-"In Residence" Program
It didn't take Chef Michael Tusk and new Wine Director David Lynch very long to come up with an innovative "extracuricular" series of food & wine events.  Only recently re-opened at grand new digs in Jackson Square, Quince just announced an exciting program to help cheer you through the winter months.  Too much detail to include here - just imagine exciting combiantions of foods & wines with an Italian flavor and call Quince for details - 415-775-8500.  Hurry because the first event featuring wines from Joe & Lidia Bastianich's Italian vineyards is January 21.  We've been to this vineyard and tasted all the wines - and you'll be in for a treat! Quince's website www.quincerestaurant.com says it's still under construction, but we're sure that will change soon.

January 05, 2010
Tragic accident takes the lives of two sons of Chris & Deanna Bailey of Vermont Smoke & Cure
OTM joins the entire food business community in expressing our sadness at the tragic death of Solon L., 12, and William T. (Liam) Bailey, 10, sons of Chris Bailey of Vermont Smoke & Cure, and his wife, Deanna. The boys died in a  house fire on Christmas morning. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be sent to the Beauregard Foundation: Solon and Liam Bailey Memorial Fund, c/o Chrysalis Ventures, 101 S. Fifth St., Ste. 1650, Louisville, KY 40202. Donations will be used for nonprofit, children's education programs in Central Vermont that were favorites of Solon and Liam. Further details and the link to a guest book for messages to Chris and Deanna can be found at www.legacy.com/obituaries/timesargus/obituary.aspx?n=solon-l-and-william-t-bailey&pid=137884805.

January 02, 2010
2009 was a great year for Barry Sterling & Iron Horse
OTM thought you'd love to see Iron Horse Vineyards 2009 seasonal message - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_80R6hbEtv4 . We'd like to add our congratulations to Barry on his 80th Birthday and Iron Horse on its 30th anniversary of great sparkling wine making in Sonoma County's Green Valley.  Here's to you Barry, and our best wishes to your wonderful wife Audrey and Winery President Joy.  We must come and see you again soon.  Not familiar with Iron Horse's fabulous sparkling wines?  Try some soon and you'll become an enthusiast like OTM.

December 31, 2009
Roma's GHVV-style personified!!

Grand Hotel Via Veneto - luxury personfied too!!  OTM is just back from "the Eternal City" where we had the pleasure of reacquainting with Cinzia Fanciulli, now General Manager at THE swankiest hotel on Via Veneto, Italia's swankiest street.  The best word to describe GHVV - WOW!!  And to echo the twinkling black interior Domenico Maura "Head Barman" of the Time lobby bar serves a Black Martini.  His grand libation features black olives from Taggiasche, near Genova, and is a tribute to famed bartender Martini Armaditaggia.  GHVV takes La Dolce Vita to a new level.  For details and reservations, www.ghvv.it.

December 10, 2009
Oysters for the Holiday's !!!
OTM "Oyster Hero" Jon Rowley just reminded us about Taylor Shellfish Farms ultimate holiday gift for oyster lovers. Celebrate the holidays like the French with oysters on the half shell. Give as a gift or order for yourself four types of oysters in the shell (Olympia, Kumamoto, Totten Inlet Pacific and Totten Inlet Virginica), just harvested from Taylor oyster beds in the legendary, nutrient-rich waters of South Puget Sound. Gift boxes are shipped directly to the recipient's door for festive tasting, comparing and sharing with friends. An unprecedented holiday opportunity for half shell enthusiasts. New this year, for those who would like to settle in with their favorite oyster, we offer gift boxes with only Totten Inlet Virginicas or only Kumamotos.

*Each Holiday Oyster Gift Pack includes an oyster knife, shucking instructions, oyster guide and Jon Rowley's essay "Art of Eating an Oyster"

For those whose holiday traditions include oyster stew, oyster dressing, scalloped or fried oysters or gumbo, Taylor also offers freshly shucked Pacific oyster meats by the pint and half gallon, plump, firm and sweet. Order by the pint or half gallon for holiday stuffing, oyster fry, scalloped oysters, oyster stew or gumbo. Different size meats available.

To order Holiday Oyster packages visit www.taylorshellfish.com or call (360) 432-3341.

December 06, 2009
Denny Mike Sherman on The Today Show Monday next
Check out OTM's interview with Denny Mike about his great BBQ rubs & sauces, and look for him with Meredith, Matt & Al on Monday morning.

November 30, 2009
Wine Enthusiast 2009 Wine Star Award Winners, On the Menu
OTM is always delighted when our guests receive well-earned recognition. Among these just-announced awards are Mezzacorona, European Winery of the year - hear Winemaker Lucio Matricardi, program date January 29, 2009; Yalumba, New World Winery of the year, hear Jane Ferrari, April 27, 2008; Innovator of the Year, Wine Library TV, hear Gary Vaynerchuk June 22, 2008. Congratulations to these worthy winners, and award sponsors Southern Wines & Spirits.

November 29, 2009
OTM Loves Italy - You Can Too!!
So much so that OTM will be spending Christmas in "The Eternal City". Perhaps you can join us there - let us know! But whether you can or not, make a note of 2 special wine events, exclusively for Wine Professionals, for tasting Tuscany's great reds - organized by OTM's good friend Melanie Young and scheduled for February 1 in Chicago & February 4 in NYC. Get more details at www.italianwinemasters.com, or call 212 620 7027.

November 11, 2009
November 8 program is now available!!
Enjoy Valencia and listen for more again next Sunday.

November 09, 2009
Glitch in Valencia programs
The November 8 program now in OTM Archives was intended for broadcast November 15 - which is why you'll hear us refer to it as our second program about Valencia.  The correct November 8 program will be up there soon, and we'll let you know.  In the meantime we're sure you'll enjoy listening to just a part of our Valencia adventure.

November 07, 2009
Valencia, wonderful Valencia!!
OTM is just back from a great 8-day stay in this fascinating city, a curious combination of history and modernity, and some great gastronomy too!  Be sure to tune in to the November 8 and November 15 programs for insightful interviews with just a few of the delicious dining experiences that Valencia and the surrounding countryside has to offer.  Founded by the Romans, conquered by the Moors then liberated in 1239, expanded by returning rich Spanish colonians in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and spruced up for the 2007 America's Cup sailing event, there's so much to see and do OTM is already planning when to go back to the places that we missed - in particular Alicante and its surrounding villages where there are more dining adventures to be had.  We'll be adding some OTM Favorites soon so that you can retrace our steps.

October 26, 2009
Arrop Richard Camerana, Valencia, Spain - open 15 days & OTM was there!
Another "scoop" for OTM!  Chef Ricard Camarena & his wife Mari Carmen were already well known for Arrop in Gandia, a small town south of Valencia.  After 4 years of planning & construction aRC opened in a sleek mirrored space nestled in the remains of the 11th century Moorish city wall.  Valencian gourmets have already discovered this exciting new dining experience; now OTM is letting the rest of the world know.  Expect individualistic dishes intersecting traditional ingredients and the latest cooking techniques, and outstanding service.  It's so new taxi drivers don't know where it is!  www.arrop.com for details of both aRC Valencia and Arrop Gandia which will stay open. Listen for our interview with Chef Ricard in an upcoming program.

October 22, 2009
Plum at Eastside Pittsburgh IS OPEN
Despite the smashed front entrance (hit by an out of control van) owners Kathy Ye and George Lee Plum is open and flourishing.  We had a great dinner there last evening.  They're busy so be sure to make a reservation and tell them OTM sent you.  http://www.plumpanasiankitchen.com/, 412 363 7586 

October 21, 2009
October 18 program now up in OTM Audio Archives
We traced the problem to a family illness crisis with a member of the OTM production team. The program is now accessible.

October 19, 2009
Technical problem with October 18 program
Please accept our apologies for unavailability of this program.  We are working to correct the problem and will announce when it is up.

October 15, 2009
The 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival, November 13, your lucky day!
The 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival is back bringing you the world’s best spirits, great food, fun and entertainment. Friday the 13th has never been as lucky! You get a chance to gather with all your friends and take in a dose of Pittsburgh’s own stimulus package. No better place to get your weekend started than the home of the reigning Super Bowl Champs! On Whiskey Festival evening, Heinz Field becomes the site of Pittsburgh’s hottest happy hour with a dazzling array of whiskeys, vodkas, gins, rums and tequilas from around the globe. Cocktail competitions, silent auctions, and special lounges will be set up for your enjoyment. Like Jim Beam? You can hear the OTM interview with his great-grandson and current Master Distiller Fred Noe at OTM Audio Archives program date October 25 2009, and November 30, 2008, and better STILL (emphasis added and pun intended) meet him in person at this year's event. A beautiful view of the city, some of the finest spirits and foods available -what better way to spend your Friday evening? Tickets are $85 in advance and $95 at the door. Until October 16th get 1/5 off the price. That’s $70 for those of us that slept during math class. Get your tickets at http://www.blacktieticketing.com/ptfestival/ Proceeds benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

October 14, 2009
Double your fun in Pittsburgh in November - Passion for Wine, November 7 and The Pittsburgh Whisky Festival, November 13
Listen to the October 18 and October 25 programs at OTM Audio Archive to learn more about these 2 great events, and check the separate OTM News items for details. Join the fun!  OTM will see you there.

October 14, 2009
Indulge your love of the at A Passion for Wine, November 7, PPG Wintergarden

A Passion For Wine is an annual celebration that features fine wines donated from renowned restaurants, wineries, vineyards, private collectors, and celebrities auctioned to benefit CF research. Held at the beautiful PPG Wintergarden, Saturday, November 7th, guests will enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Sonoma Grille paired with wines from Two Angels, Gloria Ferrer, Chateau St. Jean and Freeman Vineyard & Winery, music and more. Over the past ten years the efforts of A Passion for Wine have raised over $1,000,000 for cystic fibrosis research!  Join OTM for a Great Party and a Great Cause.  For more information and tickets go to https://www.cff.org/Display/dsp_EventMasterHandler.cfm?idEvent=12577&idFieldOffice=69, or call (412) 321-4422.

October 13, 2009
Bar Boulud, NYC, October 27 -
OTM's good friends at DANIEL, Bar Boulud and db Bistro Moderne are sharpening their knives in preparation for the annual game celebration, made entirely with D’Artagnan game meats. Join Ariane and Daniel, who will serve not only as hosts, but as guides through the forest and field, the lore and flavors of the game feast. It all kicks off with a 6.30PM cocktail reception with a buffet of fall game charcuterie, followed by a four-course dinner resplendent with pheasant, elk, quail and red leg partridge, to name just a few favorites. The wines, with an emphasis on the Burgundy region, will all be poured from rare large format bottles. The feast will conclude with dessert and actual games. $180 per person, plus tax and gratuity. For more information or to reserve, contact Kathryn Brennan 212.595.1313 x 161 or kbrennan@danielnyc.com

October 09, 2009
Robert Parker's Wine Bargains available November 3
OTM listening Wine-Lovers, get your order in now at OTM Bookshelf for this first ever publication by the so-called "Emperor of Wine".  OTM has a pre-release copy but of course we're sworn to secrecy about what wines are included.  Given Parker's influence prices can be expected to go up for wines that are included, so $17.99 for an early copy might be a good investment.  If you want to know more about RP, listen to OTM's interview with Parker biographer Elin McCoy, OTM Audio Archives Nov. 20, 2005.

October 07, 2009
Seeing Stars in NYC - Bravo Daniel!!!
Great news for OTM's good friend Daniel Boulud - a 3rd Michelin Star!!!  Daniel joins Jean Goerges, Le Bernadin, Masa & Per Se in this elite category.  Other "winners" include Alto rising from 1 star to 2 and Corton making a debut in the guide with 2.  Gordon Ramsay London hung on to its 2 stars.  Alain Ducasse's Adour and Del Posto both slipped from 2 stars to 1. 

Jean-Luc Naret, Michelin spokesperson says of Daniel "The main difference is consistency.  His cooking has really been excellent this year."  OTM agrees - we enjoyed a magnificent meal (served in the newly expanded and delightful bar) in July.  We also had fun at Daniel's latest NYC venture DBGB, which has not been popular with some reviewers - we recommend it - Bar Boulud with Pittsburgh native Damian Samsonetti in the kitchen and Cafe Boulud are also great choices.  All this and Daniel is just an all-round nice guy - who says they don't finish first?

October 02, 2009
Quince, an OTM favorite in San Francisco just reopened at a new location
OTM's good friends Lindsay and Michael Tusk, owners of SanFrancisco's critically acclaimed Quince restaurant have opened their much-anticipated Jackson Square location. Quince in Jackson Square is a more spacious, comfortable expression of the previous PacificHeights location, offering an elegant, contemporary dining experience. The new restaurant is located in a 1907 brick and timber building at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s historic and vibrant Jackson Square neighborhood. Another old friend of OTM, Italian wine expert David Lynch, has created a wine program to showcase Italian varietals from small, lesser-known producers from Northwest Italy rounded out by a wide selection of French and domestic wines. Lynch’s focus on Nebbiolos - particularly Barbarescos, Barolos and other Piedmontese wines – have been chosen for their singular quality as well as value. The restaurant’s new bar features an Italian-inspired cocktail program as well. Visit www.quincerestaurant.com for more information.  We can't wait to check out the new Quince in person, but you can be sure it's great if you get there before we do. Lindsay, Michael & David - OTM wishes you the very best for a successful launch.

October 02, 2009
Good News & Bad News - always the good new first
OTM is delighted to hear that Fabio Trabocchi is back in the Kitchen, taking over the helm at The Four Seasons Restaurant.  We're sure he'll be a magnet for discriminating diners.  Our favorite Trabocchi dish is "Father's Pork Chops" from his cookbook, but we'll be by the Four Seasons soon to find out what treats he's offering there.  We also hear the The Lever House restaurant reopened.  We saw the name of the Chef somewhere, but can't find it just now; we also heard where Brad Thompson moved after the Lever House closing, but that info's in the same place - missing.  Best wishes to Karen & David Waltuck of beloved Chanterelle, may it RIP in the hearts of all those who loved it, including OTM.  Also RIP to Tribute in Chicagoland, which announced its closing ahead of the bad news about the 2016 Olympic Games site selection.  We believe these two sad events are connected only by their geographical proximity. 

September 29, 2009
The Allison, Newberg OR, an OTM
OTM always likes to discover and bring you new developments in food, wine and travel, and we found an unexpected treat during our current trip to Portland.  The Allison, Oregon Wine Country’s first ever full service resort, opened officially last Friday, and OTM was there yesterday.  It's much  more than a luxurious place to spend the night while touring the area.  Chef Nathan Lockwood's local, sustainable ingredient-based cuisine is a delight for both the eye and the palate, and the 15,000 sq. ft. Spa is as large and luxurious as the guest room area of 85 rooms and suites.  Decades of planning have culminated in the creation of a fabulous destination, with perfection in every detail. We can't wait to return and enjoy staying for a few days.  Just a 35 minute drive from Portland (with Peter at wheel on an unfamiliar route), The Allison is ideally situated for a visit to the delightful Oregon wine country.  In a couple of words - GO HERE! You'll be able to hear OTM's interviews with General Manager Pierre Zreik and Chef Lockwood in an upcoming program.

September 26, 2009
Ingredients, the Film - a timely Documentary about "Local Food"
OTM just talked to Portland star chef Greg Higgins about this film that he helped create, and which premiered yesterday in the "Rose City" of Portland OR, where OTM is right now doing a fine dining tour.  The web site http://www.ingredientsfilm.com/ says "American food is in a state of crisis. Health, food costs and our environment are all in jeopardy. A movement to put good food back on the table is emerging. What began 30 years ago with chefs demanding better flavor, has inspired consumers to seek relationships with nearby farmers. This is local food." Watch for Ingredients on your local PBS station, and in the menatime find out more on the web site.  You'll be able to hear OTM's interview with Greg in an upcoming program, together with our interviews with Portland's other top Chefs.

September 20, 2009
More info. for G-20 visitors to Pittsburgh
Due to space constraints some information Ann prepared was not included in todays' Tribune Review article.  OTM is pleased to provide this below.  Welcome to Pittsburgh, we're sure you'll enjoy your visit.

Green Dreams

Chefs everywhere buzz the words: fresh, local, sustainable, organic, all-natural. But Pittsburgh’s connection between farm and table is especially tight and long-standing. Even before the 1992 establishment of The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), farmers linked to local chefs.

The Pines Tavern, in Gibsonia, held “dinners in the fields” before national media grabbed at the phenomenon. big Burrito Corporate Chef Bill Fuller recalls that, early in 1997, he addressed PASA to facilitate Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance, a cooperative of farmers in Southwestern Pennsylvania that provides a large variety of fresh, healthful food products directly to local restaurants. bB restaurants—especially Casbah, Soba, Kaya and Eleven—support local farm suppliers and train scores of young chefs in that m.o. to carry on the mission.

Of course Southwest Pennsylvania is blessed with riches of fine producers. The Pittsburgh region rates tops in the US for per capita count of farmers’ markets. And the area’s Slow Food convivium is among the largest and most active in the country. All these factors merge into a host of ingredient-focused menus in local restaurants.

Pittsburgh also rides in the forefront of chefs and restaurateurs growing their own. The Pines Tavern plants over two acres of heirloom tomatoes, herbs and other organic produce for its kitchen. Chef Keith Fuller of Six Penn Kitchen tends a roof garden as well as an off-campus farm. For years The Café at the Frick has partnered with farmers and now also has its own, tended by Grow Pittsburgh, producing organic foodstuff on the grounds and in the greenhouse of its estate venue. Ditto romantic Hyeholde, and others too many to name.


Breakfast is a keen sport here. For those who like funky and Formica, there are diner-esque places like DeLuca’s, Jo Jo’s and Ritter’s. On the campaign trail, President Obama enjoyed Pamela’s so much he invited owner Pamela Cohen to cook her pancakes for a Memorial Day event at the White House. Popular Square Café, in Regent Square, has a more healthful menu and a good neighborhood vibe.

Recommendations for Sunday Brunch always point visitors to the grand buffet in the Grand Concourse, a restored gilded age P&LE Railroad Station. While the setting is magnificent—marble, stained glass ceiling, palms—if you’d prefer to avoid steam table cuisine, check out Casbah instead. Sunnyledge, in a former Shadyside mansion, sets a classy historical backdrop.

Expect restaurants to be crowded at 7-8 pm, when everyone wants to eat, and don’t expect massive options in late night dining. Count these on one hand. Restaurants in the Cultural District may offer pre-show and post-theater menus—but only when shows or concerts are running. Best to check.

Other Quirks

Pittsburgh is a big wine town, boasting numerous tasting groups, private wine cellars and exceptional restaurant wine dinners. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust runs a sell-out series of Wednesday Wine Flights, at the Theater Square Cabaret, led by wine guru Dave DeSimone, with light fare by Chef Toni Pais of Café Zao. Expect to find excellent wine lists at: The Carlton, Eleven, Mio, Sonoma Grille, Nine on Nine, the Wooden Angel in Beaver, Le Pommier, LeMont, Pines Tavern and Capital Grille—to mention just a few.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania is a Liquor Control state. Always verify that the restaurant has a liquor license. If not, you’ll need to visit a State Store and take in your own.



September 11, 2009
Let's hear it for OTM's good friend Mike Novak
Congratulations to Mike Novak and his team at The Pines Tavern, in Gibsonia, PA, on being named a 2009 Santé Restaurant Award Winner for Sustainable Restaurant. Santé, the Magazine for Restaurant Professionals, created the Santé Awards as a way of recognizing excellence in restaurant food, wine, spirits, and service hospitality. The Santé Awards program is the only peer-judged restaurant and hospitality competition in North America. The Culinary Hospitality Award for Sustainable Restaurant honors restaurants and professionals that exhibit outstanding achievement in sustainable culinary service and hospitality. The Pines Tavern got additional accolades for their sustainable agricultural achievements. So do check out The Pines' great wine list and dishes based on produce from their lovely garden .  For further details visit www.santemagazine.com and www.thepinestavern.com.

September 05, 2009
Check out 2 recent photos of Co-Host Ann, more pics to come soon
We appreciate Joanne Stultz-Dauer of the Tuscan Inn, Pittsburgh and Greg Silva of Manresa, Los Gatos CA for sharing these recent photographs.  We're going to start rebuilding OTM in Pictures very soon.

September 03, 2009
Nate Appleman - San Francisco's loss is NYC's Gain
It seems like only yesterday that OTM sat down with Nate Appleman at SPQR in San Francisco, sampled the lusty Italian fare that established SPQR and A16 as Bat Area favorites, and talked about future plans like an A16 namesake in Japan.  So it was quite a surprise to read that Nate has moved to NYC, where he's signed up as Chef-Partner with Keith MacNally at Puliono's Bar & Pizzeria, ste to open in December on The Bowery.  Chef Nate is reported to still be working on Pulino's menu, but initial indications include "whole animal" butchery and the signature hearty, down to earth dishes so popular at A16.  OTM is glad Nate will be closer, and the Bowery & Houston location seems like a great choice - right in the same neighborhood as Brad Farmerie's Double Crown and Daniel Boulud's DBGB.

August 25, 2009
Wild about Game Festival, with Chef Chris Cosentino, Mt. Hood OR, September 27
San Francisco based Chef Chris Cosentino, Incanto is his Noe Valley food haven, loves Offal, but he also loves Game.  So if you're into Game, or just "Game for a good time", check out the Wild About Game Cook-off coming up at The Resort at the Mountain near Oregon's Mount Hood just outside Portland, September 27th.  Chris heads a of judges including Seatle restaurateur Tom Douglas who'll assess the Game cooking skills of some of the NorthWest's "Top Toques".  OTM is still trying to figure out how to fit this into our schedule, it sounds like so much fun.  For more information go to www.nickyusa.com

August 18, 2009
We love Daniel Boulud - Check out his Culinary Empire at The James Beard House & you will too
Perhaps Daniel is no stranger to you too.  Regardless, if you can find time to be in NYC on September 14, the James Beard House has arranged an evening you won't want to miss.  And if you've never experienced the range of dining delights Daniel has created, all the more reason.  A very special group of Chefs from several DB restaurants will be presenting a very special menu, in celebration of their very special mentor!  Daniel himself notes "It is a rare privilege to have so many of my finest chefs cooking under one roof".  He compares it to culinnary equivalent of a family reunion.   For further information and tickets call the Beard House, 212-627-2308 or go to http://jamesbeard.tix.com/event.asp?event=210940.  For more information about Chef Daniel and his restaurant family, www.danielnyc.com.

August 15, 2009
The Stately Homes of England......... You can enjoy them as OTM has done

These are the first words of a ditty by Noel Coward or somebody like that.  What fun to experience for yourself the comfort and elegance of yesteryear, but with every modern luxury and modern cuisine to match.  It's one of OTM's favorite things, and we just returned from a tour we'd like you to know about.  We started out at Cliveden (pronounced Cliffden for the siting on high ground above the River Thames.  History at Cliveden begins with George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, something of a lady's man in the 1660s - movie versions of The Three Musketeers have Villiers connected with the Queen of France.  Today's structure dates from the 1850s, and its elegance today a tribute to the Astor family and Von Essen Hotels.  Amidst all this history Executive Chef Chris Horridge, formerly of The Bath Priory, is inventing and serving modern food with an emphasis on local & organic that brings the hedgerow to your plate.  Cliveden is only 15 minutes by car from Heathrow, 45 minutes from Gatwick, and they'll send a Bentley to pick you up or drop you off - a great fitst/last night stopover. www.cliveden.co.uk.

Move directors  looking for a beautiful English Village backdrop have selected Castle Combe in the Southern Cotswolds several times, and when you visit you'll know why.  Better still The Manor House offers a combination of traditional historical accomodation, ultra modern plumbing and fine food that's hard to beat, even if it rains all day, as it did when OTM stopped by.  It's less than 2 hours west of London by car or trainwww.manorhouse.co.uk. Or as nine paries did on the same day you can drop in by helicopter.

Speaking of helicopters, how about using this as a way to drop in for lunch?  A mysterious but obviously wealthy Russian did just this while we were staying at Gidleigh Park and he brought his children along. Snuggled as it is on the edge of Devon's Dartmoor National Park, reaching Gidleigh along the narrow lane from the village of Chagford is a challenge for nerves and steering!  Recently renovated with new rooms added to the faux Tudor half-timber mansion, Gidleigh offers the ultimate country experience for the energetic who seek to commune with nature on foot, or the indolent, like OTM, who just enjoy the view.  Super-chef Michael Caines, MBE, just celebrated the 10th anniversary of his 2nd Michelin star.  We've tried it before, and can report that it just keeps getting better!  www.gidleigh.com.

If you have a really good GPS (our Garmin came up trumps) you'll find Percy's Country House & Restaurant in West Devon even though the most direct country road is closed to traffic.  Here Tina & Tony Bricknell-Webb serve delicious meals based on crops and animals grown on their estate, and you stay in ultra-modern rooms built in what was once a ruined barn.  Increbibly energetic Tina somehow managed to find time to write a cookbbok, to be published in September, and Tony will not only serve you, he'll offer you the opportunity to invest in one of his racehorses.  And he'll make sure that seafood lovers get the best by making an early morning drive to the fishing village of Looe.  Hope for fine weather so that you can tour their estate and admire their agriculture and animal husbandry first hand.  www.percys.co.uk.  And enjoy!!!!


August 14, 2009
250 Year Old Guinness - now that's well aged beer!

Brewers of the iconic Stout (very dark beer!) don't rush into things, befitting a business that started brewing in Dublin, Ireland in 1759.  Draft Guiness back in 1967 was their only previous "innovation", unless you count Harp Lager (which Guinness fans certainly don't).But celebrating a quarter century of it's signature Stout, Guinness is launching a 250th Anniversary version.  Peter will admit to not having tried it yet, but his confidence is high that this will become another favorite.  Ann is less excited since her Guinness habit was always to mix it with Champagne as "Black Velvet".  Funny thing, when Peter received his BA at Cambridge, Dermot Guinness (a descendant of the founding family) was standing right next to him, being a classmate at St. Catharine's College and "alphabetically adjacent" as we're sure you can figure out.  And a piece of advice for travelers to Ireland - if you've tried and enjoyed a mixture of Guinness Stout & a lager or ale, don't order it in Dublin as a "Black & Tan", call it a "Mother-in-Law" (stout & bitter, you get it?)  If you want to know about Black & Tan, do a web search, or just drop us an email or tweet.

August 08, 2009
Join OTM at Savor Pittsburgh, South Side Works, September 2

A collection of Pittsburgh’s finest chefs gather on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 to share their favorite recipes in a culinary competition for prestigious "Best Dish" honors. Savor Pittsburgh: A Celebration of Cuisine, presented by McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant and the SouthSide Works, benefits the American Respiratory Alliance of Western Pennsylvania. Guests will enjoy unmatched cuisine from Vsome of Pittsburgh's Best Chefs while voting for their favorite dish; Cocktails & live music from "No Bad JuJu" and silent and live auctions to benefit the American Respiratory Alliance of Western Pennsylvania are also featured.

Participating Restaurants Include (as of July 1, 2009): Bella Vista Ristorante Italiano (Mt. Washington), Bettis Grille 36 (North Shore), Bravo Cucina Italiana (Cranberry), Capital Grille (Downtown), Church Brew Works (Lawrenceville), McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurants (Downtown at Piatt Place and SouthSide Works), Mitchell's Fish Market (Mt. Lebanon and Waterfront), Morton's The Steakhouse (Downtown), Nemacolin Woodlands (Farmington), Palate Bistro (Downtown), Pizzutti's (Shadyside), Red Room Cafe (East End), Salt of the Earth, Silk Elephant (Squirrel Hill), Scoglio's (Robinson), Sonoma Grille (Downtown), Tusca (SouthSide Works) and The Tuscan Inn (Allison Park).

Jim Lokay of KDKA will emcee this incredible event. Throughout the fesitivites, culinary creations will be judged by a panel of local food critics and other celebrity judges, including OTM Co-host & Fanfare Magazine columnist Ann: Victoria Bradley, WHIRL and Edible Allegheny; Christina French, TABLE Magazine; Rick Sebak, WQED-TV; Bruce May, Pittsburgh Magazine; Chef Ray Wesolowski and Chef Art Inzinga, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute; Margi Schrum, Nancy Anderson & Marlene Parrish, Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

The American Respiratory Alliance is the premier lung health organization in Western Pennsylvania since its establishment in 1904. The Alliance originated as a grass roots society to fight tuberculosis and has evolved to offer programs for adults with chronic lung diseases, children with asthma and their parents, adults and adolescents who would like to quit smoking, health professionals who require the most current information on tuberculosis, influenza, and other lung diseases, as well as anyone wishing to learn more about their lungs and how to keep them healthy. For more information, visit www.healthylungs.org.

In addition to McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant and SouthSide Works, Savor Pittsburgh is sponsored by IKEA, TRANE Clean Effects, Asthma Institute, C.S. McKee, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Dollar Bank, Green Grocer, Capital Wine & Spirits, Frank B. Fuhrer, Ketel One Vodka, WHIRL Publishing, Edible Allegheny, Comcast and WWSW-FM.

Tickets & More Information:  There's a VIP Champagne Reception inside of McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant from 5-6 p.m. which gives guests the opportunity to mingle with celebrity judges and hors d'oeuvres. Tickets for the VIP Champagne Reception and Savor Pittsburgh are $75 per person. For Savor Pittsburgh tickets are $50 per person, and the event begins at 6 p.m. For more information or tickets please call (724) 772-1750 or visit www.savorpgh.com. And well see you there..........

August 07, 2009
Attention Asian OTM Listeners - Fine Dining for a Worth Cause!
The Miele Guide is launching a very unique charity drive, The Miele Guide Restaurant Month, in August 2009 is planned to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to combat hunger and poverty within the region. As the very first independent restaurant guide for Asia, The Miele Guide aims to provide recognition to well deserving chefs and restaurants in Asia. Through this month-long initiative, 57 restaurants in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam, a majority of which are listed in the 2008/2009 edition of The Miele Guide, will be offering special set menus or promotions unique to Restaurant Month. Fifteen percent of revenue derived from these special menus will be donated to the WFP. These proceeds have been earmarked for WFP’s activities in Timor Leste, one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. According to WFP, it takes only US$50 to feed one child a year. We hope our target amount of US$200,000 raised will therefore be able to feed 4,000 children this year. We hope you'll consider supporting this worthy cause while enjoying some great dining! Formore information about The Miele Guide Restaurant Month, go to www.mieleguide.com/restaurant-month.

July 23, 2009
Can't Keep Those NOLA Chefs Down - Tory McPhail & John Besh in the News Again
America’s finest chefs showed their skills in seafood preparation at the 2009 Great American Seafood Cook-Off, held Saturday in New Orleans for the sixth straight year. The event, which has featured both up-and-coming and celebrity chefs over the years, underscored the importance of cooking with domestic seafood and encouraged the use of products from sustainable fisheries.

Tory McPhail, executive chef of Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, was crowned "King of American Seafood." New Jersey’s Peter Fischbach, executive chef for Gourmet Dining Services at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, captured second prize, while Alaska’s Patrick Hoogerhyde, executive chef of WildFin Seagrill in Anchorage took home third.

Sig Hansen, the commercial fishing captain who stars in the popular documentary television show Deadliest Catch, and Chef John Folse, who is often recognized as Louisiana’s Culinary Ambassador to the World, co-hosted the event. The cook-off featured 15 teams, each preparing a domestic-seafood dish that reflected the cuisine of their home state. Judges representing the top echelon of the culinary arts crowned the King or Queen of American Seafood 2009. Last year, executive chef John Currence of City Grocery in Oxford, MS won with his Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice and was on-hand to pass the crown to this year’s winner.

McPhail’s winning dish was a "Creole Seafood Mixed Grill," which combined Louisiana sheepshead, shrimp and crabmeat. Earning second place, New Jersey’s Fischbach prepared Pan-seared Viking Village day-boat sea scallops with creamy chili-herb grits, warm "pickled" root vegetables, smokey apple wood bacon, micro greens and corn volute. Hoogerhyde of Alaska captured third with Wild Alaska King Salmon with cranberry-infused birch syrup molasses and Susitna Valley hash of potatoes nested in Alaska summer greens.

Grape Expectation Staycations Besh Steak Highlights the Flavors of Napa and Sonoma at Two Intimate Wine Dinner. The team at Besh Steak has arranged "flights" to the vineyards of Northern California in the form of two midsummer wine dinners - no plane tickets required. On Wednesday, July 22, sommelier Jeff Gulotta will toast Napa with bottles from the acclaimed Bouchaine Winery. On Wednesday, July 29, he'll take guests on a tour of the Sonoma countryside with wines from Frei Brothers. Wine is an integral aspect of any meal at Besh Steak, but each of these four-course prix fixe menus designed by chef de cuisine Jared Tees will focus on the magic of a good pairing. Both dinners are $75. Seating is limited to 35 guests; for reservations, call 504-533-6111.
Chef John Besh has also unveiled a four-course tasting menu at Restaurant August for $40, a price that invites guests to indulge in a meal of a lifetime. The special kicks off with a menu that’s pure Besh, contemporary French with accents of southern Louisiana: Warm Salad of Pied du Veau with crispy veal sweetbreads and fresh hearts of palm; Silver Queen Corn "Riz en Boule" with pecan wood bacon, cipollini and chanterelles; Hand Rolled Spaghettini with clams, mussels, and blue crab with spicy tomato and fresh basil; and Napoleon of Nougatine with Valhrona chocolate bavarois and salted toffee ice cream. The tasting menu will change, as all do at August, according to the pick of seasonal produce. It launches Friday, July 24 and continues through Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

July 16, 2009
Rebuilding the Website
Work continues - check out OTM in Print, OTM in Pictures, OTM Bookshelf (still a work in process, but growing daily).  Let us know if there's anything special you'd like us to add.

July 10, 2009
Emily Luchetti Dessert Recipes Online-Yums!!
OTM's old friend, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and best-selling author, Emily Luchetti has just announced the launch of her new website and blog, emilyluchetti.com. The new web site features free recipes, baking tips, cookware reviews, entertaining ideas and more.  After publishing multiple cookbooks and developing thousands of recipes over
the years, Emily says she thought "it would be helpful for people to be able to find baking
tips and inspiration on-line and all in one place," She's launched www.emilyluchetti.com to help the dessert aficionados find useful information about the best new baking products, tips and tricks and seasonal dessert recipes.  Among many features are a seasonal selection of delicious  recipes, the latest baking trends, Emily's blog and ideas for the home pastry chef, both the beginner and the seasoned professional. The site will also
feature instructional video so visitors can learn how to make desserts the
Emily Luchetti way.  At OTM we say "Go Em!!".

July 10, 2009
OTM Highlights are BACK, OTM in Print coming next
We've brought back some our favorite tracks for your instant enjoyment.  Just click the OTM Highlights tab to find some of the world's most interesting Chefs, Winemakers and other interesting characters. Peter's now hard at work adding links to our Print Features.  There's still more clean up to do, but we're delighted that OTM is BACK!!  We hope you are too.

July 09, 2009
OTM Audio Archive restored back to 2005!
We're sure you'll appreciate the time and effort that its taken to get this done.   2004 programs will be added soon.  Since manual entry of the Descriptions was required, the possibility of error does exist.  If you find something you suspect is a problem please email us so we can investigate & correct .

July 03, 2009
"Hot off the Presses", OTM in NYC
OTM just returned home from the big Fancy Food Show in NYC earlier this week, and Ann is working on an article summarizing her thoughts.  Next Sunday's program includes 3 interviews about interesting & different products that we found.  And we dined at some great new places, the newly reopened, relocated Aureole, Bar Blanc Bistro & Daniel Boulud's newest, DBGB.  Interviews at all 3 are in next Sundays' program.  Be sure to check them out by listening, then heading there on your next NYC dining plans.

June 25, 2009
OTM Audio Archives recovered back to June 2007
We'll be recovering the complete Archive ASAP.  We appreciate your patience while this work is under way.  Please try the new SEARCH function by keywords like restaurant name, city, state, chef or celebrity name - just enter the word(s) that you're interested in, and away you go....... You'll get Google references and a click through for any applicable programs.

June 23, 2009
OTM is BACK!!!!
We're recovering from a devastating Technical Problem.  The News is Good!!!.  OTM Audio Archive is live for the last year's programs, and we'll be rebuilding the history back to January 2004 within the next few days.  We're adding a new Search capability that will enable you to explore OTM "in depth", Google-style.  OTM in Print, OTM Pictures and Bookshelf will follow, then the Favorites.  Until these are complete please use Email, Twitter or Facebook for recommendations on items of specific & immediate interest.  There are Buttons for all of these on our Home Page.

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