On the Menu Podcast

We record each show as it is aired and convert the recorded show into a MP3 audio file. The recorded show is transferred to the podcast server located in aspStation's data center.

By downloading the show's audio file, you can listen to the show on your computer or MP3 player such as Apple's iPod or Winamp. There are several programs available to aid in downloading the shows to your computer.

Located here are links to various podcast players. Several that have worked well for On the Menu are Juice and Podcast Amp.

Once you have selected your preferred Podcast or MP3 player, enter this address to listen to the latest program from On the Menu:


iTunes and the other podcast programs will check the server for you to see if a new show is available for download. Once the software has been installed, new shows will be downloaded for you.

Listen to On The Menu now!

1) Audio Archives of Past Shows
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Check the OTM Audio Archives for the latest available programs.