Emily Luchetti Dessert Recipes Online-Yums!!

OTM's old friend, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and best-selling author, Emily Luchetti has just announced the launch of her new website and blog, emilyluchetti.com. The new web site features free recipes, baking tips, cookware reviews, entertaining ideas and more.  After publishing multiple cookbooks and developing thousands of recipes over
the years, Emily says she thought "it would be helpful for people to be able to find baking
tips and inspiration on-line and all in one place," She's launched www.emilyluchetti.com to help the dessert aficionados find useful information about the best new baking products, tips and tricks and seasonal dessert recipes.  Among many features are a seasonal selection of delicious  recipes, the latest baking trends, Emily's blog and ideas for the home pastry chef, both the beginner and the seasoned professional. The site will also
feature instructional video so visitors can learn how to make desserts the
Emily Luchetti way.  At OTM we say "Go Em!!".

OTM Highlights are BACK, OTM in Print coming next

We've brought back some our favorite tracks for your instant enjoyment.  Just click the OTM Highlights tab to find some of the world's most interesting Chefs, Winemakers and other interesting characters. Peter's now hard at work adding links to our Print Features.  There's still more clean up to do, but we're delighted that OTM is BACK!!  We hope you are too.

OTM Audio Archive restored back to 2005!

We're sure you'll appreciate the time and effort that its taken to get this done.   2004 programs will be added soon.  Since manual entry of the Descriptions was required, the possibility of error does exist.  If you find something you suspect is a problem please email us so we can investigate & correct .

"Hot off the Presses", OTM in NYC

OTM just returned home from the big Fancy Food Show in NYC earlier this week, and Ann is working on an article summarizing her thoughts.  Next Sunday's program includes 3 interviews about interesting & different products that we found.  And we dined at some great new places, the newly reopened, relocated Aureole, Bar Blanc Bistro & Daniel Boulud's newest, DBGB.  Interviews at all 3 are in next Sundays' program.  Be sure to check them out by listening, then heading there on your next NYC dining plans.

OTM Audio Archives recovered back to June 2007

We'll be recovering the complete Archive ASAP.  We appreciate your patience while this work is under way.  Please try the new SEARCH function by keywords like restaurant name, city, state, chef or celebrity name - just enter the word(s) that you're interested in, and away you go....... You'll get Google references and a click through for any applicable programs.

OTM is BACK!!!!

We're recovering from a devastating Technical Problem.� The News is Good!!!.� OTM Audio Archive is live for the last year's programs, and we'll be rebuilding the history back to January 2004 within the next few days.� We're adding a new Search capability that will enable you to explore OTM "in depth", Google-style.� OTM in Print, OTM Pictures and Bookshelf will follow, then the Favorites.� Until these are complete please use Email, Twitter or Facebook for recommendations on items of specific & immediate interest.� There are Buttons for�all of these on our Home Page.