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3-Star Senora Carme sets a Great Table
When Michelin awarded Chef Carme Ruscalleda 3 Stars a few short years ago many said who?  She joined select company, being the only female chef in Spain with a 3-Star rating, one of only 5 women worldwide (she was actually the 4th, Sophie Pic subsequently became the 5th).  Simple but elegant best describes the room and the cuisine at Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, 45 km. from Barcelona, where Carme heads a kitchen with picture windows looking out into the garden, and her husband Tony Balam runs front of house.  Chef talks passionately to OTM about her career and her food.  This interview is in Spanish, for a version with English translation go to OTM Audio Archives, program date August 6, 2006.
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Food Scientist Herve This may revolutionize what we Eat
Director of a unique Gastronomic program in Paris, France, Herve This has inspired and collaborated with some of the world's Great Chefs, such as Hseton Blumenthal and Pierre Gagnaire.  But his work is much more than the "whimsy" of Molecular Gastronomy.  Dr. This challenges all of our predispositions about food, exporing new ways to create nutrition for the Planet Earth.  OTM visited his Paris Laboratory to record his fascinating achievements & ideas.
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Charlie Trotter - Not just a Chef, a Food Philosopher
It took a long tiome for OTM to catch up with Charlie, renowned for his delicate, decorative, imaginative food.  When we did we were astonished by his thoughfulness about the world of fine dining, as you will be.  If OTM can catch up with him again, we'll bring you another instalment!
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Chanterelle, 30 years of NYC Fine Dining
It's almost impossible to believe that this iconic NYC restaurant has been in business for 3 decades.  Listening to Chef David Waltuck, his Front of House partner (and spouse) Karen, and Sommelier Roger Dagorn you'll understand how they've done it.  And why Chanterelle defies the odds and gets better every day-month-year.  They make it so deceptively simple, but it's all about the passion for excellence in hospitality and  food quality that makes this restaurant such a favorite.
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Le Bernadin's Continued Acclaim is not Fluke!
Chef-Partner Eric Ripert's On the Line provides a unique and detailed insight into "how they do it", how Le Bernadin stays atop so many NYC diner's list of favorites.  (Almost) all seafood, classic French technique, etc. seems like an unusual recipe for success, when so many gourmets pursue the latest fad.  The secret is in attention to detail, every little detail, and of course complete dedication to delighting every customer.  Eric even talks about the future, for himself and Le B. 
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Dr. Sandro Boscaini explains Masi, Amarone & More
OTM spent most of a day with Dottore Sandro Boscaini, current head of Masi which has been making wine "the Amarone way" for CENTURIES.  Many think about France as having the longest tradition in wine-making.  But how about making wine the way the ancient Romans did?  Drying grapes before fermenting their juice goes back 2 millenniums. Our interview ranges from the history of wine-making in the Valpolicella region to how Masi continues to improve their wine-making practices, and add to their product portfolio. 
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The Perrin Family & Chateau Beaucastel - Centuries of Tradition, Wonderful Wines
Marc Perrin is the current head of iconic Chateauneuf du Pape producer Chateau Beaucastel, which his family has owned for generations too many to enumerate.  OTM knew the Perrin family of wines, but we learned much more at a Tasting which Marc conducted at the Charleston Food & Wine Festival.  You can't experience the tasting, but you will learn what's behind the continued success of Beaucastel and why their wines are perennial favorites.  If Chateauneuf du Pape isn't one of your wine favorites, we think that after hearing Marc you'll want to try it more, and you'll come to treasure Beaucastel as we and so many others do.
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OTM gets a Sneak Preview of 2004 Brunello di Montalcino
OTM was amazed to learn that the "cult" status of Brunello dates back only 30-40 years.  At a special NYC Wine Event. OTM joined a packed house of Italian Wine "Afficionados" tasting the 2004 vintage a few days before its official release.  We talk to wine experts and producers about what lies behind the mystique, and how the Sangiovese grapes from the tiny Brunello designated region achieve their unique and beautiful expression.  And by the way 2004s (and the 2004 Reservas to be released next February) are quite simply great wines!  We were lucky to be tasting as we recorded, you'll want to get in on the act by adding these wines to your cellar.
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Chicago Chef-Restaurateur Rick Tramonto - Fascinating Life Story
Rick got his start in the business under most unusual circumstances, and as they say "the rest is history.  You'll have to listen to get the whole story, but here's just a fragment - Rick's first experience cooking was with newly founded Wendy's in his home town of Rochester NY.  From this humble start, Rick's story of his road to Culinary Super-Stardom is as interesting as it is inspiring.  And he still cooks one day a week in each of his restaurants.
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Manresa Restaurant & Love Apple Farm - Unique Farm-Table Connection
Chef David Kinch was into Organic, Local, Fresh ingredients a long time ago, but his search for the very best led him in a unique direction.  Manresa isn't just connected to Cynthia Sandberg's Farm, the two are joined not just at the hip, but from head to toe.  Thanks to their joint planning and Cynthia's green thumb, Love Apple Farm produces practically all the vegetables, herbs, tomatos & other fruits.  Because everything goes direct from Farm to Restaurant, it's is ripened/matured to perfection.  David builds daily menu chnages based on what's in season, and thanks to Cynthia's skill and the benevolent weather of the Santa Cruz mountains, this is practically year round.
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Daniel Boulud - Nice Guys Do Finish First!!
People tell us the secret to Daniel's success is his uncanny ability to pick great locations for his restaurants.  We can't speak to his Beijing spot, or any others outside NYC, but Cafe Boulud just off upper Madison, Bar Boulud opposite Lincoln Center. dbBistro Modern in midtown, Daniel itself, and his latest venture DBGB on the fast gentrifying Bowery are certainly all in the right place.  But what keeps people coming back is theservice and the food.  And what does Daniel himself think is the secret - he's quick to point out that it's the team of people he's assembled.
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Alain Roux at The Waterside Inn - also in Bray
The village of Bray in England's Berkshire is home to The Fat Duck, AND for 25 years or so to another WONDERFUL dining establishment and Inn, The Waterside.  The combination of 3 Michelin Stars at each place gives Bray a star:population ratio we're will never/ever be matched.  Founded by now world-famous Chef Michel Roux this place has set the standard for Fine French Countryside Dining for a quarter century.  After perfecting his Chef skills working in Paris & Capitals of the Culinary Arts, Michel's son Alain had "taken over the helm" just a few years before, when OTM recorded this thoughtful interview, including his thoughts on introducing his own more modern style.
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David & Helen Everett-Matthias, Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham
Most visit Cheltenham for its beautiful Georgian Architecture, Spas and Parks, Savvy Foodies know the real reason to go is the GLORIOUS cuisine at Le Champignon Sauvage (LCS) where David runs the kitchen and Helen runs the dining room, with equal aplomb!  David told OTM he's describe his cuisine as INTELLIGENT, we'd just call it MAGNIFICENT, STYLISH.... David even painted some of the plates.  Go here - you'll fiind much more than a Michelin 2-Star rating promises.
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Massimo Bottura, so much more than "Modern Italian"
Chef-Owner of Osteria Francescana (OF) Massimo Bottura told OTM that a "stage" at El Bulli opened his eyes to "Possibilities" for how his cusines could evolve.  We had visited OF before he headed for Spain, and enjoyed a great meal.  What we found on our return almost a decade later was a Chef not satisfied with Molecular Gastronomy or Cucina Creativo, but continuing to create new dining "sensations".  Listen to Massimo explain how and what he prepared, one of THE BEST meals OTM has ever experienced.
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"Basquing" in the Glory of Spain's San Sebastian Dining
Don't despair if reservations at El Bulli are impossible to get!  Head for NE Spain for MAGNIFICENT Nuevo Vasco cuisine.  OTM 's 3 day excursion featured fabulous meals at Arzak, Martin Berasategui & Mugaritz and here are the resulting interviews.  Note that they're in the original Spanish, except for answers from Elena Arzak, now in the kitchen with ther father Juan Mari.  For versions of the interviews with English translation, go to OTM Audio Archives, program date November 2, 2008.
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Heston Blumenthal, Master Chef & Food
Founder & Owner of The Fat Duck in Bray, Heston's qualifications include 3 Michelin Stars since 2004, and a #1 ranking in the San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants - he's now slipped all the way to #2.  He also owns "the Village Pub" in Bray, Hinds Head Hotel, and has published several wonderful books, as well as hosting British TV series.  Heston is widely hailed as one of the leaders of Molecular Gastronomy.  These fascinating and thoughtful interview segments combined together are MUST LISTENING for those with an interest in the Cuisine of the future!
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Thomas Keller - Restaurateur, Chef, Cookbook Author
What does Thomas NOT do brilliantly?  How does he do it?  Talking to OTM he gives all the credit to People throughout his various ventures.  You'll want to hear what this Amazing & Modest Culinary Icon had to say in separate interviews, combined here for your convenience.
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