US Chefs atop the World - The Bocuse D'Or; Our Friend Chris Fennimore' Book. 2018 Freeman Report

How the USA won the celebrated Bocuse D’Or.  It took a big page-turner book by a winning chef to explain how, a captivating account.  OTM’s long time friend and popular PBS chef, Chris Fennimore, finally pens his first Cookbook; and Food Industry  Guru Andrew Freeman “crystal balls” what to expect in 2018:  Philip Tessier, formerly Executive Sous Chef, The French Laundry,, co-founder and culinary director of Hestan Smart Cooking;; Chasing Bocuse: Americas Journey to the Culinary World Stage; Chris Fennimore, many years Host of QED Cooks, (with Chef Daniel Agurera), Simple Pleasures: Recipes & Memories of Real Food); Andrew Freeman, Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Specialist, the af&co 2018 Trends Report

"Drink to me Only"' Rum & Cordials, Niven Winery Paso Robles, Tonics & Teas, Marshmallows+Cocoa

A Mostly Liquid Program--Wine, Rum, Tonics and ……. Marshmallows (with cocoa); Christian Roguenant, Winemaker, Niven Family Wine Estates, Eden Valley – Paso Robles, California,, specializing in exotic grapes (Gruner Veltliner, Albarino) and True Myth, a glorious Cab with Butterflies all over the label; Tunch & Aylin Doker, Partners, Turquoiselife, Importers & Distributors of unique international Cordials – such as Parce Rum from Colombia, Chicago IL,; Rachel de Thample, River Cottage, Axminster UK,, Vital Tonics & Soothing Teas: Traditional & Modern Remedies; Lindzi Shanks & Kat Connor, Partners, XO Marshmallows, Chicago IL,  


Culinary Giants Publish Once Again; Darina Allen, Joanne Chang. Myron Mixon

Culinary Giants dish food: Darina Allen, Founder, Ballymaloe Cookery School, Shanagarry, E. Cork, Ireland, www.cookingisfun.ieGrow Cook Nourish: A Kitchen Garden Companion in 400 Recipes; Joanne Chang, Owner, Flour Bakeries, & Myer+ Chang Cafe, Boston MA,,Myers & Chang At Home; Myron Mixon, BBQ Master, Unadilla GA,,,, Tailgating with Maple.

Thanksgiving Greetings; This Episode Mostly Bread; Sullivan St, Zingerman's Ecovessel Pots

We wish Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Based on recent information, even European Restaurants are beginning to catch on to demand for the USA-traditional Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce that will be on our Menu too!  But today’s program is mostly about Baking, plus a new source of cleverly designed, sustainable food & drink containers: Jim Lahey, Founder, Sullivan Street Bakery NYC, Miami FL,; The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook; Amy Emberling & Frank Carollo, Zingermans Bakehouse, Ann Arbor MI,, Zingerman's Bakehouse; Jon Fox, CEO, Ecovessel, innovatively designed food & drink containers, Boulder CO,

"Dairy" Stories; Bufffalo Mozzarella from Colombia, Nut Milk from OZ, All About Chickens

Dairy Stories!!  Alejandro Gomez, Founder, & Alexa Bell, Director Business Development, Buf  Creamery, Colombia & Charlottesville VA, Producers of Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, etc, from the Milk of Grass-Fed Water Bufffalo,; Elaine Khosrova, Food Historian, Hudson Valley NY, Butter: A Rich History; Jim Richards, CEO, Milkadamia, Nut Milk made from Australian Macadamia Nuts, Byron Bay NSW & Burr Ridge IL,; Lisa Steele, Chicken Farmer, Maine;, Fresh Eggs Daily.

OTM Reports from Star Chefs Congress. Lots of Chefs, Lots of Exciting New Ingredients

Remember to turn back your timepieces. This program is our report from the StarChefs 12th Annual International Chefs Congress held recently in Brooklyn--3 FULL days meeting Chefs and Exhibitors, and despite how busy it was we captured some interesting sound bites: Eduardo Jordan, Chef-Owner, June Baby & Salare, Seattle,,; Hari Cameron, Chef Owner, a(muse) & Grandpa Mac, Rehoboth DE,,; Luis Arce Mota, Chef-Partner, La Contenta NYC,; Max McCalman, Maitre Fromager, NYC,; David Sasuga, Fresh Origins, Exotic Edible Flowers & Plants, including Wasabi Leaves & Stems, San Marcos CA,; Michael Fabro, VP North America, ORA KING, King Salmon from NZ,, NYC; Gabriele de Foresta & Elliott Pierron, CNI Brands, Importers of Pisco from Chile, NYC,; Emma Charron,, Ft, Lauderdale FL, Templeton Rye,, Templeton IA

Its all about Temperature; Thermometers & Timers; Must Have & Adventurous Recipes for Slow Cooker

Cooking, it’s all about the temperature--how to measure it and how to control it: Tim Robinson, Founder, ThermoWorks, Cooking  Thermometers and Timers to make sure your Thanksgiving Dinner turns out just right, American Fork UT,  Then there's the Slow Cooker--how to use it successfully & creatively: Phyllis Good, Lancaster PA, the Crock:100 Must-Have Slow-Cooker Recipes, 200 Variations for Every Appetite; Sarah DiGregorio, Brooklyn NY,, Adventures in Slow Cooking.

London Calling - World Kosher Recipes, The World of Fine Wine, Neal's Yard Dairy

A Modern Jewish Cookbook, a Book devoted to “Real Cheese,”and, finally, a Serious Slice of Culinary History: Tracey Fine & Georgie Tarn, Creators of the Brand “Jewish Princesses”, London,, The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipe from around the Globe; Bronwen & Francis Percival, Bronwen – Cheese Buyer, Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, Francis  Percival, The World of Fine Wine, London,,, Reinventing the Wheel; Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese; Culinary Historian Laura Shapiro, NYC,, What She Ate; Six Remarkable Women and the Food that tells their Stories.

Jacques Pepin, Andrew Garbarino, Spice Stores in NYC, Recipe Shorts from Canada

Cooking French, a well-loved veteran chef “passes the torch” to his grand-daughter, a young Chef-Owner launches 2 Restaurants right in our neighborhood, a Cookbook Author inspired by the Food Scene in NYC, & recipes packed into instructions that are “Twitter length.  Listen to: Jacques Pepin, legendary French Master Chef & TV Personality, Madison CT, Pepin, a Grandfather’s Lessons: in the Kitchen with Shorey; Andrew Garbarino, Chef-Partner, Bar Frenchman & The Twisted Frenchman, Pittsburgh,; Tracey Ceurvels, Creator, The NYC Kitchen Blog, NYC, The NYC Kitchen Cookbook: 150 Recipes Inspired by the Specialty Food Shops, Spice Stores & Markets of New York City; & Andrea Stewart, Fouder, Ingredients Matter, Toronto,, Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters.

Beet+Fruit Juices, Boubrands Broth Cubes, Mother Mynick Cakes , 25 Lusk SF. Simply Fish

A “mixed bag”, some “Fun” Products and another fine book about Fish:  Kim Cassar, VP Marketing, Kayco, Organic Beet+Fruit Juices, Bayonne NY,; Robert Jakobi, BOU – the Bouillon Cube reinvented, Boubrands, NYC,; Ron Mancini & Jacki Baker, Owners, Mother Myrick’s Confectionary, Manchester VT,; Matthew Dolan, Chef-Owner, Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco,, Simply Fish: 75 Modern & Delicious Recipes for Sustainable Seafood.

Chef Chris Frangiadis back in Pgh at Spork, A Taste of Paris, Indian Food for Diabetics

Chef Christian Frangiadis, back in Pittsburgh, talks BBQ at Spork Pit, plus his flagship Garfield restaurant, Spork, and his future Pittsburgh ventures. Also, importantly, he discusses local chef-planned Fund Raisers for hurricane victims in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Then: David Downie, A Taste of Paris: A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food,; and Deepa Thomas, Deepa’s Secrets,, updated traditional Indian dishes with at eye to keeping diabetes at bay. (Who knew India is the diabetes capital of the world?!)

Music City Food & Wine Festival - who didn't we talk to in Nashville?

OTM on-site at the Music City Food & Wine Festival in Nashville TN, conversations with 3 of the city’s top Chefs, an exciting new Hotel Concept, and a half-dozen of the Top Toques who participated in the Festival--And, to wrap up, a NC Farmer/Che/Restaurateur. First, from Nashville: Christopher Anderson, Chef designate, at a yet-to-be- named Restaurant, opening in November, in the Hutton Hotel,; Brandon Chavannes, Executive Chef, Moto,; Tandy Wilson, Chef, City House,; Sarah Robbins, Chief Hospitality Officer, 21 C Museum Hotels,  Then: Hugh Acheson, Athens & Atlanta GA,; Jimmy Bannos, Chicago,; Andrew Curren, Austin,; Cassidee Dabney, Walland TN,; Marcus Samuelsson, NYC, London, etc,; Alon Shaya, New Orleans,, (note as per recent news, Alon is leaving this position). Finally: Jamie Dement, Partner, Piedmont restaurant, Durham NC & Coon Rock Farm, Hillsborough NC,, The Farmhouse Chef.

Backstories of New Products - Loving Earth Chocs, Tapas Essentials from Spain, Humdinger Honey

New Products of note & their backstories: Scott Fry, Loving Earth Chocolates, Melbourn,e Australia, made with Cacao from Amazonian Peru, & (in USA); Ignacio Saez de Ibara, CEO, Espuna, Tapas Essentials from Spain (some made in the USA). Toronto Canada,; Henry Miller, Founder/CEO, Henry Humdinger’s Spiced Honey, Burlington WA,

Wild Salmon Foraging, Fishing Stories with Top Chefs, Honeygrow opens in Pittsburgh

It’s a “Fishy” business this week – and – news of a new dining option right in our neighborhood:  Langdon Cook, Forager extraordinaire, Seattle,, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table; Susan Schadt, Memphis TN,, Reel Masters – Chefs Besh, Link, Currence Share Recipes & Fishing Stories….. And welcome to our Pittsburgh Neighborhood to Justin Rosenberg, Founder & CEO, Honeygrow,

A Top Nashville Chef on Music City F+W; DRinks - Dry Soda, Cider, Rum with Fred Minnick

Top Nashville Chef Levon Wallace, of Gray & Dudley restaurant in the 21c Museum Hotel,, reviews some of the highlights of the 5th Annual Music City Food & Wine Festival (happening September 15-17, Join OTM at this great event! More Beverages, both non-alcoholic & intoxicating: Sharelle Klaus, Founder & CEO, Dry Soda, Seattle WA,; Ely Key, Co-Founder, Up Mountain Switchel, Bushwick, Brooklyn,; Yvonne Niami, Founder, Viva XXX11 Tequila, Joven & Reposado, Miami FL,; Fred Minnick, Spirits Critic, Prospect KY,, Rum Curious: The Indispensible Tasting Guide for the World’s Spirit.

Food Educator Stephen Ritz, Eating Right, Adventures in Food Futures

Food Now & in the Future: Stephen Ritz, Food Educator & Advocate, Bronx NY,, The Power of a Plant: A Teacher’s Odyssey to Grow Healthy Minds & Schools; Nick Barnard, Rude Health, London UK,, Eat Right: The Complete Guide to Traditional Foods with 130 Nourishing Recipes & Techniques; James McWilliams, Austin TX, @the_pitchfork, Eating Promiscuously: Adventures in the Future of Food.

Wine+Spirit Stories; Bruce Tyrell OZ First Wine Families, Terra Gin, Catoctin Creek Rye Laboit Spice

Interviews for imbibers, special stories about Wine & Spirits: Bruce Tyrrell. Chairman, Australia’s First Families of Wine & Managing Director, Tyrrell’s Wines, Pokolbin NSW Australia,,; Lior Lev Sercarz, Owner, La Boite spice emporium, NYC, & Adam Quirk, Founder, Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington IN,, Distillers of Terra Botanical Gin, available nationwide from; Scott Harris, Co-Founder, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company, Distillers of “Double Gold” winning Rye Whiskey, Loudon Valley VA,

New Cookbooks; Melissa Clark, Brooklyn ; Kimiko Barber, London; Shelly Westerhausen, Bloomington IN,

New Cookbooks, you should consider adding to your collection: Melissa Clark, Brooklyn NY,, Dinner: Changing the Game; Kimiko Barber, London,, Cook Japanese at Home: from Soba & Ramen to Teriyaki & Hot Pots, 200 Everyday Recipes Using Simple Techniques (plus some recommendations for dining Japanese in London); Shelly Westerhausen, Bloomington IN,, Vegetarian Heartland: Recipes for Life’s Adventures.

Camellia Panjabi, MW Eat; Pete Gordon. Providores both London; Gale Gand, Chicago. Pastry

How London became the world-leading city for Indian cuisine, the latest news from a Star Kiwi Chef, and a Pastry Chef star in Chicago: Camellia Panjabi, MBE, Group Director, MW Eat,, Chutney Mary, Amaya, Veeraswamy, & Masala Zone (8 locations); Peter Gordon. Providores & Tapa Room in London,, The Sugar Club & Bellota, Aukland,; Gale Gand, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Chicago,

Star British Chef Simon Rogan - His Story in Two Parts. Cafe Caldesi - another fine London Italian

How did Britain’s Simon Rogan become a Culinary Superstar transforming sleepy Cartmel, Cumbria, UK into a must-go destination? 15 years after OTM first met Simon & Partner Penny, we capture a 2-part interview which tells the story and points to an even more exciting future for Simon and his team.,  Then, exploring why London loves Italian, OTM visits Café Caldesi in Marylebone and learn more about pairing Italian Wines from GM-Sommelier Fabio Aguzzi,

Health & Zen for your Kitchen - Sam Talbot, Jean Christian Jury, Meg BarnHart, Jane McKay

Bring health & Zen to your kitchen: Sam Talbot, Chef-Owner, Pretty Southern, Brooklyn,, 100% Real: 100 Insanely Good Recipes for Clean Food Made Fresh; Jean-Christian Jury, Vegan Chef, Teacher & Author, NY,, Vegan: The Cookbook; Meg Barnhart & Jane McKay, Partners, The Zen of Slow Cooking – Spice Blends, Chicago,

Mad Scientist Peanuts, Reviving IsalyIce Cream, Beano Sauces; Crown Maple, Brekenridge Brewery

New Products, a notable “revival” and a brew:  Bo Perry, Pizoots Flavor-infused Mad Scientist Peanuts, Portsmouth VA,; Jim Conroy, Owner, Conroy Foods, Reviving the legendary Isaly’s Ice Cream, also producing Beano Sauces, Pittsburgh PA,; Mike Cobb, CEO, Crown Maple, Dover Plains NY,; Todd Thibault “Tebo”, Cultural Czar, Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton CO,

Emmer, Heritage Chicken, Pereg Natural Foods, Peter;s Yard Crispbread, SOS to clean your pans

From organic, really free, pasture-raised Chickens to spice-infused Peanuts and Save Our Saucepans, some notable products: Jesse Solomon, Founder, Emmer and Co Heritage Chicken, San Francisco,; Vicki Jakubovic, Spokesperson, Pereg Natural Foods, Clifton NJ,; Wendy Wilson-Bett, Founder, Peter’s Yard Crispbread, Shrewsbury Shropshire UK,; Christine McFadden, SOS Brand Manager, Clorox, Oakland CA,

John Edgee, Southern Foodways, John Tesar, Texas Steakhouse Meals at Home, Steve Raichlen BBQ

A VERY Southern program: John T Edge, Director, Southern Foodways Alliance, Oxford MS.; The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South; John Tesar, Chef-Owner, Knife, Dallas TX,, Knife: Texas Steak House Meals at Home; Steven Raichlen, America’s Authority on all things BBQ,, Founder BBQ University,, Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades: BJohn T Edge, Southern Fodwaysastes, Butters, Glazes too.

Fancy Food Show, 2017 SOFI Awardees - Listen to some of the Winners

It’s that time of the year again: The Specialty Food Association’s  Summer Fancy Food Show packs New York City's Javits Convention Center. Over time OTM will bring you many standout products/companies--including many 2017 SOFI (specialty outstanding food innovation) awards. Today: Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate,  Eureka CA,; Christy Goldsby, Founder, Honey Mama’s, Chocolate-Honey Cocoa Treats, Portland OR,; Naomi Mobed, Creator, Le Bon Magot Chutneys, Conserves etc.. (no less than 5 SOFIs), Lawrenceville NJ,; Austin Clar, Sales Mgr, Seawater Food & Beverage, Tiburon CA,Fancy Food